Cancel the Backgrounf job

Hi Experts,
i have to cancel the Backgrounf job which is active and Running. i am getting this active job from  TBTCO table and using FM "BP_ABORT_JOB' and i am passing ' Job coun' and Job name' but too i am not able to cancel the back ground job. Please suggest me how to do this or any other Fm by which we can cancel the active background job?>.
Please help on the same.

Check program RSBTCDEL
You can call it using the job name
similar question for reference How to cancel the background job processing in ABAP programming?
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    Not able to cancel the indexing job in BO Explorer. When I clicked Cancel Indexing, Its still in processing mode. Please advise. Thanks!!

    Thanks Henry. Actually Indexing server was down, So it was not getting cancelled. I restarted the Explorer services and it worked fine afterwards.
    However, Could you please also let me know if there's any way in Explorer to show description of the Dimension/Measure Objects while exploring data in any information view.
    I have defined the object's descriptions in my underlying universe and they are also while confirguring the information space. But I am not able to see the while exploring data.
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  • Cancel the scheduled jobs for process chains - urgent

    How do I cancel the scheduled jobs for process chains which are going to run tonight.

    Go into transaction code RSPC and then select the particular process chain by going into the edit mode and in the menu...
    Look for Execution --> Remove from Schedule.
    Let me know if that answered your question.

  • How to cancel the background job processing in ABAP programming?

    I have a requirement where i need to cancel the job depending on some constraint. My code is something like this:
    Select some data from the table.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    Do nothing.
    Cancel the job
    call function 'BP_JOB_ABORT'
       jobcount                         = number
        jobname                          = name
       JOB_ABORT_HAS_FAILED             = 2
       JOB_DOES_NOT_EXIST               = 3
       JOB_IS_NOT_ACTIVE                = 4
       NO_ABORT_PRIVILEGE_GIVEN         = 5
       OTHERS                           = 6
    The above code is cancelling the job but it is throwing an exception called CX_SY_DYN_CALL_PARAM_MISSING because i dint pass job count. How can we find the job count of next job that is going to run? Or How to handle the exception which it is throwing. Even if i try to handle that exception something like this:
    call function 'BP_JOB_ABORT'
       jobcount                         = number
        jobname                          = name
       JOB_ABORT_HAS_FAILED             = 2
       JOB_DOES_NOT_EXIST               = 3
       JOB_IS_NOT_ACTIVE                = 4
       NO_ABORT_PRIVILEGE_GIVEN         = 5
       OTHERS                           = 6
    It avoids the exception but it doesnt cancel the job.  I even tried with function modules like JOB_OPEN
    JOB_SUBMIT,BP_JOB_SELECT,BP_JOB_ABORT and tried to build some logic using status overview table (TBTCO) and TBTCP (Jobstep overview table).
    Can someone suggest me the right way to write this program ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Problem is solved.
    Create an background job with 2 steps. The first step in the background job calls the program ZBACKJOB_STEP1.  In the variant we have a wrong material number
    If the material number is not found in Mara, the next step in the job should not get executed and the job should get cancelled..
    In the above posts i had asked how do I get the job count of the job that is currently triggering the program at the runtimeu2026..If u see the below code uu2019ll get to know.. We have to use the standard structure TBTCM which captures the properties/characteristics of the job.
        WRITE / : 'This is the material selected on the selection-screen' , MARA-MATNR.
            EVENTID                                    = TBTCM-EVENTID
            EVENTPARM                             = TBTCM-EVENTPARM
            JOBCOUNT                                = TBTCM-JOBCOUNT
            JOBNAME                                  = TBTCM-JOBNAME
            STEPCOUNT                              = TBTCM-STEPCOUNT
            NO_RUNTIME_INFO                    = 1
            OTHERS                                     = 2.
        IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
              JOBCOUNT                                     = TBTCM-JOBCOUNT
              JOBNAME                                       = TBTCM-JOBNAME
              CHECKING_OF_JOB_HAS_FAILED  = 1
              JOB_ABORT_HAS_FAILED              = 2
              JOB_DOES_NOT_EXIST                   = 3
              JOB_IS_NOT_ACTIVE                      = 4
              NO_ABORT_PRIVILEGE_GIVEN       = 5
              OTHERS                                         = 6.
          IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.

