Can we Display VAT,CST,ECC NO,Quotation DocNum and DocDate in PLD

Dear All,
I'm Designing " Proforma- Invoice "  from SALES ORDER DOCUMENT in Print Layout Design according to Clients Format.
My Issue is now,
Can we bring the field values such as VAT,CST,ECC NO(i.e.TaxIdNo's) for the Customer and Company's  as well.
Quotation DocNum and DocDate(SALES ORDER WILL BE BASED ON this Quotation No and Date ) into the PLD.
I know that from OADM Table we can bring those values but I could bring only the VAT(i.e. FreeZoneNo,OADM) value from the table that too for Company only but not for Customer.
and In Print Layout Design,SAP B1 is showing only OADM Table but not the ADM1 Table.Because rest of the field values are in ADM1 Table
So,How can I bring those values into PLD?
I kindly request you all to give some suggestion regarding as early as possible.
So that I can move further to complete this Task .

How can I explain this?
Shall I send you the format.
C, I've a format that is provided by the client, which I'm trying to designing now.
I'll try to show you the way of the format.
Proforma-Invoice                           |         VAT:
                                                   |         CST:
                                                   |         Ecc No:
under this                                     |   Proforma Invoice No:
                                                   |   Date:
Billing Address| Shipping Address  |   Qutation No:
                                                   |   DAte  :
Ecc No
Payment Terms :
No | Item Code | Item Descp | and so on..............................,,
Here I want Lot of space according to client format.
(For Records To Display)
                                                      Total            :
End of Report                                  Discount     :
                                                       Frieght        :   
Again some details here to display     and so on    :
  Amt in Words                                 Total Amt    :
                  " HERE I'M GETTING MORE SPACE "
Page  Footer
Sales Employee:__________                     For Company Ltd.
Subject to Jurisdiction
Terms & Condition:----
                            Authorized Sign.

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  • VAT/CST-Service tax calculation through FI

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    Thanks in Advance,
    Sahil K

    You can refer the following for Service Tax configuration
    Service Tax Configuration
    For VAT, you'll have to configure Tax procedure, create Tax codes and maintain rates in them.

  • How to pick VAT% , CST%, Excise BED%, Cess%, HeCess in PLD ???

    How to pick VAT% , CST%, Excise BED%, Cess%, HeCess in PLD on the label automatically   ???
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    In SAP you have Table OSTT. In this table all the tax codes are stored. For each Tax code, there will be related Nota Fiscal Id and Numerator.
    In PLD, Add repetitive area and in Repetitive area
    1. Create 1 text field and enter the number (Nota Fiscal Tax ID or Numerator)
    Note : If you are calculating excise duty or service tax or Vat then you will be entering Nota fiscal Tax ID else you will be entering Numerator Number in the Text field you have created.
    Let's Assume Field_001 (ex. Field_001 --> -90 or 6)
    2. Create 1 database field, in that link the "Sales Tax Authorities Type" table and "Nota Fiscal Tax ID" or "Numerator"
    let's assume Field_002
    3. Create one Formula Field, In that Check whether the two fields are equal.
    let's assume Field_003 contains formula (ie., Field_001==Field_002)
    4. Create one Database field, In that link "A/R - tax Amount per Document" table and "Tax Amount" Column.
    let's assume Field_004
    5. Create one Formula Field, in that multiply two fields
    let's assume Field_005 = Field_003 * Field_004.
    6. Then in Repetitive area Footer, Create one formula field, and in that Sum that result.
    Let's assume Filed_006 = COLSUM("Field_005")
    Do the above said process to retrieve seperate tax amount values.
    To print Tax rate :
    In repetitive area footer, create one database field, and now choose A/R Invoice or corresponding table and Tax Rate column.
    Let's Assume, that in repetitive area footer Field_101 has the above database table link.
    Now, as per my previous reply Create one Text Field and enter "VAT" and then next to text field create Formula Field and Choose the Field_101 in the Formula column.
    I hope this could help you to solve your problem. Now it works.

