Cannot create new page nor website and worse cannot edit existing websites

When I click on File in the menu the only options that work are Setup Google AdSense and Page Setup...
All other options are grey and cannot be accessed. This means that I cannot edit my existing websites which is a major problem.
Any idea? Reinstalling iWeb did not help.

sharked wrote:
Do you have any more thoughts on this?
"A lot of problems can be solved simply by..." Read more in the “Fix iWeb” section here:

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  • How do I make it so my client can edit Links in business catalyst when they create new pages?

    Okay so essentially I have built a site in Muse uploaded to business catalyst and I've setup a site template so that the client can create new pages as each new course arrives, but how do I get the link from the homepage to link to the new page? basically I need the link to be editable.
    What would be ideal is a kind of portfolio layout where there is a thumbnail and a new page but for my client to be able to add a new project adn it would create a thumbnail on the homepage and a new page that he can edit. Does anyone know of something like that possible in Business catalyst?

    Editing with Business Catalyst only works with image or text editing , we cannot add new page or page items using in browser editing.
    However, you can manage the site from BC end when your client and login to admin and add pages, modify etc, but if you re-publish the site from Muse then then changes will be overwritten.

  • Creating new pages in iWeb

    Could someone assist please with creating new pages within a page - that is if I need to follow from
    a previous page with in context stuff, but I don't want a NEW page with a NEW page heading at the top.
    I just want to put more stuff up under an existing page heading and using an arrow to go to new page
    all in the same section. Rather than filling the top with new page headings. Sorry if I cant explain it better! Thanks - Gareth

    This works for your site because it is mostly photos and you have used the Photo Page, fine. However, what you need to remember is that many people just have ordinary websites without photos who might still want to use sub pages and this method will not work for them because there are not forward and back links.
    I have sub pages on my own website and basically, I created an About Us page. I have some text there, but then I have something that says find out more about these people. I did not want these other pages displayed in the main nav bar, so I took them all out and what I have done on the About Us page is use a shape with the name of the person in it and created a hyperlink to that page. You click on the relevant shape and this takes you to the page for that person - on this page I have then created a shape with Back and Forward in it - the Back hyperlink if clicked on takes you back to the About Us page and the Forward hyperlink takes you to the page for the next person etc.
    If you want to create sub pages on an ordinary web site, then this is how you need to do it - you need the links on the pages that are not in the main nav bar to be able to get around the site.
    You don't have those links on your site, but as it is mainly photos then this does not matter and works for you, as you go from gallery to gallery. This will not work for everyone though - horses for courses! What works for one might not work for another.

  • Can't get Contribute to Create New Page

    Can't get Contribute to Create New Page
    --Have 'tried' all options for 'new page' - button, File>,
    and Ctl + N
    --Have tried via each of my different websites
    --CAN Edit existing pages!
    --Established myself as Administrator, and Publisher
    --Downloaded "Update" & ran "Repair" option
    STILL Can't open a "New Page"!!!???!!!
    Can anyone help?

    I don't suppose you ever found an answer to this problem?
    I've got exactly the same on a laptop: Desktop is absolutely
    As in your case the software works 100%, but you simply can't
    create a new page (across all sites). Crazy - no error message, no
    I did make the fatal error of installing a demo version of
    the software before buying the real software, so I did have to go
    through 6 pages of A4 instructions to try to get the read software
    to install... perhaps this is a vestige of that???

  • How to create new page in wlp in runtime

    How to create portal pages in run time (not at the admin console) give an option to the end users to create pages and configure it.