  • How to cancel the background job?

        I have schedule the backgroud job.How to cancel the background the job.
    When i select the job and click on stop button, iam getting message "job is not active - cancellation not possiable".How to schedule the background job.

    goto sm37
    SM36 Define Background Job
    SM37 Background Job Overview
    SM39 Job Analysis
    U can Moniter the background Jobs through T code SM37
    In the Simple Job Selection window enter the name of the Job and User of that Job and u can check the status of that Job like “JobName, Job CreatedBy, Status, Start date, Start time Duration(sec.) Delay (sec.).

  • Cancel the launched jobs

    I am not being able to cancel/stop the jobs that have been stuck in launched state.
    Can you please tell me ways to do so through Tidal GUI, without disabling the connections and queues.

    Not sure what version you are on, I'm on 6.1. Create a job, under Command enter the path of sacmd...
    C:\Program Files\TIDAL\TESCmdLine\bin\sacmd.cmd
    under command parameters enter the command
    jobset -i xxxxxx -s 106
    Save and submit the job.

  • Every time I try to print a file to Adobe PDF, I get the message "Firefox is not responding". When I try to cancel the print job, all of my Firefox tabs shut down. This just started today. Up until today, I could print a page to Adobe PDF with no problem.

    The print dialouge box comes up. I select print to PDF. Another box comes up and says it is preparing the document (This is the way it has always been). Then, nothing. It says Firefox is not responding. If I try to close out the print box, it not only closes the page I was on, but any other open tabs in Firefox. How can I fix this?

    I didn't see that I could edit the question before "I answered myself." I updated the question.

  • Have a MacBook Air and am connecting wirelessly to a Lexmark x4650.  It sends the job to the printer but automatically cancels the print job?  Can someone help?

    Can someone please help me with this problem?

    HP – Printer Not Found During Wireless Installation
    HP – Wireless Printing Center
    Network Printer Troubleshooting
    Try resetting the printing system.
    Reset Printing System
    Ping printer: If you have the printers IP address open Terminal applications/Utilities and at the prompt type: ping {printerIP}. You will get a reply or failure.
    WiFi Printer to WiFi Network - Connect

  • How to stop the v3 jobs?

    how to stop the v3 jobs?

    Goto SM37... Give Job Name as LIS. User  *.
    Enable Scheduld, Released and Active Check boxes...execute.
    check job belongs to your Application.
    You cancel the Active Job if you stop the Job.
    You can make Released Job to Scheduled (Menu option Job --< Released --> Scheduled.).
    Hope this helps.
    Nagesh Ganisetti.

  • Report to cancel released background jobs

    Hi Folks,
    Can anyone guide me whether there is any standard report/program where i can delete/cancel the background jobs already released/scheduled? We can cancel individual job using SM37, but i need to cancel "n" number of jobs at one slot.
    Thanks in advance.

    can plz tell me how to change or reschedule the time on background job ?

  • How can we schedule the finished job in SM37 ?

    I need to schedule all the jobs which are running in Production to a common user (Ex. BWGURU).  Presently the jobs are running on different users in SM37. My requirement is to schdule all the running / finished / scheduled /released / cancelled jobs to a common user. I am not manaage to schedule the finished / cancelled job.  How can i do that ?
    Please required ur inputs .

    Hi Praveen.....
    U can't never make a finished job to released............First a Job will be in Release state...........then it will be in Schedule.........then the Job will Start...........then either finish or Cancelled...........
    To start a job...............u hav ti to take the Released state of the Job to schedule......
    Hav u Clicked on immediate tab...........there just check the immediate box................then check and save...........
    U hav said.......i am getting extra job running with the same name............u mean that the job is is running State .............right.........Look u cannot create two jobs in same name...............may be that job is running.............hav u scheduled the job ?............may be thats why it is running..............if u want to cancel the running job.............double click on the job.............from job details copy the PID and Application server.............come on Application Server...............double click on the desired the PID.and cancel the job.............