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    Hi Experts,
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  • Discount should calculate on VAT/CST in MM Pricing procedure.? or How to write  routine to calculate discount amount after VAT/CST .?

    Hi All,
    Client is asking discount should calculate after Base+ED+VAT/CST. How to achieve this by configuration or by creating routine?
    I am reading Discount amount from condition tab but not able to deduct it after VAT in Routine.

    P is the price of the product
    Y is the MRP
    P&F = x1.P (x1 of P)
    ST = x2.P (x2 of P)
    ED = x3 .P (x3 of P)
    x1 x2 x3 are constants. P = Y/(1x1x2+x3)
    P&F=x1P, ST = x2.P ED=x3P
    You have mentioned that all the pricing is based on MRP. Hence you will entering MRP as input price. Now P will be selling price before taxes and discounts. P&F, ST and ED will be always mentioned as % of Product and not MRP. So considering the equation
    P + P(x1x2x3)=Y
    Hence P = Y (1x1x2+x3) and hence further calculations.
    Now in V/08 you can maintain pricing procedure. Here alternate calcualtion type will be routine which you can create new and add to the step.
    Hope now its clear.
    Kind regards

  • Excise duty +VAT/+CST

    As per business requirement, we need to capture Excide duty, VAT, CST in the PO.
    For Example :
    Basic Value -                                         Rs.100.00
    Excise duty - 8% on BV -   Rs.    8.00
    Education cess 2% on ED- Rs.    1.60
    Higher Ed Cess 1% on ED  Rs.    0.80 Rs.    10.40
    Sub-Total                                             Rs.  110.40
    VAT 4% on above                               Rs.      4.42
    Rs.  114.82
    How can i get the above combination in the PO. Presently we are capturing taxes on basic value only, not done for Excise duty.
    Pl  suggest how to get all the taxes & duties in PO.
    Raghu Shetty
    Edited by: Raghushetty on Jul 14, 2009 8:10 AM

    Enter T.code: OBYZ
    click on procedure.. check the excise procedure of your company
    click on ..
    check whether the following condition types are there
    Go to T.code : FV11
    Education cess 2% on ED-
    1. JEC1
    2. JEX1
    Higher Ed Cess 1% on ED
    VAT 4%
    1. JVRN
    if is not there please add.
    Please enter the taxcode in the P.O. in the Invoice tab and press the taxes you will get the same.

  • Excise Duty +Vat + CST in PO

    Dear All,
    As per my client requirement they need EXCISE DUTY , VAT & CST should come in the PO
    The Excise duty like 4.12% ,8.24%,14.42 etc ,(Set off & Non set off)
    Vat  :-    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20%
    Cst  :-     2,3,4,5,....8,
    WCT  : - 1,2,........10
    How can get the combination (Excisedutyvat or cst) of taxes in PO(Excisedutyvat or cst)
    Already more than 100 taxcodes are using .
    Please suggest me how to get the above taxes combination in the PO
    Note : Please don't suggest Create New Tax code & maintain the Condition types (If i do the new taxcodes ,it may go upto another 100 taxcodes)

    If you are using TAXINN procedure, then first select the Condition types from the Master.
    In SPROFinancial AccountingFinancial Accounting Global Settings-Tax on Sales/PurchasesBasic Settings--Check Calculation Procedure
    Here goto Define Procedure, you should map the Condition types according to your Calculation which includes Excise duty, VAT, WCT, CST etc.....
    Once the Tax procedure is completed
    Then in FTXP -- Maintain tax code for Country here enter the Values against the Condition types as per requirement.
    Like 8 % for excise, 4 % VAT, 2 % Cess etc... like
    You can create "n" number of Tax codes as per your Calculation.

