Can two users share the same catalog in PSE 10 on OSX Lion?

Subject line says it all.
I was able to do this with PSE7 on Windows 7, just by placing the catalog in a shared folder.  I tried something similar on Mac, creating a catalog under \Users\Shared, but only the user who created it is able to open it.

Try putting it on a removable drive, like a flash drive.

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  • How can two users share the same iTunes library in 10.7

    I am running Lion 10.7 and there are two users on the iMac.
    I would like full read/write access to our share music from either user account.
    Currently I have the iTunes Media folder in users/shared and on my account it looks like a regular iTunes and in my preferences I have ticked the 'share' box, but on my wifes account she can see the shared library but the only view available is a simple list.

    Try putting it on a removable drive, like a flash drive.

  • Can two users share the same mac desktop with two different iTunes accounts

    I have a mac desktop, my husband and I share the mailbox for our emails but he has his itunes account on the computer. I have mine on an old mac laptop wHich is not working well any longer. Can I create a second Itunes on the desktop so we could both use the same computer yet keep our music separate

    You can.
    Your home account can have its own hard drive.
    iTunes Media Library can be shared. Or not.
    Even have your own boot drive if needed and you have different applications and configuration.
    The Mac Pro and OS X are designed for multiple users. Not being limited to just one (or two, now that SSDs have found their way into iMac and laptops) has allowed more people to off load their media and data from the boot drive, which is always good.
    How to import, move, and use iTunes
    and of course the forum for itunes for more troubleshooting

  • Can two users share the same iMac simultaneously?

    I have recently acquired several 2009 Mac "towers" (kind of new to Mac, here...  have patience...) and I'm trying to stretch the 20 computers I was given so it can service 40 students.  They all have 6gb of RAM, a couple of TB's of memory, fast processors and (from my understanding) can support two demanding users at one time.  They also have two network ports.
    Now, I'm not talking about using two monitors on one Mac, because I know how to do that.  I'm trying to have two totally separate users, with two different accounts on a network, logging in totally independently and drawing off of a similar network.  So, I'm basically trying to make it so we "split" one Mac so that two students can use one machine.
    I thought about partitioning the drive so that I can have two parallel installations of iOS, running independently of each other (not sure if that's possible) but then I wouldn't know how to connect the machine to the internet.  I know it has two different network ports but I'm not sure how to make them operate independently.  The students need to have their own login and should not be able to mess with the other student's items.
    I appreciate any and all tips or help.
    Thanks again!

    You can create as many individual user accounts on a Mac as you like. Then, any one or more of those users can remotely log in from another Mac and use that Mac as their own, simultaneously. Each account will remain separate from all others.
    However, since each user needs to have a Mac to do that, I'm not sure how you could effectively double the number of users as you describe.

  • Can two people share the same Apple ID on two different iPhones and maintain different passwords?  Yes, there is more to the story.

    I have an iMac, and iPhone.  I've had my Apple ID for a few years. 
    My wife got an iPhone 4S a few months back and the salesperson at Verizon set her Apple ID the same as mine, but gave her a different password.  I don't know if this was ok, but that is what happened.
    So, yesterday, we both upgraded to IOS6 and I had no problem logging in to my iPhone with my Apple ID.  When my wife went to log in, she was told that she was entering the wrong password. We entered the password over and over again and still was wrong.
    The question is... can two people share the same Apple ID on two different iPhones and maintain different passwords?  (I have the feeling her iPhone is thinking that since it's my Apple ID, it wants my password.)
    If not, can I still set up a new Apple ID for her even through she's had the iPhone for a few months?

    You shold follow your feelings, its probably right most of the time.
    You can have 5 different devices hucked upp to one Apple ID. What I have done is that my wife and I have one Apple ID, when I bye a new app on my phone, She gets it to. Thats nice.
    You can allways set upp a new Apple ID for your wife.

  • Can two users on the same Mac sync contacts by using the same Apple ID in the iCloud settings?

    Can two users on the same Mac sync contacts by using the same Apple ID in the iCloud settings?

    Hi Barney,
    That's exactly what I want. I have a personal user and a business user on my MacBook Pro. I want both users to have the same contacts so if I add a contact while I'm logged into my personal user, it will show up when I'm logged into my business user. I want both contacts books to be exactly the same; like you said. So, I used my business user AppleID when I enabled iCloud for my personal user and I enabled iCloud for my business user with that Apple ID as well. For my personal user, I selected Contacts and Calendars to sync with iCloud. For my business user, I selected everything to sync with iCloud. The problem is... it didn't change anything. I restarted my computer to see if that would do anything but nothing happened. I'm not super savvy with Apple products, so maybe I'm completely confused.
    Hi Xeni,
    Thank you for your response, as well.

  • HT204053 can two devices share the same apple id

    can two devices share the same apple id

    According to this Support Article  >
    Your Apple ID can have up to 10 devices and computers (combined) associated with it.

  • Can two users access the same bootcamp (win os) instance?

