Can we remove the Continue button from Quiz Results?

Hi Everyone,
Is there any way to remove the continue button from the Quiz Results page?
I have a captivate file in which there is a Thank you slide at the end after the Quiz results slide. Now, here's the problem - The user is just finishing the quiz and closing the browser tab - which is not showing the completion status inside LMS. The user must need to view the Thank you slide  -  so that the LMS can respond as "Completed" status.
Now, I want to remove the Continue button on Quizzes result slide so that user doesnot need to go ahead to next slide to complete the course. And i will put the Thank You message here in Quizzes result slide only.
Can I remove the continue button from the Quiz Results page so that it can be the last slide?
Vikas Sharma

Removing the Continue button from the Quiz Results slide is NOT a good idea in my experience.  Clicking the Continue button triggers functions in Captivate to terminate the quiz and commit the score to the LMS.  If this button is not clicked, Captivate may not be sure the person has decided they're done with the quiz and wants their score to be captured by the LMS at that point.  There are often other buttons on the Quiz Results slide to offer the user the option of Retaking or Reviewing the Quiz.  Only the Continue button is designed to take them further beyond the Quiz Result slide.
Like yourself, I have also found learners often fail to grasp the importance of the Continue button and don't realise they need to do something extra (beyond reaching the Quiz Results slide) in order for their score to be captured.  So what I usually do is rename the Continue button to something more meaningful such as: Register Your Score, or Record Quiz Results Now.  Having a name like this (and making the button nice and large and bold so that it's not easy to miss) clearly tells people that they need to click this button if they want their score to be retained.  It's just a simple change, but it practically eliminated all issues we had with people just closing down their browser when they saw the Quiz Results.

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    Drag it to the Trash.
    Uninstalling Software: The Basics
    Most OS X applications are completely self-contained "packages" that can be uninstalled by simply dragging the application to the Trash.  Applications may create preference files that are stored in the /Home/Library/Preferences/ folder.  Although they do nothing once you delete the associated application, they do take up some disk space.  If you want you can look for them in the above location and delete them, too.
    Some applications may install an uninstaller program that can be used to remove the application.  In some cases the uninstaller may be part of the application's installer, and is invoked by clicking on a Customize button that will appear during the install process.
    Some applications may install components in the /Home/Library/Applications Support/ folder.  You can also check there to see if the application has created a folder.  You can also delete the folder that's in the Applications Support folder.  Again, they don't do anything but take up disk space once the application is trashed.
    Some applications may install a startupitem or a Log In item.  Startupitems are usually installed in the /Library/StartupItems/ folder and less often in the /Home/Library/StartupItems/ folder.  Log In Items are set in the Accounts preferences.  Open System Preferences, click on the Accounts icon, then click on the LogIn Items tab.  Locate the item in the list for the application you want to remove and click on the "-" button to delete it from the list.
    Some software use startup daemons or agents that are a new feature of the OS.  Look for them in /Library/LaunchAgents/ and /Library/LaunchDaemons/ or in /Home/Library/LaunchAgents/.
    If an application installs any other files the best way to track them down is to do a Finder search using the application name or the developer name as the search term.  Unfortunately Spotlight will not look in certain folders by default.  You can modify Spotlight's behavior or use a third-party search utility, EasyFind, instead.
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    There are many utilities that can uninstall applications.  Here is a selection:
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    For more information visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on removing software.

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    JModi wrote:
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    The "lock screen button" locks the phone. It will not take you back to the home screen. Thus the difference in the nomenclature for the "HOME" button and the "LOCK" button...

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    chelseafromco:  I had the same problem and had an awful time before finding a clear explanation of the solution.  Forget the iPod nano 6Gen manual, p. 21; it doesn't tell you how to turn the feature off, just how to turn it on.  Not all of us like randomizing our playlists.  APPLE:  PUT UP AN ARTICLE EXPLAINING SIMPLY HOW TO DO THIS.  Meanwhile, here's what worked for me:
    1.  Go to the "Now Playing" icon and tap the "Play" arrow in the center.
    2.  On the touch screen that comes up (you'll see an eighth-note graphic with the song title superimposed at the top, a Play/Pause button in the middle, and "Reverse" and "Forward" buttons on either side of that), swipe your finger to the left (not to the right).
    3.  This touch screen will have a "Repeat" symbol with two arrows like a snake eating its tail on the left and another symbol on the right that shows two arrows pointing to the right.  This is the "Shuffle" symbol.  Touch the Shuffle symbol so it's white, not blue.  White means that Shuffle is  off.
    4.  To make sure you won't accidentally turn Shuffle on, which you can do by giving the iPod a shake, go to the main Settings icon, cick it and select "Music," then press "Shake to Shuffle" until the button next to it says "Off" (white, not blue).
    Hope this helps.  By the way, in case you were wondering:  The whirling-molecule symbol in the center of the "Now Playing" controls is the Apple "Genius" symbol. This is to remind us that Apple's  manuals are created by people who don't know that customers need  instructions on how to turn things off as well as how to turn them on.