  • VAT/CST need to round off in MIRO

    Dear All,
    I want vat/service tax values should get round off while doing MIRO
    Is it possible?
    In our system withholding tax is getting rounded off in MIRO so my client is asking for these G/L's too..
    Please let me know if it can be done or not

    Please do the following-
    assign calculation type 17 (roundin off) to the VAT/CST condition type in tax procedure.
    and check the scenario again.
    sujit borse

  • Custom table can be displayed and not maintainable using SE16n.

    Hi Gurus,
    I have created a custom table with DATA BROWSER/TABLE VIEW MAINT. equal to 'N' (Display/Maintainance not allowed) in SAP ECC 6. The the requirment is, this custom table can be displayed using the transaction SE16n.
    This requirement is existing in ECC 5. with same setting DATA BROWSER/TABLE VIEW MAINT. equal to 'N' (Display/Maintainance not allowed) and this table can be viewed using transaction SE16n.
    would there be possible that this requirement be implemented in SAP ECC6? would this be due to the version?
    Please help.
    Thank you..

    Hi Kiran,
    Thanks for your answer but unfortunately this is not what I'm looking for. Iam also familiar with &SAP_EDIT.
    Well, my problem is, the custom table setting Data browser/Table view Maint. is set to "N Display / Maintainance not Allowed" ( under Delivery and Maintainance Tab). Also there is no table maintainance generator setup.
    So basically with this setting, in transaction SE11 'Contents' is disabled. And with transaction SE16n, when you execute and tried to view the table, error "You cannot display zcustom_table with standard tool". (checkboxs are hidden)
    What the requirement is looking, the custom table can be viewed (this is with the same setting above but can be viewed using SE16n and the checkbox maintain entries is automatically tick but when executed "auth failed" so, basically to view the entries, untick the checkbox then entries can now be viewed.)

  • Regarding VAT, CST Condition maintain.

    Hi SAPERS,
    We are implementing TAXINN for our client. I have some doughts on it.
    Where we need to give the conditions of VAT,  CST?
    Iis those needs to be maintain in Tax procedure or in MM Pricing procedure? What is the link between Tax procedure and MM Pricing procedure?
    Basic my requirement is Client will pay the difference of Input tax to out tax of VAT and CST to TAX department. What is the best way to map this?
    How the Input VAT/CST and Out put VAT/CST condition will be linked to check the difference of Input and output taxes?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Where we need to give the conditions of VAT, CST?
    All tax condition have to be maintained in Tax procedure (bed ecess vat cst etc)
    only the taxes relating to import have to be maintained in mm pricising procedure liker CVD ADC customes duty etc.
    Basic my requirement is Client will pay the difference of Input tax to out tax of VAT and CST to TAX department. What is the best way to map this?
    It the the std requirement from all the clients
    while purchasing u capture VAT in the gl account via tax code or condition record at the time of MIRO that is input tax
    In the same while u do sales u capture vat amount in other Gl account that is out put tax.
    How the Input VAT/CST and Out put VAT/CST condition will be linked to check the difference of Input and output taxes?
    SAP have given the std report for checking out the diffrence and this report are
    tcode S_ALR_87100833 and program is RFUMSV00
    also u can try J1I2 report
    hope this helps

  • VAT/CST Manual

    Is there any condition type where I can enter manual CST/VAT in MM pricing procedure and the same value will be passed to TAX procedure. The same way JEXC will function for basic excise duty.
    Is there any routine or user exit to pass manual values from MM pricing procedure to TAX procure.
    We are using TAXINN procedure.

    Check this link:
    Re: VAT & CST
    Configuration Of Cst & Vat With Taxinn

  • How can I display the holiday list in the portal

    ECC 6.0
    EP 7.0
    ESS/MSS 1.0
    how can I display the holiday list in the portal.
    There will be a holiday list created by the ABAP-er in ECC, how can I include it in the portal?

    Create a WebDynpro Iview to create a simple application that pulls information from the RFM(that you has ABAPer created).
    Start from <a href="">Here</a>
    To get an idea, download the world time BP from below link. It has calender with holidays displayed.

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