Can you create a button that allows users to save content?

I am trying to come up with a way that allows a user to save their certificate (created using the widget in Captivate 4) if they don't immediately have access to a printer. Is there some code I could attach to a button?

What about printing to a pdf-document? There are a lot of free PDF-writers around.

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  • Can i create a button that allows users to insert a line into a table if neede more space

    if so how in step by step please and thank you

    In Acrobat Form, you create a hidden Text Field which will only get visible on a Button click for inserting additional text.

  • Can you create a button that will go to multiple key frames?

    Hi, I am trying to make a rpg style character select interface.  What i am trying to do is very similar to the picture below. How do you create a button like the stats, gear, and supplies that will each show a different image or text depending on which character you choose. If noone have played this marvel facebook game before, if you choose for instance Ironman, then the buttons on the right change to stats, bio, and gear. Each character will show a different bio when the bio button is clicked. Do i create a different screen for each character with the same button layout in the same place? I think i just answered my own question but i want to make sure that is possible. Should each character portrait, stats, bio, and gear be on its own layer and have the buttons go to those specific keyframes? thanks

    While you could create a different screen for each, a better way to do this is via some form of database.  The buttons cause functions to be executed and the functions utilize data resources based on the selections that are established.
    So if you pick a particular character, a variable is a assigned a value that indicates that.  That variable is then utilized to extract the data associated with the character and to build the screen elements related to the options for that character.

  • Can I create a form that allows users the ability to add fields?

    I would like to create an asset order form I can host on my company's intranet. I would like to give the users the ability to add additional fields per item they request rather than provide them with a limited amount of fields. For example, the template available from Formscentral has 5 dropdown selection boxes with predetermined supplies to choose from. My office receives requests for multiple, varying assets that I would not be able to list in generic dropdown selection boxes. I want to give users the freedom to enter item titles and provide URLs to online stores they would like me to purchase them from. I want my form to begin with two fields for this information and provide users with an add button that creates two additional fields for each additional item requested.

    In Acrobat Form, you create a hidden Text Field which will only get visible on a Button click for inserting additional text.

  • How can I create a link that allows users to convert a Wiki pages into PDF format.

    I am working on an enterprise Wiki library site collection, but I want to create a link named “Convert to PDF” , which allow users to convert the current Wiki into a pdf file. I need this link to be displayed some where in all the exsiting Wikis pages, and
    on any new wiki page. Can anyone advice if there is already such as capability within sharePoint 2013.

    For your requirement, we can add this link to the master page, then it will appear in the pages which apply this master page.
    To convert the current page to PDF, you can take consideration of using jsPDF.
    The links below with demos for your reference:
    Best regards
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Can you create a button that adds specific text to a form field?

    I was wondering if it was possible to create a button in a PDF that, when clicked, adds specific text to a form field?
    I am trying to make a product catalogue where you click on a product button to add the product name or code to a form field.
    Each product in the catalogue will have a button and the more you click the more is added to the form field(s).
    Then when you have finished adding products to the form field(s) I want to be able to save and email the entire PDF as an order form.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Yes, it's possible. The most simple version of such a script will be something like this (used as the button's MouseUp event):
    var v = this.getField("Products");
    if (f.value!="")
         f.value += ", ";
    f.value += "Product1";

  • In DPS/Indesign for iPad - How can i create a button that once tapped, will pre-populate an email?

    In DPS/Indesign for iPad - How can i create a button that once tapped, will pre-populate an email? like when you tap a recipe in Marth Stewart Every Day Food for example....

  • Can I create a button that copy's a certain test to my clipboard?

    Can I create a button that copy's a certain test to my clipboard?
    For example, when I click the button on the website, then the next time to paste somewhere, a specific text appears?
    If this is possible, could someone please explain how? =(

    Hi Travis,
    There is no native feature in Muse to achieve this. However, you can use custom code to achieve this. Please refer to the following link for the sample code : How to copy to the clipboard in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

  • Can you create a template that has a header and footer to forms?