    Hi Manu
    1) Can we entitle the page created to display to some users.
    You mean the "Page(s)" created by the End User when he clicks on Customize link. If so, note that this page will be available ONLY to that user. There is no other special entitlements to be assigned to. Because every user who customizes desktop will have his own set of Books/Pages/Portlets in the backend Portal Database schema. BUT if you want to set Entitlements to the Pages created by the Adminstrator, then YES, you can always set Entitlements to that Page, so that only specific set of Users, Roles (users belong toRoles) can access those Pages.
    2) Can we change the hyperlink of the page to some other external page.
    I am not clear with this question. When we create a Page from WorkshopIDE or Portal Admin Console or through DVT, first thing is, this page will have a unique page definition label. Now assume this page is part of some Book. So When this portal (or deskop) is rendered, Portal Framework Look and Feel files, will iterate through list of all Books and for each Book list of all Pages and construct the Menu(s) which are nohting but Hyperlinks. During this process, the hyperlink will be appended with the definition labels of each Page etc which is retrieved from Database (or .portal xml file incase of filemode). So you cannot change the hyperlink to point to someother page. Worst case, if you really want, then you need to modify the portal framework menu rendering code, to change the urls for specific page. Say PageA should be reidrected to PageB. So in your custom menu rendering code, when you hit the PageA, there check for page def label of PageA and if it matches, then add a different page def label say for PageB definition label. This is complex, but can be achieved. But my very first question is why do you want to do this and what is your exact usecase.
    Note that you can always generate dynamically Links for any Portal Pages using render url tags or APIs (PostbackURL, GenericURL etc). You can have this kind of code in any JSP or Pageflows.
    PostbackURL homeURL = PostbackURL.createPostbackURL(request, response);
    homeURL.addParameter(PostbackURL.PAGE_LABEL_PARAM, "page_card_services_1"); //page_card_services_1 is a page def label of some other page that I want to redirect to
    3) Can we integrate the page creation to the BPEL workflow.
    BPEL Workflow is nothing but a WebServices. Using CustomCode, this may be possible. One way I can think of is like this. First you need to have code/logic in some Pageflow or utility class to call BPEL Workflow. As mentioned first you need to create a WebServices client JAR for this BPEL WebServices. Then add this jar to the web-content/web-inf/lib folder. Then in pageflow or utility class, get the Service, Port and invoke process method on this BPEL and pass some input parameters. Now BPEL will do some internal processing and will return the page definition labels in the response XML object based on input parameters. Then in the Pagelfow or utility class, from this response object, extract page def label and use the above code snippet to redirect to that page. This should work.
    4) is there a way allow users to create new portlets from ucm and add content to the portlets.
    When we allow customization for end users, usually they can choose from list of Look and Feels, create or edit Books/Pages. They cannot create Brand New Portlets. From existing list of Portlets, they can add or remove them from any Page. NOW, if you use latest WLP 10.3.2, you can consume WebCenter ADF Portlets using WSRP. Also I guess there is a plug in for UCM with WLP 10.3.2. I did not work in this area so do not have full details. But assume that you already have some UCM Portlets integrated into your portal application by adminstrator. Then End User can choose to add these UCM Portlets to the pages that he cretaes. NOW coming to the content of the Portlets, this is something you can handle through Portlet Preferences. Considerr default out of box WLP original pageflow portlets. You can have some search criteria in a content portlet. This search criteria can be modified using Edit icon ie. Portlet Preferences. So user can customize the search criteria and get the results he is interested in.
    Ravi Jegga

  • I've just updated my iPad to iOS 7.02 and I'm not able now to download new apps nor update the version of the existing ones.

    I've just updated my iPad to iOS 7.02 and I'm not able now to download new apps nor update the version of the existing ones. All of them are "waiting"... for ever.Even, when trying to download a new app, a "dratf" icon appears on the ipad, not the app's own icon...
    I've tried to switch off and on the iPad, disconnect and reconnect the itunes id... and nothing works. Even deleting an app, to download it again, doesn't work. It even doesn't ask for my password!!! (Stays with the small square with a circle around, the one that gets "bolder" while downloading... but it doesn't get bolder now. Just stay...).
    Any suggestions? I wouldn't like to reset the iPad, since I've got data in some apps that I wouldn't like lo loose...
    By the way, I can not either delete some apps with thos "draft" icons... even when the alert that appears when trying to do that is shown and select "ok".
    Thank you in advance!
    Best Regards,

    Thank you, Once_was_lost, but it doesn't work either. I tried it yesterday as an option (I think you're referring to the options of those apps in the settings app).
    The problems are still here... I've been able to update some apps using the PC itunes (connecting the app to it), but all the other apps are still "wating", and I have two new strange things:
    * I cannnot remove the apps that are downloading (at least those that are supposed to be downolading ) . But I could remove one from the PC... and now there is an "empty line" in the "to update apps list".
    * Stranger: though I cannot download new apps or music from the store, I can do in-app purchases!!! In that case, I'm asked for the password and the item downloads. How is it possible?????
    I can download with the same user in the PC, in the iPhone... but not in the iPad .
    I'm getting mad...

  • Infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow.

    i am getting an error and some pages "Infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow. " --
    using report builder 9, i have a fairly simple report - that contains 4 subreports.
    for some pages i get the error - it seems if there is more data than would fit on 1 page.
    smaller pages work fine.
    the subreports are all simple queries and dumps....
    containing page header, column header, detail sections.
    page header has just a text bar of the name of the section.
    column header has the field names
    detail section has the data - 1 row for each row in the recordset.
    nothing i do seems to change getting "Infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow. " on a page with more than 15-20 records returned.
    any ideas would be appreciated.

    Try these links if you are still having the issue: ue-column-header-overflow-exception

  • How to Create a Page LOV Template and a Region LOV Report Template in APEX

    Hi All,
    Thanks in advance ..
    I am new to APEX , Currently working in APEX 3.2
    Can any one please guide me How to Create a Page LOV Template and a Region LOV Report Template in APEX
    So that I can create dynamic Multi column LOV in APEX

    I think you are en-quiring about 'Custom pop-up page'. See this link. You will get all required info there.

  • Clicking "page from template" does not allow me create new pages

    I stared designing a site with the trial version of CS4. Of course it involved a lot of trial and error, creating a page and canceling it again etc. At last I was able to design the index page and a few other pages, but suddenly just about 7 days into the trial period, the template started looking different; not displaying the images and displaying the home page article in an improper way. I also discovered that I could not create new pages by selecting file\new. When the new document dialogue page opens and I select "page from template" and then select a site I am working on, nothing shows in the items list. I only see the message "no items". Moreover, the "create" (new page) button is no more a click-able area.
    I even tried it by proceeding as if I wanted to design a new site. I click file\new\page from template\the site, but when it comes to the stage where I should select "2 column liquid, left sidebar, header and footer" after clicking “page from template” I don't see anything in the items column. It only tells me "no item."
    I thought this problem was due to the fact that I was using the trial version and that the trial version was limited in the number of new pages I could create. So I bought the full version. Alas! I discovered that changed nothing. Right now am stuck. Do you have any suggestion?

    I think you're are confusing DW Templates with CSS Page Designs and Starter Pages.
    Templates are a DW proprietary device.  They permit you to have sitewide elements such as common menus, headers and footers on all your pages along with Editable Regions for page specific content (i.e. the stuff that changes on every page).
    DW Templates looks like this (notice the Template Editable Comments):
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
    <!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="doctitle" -->
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <!-- TemplateEndEditable -->
    <!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="head" -->
    <!-- TemplateEndEditable -->
    <!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="Content" -->My Page Specific Content Goes here
    <!-- TemplateEndEditable -->
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

  • I can't delete, move or create new pages.

    I have catalogue (390 pages)
    Today i cant delete, move or create new pages.
    When i delete, move or create new pages - my Indesign CS5.5 program "freezes"
    Only with CTR: + ALT + SHIFT i can stopped my program.
    Аfter reopening everything was as before!
    I try to export like a  *.idml file, but my program crashes! Every time!
    My OS is: Windows 7
    Indesign CS5.5
    Please help me
    Thank you!
    With kind regards,
    Botev Plovdiv

    Is there anything at all related to this freeze in the Windows Event Viewer?
    Are you able to add, remove, or move pages in a new document? Are you able to export a new document to .idml?
    Yes, it is able!
    It sounds like there may be a corrupt bit of text, or an image in the file. It may be possible to isolate a page, and then an object, using "Divide and Conquer."
    Start with a copy of the file, for safety. Try to export the front half and the back half separately. If either half crashes, divide it in half aand try to export those halves. Repeat the process until you have isolated a page that crashes. Now remove half the objects from that page and try to export. If it works, put those back and remove the other half and try again. Repeat as above until you isolate an object.
    Thank you, I will try!
    After that i will back to you with my comments!
    Thank you again, Peter!

  • How to create new page in adobe form.

    how to create new page in adobe form.

    First Go To Layout.
    On Hicherchy Platte , rightclick on Subform and select option new body page.
    This way you can create body page for the particular subform.
    if you want to create master page , right click on page 1 and select New master page.
    Hope this will helpful to you.
    Rewards if useful.
    With Regards
    Nikunj Shah

  • Can I still create new sites in iweb and publish them to mobile me?

