Can we block the business partner master data for embargo reason?

   Do you know if we can add the embargo block on business partner master data in GTS just like SPL checking?

Embargo checking in SAP GTS can be enforced using any combination of the following:
country-to-country, country group to country, or all countries to country.
The check is based on the combination of the country of departure and the country of destination (or groups of countries).
If the system detects an embargo situation, the document is blocked for further processing.
IF you want to block Business partner for embargo reason,
you may have to do some code enhancement(abap coding based) for the same.

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  • Regarding chossing the Business Partner Master Data

    Dear All,
                 I have one query regarding chossing the Business Partner Master Data. Let take an exapmle 
    suppose 2 sales person are making the sales Quotation and every sales Persons only making the quotaion
    for the specified leads or customers.Suppose Sales Person 'A' makes the quotaiton for 5 Leads and Sales
    Person 'B' makes the quotation for the different 5 persons.Now i want when  i Login into sales person 'A' Login
    and choose the Business Partner by pressing tab in sales quotation window , then that Sales Person 'A' can
    see only the Specified BP list which are belonging to his region.
    Thanks All.

    The access to Item Master and BP Master cannot be restricted to Users through Authorization. This is a known limitation of SBO.
    You can try this by using SDK.
    You can use Data Ownership Authorization, which means the marketing documents created by Sales Person 'A' will not be viewed by Sales Person 'B'
    Refer this thread for details
    [Customer master restriction in Marketing document.........;

  • Update Business Partner Master Data for Incident Management

    Hi fellow SAP-ians,
    I have two questions that I need to ask in relation to Incident Management SOLMAN 7.1:
    1) Can Business Partner (BP) master data be mass updated via a catt script? (recording of transaction BP)
    2) What BP roles can I use if i need to capture profit center, cost center and department info for each BP and to be able to display those info from Incident Management (CRM Web UI)?
    Thanks in advance. Your swift response is highly appreciated.

    Hi Vikram,
    I appreciate your quick response. I went over the document that you've mentioned. However, nothing in there seemed to help.
    Just FYI, i need to create/change approx. 25,000 Business Partners in SOLMAN 7.1 by 1)creating system users in SOLMAN and 2) execute report AI_SDK_USER_BP_GEN to generate/update BP IDs accordingly.
    My question was, lets say if i needed to enter profit center, cost center and division info into each BP. In what BP role and fields, besides the standard BUP001 (Contact Person) & BUP003 (Employee), that I can use to enter those type of information?
    For example, profit center - 88KUL186; cost center - 88KUL186; division - KLIA.
    Thanks in advance.

  • [Business Partner Master Data] Managment of Adresses Matrix (on CRD1)

    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to update a user-defined field added in right martrix (Address infos) of Addresses panel in the Business Partner Master Data Form.
    I want to check that the value is not empty when user click on update.
    My problem is I want to check the value of my added field for ALL addresses listed in the left matrix (addresses list) but I don't know how to cause I can only get values of current address (I can get value of the address displayed but not thoses of the other address).
    It does't seems to be a DbDatasource on CRD1 (address info table).
    Is there someone who knows how thoses 2 matrix are managed ?
    Thank you for your help

    Hi Loic,
    The contact is manage in the OCPR table.
    You can control the value with the SBO_SP_TransactionNotification stored procedure. You find a lot of example in the forums.

  • Changin Address Folder in Business Partner Master Data

    Hi all
    Iam newbie to sap b1 I want to change the Address Folder in the Business Partner Master Data. What i have to do is when click the Address Folder I have to change the BILL To and SHIP To in Grid  into
    Home To and Office To
    how can i do this
    can any one suggest the answer
    thanks in advance

    Open BP master in add mode,Select Define New of Pay To,Move mouse over Pay To,Press Ctrl + Double Click Enter New Description,Update,Similary Do it for Ship To.

  • Aditional Properties in Business Partner Master Data

    Good Morning,
    I have a doubt:
    There is any way to create some addicional properties in the Business Partner Master Data?
    Thank you,
    Susana Cunha.

    Hi Susana,
    The current system maximum properties are 64. You cannot define more.
    However, as an alternate you can check the "Group" in the Business Partner Master Data and then can define different Properties for different Group of Business Partners.
    Check this if any help in your case.
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • Language selection in business partner master data?

    Hi, I was told that there is a field for language selection in the business partner master data. But I don't see any.
    Does anyone know where it is, if it exists at all?
    I'm using B1 2005A SP01 PL39.
    Thanks in advance for any hint.

    First you have to enable Multi Language Option in SAP Business One. To do so go to Administration > System Initialization > Company Details > Basic Initialization and tick the box for Multi Language Support.
    After that you can see the language option in your Business Partner.

  • Tabs in Business Partner Master Data

    One customer of us demands some changes within the Business One.
    The support in Ireland advised us to post this requirements in this Forum.
    There are 8 Tabs within the Business Partner Master Data.
    But if you open the Master Data and try to search for the city for example, this is not possible, because three tabs are missing in search mode.

