Can we access two rpds in a single Presentation Service

Hi ,
Please let me know how we can access two rpds in a single presentation service . What is the procedure and what changes to NQSCONFIG.ini file should b made .Also do we need clusters for this ?

You could also try the following thread; Re: Two presentation servers on different ports
Clustering is for load-balancing
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  • Can we access two rpds in a single Presentation Service using BI Cluster

    Can we have a single presentation service pointing to multiple rpd's using BI Cluster . Generally why a BI Cluster is used?

    No, BI Cluster is generally used for load balancing and reduce points of failure.. In Clustering same rpd will be loaded in multiple servers and when ever primary server RPD got changed, that will be copied to other machine. So conceptually its same rpd deployed in all the machines involved in Clustering.
    so in clustering if server 1 fails, then server 2 will take all the load and works for the end user. This is about clustering.
    - Madan

  • Can we access two different Siebel BO in Same OPA Rule Base

    Hi all,
    can we access two different BO's from same rule base.
    what i means is,can we pass siebel data to OPA Rule Base from two different BO's .
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    There are two approaches to do this and they both involve making some small changes on the Siebel side.
    You can create an Integration Object which contains all the business components that you want to send to OPA if you are using an Integration Object mapping.
    If you would prefer to use a Business Object mapping then you will have to create a new Business Object which combines the BCs of all the Business Objects that you want to send to OPA.
    As you can see, although one approach involves Integration Objects and one involves Business Objects they both work by creating a single object which is an amalgamation of the information that you want to send to OPA.

  • How can we give two name for a single material ??

    Hi friends
    how can we give two name for a single material ??
    e.g.. if single material is sold to different customer by different names
    then how can we do that ??

    you can achieve it thro CMIR in T code VD51
    Go to T code VD51 choose that customer and material combination and click on to its details blue lens on application tool bar
    In the screen which is coming ,enter your description in the CUSTOMER DESCRIPTION tab the second one and save
    Now create a sales order and see
    Your requirement will be fulfilled
    If a material is pen description is ball pen in material master and for customer A you have defined it as Pen 1 and description as Super ball pen in VD51
    If a material is pen description is ball pen in material master and for customer B  you have defined it as Pen 1 and description as  VerySuper ball pen in VD51
    Now in sales order the description will appear as Super ball pen for Customer A
    Now in sales order the description will appear as Very Super ball pen for Customer B
    Hence the material pen whose description is ball pen in MMR will appear as super ball pen for customer A and very super ball pen for customer B
    Hope you have checked the field info record in VOV8
    I have tried this tested this and getting it
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  • Can we call two layouts for a single script?

    Can we call two layouts for a single script?
    Where dow e assign print program to a script?
    in NACE transaction is it possible.......
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Abhilash.
    Greetings for the day.
    U can use one script in diffrent programs.
    Yea u can do it in NACE transaction.
    procedure would b as foloows:-
    2.Select the apllication
    3.Output types (press tab).
    4.again selet the output type which u require
    5.then press "procedure routines"
    here u can give the program name and fom name.
    plz reward if found helpful.
    prashant tiwari

  • Suddenly I can onlt access two websites.  The others say I am not connected.

    Suddenly I can only access two web sites and no emails.  Is say that I am not connected but I know I am.

    Did you install MacKeeper?  If you did, it may have damaged your ability to work properly, and only these directions will remove it:

  • How can i access two view in a method

    hi i have a situation where i have to access two view in one method how can i do that am in jdeveloper
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    Hi ,
    ViewObject svo = this.findViewObject("AGR1");
                        ViewObject svo1 = this.findViewObject("AFUN");
                        Row row = svo.first();
                        Row row1= svo1.first();This is correct .But can you let us know where you are getting java null pointer exception.Moreover again can you check the VO name which you are looking here is available in AM or not.and also check the AM object as well .It should not be null

  • How to use two RPD in a single installation

    I have developed separate RPD for the Wholesale business and one for Retail business.
    How can I use these two with one BI installation

    It is possible if you create another instance in the same server.
    To be Simple and straight forward , to combine two rpd of completly different subject ares, business models and data sources.You can easily cut and paste the objects from one rpd to other rpd using two way merge(Parentless 3 way merge) in offline mode.When it prompts for original rpd, create an empt rpd and give the dummy rpd location in original rpd .

  • HT204505 Can I pair two iphones with a single apple watch simultaneously?

    I was wondering if I can pair two iPhones with a single Apple Watch simultaneously.  I have a personal iPhone and a work iPhone, both of which I would like to pair with my single Apple Watch.  Thank you.

    No.  You would have to choose which one you pair.  Only one at a time.  Sorry.

  • How can we set two events in a single button ???

    I created a button named bold , when i click it first time the textarea texts will became as bold..
    I created another button bold cancel when i click at that button textarea texts will became plain...
    But how can i set that controls in a single button (in button bold) ???
    Would anybody please tell me ...

