Cannot access external hard disk

I keep all my data in Segate external hard disk. Today I wanted to set up windows using Boot camp. The window installed but at the end it froze. By mistake I kept the External hard disk connected to my Macbook Pro. When I rebooted I cannot find the my external hard disk. I tried to access through Mac partiton but it displays waring.
Saying I need to Initialize the external hard disk. That mean I will end up with erased hard disk which is not i want. Is there any option. ?
It looks like Mac OS cant recognise the drive at all. When I open the Disk Uitiluty I can see the drive.
Any ideas guys

Try opening Disk Utility and try repairing the disk. It might hopefully be able to repair it. Otherwise you're probably looking at needing a tool like DiskWarrior 4…

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  • Cannot Access USB Hard Disk

    I have a USB hub connected to my airport with a printer and USB hard disk attached. I can see in manual setup in AirPort utility that both the printer and the hard disk are set up and connected. The printer prints wirelessly.
    My problem is that I cannot find the hard disk on my computer in order to take and put in files. Where is the hard disk located???

    In the Airport Utility /Disks/File Sharing make sure 'Enable file sharing' is checked. Select your choice for access (Secure Shared Disks).
    Airport Disk Utility: I have enabled 'Automatically discover AirPort Disks' as well as 'Show Airport Disks in the menu bar'. My action for the Airport is 'Connect with Password'.
    More often than not every disk I add to the hub (which is attached to the base station), shows up immediately. When it doesn't, I simply use the menu bar icon, click on the airport name and click 'OK' once the disk availability box appears. My oresent setup is to remember the password in my keychain.
    Note: since updating the firmware as well as Airport application, I have had no issues with hard drive access or, in particular, printer access.

  • Mac cannot detect external hard disk

    My mac is running oin OSX 10.8.5. It cannot detect a hard disk that was originally detected before. This happened after I took out the hard disk a previous I used it without ejecting it properly. thanks!

    Have you tested that the MBP USB ports are working?
    Have you tried different cables?
    Does the HDD work on other macs.
    Does the drive appear in Disk Utility?
    Have you tried the bare HDD in another enclosure?

  • Cannot copy external hard disk as its asking for permissions

    Not sure why my settings have changed, but now every time I copy data onto my external drive main directory it asks for my password. I checked and seems that my current user is read and write setting (prssing command i.) I also notice that on a few folders I can copy directly without the prompt.
    How do I set it so that it no longer asks me this? I have automatic backup software which now doesn't work due to this issue.

    Hi JPOlas,
    Do you attempt to backup SQL Server to a network shared folder?  If that is the case, please make sure that you have configured with the steps below before backup:
    • Create a network share from the remote server.
    • Provide Full privilege for the SQL Server account to read and write data to the share. For more information:
    Configuring SQL Server service account security for network resources access.
    In addition, please note that the time of SQL Server backup is directly proportional to network bandwidth. And the increased I/O activity has the potential for a negative impact on performance and your system availability.
    There are other ways you can workaround this issue, please take a look at this article on
    How to Backup SQL Server to a Network Shared Folder.
    Best Regards,
    Stephanie Lv

  • Cannot access external hard drive on Airport Extreme (802.11n) network.

    It took me many hours to even get my Lacie 320GB hard drive on the network. I went back and forth between plugging it directly into the usb port on my PowerBook and plugging it directly into the extreme or the usb hug plugged into the extreme. It would consistently tell me that I was denied access, or I was using the wrong password when I know I was not. Eventually I found a forum that suggested creating a "shared" folder on the drive. Eventually I think I had to do a get info and give myself and others permissions to EVERYTHING on the drive and the subfolders. Then I finally got access. But then the "connection was interrupted" and I lost access completely again. I am wondering if this is a "mounting" issue. I may not be clear on what I am supposed to do to mount the exernal. I have upgraded to Leopard and have not been able to access the drive through the extreme since.

    What is the drive formatted in? I had problems with mine when it was formatted in FAT32.

  • Help, I installed parallel and windows, and opened videos (on an external hard disk) with windows, and now cannot open them with Mac, and use i movies.  How do I reverse this?

    Help, I installed parallel and windows, and opened videos (on an external hard disk) with windows, and now cannot open them with Mac, and use i movies.  How do I reverse this?

