Can we print with a non-wifi printer via Airport Express?

Is it possible to print with non-wifi printer via Airport Express?

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  • I am having trouble connecting to wifi network via airport express on my windows xp pc, but I know it is working because I can connect on my macbook, does anyone know what the problem is?

    I am having trouble connecting to wifi network via airport express on my windows xp pc, but I know it is working because I can connect on my macbook, does anyone know what the problem is?

    Tell us more about the problem, I can think up 100&1 different reasons, but don't have time to go through all the possibilities. So.. what happens?

  • CC&B Payment receipt - Printing with a non-POS printer

    Hello Experts,
    We are facing 2 issues with the payment receipt functionality in CC&B :
    - Our client want to print those receipt with a desktop printer (non POS). Is it possible to modify extend the printing option offered by CC&B ?
    - We also want to modify the content/format of the receipt. Is it possible to modify it ?
    I havn't found any content about those receipt modification and non-POS printer usage. Do you have any experience about it ?
    Kind Regards

    I'm not sure if there is a standard way of doing this, but what you can do is to alter the print button to invoke a UI Map instead that will contain the dynamic values on what needs to be printed, the same JSP that invokes the UI Map will have to call the page print functionality of the browser.
    You can also research on how to automate the print spooling process so you don't need to see the Print option pop up.
    Hope this helps!

  • 10.5.2 - cannot print with Samsung CLP-510 connected via Airport

    After 10.5.2 Leopard upgrade, the printer Samsung CLP-510 prints only if it's connected directly to my MacBook (or my PowerBook), not if it's connected via Airport (Extreme): the printers become soon busy and give the message "Device busy, please retry...", and after some time the printer print an error page with "timeout" error.
    No luck resetting the Airport.
    Any workaround, please?
    Thanks in advance

    These steps may help:
    1. Open System Preferences and click on the "Print & Fax" icon
    2. Click on the "+" button to add a printer
    3. Click on the "IP" button in the toolbar
    4. Choose "HP Jetdirect - Socket" from the "Protocol" option menu
    5. Enter the hostname or IP of the Airport base station in the "Address" field - typically or your base station name with ".local" on the end
    6. Leave the "Queue" field blank
    7. Replace the auto-generated name with something meaningful to you in the "Name" field
    8. Choose "Select a driver to use" from the "Print Using" option menu, and then type in the model number for your printer to locate the corresponding printer driver
    9. Click "Add" to add the printer, then try printing
    If you report back with your results, it would be appreciated.

  • Printing Lighter from windows to mac via airport express

    My wife has a windows vista computer and the only way she can print to our printer through the airport express is if she connects to the printer through my computer as a shared printer. Going directly to the printer via bonjour does not work.
    Anyway, whenever she prints to the printer the text is always lighter than it should be or would be if she was directly connected to the printer. My iMac prints perfectly to the printer via the AE.
    Any ideas?

    Airtunes actually only support MP3/AAC audio streaming from iTunes. That's too bad for video.
    The things is, even with other Airtunes streaming software, the streaming delay is such that the song will be off by a few second from the video. I guess Apple have choose to do not stream video sound until this may be resolve.
    Therefore, I'm not aware of any solution to this issue.

  • Printing on a Canon Pixma MP600 via Airport Express from a Windows 2000 PC

    Hi, I'm a Mac: I can print directly connected AND wirelessly to a Canon MP600 printer through Airport Express.
    Hi, I'm a PC: I can only print when I'm directly connected to the printer.
    Has anyone found a way to print to their Canon through Airport Express?

    Try these instructions first:
    Another route is to use Bonjour for Windows to be able to access the printer attached to the AirPort base station from your PC.
    In addition, not all USB printers work with AirPort base stations for sharing. The following iFelix link provides an "unofficial" list of known compatible printers...and some workarounds.

  • How can I tell what is causing wifi to drop - airport express light is green (iPad can find network, but no internet connection) and TWC cable modem has usual lights glowing?

    Everything seems normal, except getting the internet connection. I have an old airport express - 802.11g

    Is it the iPad that is the only device that cannot connect to the Internet....and other wireless devices can connect it a case of none of the wireless devices being able to connect to the Internet?
    One of the potential issues here is that the iPad cannot be used to make any configuration changes to the older version of the AirPort Express that you have, so hopefully you have another Mac there that could be used to make any changes if needed.

  • Can you print with a non-airprint printer?