    We are two users who are using our imac and we both have own user names in mac os. I created a bootcamp partition with windows xp on it. Can both users access the same partition and create their own user spaces within xp?
    Will that work also if we use Parallel or virtual box? (access the same user data as in boot camp?)
    I would like to have the option for each user to access their windows data either through bootcamp or through the virtual tool.
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    gss2 wrote:
    What do you mean Virtual box it will not run on its own partition? I have a virtual box running on my desktop and it runs just fine ...own partition?? I don't understand.
    Running on its own partition means that the installed OS has its own formatted portion (partition) of the hard drive. A virtual machine does not have its own partition. It creates a virtual partition (a file on the computer) that simulates a file system (partition). So Virtual Box, or any other virtualization software, does not run Windows, or any other OS in its own partition.

  • Can two people share the same library?

    I installed a new mac mini which we're planning on using as a media hub and as a machine to sync my iphone from.  I want to have a "Server" login on it just for itunes to run the backend for Apple TV.  However, I'd also like my itunes library on my "Personal" login.  Can I share the same library betwixt the two (if put into the Shared folder?) or do I have to set it up in my Personal and then share it to the Server login?  If I do that, don't I have to login to both and run itunes before it'll work?  I'd like to avoid anything like that because I travel often and want something my family can leave on and reboot easily while I'm away, without giving my kids access to my Personal login.

    Hi chris brian,
    If you are looking to share the same iTunes library between multiple user accounts on the same Mac, you may find the following article helpful:
    iTunes: How to share music between different user accounts on a single computer
    - Brenden

  • Can two users of the same iMac have their own "space" and how is this set up?

    My wife and I will share the same new iMac.  Can we each have our own "space" complete with personal background preferences, tools, etc.?  How would I set this up?

    As PrDm indicated, you can indeed each have your own user account in Mac OS X. But you do not have to log out for the other person to use their own account in Mac OS X. You can use Fast User Switching:
    That makes it a lot easier to share a single computer.

  • HT4528 Can two phones share the same Apple ID or will this cause confusion?

    Can an I4s and an I5 share the same apple ID or does this cause sonfusion?

    it result in them getting all the same messages if one have turned on imessage
    and it result in them not being able to facetime eachother

  • Can two ipads share the same icloud account

    hello. My wife and i recently added a second ipad to our household (his and hers). We would like to share the same icloud account fior photo streaming and music and such, but want to have our seperate emails, contacts and calendars on each ipad. Is this possible without having to create seperate icloud accounts?

    Don't understand what you are trying to do.
    You said 2 iPads using the same iCloud acoount, are you try to switch to another iCloud account?
    Then you need to delete the one you have on iPad. Deleting iPad iCloud account do not delete the content in iCloud. You will be asked.

  • Can mutliple users share the same library (windows xp)?

    I hope the answer to this questions is not completely obvious:
    I have set up Windows XP with at least two different accounts.
    If I run itunes from one of the accounts, I will get a "itl"- and "xml"-file with the library information in the "~/my music/itunes"-folder related to the account.
    If the user adds music to "his" library, the mp3-files show up at the location specified under edit/preferences/advanced (please excuse me if this path is not exactly right, I am using the German version and try to translate) and in "his" library (i.e. the "itl"- and "xml"-files).
    I would now like the other user not only to share the mp3-files but also the information in the "itl"- and "xml"-files. In other words: I would like to have a shared set of mp3-files and ONE library for all users which have an account on the system ...
    I tried to use links in the ~/my music/itunes-folders which pointed to common "itl"- and "xml"-files, but itunes did not recognise the links but created fresh, empty files.
    Any suggestions of how this might work?

    Great, I can now answer the question myself. b noirs's reply
    On 10:14am Nov 1, 2005 CDT, b noir wrote:
    Subject: RE: ITunes 6 Installation, How do I select the directory?
    to John Dennis1's question
    On 10:58am Nov 1, 2005 CDT, John Dennis1 wrote:
    Subject: ITunes 6 Installation, How do I select the directory?
    held the answer:
    Buegie, "How do I control location of iTunes Music Library.xml" #2, 11:06pm Oct 25, 2005 CDT
    I.e. use TWEAKUI to redirect the "My Music" folder of each participating user to a common folder which holds the common itunes library files.
    Thanks for listening.

  • Can two iPhones share the same apple id?

    I have a white iPhone 4 and i just bought a new black iPhone 4. Can I activiate the new black iPhone 4 and use the same apple id on both of them? Will all the music be shared? Can I have access to the account on both phones?

    No. The only information that may be transferred between the two is music, apps, or books if automatic downloads are turned on within Settings>iTunes and App Stores. However if you use the same Apple ID for iCloud on both devices they will share whatever information you share with iCloud. For instance if you have different contacts on both phones and use the same iCloud account with both of them they will then show a combination of the two contact libraries on both phones. So if you add a contact to one iPhone it will add the same contact to the other. The same goes with deleting contacts as well. Hope this helps.

  • Can multiple users share the same DB ?

    We have about 10,000 + personal photos.  Can I install the LR Database on my server so that my wife and I can both be adding metatags to the photos at the same time ?  I don't mind if I have to buy 2 copies, but I am more concerned about sharing the database.  Any Ideas ?

    i would not advice to do it but.... tml

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