    Paragraphs help the reader, just saying.
    What are you actually trying to do? Why do you need "DVD size" folders if you're creatng an Archive on an external hard drive?
    Also, I understand burning folders instead of individual photos or albums gives you more space on a DVD.
    It makes no difference at all.
    How can I keep the captions on my photos (not events) when I print or transfer to a new folder?
    You can export while writing the metadata to the file in most cases.
    Tne only way I know is to copy photos from the Windows to folders on my HD, then copy and paste photos or albums or events to HD, then create a new folder and fill it to the appropriate DVD size. 
    HD? Another HD? You use HD there in a way that makes no sense. What's the point of 'DVD size'?
    I also thought I should download future photos to my Canon programming that comes with EOS cameras and edit and then decide which photos to save to iPhoto library and which to save only to my archival HD?
    Does this have any relation to the previous questions? You know you can delete from iPhoto, right?
    You're somewhat confused and you need to
    1. Decide what exactly you want to do
    2. Then go about it.
    If I understand you correctly - and there's no guarantee that I do -  the easiest thing is to bring all your Photos into iPhoto and do everything from there.
    You can have an archive on an external disk, you can sort and select and edit with or via iPhoto

  • I have a 1TB WD external hard disk, which suddenly cannot be detected in my system. When i connect the hardisk to the macbook, the disk appears and immediately disconnects with the message "Disk not properly ejected". Any advice ?

    I have a 1TB WD external hard disk, which suddenly cannot be detected in my system. When i connect the hardisk to the macbook, the disk appears and immediately disconnects with the message "Disk not properly ejected". Any advice ?

    verify on another Mac if the same
    WD is having issues with mavericks as you can see on the WD forum, did you install any WD software (never do that) when you connected the drive for the first time?
    possible issue is a dead SATA bridge card or the new WD firmware w/ Mavericks.
    SATA card issue
    Your dead external hard drive is likely fine! Great hope for your 'faulty' external HD
    verify on another Mac if all possible

  • Access via a network to an external hard disk ?

    My wife can access with her PC (vi$ta) my Mac's Public folder through our router but she can not see my external hard disk, an alias does not help.
    So each time I have to move files from my external HD to the Mac.
    The inverse solution, me dropping files on her PC is "not possible", we can not, I have to work too
    What should I do to give her a access to all the external HD or to some specific folders on the external HD ?
    To connect to my mac she has to login, I would like to keep this for security reasons.
    Thanks a lot.

    You can add a share point - for Tiger, a handy utility to use is SharePoints (Leopard has this feature built-in via the Sharing preferences).

  • Have an external hard disk. cannot open on my mac

    hi. i have an external hard disk that i used to use with my dell. now that i switched to mac, when i plug it i can see the info, but when i want to add or delete something from the external disk it says cannot be transformed any info, just for reading, so my question is how can disable that and be able to change the info in my external hard disk? thanx in advance for any information in this issue

    The drive is obviously formatted as NTFS, which the Mac cannot write to. You'll need to reformat it using Disk Utility, which will erase the contents

  • I cannot transfer my file from macbook to external hard disk, please help me

    i cannot transfer my file from macbook to external hard disk, please help me

    wrong forum, but also need more information. Probably need to reformat (erase) the drive, tell people what disk drive it is, type of interface you are using, the model MBP you own.

  • TS1394 i cannot install macfuse and ntfs 3g on my mac os x (version 10.4.11). cannot read my external hard disk

    I have a mac os x (vers Op. syst. 10.4.11). I purchased an external hard disk, but i cannot copy files into it, it says " cannot b midified", it is in read only. I then downloaded Macfuse and NTFS 3 G on my mac but couldnt install : the image is mounted on the dsktop but when i clicon the pkg file to installnothing hapens. I also tried to format the external hard disk onmy mac but i didnt find the " Disk utility" application! is it normal? checked with the spotlight but nothing it is not in there !
    Please need help urgently.
    hank you in advance.