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    Save button on the surveys with multiple question or with branching logic enabled is an out of the box feature and it is by design.
    If you want to remove the “save” button in a survey, I think you can use JavaScript to hide this button:
    1. Open your site in SharePoint Designer.
    2. Open your survey list newform.aspx page, in the code view, find this code “<asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderMain" runat="server"> <table>……. </table> “add the JavaScript” </asp:Content>”, add JavaScript before the “</asp:Content>” tag:
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    {x.item(i).style.display = "none"};
    After this, you will not see the “Save” button when create new survey response. You can also add this JavaScript in the editform.aspx page.
    Hope it can help you.
    Xue-Mei Chang

  • My Mac G-4 OS X will not image an icon of the zip disk with I inserted into my computer's built-in Zip Drive, therefore I can not remove the zip disk from my computer.  What can I do?

    My Mac G-4 OS X will not image an icon of the zip disk with I inserted into my computer's built-in Zip Drive, therefore I can not remove the zip disk from my computer.  What can I do?

    Thanks Old Comm Guy, BD Aquam and Texas Mac Man for youradvice and reply to my question
    and problem with my Zip Drive.  However:
        1.  Depressing mouse buttonon start up did not eject the zip disk.
        2.  To examine front of zipdrive, I had to remove many screws and several plastic case
             coverings.  Upon doing thatI discovered that, unfortunately, there is no whole in front
              of mybuilt-in zip hardware drive for me to insert a paper clip to manually eject zipdisk.
          3.  I went to the Utilities folder in myMac OS X Application folder, but I could not find
               theiomega zip drive in there.
    Also, I did go into my "9" System folder and thento the Extensions folder within it and did find an icon of an
    Iomega Driver. When double clicking on it a window came upstating I was opening the application
    "ColorSync Extension" for thefirst time, and asking if I was sure I wanted to open this application.
    Uponclicking open nothing happened - nothing opened.
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    "No Iomega Drives or noIomega Driver found.  Therefore, Ihave gone to Mac, Iomega and other websites
    trying to find a Driver for thebuilt-in Zip Drive in my Mac G-4 OS X 10.4.11, but have not really found anythat work.
    Thanks,     Peterfromcrystallake

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    Jawahar Nayak

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    Hi All.
    how can we remove the following zeros from quantity field while populating ALV by using FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY ?
    eg:getting output zqty = 2.000
    but i need           zqty = 2.
    help me to reslove this issue.

      While populating the field catlog do the following thing to   avoid zeros.
      wa_fieldcat-tabname = 'I_OUTPUT'.    " Curr
      wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FWAER'.
      wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = text-023.
      wa_fieldcat-no_zero = 'X'.
      APPEND wa_fieldcat TO i_fieldcat.
      CLEAR  wa_fieldcat.

  • HT3702 how can i remove the authorization hold from my card...

    how can i remove the authorization hold from my card

    You can try contacting iTunes support : - click on Express Lane, then iTunes > iTunes Store
    How much was the amount ? A 'normal' holding charge is a small amount (e.g. equivalent to about $1), and usually happens after you add or change credit card details on your account. Here in the UK it can take a few working days for it to disappear (so a weekend can extend the elapsed time).
    Edit : I don't know what a non-liability certificate is and/or whether Apple can do one.

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    I just installed Firefox 5. How can I remove the Bing search from the address bar. I don't want to see Bing at all. I tired the Firefox options, right-clicking on the search field and the toolbar selection drop-down but could not find a way to get rid of that unwanted search window.

    *'''at the bottom of firefox''' there is a weird looking greenish circle with a lightning bolt in it*
    1. click it and hover over to '''PREFERENCES'''.
    2. click the second circle that say's '''BING.'''
    3. '''Un-check''' both boxes.
    4. you're done :)
    Note: it's not going to show the google symbol encrypt when you open a new tab it's just going to automatically use google as a search engine.

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    Further I notice that when MacBookAir disconnected from the charger, it remains quieter sound.
    At first thought that the headphone jack (3.5 mm Headphone:
    Connection: 1/8-Inch Jack) or wiere have problem, but tried 3 different cables, but that does change enything, the problem remains.
    When I added iPhonu3GS playing - the background sound were not, then everything is OK!
    How can I remove the background sound from the headphone jack for my MacBook Air 13?

    There is no way to bring that up unless you have it typed in a document. You can use My Support Profile to find a list of serial numbers that have been purchased or registered with your Apple ID. 
    17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G HD  240G Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD 

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    I am on a MacBook Pro 2.2 with 4 GB using Mountain Lion 10.7.5.

    items.RemoveAll(s => string.IsNullOrEmpty(s));
    Or you can filter them out using where:
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    Having fun with custom collections!
    Basics of .NET Collections in C#
    How does it work in C#? - Part 3 (C# LINQ in detail)
    Mark as answer or vote as helpful if you find it useful | Ammar Zaied [MCP]

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