Can you convert a PDF to Word in Arabic?

Can you convert a pdf to word in Arabic?
When I want to convert a file, adobe does not offer me Arabic.
Can you help me please?

Hi sahar mandour,
Your subscription is not confirmed at our end.
I will cancel it once it gets confirmed
For your request of Arabic supported Export PDF you need to fill this form.
Kindly refer this link:

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  • Can't convert to pdf from word

    my wife uses adobe acrobat 6.0 standard with office 2003. The problem is that she can't convert to pdf from word. it works fine with an excel doc. but not a word. I did update to 6.0.1 and still nothing. There is no error message and the word document opens but nothing happens.

    I have exactly the same problem. Everything was ok untill a couple of months ago then after some auto updates the pdf buttons were no longer displayed in the word documents when it is open and if you try to convert it to pdf either by dragging the word file onto Adobe or highlighting the file and right clicking on it then selecting 'convert to Adobe PDF' it doesn't work. It looks like it attempts to do it by opening the word document but then nothing else happens. The only way I have been able to get it to convert to pdf is to go into the word document, click on file then print then select Adobe PDF then save to location. This is just a complete pain to do all the time especially when I need to convert a whole load of files in one go.
    Obviously the auto updates have effected it somehow but I can't work out where.
    I've tried uninstalling Adobe the re-installing it but it makes no difference.
    I'm using Acrobat 6.0 Standard with Windows XP Professional 2002

  • How do you convert a PDF to Word or Excel in Acrobat 9 Pro?

    How do you convert a PDF to Word or Excel in Acrobat 9 Pro?

    Refer to Acrobat 9 Help PDF (installed with Acrobat 9 is installed).
    Review the  discussion for Exporting PDFs in Chapter 5 of this Help PDF.
    The PDF is also available on Adobe's site. 
    Good to know is that the Acrobat 9.x product family passed into End of Support mid-year 2013.
    Be well...

  • Can I convert a pdf to word doc with adobe send?

    can i convert a pdf to word doc with adobe send--if so, how?

    Adobe Send is the latest rebranding of Adobe Sendnow. It's a sender for big files, not a converter. Send Large Files Easily - Select, Send, & Confirm & Track| Adobe Send

  • How can you convert a PDF File into a picture format for uploading?

    How can you convert a PDF File into a picture format for uploading?

    If you have Acrobat 11, you'd select: File > Save As Other > Image
    and select one of the available image formats.

  • I can't convert my PDF to Word

    I paid for my the subscription so I can convert my PDF to Word and I have been charged however it still won't let me

    This is the Reader forum, and you should post your question in the ExportPDF one,

  • I have paid TWICE and still can't convert a pdf to word. WTF???? I could have typed the ******* document in the hour and a hald I wasted with this ******** company. I need a refund bc your service sucks

    I have paid twice and still can't convert anything from pdf to word. I have an account. I am signed in and nothing happens. I want a refund of the 23.00 I paid twice already today. This is ********

    No -- I installed adobe acrobat -- and now, whether I'm signed in or not -- the little disc/save icon is whited out and it can no longer be selected -- when I open a PDF I can only save it to the cloud
    I am a physician, and a lot of what I look at is protected health information --- I can't be saving it in the cloud!!!  I have to find a way to disable this feature -- and restore my ability to save to my hard drive ONLY --
    Thanks -- but if you can tell me those things, I'll be grateful
    tried to attach screen shot to show you, but it was too big .......

  • Can I convert a PDF to Word Perfect?

    I use Word Perfect x7 in court transcripts and I need to know if I can convert a PDF file to Word Perfect or is there anyway to get it to word perfect so I can proof and print after corrections made.

    Well, it worked. I had to change  a few places on the title page but that was all.
    Well, apparently Corel thinks I am dumb.  I have a newer desk top computer and a very old laptop.  Started having to use word perfect x7 when my typist was forced to get a new computer. It came with Windows 8 so she could not use the older version of word perfect.  So, needless to say, I had no choice but get word perfect x7 as well. (even though I was told the older version X5 of word perfect would convert her files on x7 with no problem.  NOT
    after getting x7, another typist tried using x5, it didnt work either on my desktop.  Error came up and it would not let me even open the file stating "application not found".
    I try it on my OLD, OLD laptop and I can open it, proof it, BUT can't print it.  My laptop too old for my printers apparently.  (doesn't even have a disc drive).  So I had to save it on a stick and print it using my desktop. 
    I got a 6 page to do list from Corel of things to try that did not work and then they left me hanging (since thursday of last week).
    UUUUGGGGHHHH!.  I have been in here all day trying to get stuff done.  Crazy!
    Thanks again.  It worked.  So happy