    I would have one event listener that is aware of a boolean variable that has scope outside of the event listener, isBold for instance?
    When you click on the button, have the event listener toggle the boolean variable and then if true, set the text to bold, if false set the text to plain.

  • HT1918 Can't access My Account!  - "Failed to find service connection URL"

    iTunes recognizes me, and I'm logged in. However, when I try to access my account, I continue to get an error message:
    Connection Manager Failed Invoke: Failed to find service connection URL
    I can't access my account!
    I am beyond frustrated with Apple and their lack of customer support. Since iTunes is a free app, I was told it's not supported by their customer service (the fact that I spend a ton from the store doesn't seem to matter). My fault for not going with Amazon!
    Anyway, I'm stuck!! Can anyone please help?

    see the posts on the right.

  • "Use iTunes to restore". How can I access the iPod w/o losing present data?

    I have a request from my grandaughter to download a number of songs to her iPod. I charged the battery fully. When I tried to start it , it read "Use iTunes to restore". How can I access her iPod w/o losing any of her present songs? Please please help.

    You can't. Restoring will always erase the device. Unless you have a backup in iTunes or iCloud everything is removed. Purchased items can be re-downloaded as long as the original Apple ID used to purchase them is also used when reconfiguing the device after it is restored.
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

  • How can I Generate two different reports from single execution of Test cases in NI teststand

    My requirement is to generate two different reports from NI teststand. One for the Logging of error descriptions and the other report is by default generated by the Teststand. How can i generate a txt file that contains error descriptions other than that mentioned in the default report?
    Go to Solution.

    Do you need to do that just for these two sequences but not for other sequences? I don't see a problem to use SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError. Create this callback in both sequence files and configure them to log into the same file. SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError callback is called after each step of the sequence file if it has runtime error. You can access the calling step error information via RunState.Caller.Step.Result.Error property. Take a look to attached example.
    The "other way" is useful if you need to log errors not for every step of the sequence file, but for some of them. This is more complex, because you need to create a custom step types for these steps. For the custom step you can create substeps (post-step in your case) which will be executed every time after step of this type executed. Then, this is you job to determine if error happened in the step, acces to step's error information is via Step.Result.Error property. 
    Also, be aware that step's post-expression is not executed in case of error in the step.
    Sergey Kolbunov
    CLA, CTD
    SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError_Demo.seq ‏7 KB

  • Can I access two different libraries on the same computer with the remote app?

    I am in the process of upgrading our home network. There is going to be an airport express in each of the main rooms of our house all running to a switch connected to our AirPort Extreme. The reason for this is so we can stream our music in any or all of the rooms we choose.  I'm going to have a Windows 7 PC running iTunes constantly also connected so that we will have access to the entire library on any of our devices.  My entire library will be housed on an external hard drive that will be connected to the Extreme. Here is where it gets tricky. My wife has a separate library that we want to have access to as well. It is going to be housed on a separate external hard drive connected to the Extreme via a USB hub. I don't want to combine our libraries because hers is absolute chaos and mine is very well organized. Without having to have a second  computer running iTunes constantly, is there a way we can access both libraries simultaneously with the remote app? Either by running two instances of iTunes on one computer or some other way I'm not realizing. As it works right now, if we're both running iTunes on our laptops, then I can go onto my iPad and see both full libraries on the remote app. I want to do that, but with just one computer.

    I doubt it is possible to run two instances of iTunes on the computer at the same time.  To do so would require two users to be signed in and running iTunes under each user.
    The better solution would be to either clean up and merge the two libraries or have iTunes running on a second computer.

  • Can I access two websites at the same time?

    Does Dreamweaver have the ability to open two websites at the same time?
    I basically have a CMS hosted on one server, that connects to my clients sites on other servers. I want to be able to open files on one server and edit them and also edit files on another server at the same time.
    If this isn't available in Dreamweaver, then I think it should be. I often need to copy code from one page in a site to another page in different site. To have the ability to have two windows open, each connected to a different website server would be invaluable to me. By having separate windows, each can have its own server connection. I don't know how easy that would be, but I'd love it!

    You can only connect to one site at a time.  And you need to edit files locally, save & then upload to the remote server.   AFAIK, no single FTP app is capable of connecting to more than one server at a time.  You might be able to do what you want with DW open and an additional 3rd party FTP client like Filezilla, each connecting to different servers.
    Nancy O.

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    Hi expertise, I want to add rman backup process(script) to OSB scheduling as like filesystem backup. Admin Svr: Windows 2003 Media & Client: Solaris 10 DB: oracle 9i thanks advance

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    my ipod froze, and then after i reset it, all the songs were gone. this happened once before, and that time after resetting it a second time, the songs came back. no luck this time, and the songs aren't saved on i tunes. any help is greatly appreciat

  • Objects for deletion included in support package are not deleted

    Hi experts, How can i create a support package using Add-on Assembly Kit that deletes several objects? This is the case: We have DEV, QA and PROD systems. The objects are deleted on DEV and the transports are released. The transports are automaticall