    My printer is an ESPON Workforce 600. It isn't an AirPrint printer. I was wondering if there's any way to print from my iPhone to the printer.

    You need something like this:

  • IMacG5 (non-Intel) - Pandora via Airport Express to wireless speakers?

    Is it possible to use access to Pandora to pump music through Airport Express to wireless speakers?

    Hi roquinman,
    Hows it going?
    I think your may be looking for a program like airfoil. It will let you send any audio from your computer to an airport express.
    Happy new year!

  • Share printer with Windows 7 via Airport Express?

    I would like to share a printer with a Windows 7 Laptop via airport express. The Windows 7 Pc does not detect the printer whereas printing from the Macbook Pro works fine. Any ideas?

    Hi,  I was searching for the same (my colleague has a windows PC; everyone else here has mac). I have not tested this, since I am working on mac, but it seems like you need to install "Bonjour" for windows.
    Hope this helps (though it's a bit late)

  • Can "share this printer" on a MacBook pro allow my iDevices to print on a non AirPrint printer?

    I have an Epson USB printer CX7400 (does not have AirPrint) connected to an Apple Airport Express that is connected to an Apple Time Capsule wirelessly.
    I can print from my MacBook and other Ubuntu systems.
    I have iDevices (iPad etc) that I would like to print from to.
    I have a MacBook pro with the current operating system and updates and notice that I can share the printer on the network.
    I have seen posts (might be old?) where that was enough to print from and iPad or iPhone etc?
    Is that still true?
    THANK YOU for taking your time to write!
    IPad Air, Macbook Pro mid 2012.
    I did not get the impression the Epson was supported with the Epson app but I could wrong.
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    Can "share this printer on a MacBook pro allow my iDevices to print on a non Airprint printer?
    No, but you might be able to print from the iOS devices but installing an App like Printopia on your Mac.  Printopia has a free trial, so you will know if it will work before you buy.
    More details here, if you are interested:
    Printopia - Ecamm Network

  • Can't print to a non Postscript printer on Mac

    How do you get inDesign to print to a non postscript printer (HP laserjet 1200). Running CS3 on Mac 10.4.11
    iD will not let me sellect the printer but defaults to Postscript file.

    A quick way around printing to any non-PostScript printer is to export or distill a PDF and print that.
    I've used this trick for years to print "colour proofs" on various different inkjet printers.

  • Get message ....printing to a non-postcript printer

    What is a non postscript printer?  I get error that I am printing to a non postscript printer????? I have Windows 7 64 bit and use Adobe Elements 6.  This problem started when I got a new HP computer over a year ago.  Photos now print so dark and don't come close to matching what is on screen.  Never had this problem with my last computer and printer.  Has anyone else had this problem and what is a possibly fix?  Thanks.

    Well, not totally true.  I have heard tell of a utility that will turn your computer into a print server and serve up the printer to the iPad/iDevice, whatever.  Here are a few links:
    PC: rprint-compatible-printers/
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    MAC: ;txt
    PLEASE NOTE:  I don't know whether or not it works.  I'm trying out the PC one, and if I can't get it to work I'll try the Mac one.  But it's an option, and I don't see any harm to it.

  • Update ipad2 3G US Version from IOS 4.1.1 to IOS 6.0.1, ipad2 can't activate with itunes or wifi .

    Dear ,
           when I update ipad2 3G US Version from IOS 4.1.1 to IOS 6.0.1, ipad2 can't activate with itunes or wifi . A friend of me buy the ipad in USA and bring it to China.
           ipad2 NO: DLXFJN74DFJ1. I'm live in China now .
           How can i activate it ?
           Thank you very much .

    Thank you!
    So  I buy AT&T , Sprint, Verzion SIM card from Taobao and try again.
    Waitting for my good news .
    Wish you have a good day .

  • I want to use my jetpack 890L as a wireless router to allow wireless printing with a canon laser printer. Is this possible, and does the jetpack support WPS?

    I want to use my jetpack 890L as a wireless router to enable wireless printing with a canon laser printer. Is this possible, and does the jetpack support WPS?

    I’ve used several wireless printers with a 4510 and 5510 Jetpack and they all print just fine. The MHS890L does not support WPS. The WPS Wikipedia article briefly addresses the reason why you should not use WPS.  If you’re having trouble setting up your printer the manufacturer has a toll free support line to help you. Your Jetpack has the Wi-Fi Password on the bottom, under the battery, and or in the LED display.

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