Can you make a playing iWeb page ?

I made a nice set of two iWeb pages as Xmas greeting & annual letter ( But I would have been more satisfied if the home page could have opened with Winter Wonderland (it is a favorite). Trying to do this has, so far, given me a way to do it as I don't want it as link to start but the music opening automatically as the page unpacks itself.
Have anyone of you done and if so, how did you do it ?
Happy New Year!
in Sweden

Kyn Drake has a really simple method for doing this outlined here:
(Beware of the crab... )
As long as you don't mind doing a little post publish editing of your .js files, it's fairly easy to do in this manner also. You will find them in this path on your iDisk, using the Go menu in Finder:
Open the .js files for that particular page on your iDisk with any text editor (I like Taco, and it's free) and make the following changes to the script code that controls your movie: (you will find the movie code near the top of the page in the .js file)
Change autoplay="false" to autoplay="true"
Change loop="false" to loop="true"
Changing controller value="true" to controller value="false" will remove the controller from the page entirely. Make these changes in both sets of tags, (object and embed).
Make the changes and just "Save". Clear your browser cache and you should see the changes take effect immediately. Bear in mind you will have to make this modification each time you republish your site. You can also save this modified .js file and replace the republished file with it, as long as no other changes were made to the page in iWeb.

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    PowerBook G4 15-inch Double-Layer SD (with lines) 1gb Mac OS X (10.4.6) 3G iPod, iPod Nano, 5G iPod

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    Yes you can but that feature only works if you are searching a single event (Pretty Cool/Useful), Creating a smart collection based on what you tick off in the dialogue box... You will get an error message if Searching the drive itself:
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