    Can you create a template that has a header and footer to forms?

    Yes but how are they going to create the Landscape versions?
    The problem with doing it in Pages '09 as rotated content is that the Headers and Footers are not rotated and there is inherent clumsiness in the rotated content usually being too large for the page when viewed at 90°.
    Best to make it in two or more separate documents.

  • Using Cap6, need to create menu screen that allows user to click a button, branch to other screens, and return to main menu. When returning to the main screen the button that was clicked will be grayed out or inactive.  How do I do this?  I created image

    I am trying to emulate a piece of equipment.  I need the user to be able to click on specific buttons that will take the user to another screen(s).  After viewing those screens the user will be directed back to the main screen where the user would know which buttons had been pressed and which still needed to be pressed.  I create image buttons with the 3 states - that worked except when the user returns the slide is reset and so the user does not see the 3rd state of the button.  How can I get that 3rd state to stay after user returns to the main screen? 

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Since I just did this morning what you are currently attempting to do, I thought I'd share my method.  I must provide a disclaimer and tell you that I am not an expert in Captivate advanced actions--like you, I am still figuring them out.  However, I am happy to share here anything I have learned thus far.
    First, here is what my initial slide looks like (see interaction slide below).  I created all of the icons (including the 'grayed out' icon on the second screenshot) in a few minutes using Adobe Illustrator. The icons have been imported as custom multi-state buttons so that I could have the desired effect when the user hovers over the image--the yellow 'explore' flag appears only when the mouse is over the icon. When the learner click either image, they are sent to the corresponding slide.  Once both slides are viewed, a 'continue' button will appear at the base of the screen (something I've not figured out--I sent an email to Lieve begging for some guidance). 
    The initial slide (interaction slide):
    Second, here is a depiction of what happens when the learner returns to the interactive slide from the content slide (see image below):  Once the learner visits the 'Battery Content' slide and then returns to the interaction slide, the images have changed.  The multi-state button is hidden (through the advanced action), the replacement image (the image with the completed banner over it) is shown, and a hidden click box to allow the user to return to the previously visited page (just in case they desire to do that) is "shown" to allow navigation since the button is no longer there (because it is magically hidden).
    Content Slide 1:
    Remember, there may be an easier way to do this in Captivate.  I am using Cp6 for this module.
    1. I created two user variables as follows
    Name: v_batteryExplore
    Value: 0
    Name: v_fuelExplore
    Value: 0
    2. I created an advanced action for each as shown below (showing only one--duplicate the first and change the names to match the content):
    Credit: I learned these steps from @Lilibiri and Dr. Pooja Jaisingh!
    I have also noticed that it matters where the buttons are located on the timeline.  It seems best to have buttons above all other content.  Not sure why, but I have had images not appear when I have not done this.
    And the last step you do not want to forget; you need to remember to tell Captivate to use the action.
    As a final note, remember that the elements you do not want to appear on the initial screen must not be initially visible.  Make sure to set them to invisible by removing the checkmark in the 'Visible in output' box located next to the button name.  In my case, the image of the completed battery and the invisible button to allow a revisit of content was initially hidden.  Here is a final screenshot of my timeline for this interaction.  I hope this information helps you!

  • Can you create a button from apDiv in CS4

    can I create a button action for in the code view
    <div id="ap Div3"></div>
    I know how to link text that I place within the div id to a html document but I want to be able to draw an AP DIV from the layout and have it contain an image or color, then when hovering over have the background change to a color, then be able to hit anywhere whithin the <div id="ap Div3"></div> area and have it change to another color.
    I am very comfortable with flash and am having a dificult time understanding the rigid layout of dreamweaver.
    thanks in advance