  • I can't convert my PDF to word or excel

    How do I convert my PDF files to word or excel files? I paid the subscription fee of 23.99 & still cannot convert the files!I paid my money for nothing & I would like a refund! How do I go about getting a refund? Thank you

    Hi export 1111111,
    Please let me know the exact workflow you are following.
    Are you trying to convert from within Reader or from Browser?
    If from Reader then make sure you are signed in within Reader.
    Also try updating Reader to the latest v11.0.09 and check.
    Please let me know which Browser you are using and its version?
    Does it occur with all files?
    Have you checked with a different browser if possible?

  • How do you convert a pdf to word if it has XFA format

    Trying to convert a government form to word from pdf but got the following error message: PDF files containing XFA forms cannot be saved to the specified format.   Also tried exel or rich text with no success.  Any help would be appreciated

    Yes, normally the whole point of making it an XFA is so you can type in it. You must use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to fill it.
    What happens when you try?

  • How can you convert multiple PDF files at once to PDF/A-1b files

    I support individuals who on occasion have to submit a mass of files to a court and the requirement is that the files be in PDF/A format. Most are scanned files lacking the requisite structure to become PDF/A-1a files. So as I convert or resave files, I need to be able to specify that they be converted to the PDF/A-1b standard. And since it may involve over 100 files, it would be very inefficient to do so individually, file by file. Could this be done via an Action Wizard sequence? Could a script be written in Java that go through such a process, specifically choosing a PDF/A standard? Any insights would be appreciated.

    PDF/A-1a is very easy to automate in Acrobat XI Pro, indeed the compliance code was rewritten specifically with this in mind. Test Screen Name is correct that PDF/A-1b can't be realistically automated due to the complexity of tagging, but that's not your concern.
    In Acrobat XI Pro, create a new Action with no functional steps in it, then add the Save step.
    Click 'Settings' and change the output format to "Export File(s) to Alternate Format"
    Choose PDF/A from the list. It doesn't say so, but that's A-1b.
    I suggest using the file renaming feature so you're not overwriting the originals (e.g. append "_A1B")
    Save the Action and run it.
    Files with security, distributed forms, etc. can't be converted but the Acrobat engineering team claim that everything which can possibly be shoehorned into PDF/A will always succeed. In previous versions of Acrobat it often failed when it encountered things like iffy XMP data.

  • Can you convert a pdf that won't allow text to be highlighted so you can do highlighting?

    I have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard. My monthly bank statement comes as a pdf. I would like to be able to highlight parts of it such as check and deposit amounts but, although the highlighting toolbar is available, when I select a tool such as the cross-out text tool and try to highlight an item, nothing happens. Is there a way to convert this apparently uneditable type of pdf to one that will allow highlighting?

    You need an app that will perform that function. There are many apps that will do this, the most powerful being Adobe's Acrobat Pro, it's not inexpensive however that is what it is designed to do. If you want to just do some light annotations Preview (which you already have) will do this, however if you want to edit every aspect Acrobat Pro is tough to beat.
    I would recommend using the Mac App store to begin shopping, you will probably find some middle ground app that will do what you need.

  • Can you convert a PDF to InDesign?

    I have another question: Is there any way to convert PDF files back to  InDesign without downloading a converter plug-in? It seems to make sense  that Adobe would have a tool for this function, but I haven't had any  luck in finding it.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    You asked this question already as part of another thread. Please look there for responses.
             - Dov

  • Can you convert a .pdf file to a Muse web page

    We have a nicely formatted brochure in .pdf format.  Instead of trying to painstakingly recreate it in Muse, or just put a boring hyperlink to the .pdf, I'd like to be able to import that .pdf directly as it's own page in Muse.  Is there any way to do this?

    PDFs are appearance-centric. even if there were a way to import it in Muse there is no guarantee that even the most complicated CSS formatting could retain your formatting. That said I see zero to none requirement for such a feature, as most people will have access to the editable source files and adapting static content to the needs of the web is just as much part of the workflow as making it look nice.

  • Can you convert pdf images to word?

    Do any of Adobe products convert images within a pdf to word - like OCR?
    I have 700+ pages of a document  that have been scanned as images rather than text. I tried Mac Automator to convert the PDF to Word, but it doesnt handle images.

    Hi ljhooo,
    Adobe Acrobat can do the job! If you'd like to try it out, you're welcome to download a 30-day trial. See for more details.

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