  • Hi, may i know how to resume the print job from HP P1102w?

    I've configured the P1102W as ePrinter if there anyway to resume the printer in stead of cancel the print job when the printer out of paper?

    Dear ccyee425, 
    Once you load the paper the print job should automatically resume if it does not unfortunately there is not an option to resume the job in the ePrintCenter. You have to send the job again.
    If I have solved your issue, please feel free to provide kudos and make sure you mark this thread as solution provided!
    Although I work for HP, my posts and replies are my own opinion and not those of HP

  • How do I cancel a rman job from command line?

    Hello to all,
    I am having some problems with a rman job that is running via OEM-GC. I get an error message regading the SPFILE and control file being locked due to another job accessing it. I found this in the RMAN ref guide:
    To determine which job is holding the conflicting enqueue:
    1. After you see the first RMAN-08512: waiting for snapshot controlfile enqueue message, start a new SQL*Plus session on the target database:
    % sqlplus sys/[email protected]
    2. Execute the following query to determine which job is causing the wait:
    SELECT s.sid, username AS "User", program, module, action, logon_time "Logon", l.*
    FROM v$session s, v$enqueue_lock l
    WHERE l.sid = s.sid and l.type = 'CF' AND l.id1 = 0 and l.id2 = 2;
    You should see output similar to the following (the output in this example has been truncated):
    SID User Program Module Action Logon
    9 SYS [email protected] (TNS V1-V3) backup full datafile: c1 0000210 STARTED 21-JUN-99
    After you have determined which job is creating the enqueue, you can do one of the following:
    * Wait until the job creating the enqueue completes
    * Cancel the current job and restart it once the job creating the enqueue completes
    * Cancel the job creating the enqueue
    So with this in mind; How do I cancel the job from RMAN command line!!!
    This is my output by the way:
    475 SYS [email protected] (TNS V1-V3) backup full datafile 0000018 STARTED16 23-APR-09 00000023EB8D488 000000023EB8D4A8
    475 CF 0 2 4 0 113123 0
    Any help will be gratefully received
    Thanks to all that reply

    I used the following to get the spid and killed the process on the OS.
    set linesize 120
    col sid for 999
    col username for a14 trunc
    col osuser for a18 trunc
    col spid for 99990
    col logon_time for a12
    col status for a9 trunc
    col machine for a26 trunc
    col running for a10 trunc
    select s.sid
    , s.username
    , s.osuser
    , s.machine
    , s.status
    , p.spid spid
    , to_char( logon_time, 'Mon [email protected]:mi') logon_time
    , rtrim (s.module)||decode( nvl(length( rtrim(s.module)),0),0,'',' ')|| upper(s.program) running
    from v$session s
    , v$process p
    where ( p.addr = s.paddr ) and s.type!='BACKGROUND'
    and upper(s.program) not like '%CJQ0%' and s.program is not null and s.username is not null
    order by s.sid;

  • Can we cancel the print out of a scheduled report?

    Suppose a report is scheduled and configured to printer.
    We want send a cancel command to the printer.
    how can this be done?

    Hi Sriram,
    Once you send any request to printer it will take it into printer buffer.  You can't pass any command to cancell the printer buffer.  You will have to go in printers and cancell the print job.
    If you switch off the printer also the print que will wait till the printer comes in ready mode.
    You will have to change the configuration of the scheduled report.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Cancelling a periodic job

    Hi ABAP gurus,
    I would like to seek help in the use of the FM BP_JOB_ABORT. I need to cancel a periodic job and need to cancel all occurences of the job. When I used this FM, it only cancelled the active job and still created another job meant to run for the next period. Hope someone can help me on this. Thanks in advance.

    Go to the Job definition in transaction SM37 and remove the Periodic Job specification.

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