    I get the impression you are new to DW.  With that said, I think it would be a very good idea for you to go over to and get familiar with html and css.
    I dont believe you can have an apdiv as a link (I may be wrong, but hopefully at the end of this  it will not be relevant), however you can have a "button" or other graphic as a link. Here is the code.
    <a href=""><img src="folder/file.ext" width="200" height="200" /></a>
    This will create a link on an image.
    If you want the image or colors to change, you will have to go and set rules for your links.  Put the following in your editor (DW Code View) and adjust as you like.
    a:link {
        color: #333333;
    a:visited {
        color: #FFFFFF;
    a:hover {
        color: #CCCCCC;
        background-color: #333333;
    a:active {
        color: #333333;
    Lastly, apdivs, in particular for someone new to DW and html can be a world of pain.  Trying to use them as a layout object can be very frustrating, because once you have tweaked and tweaked them, you look at your layout on a different machine, and chances are it looks nothing like what you had.

  • Can I create a button that will take me to a random slide in a sequence?

    Let's say I have three simulations setup and the simulations start on slide 5, 15, and 23. Can I make a button that will randomly jump to one of those slides?

    You have to execute that script using an event, in this case you'll use the Success event of the button that you created to 'jump'. And it will probably be an advanced action, unless you execute the JS with the On Enter event of the slide. You have two commands: first to execute the script, second to jump to that slide, for which you'll have to use a system variable cpCmndGotoSlide and the value of the variable returned by the JS. Slide numbering starts with index 0.

  • Any way to create a form that allows users to create profiles that can be viewed by other users?

    I'm working on a social media site, and I would like to give users the ability to create simple profiles that can be viewed by other users. Is there any way I can do this in Muse CC? Any good resource websites with code I can embed?

    Muse form widgets can only email the form submission data to a specified email address for non-BC hosting at this time. For BC with webCommerce plan and above, this should be possible with the help of webApps however, that is an advanced topic and would require some knowledge of CMS and HTML to implement <>.
    Also this will not be possible with Muse on its own as Muse outputs static pages only and what you are looking for requires backend technology to work (that BC offers).

  • How can I create a button that performs the function of a keyboard shortcut, specifically print scrn

    I need my presentation users to take a screen shot of a slide within my presentation.  I know that windows 8 has a new function that allows a screen shot to be taken and saved directly to the user's computer and I need a button that can be placed on a slide and perform this function.  The shortcut is (windows key) + (print scrn).  I want to save my userss some time and just have a button perform this task.  Any idea on how I can make this possible? I am using Captivate 7.

    I think Ajit may have misunderstood your need.  The command he told you about triggers the Print command to allow you to print the currently active slide (on a laser or inkjet printer). This does not have the same result as you would get by hitting the PrintScreen button on your keyboard (to take a screencapture and have it saved to the Clipboard for pasting somewhere else).
    You can add a button to your slide and set the PrintScreen key as the shortcut, but this will NOT mean that clicking the button will cause a screencapture to be taken.
    There are JavaScript libraries that will allow you to execute JavaScript code in a Captivate project that can take a screen capture:
    However, to implement these solutions you would need to be quite knowledgeable with setting up JavaScript.  It's not for newbies.

  • Can i create a button that links to the slideshow widget

    I am creating a portfolio site for a class. It is a one page site, One of my sections is going to be my "work" section. I want to categorize my work, So I have made buttons that pertain to each category of work. Is there anyway that I can link this to the slideshow widget. When one of the category buttons is clicked I want the slideshow widget to pop up. Is this possible? I can not find a tutorial and I am very new to Muse. Thank you!

    You can't directly associate a button with a slideshow. However, you can embed slideshow in a tooptip target and add the button to the tooltip trigger as mentioned in this post : Re: How do i create a button which will show new content on same page?

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a site made in CS3 that uses db connectivity and works fine.  Now I'm in CS5 and need to add some dynamic pages to it.  The site already has a DSN and works. I don't know if I've just forgotten in the last few years how to do it or if somethin

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    I am using Aji Annotater. Because I have large amount of PDF files, I use File Sharing. I want to add the entire folders and organize them as they are. But, I can only select file by file basis. Although I can make a multiple choice, I can organize t