    Formatting & Partitioning a Hard Drive in OS X - Tiger and Leopard -
    Kappy's extensive hard drive formatting post - - note that instructions at end are for zeroing data.
    BDAqua's Formatting instructions -
    Pondini: Formatting,  Partitioning, Verifying,  and  Repairing  Disks... -
    Disk Utility in Applications > Utilities

  • Finder cannot searching for NTFS formatted external hard disk

    MacBookAir,1.8GhZ,Memory 4GB1600 MHz DDR3
    Finder  can show and open the files from the external hard disk but can not searching for the files.

    Barney-15E wrote:
    Tuxera or paragon will give you write access, but I don't know if that will allow Spotlight to work on those drives.
    A brief experiment suggests that Spotlight does not index an NTFS volume driven by Paragon NTFS. I don't have a copy of Tuxera to test.
    Sorry, cchaikittiporn. Paragon does not seem to be a solution for your issue.

  • External Hard disk cannot be detected by my MacBook Pro USB's

    I have bought an external hard disk 2.5" and even though I have formatted it as FAT 32 still none of my 2 USB ports detect it. It is a hitachi drive 160 GB eSATA. I haven't use power with my external drive.
    I ended up sharing it through a toshiba notebook I have for the kids running Windows XP and I transfer files though the Toshiba to the external drive. It's outrageous!!!
    Any ideas?

    Hi Andreas,
    OSX can recognize and use FAT32 partitions without additional help !
    Your problem sounds to me as a power consumption problem of the external HD, meaning that the HD does need more power from the USB port than the MacBook Pro can deliver.
    Best solution might indeed be to get the external HD on its own power supply.

  • Cannot copy files from external hard disks

    This is happening often enough to be really painful:
    I insert a hard disk. I browse the files on it. I open a new window of Finder and drag some files from the external hard disk into my own machine (OSX Leopard 10.5.5). It croaks, telling me some "permissions" are wrong (Error -36).
    Browsing Google and Macosxhints and all of that, the suggestions indicate that I should "repair permissions", "repair disk", and reboot. All done. Still doesnt work.
    What now? I never had this problem with Windows. What's with this permissions drivel on OSX and how can I fix it once and for all? I only use my machine to browse on Firefox/Safari, talk with Skype, edit with Coda/Transmit, and then Office documents. Which of these tools changes these mysterious permissions so that I have to keep "repairing" again and again???
    Thanks for any pointers or advice!

    I am on shaky ground here because I am totally ignorant about about Windoze and MS-DOS. What I can tell you, though, is that the Unix underpinning of Mac OS X is heavily reliant on the concept of "ownership" which, apart from other factors, has security implications. FAT32 has absolutely no concept of file ownership. (That's why Microsoft encourages everyone to use NTFS instead - mainly for the security implications).
    You need advice - Sorry! - from someone more knowledgeable than me as to how to change both the format (to Mac OS Extended, Journaled) and the Partition Scheme (to GUID) *+while preserving your data+*. I presume that you would need to find a temporary home for that data, after which altering the drive's structures would take only a moment - but as to how to then correctly replace the data onto that drive I would prefer not to say. I would guess that simply transferring the data back onto the drive now with a 'Mac-appropriate' structure would suffice - but PLEASE do not entrust your data to my 'guess'.
    Wait patiently for someone who knows how to advise you to respond in this thread, or post again with a possibly more descriptive/pertinent title.
    Sorry not to have been of any help.

  • Imposible continue the installation of Snow leopard 10.6 on a 1TB external hard disk, what can I do?

    Imposible continue with the installation of Snow leopard 10.6 on a 1TB external hard disk. I did the same last year and I continued working but suddenly appeared the simbol with a folder and a question mark and I know this is a problem so I click in the format option to the hard disk and when I tried to install again Snow Leopard, 'cause I want to recover my backups with Time Machine, I couldn't continue because the installation didn't respond to the click in the Utilities option or to next step > continue . Please, What can I do? I'll wait for your answers. Thank you so much in advance.

    Hello Melophage,
    It is the original hard drive which should have been erased by the previous owner. The problem is, I cannot access it without any OS installed. Or maybe there is a bootable USB or DVD that can do it ?
    Just an indication: when I boot without CD inserted in it, it shows a grey folder icon with a questionmark like this one:
    Thank you for your help
    PS: Yes, I am interested by the replacement pair of grey installation DVDs for my model. Where can I purchase this ?

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