    Hi Kiran,
    Can you post the query here, which you used in fromatted search.
    I believe you mean to say that by this formatted search, user will have flexibility to choose the field and enter the search value.
    thanks in advance,
    Samir Gandhi

  • Searching in business partner master data (properties and contact persons)

    concerning the need of a customer i am asking for a optimizing of the search in business partner master data.
    It should be possible by a soon coming patch to have the tabs properties and contact persons available in the search modus.
    I hope this is a functionality which SAP looks on like a nice and essential function, too, and can integrate this in a soon coming patch.
    The customer is running SAP B1 2005A PL39
    The same funktion concerning the properties would be great at the item master data.
    This post is concerning the sap support message 842328 / 2008.
    Thank for assistence in solving this nessaccary issue.
    Michael Hubenschmid
    MTF Schaffhausen AG
    Edited by: Michael Hubenschmid on Oct 8, 2008 4:18 PM

    Hi Susana,
    The current system maximum properties are 64. You cannot define more.
    However, as an alternate you can check the "Group" in the Business Partner Master Data and then can define different Properties for different Group of Business Partners.
    Check this if any help in your case.
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • Update of Business Partner Master Data

    Greetings. I am wondering is there any way you can configure the standard system so that the analyst responsible for the business partner will receive a notfication when the business partner master data is updated in SD. Currently its linked to the customer master so any name/address changes in SD will be automatically synched in the FSCM Credit Master Data.

    This is not possible in configuration. Maybe with some abap involvement you can write a query on the change table.
    That might help.

  • Transfering business partner master data from R/3 to Business one

    hi all,
    can anyone have an idea about how to transfer the business partner master data from SP R/3 to SAP Business One.
    Plz tell me in details..
    nirdesh panwar

    Hi Nirdesh,
    The easiest way is to ask SAP R/3 for an export file of some sorts. This is usually an XML or text type file. You will then pick this file up where they have put it and import it. You can import it into SAP Business One with your own developed (vb, c#, etc.) application that you write using SAP Business One's DI API.
    Hope it helps,

  • No G/L account selected for Asset Account in Business Partner Master Data

    Hi All,
    When i tried to raise A/P invoice for an Asset Item the system is raised the following error"  why?
    " No G/L account is selected for Asset Account in Business Partner master data "
    SV Reddy

    hi Giri,
    When you choose from list against the Asset Account in the business partner master data it is only displaying the Trade Creditors Account domestic and foreign acounts only.  which one to choose in this case?  i presume trade creditors account is the one to choose.  but what is the logic for asset items to choose this Trade Creditors Account?   Or  else can we create a separate control account for purchasing the Asset items?  what is the logic again here choosing a separate account through option create new ?
    SV Reddy

  • DMP Error when in Business Partner Master Data

    I have one client which produces DMP errors each time they go into the Business Partner Master Data screen. This is since they have been upgraded to 8.8 PL20. Prior to this, there was no such issue.
    The spec of the machine is as follows:
    Xp Sp3
    Pentium 4
    1.99GB RAM
    Has anyone on here come across this problem since upgrading to 8.8 PL20?

    Hi ,
    Check system message log.
    Check if two instances of the BP Master are running.
    check if any mandatory UDF or FMS or SP_TN creating a problem.
    Try cleaning Tmp and log files.
    Even if any of your add on EXe is not getting terminated properly then this may also cause such issues.

  • Opening Business Partner Master Data is slow

    Hello everyone. I seem to have a problem with one of the companies in my SAP installation. I'm using SAP Business One 8.81 PL10 and I have quite a few companies on the server, including a demo db. The server is hosted on a VM that is in compliance with the supported platforms and I'm using SQL Server 2008 R2.
    The problem is with one of the companies. When I open the business partner master data or do any sort of query to the database it seems to take 5 mins or so to open the form but when I login to the demo DB it works instantly. The two databases aren't that much different from each other, size wise. I also didn't have this issue a few weeks ago, it just started.
    I searched around for some help on it and found out about doing a DB reindex. So I did one of those but it didn't seem to help that much, just a little bit. Any other ideas?

    Yes. I've tried it out on two different machines and on the server itself. Each time it's slow to load but when I login to the demo company its instant to load.
    Edit: And three different users.
    Edited by: Seth Davis on Feb 2, 2012 12:35 PM

  • Transfer of Business Partner Master data from CRM to TIBCO.

    Hi All,
    We intend to integrate CRM4.0 with TIBCO for transfer of Business Partner Master data from CRM to TIBCO.
    Can anyone provide solution for the same. One of the think is through XI.Please correct if it is the right way to do it?.
    Also, would appreciate if someone can provide documentation or links for integration.
    Mehul Shah.

    Hi Rahul,
    Yes you can integrate CRM and TIBCO using XI.
    Check the below links
    transfer the Business Partners from the CRM system to XI and to MDM.
    any XI content delivered by SAP can be found in the SAP service marketplace which you can enter
    a) After you entered the service marketplace go to Software Download under the header SAP Support Portal.
    b) Next navigate to Download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Entry by Application Group
    c) In the main window select SAP Content and then Process Integration Content (XI Content).
    d) Now you should see a list of XI content packages.
    The package containing XI content for CRM is
    In addition you find some packages that offer mappings from CRM interfaces to industry standards like RosettaNet or STAR standard, like
    Some of these packages may require a license, therefore I am not sure if they are visible to you.
    As per my knowledge, XI has CRM pre-delivered content and usually it communicates thru Proxies,Http, RFCs..
    And in your scenario , you can always go for Proxy communication
    Have a look into these threads
    CRM and SAP XI
    SAP CRM integration with XI
    How to access the pre-delivered XI Integration Content for APO ,SCM or CRM
    Dont forget to Reward points if this helps

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