Can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

Dear all,
can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

Dear Ahamed
I beleive it is a stock movement between 2 different plants
If so then the receiving plant will have to do GR against the outbound delivery only
The outbound delivery of the supplying plant
The  outbound delivery of the supplying plant will not become the inbound delivery of the receiving plant in SAP
But logically yes
Your second post talks about outbound delivery only and that is correct
My point is your proces doesnot involve inbound delivery at all
In STO there is no inbound delivery at all
Inbound delivery in SAP means shipping notification that means the confirmation from the vendor about the despatches
That will not have  muck material details and it is just a confirmation
Meaning of inbound delivery from SCM 601 logistics execution
The goods receipt process using inbound deliveries realistically maps standard
processes in many companies. If the vendor announces the goods receipt with a
shipping notification, the inbound delivery can be created either manually or
automatically on the basis of the shipping notification. It contains information
transmitted by the vendor concerning the expected delivery times and quantities,
as well as any information about packaging. It is also the reference document for
the subsequent putaway using a transfer order. If you also use the transportation
function as part of Logistics Execution, you can summarize inbound deliveries
into inbound shipments.

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    Inbound Delivery can be created wrt :
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    You can work with Inbound delivery created via IDOC Triggered from Outbound Delivery, this will carry the HU Data as well. Please refer this wonderful note, which will explain you a lot of things,  Note 1119073 - FAQ: Automatic inbound delivery creation for stock transfers
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    Chandra Shekhar

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    Olga, this is not a default feature in iPhone. You need a 3rd party application. I have created a free one, Easy Group, for group texting and group emailing.
    Note: I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise,from my recommendation or link.

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