    Can I still create new sites in iweb and publish them to mobile me? Also Can the sites not contain movies or photos, or just not a full gallery?

    You can have as many sites and domain names on a single MMe account. However, only one site can use the CNAME domain name forwarding while the others must use URL forwarding.
    Multiple Sites with Domain Name(s) in a Single MobileMe Account
    Here's how to have multiple sites in a single MMe account with one or more sites having a domain name.
    A. All sites are in the same Domain.sites2 files
    1 - only one site can use the CNAME method of domain name forwarding and it must the top site in the left hand pane of iWeb.
    Click to view full size
    2 - the other sites must use URL domain name forwarding which directs the domain name to the site's full MMe URL,, or, if there is no domain name, just MobileMe's full URL.
    B. Each site is in its own Domain.sites2 file.
    Again, only one site can use CNAME forwarding. This presents a problem since CNAME forwarding directs the domain name to the basic MMe account URL: which uses an index.html file in the root folder of the account, iDisk/Web/Sites. Each time a new site is published or an existing site uses the File->Publish Entire Site a new index.html file is created in that root directory, iDisk/Web/Sites folder, directing the browser to that particular site. This file is what the CNAME method uses to find the site it represents.
    Therefore some steps must be taken to assure that the index.html file in the MMe Accounts root directory always points to the correct site. This can be accomplished is three ways.
    1 - don't use the CNAME method. Just use URL forwarding . This, IMO, is the simplest method as it doesn't requre any additional effort on the user once the domain name has been set up.
    2 - use the following method suggested by Wyodor in this topic: Is it possible to have multiple sites when using ur Domain name?
    In iWeb domainfile 1:
    Create a dummy site : _dummy
    with a blank page.
    Create your working site : Whatever
    Add pages
    Publish both Sites to the same same location on the same server.
    Your _dummy site is now the default Site.
    In iWeb domainfile 2:
    Create/Use your CurrentSite.
    Move a page to the top of the Site and back. Publish the Site.
    iWeb will create a new index.html file in the root of the server and from now on CurrentSite is the default site.
    From now on, never move your Whatever Site to the top of the list in the iWeb sidebar and never change the page in the _dummy site.
    Simply do not touch your _dummy ever again. And never forget that.
    3 - use Ethmoid's suggested method in Using two sites - setting one up with separate domain? or republishing the entire site that uses CNAME forwarding. Just making a minor change and publishing the site changes does not create a new index.html file.
    The entire site must be republsihing in order to get that new site.
    Or keep a copy of the CNAME site's index.html file on your Mac and replace it manually in the iDisk/Web/Sites fodler when necessary.
    NOTE: the CNAME method provides a shorter URL: CNAME does not have masking.
    The URL forwarding displays the full MMe URL:
    With domain name masking that will be shortened to: for every page of your site.
    However, visitors will only be able to bookmark and enter at the first page of the site. If a page is refreshed the visitor is taken back to the first page. Also search engines will only be able to index the first page of the site.

  • Can not create new page from template

    I have been working on a new site for the last couple of
    weeks and have created several pages using a basic template.
    All of the child pages of this template still update when
    changes are made to it, however I can no long create new children
    from this template.
    Any ideas as to what the problem might be.

    > It is basically just creating a copy of my template, and
    not linking to it in
    > any way.
    > This allows me to change any section of the html.
    my guess is that you are opening the .dwt template file and
    doing a "Save
    As". That page is not a "child" page of the template.
    > I want to be able to create new pages off this template
    and have it work like
    > all of the first pages I created.
    dw menu-->File-->New
    in the new files dialog box, click the Templates tab
    from list in left, click This Site Name
    from list in right, pick This Template
    make sure x is in box to Update if template changes
    click okay
    save file with filename you want to within this local site
    add content to within the editable areas
    Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver

  • Use a Custom Page Layout When Creating [[new pages]] in Enterprise Wiki

    I have followed a few different blogs and I've been able to create a custom wiki content type and create a new page layout based off of that content type. I've also set my site so that my new layout is the default page layout. This works when creating
    new pages on the site but when i try to create a new wiki page --> [[new page]], I'm still getting the typical blank wiki template. How on earth do i get my page layout to sync with creating a new wiki page?

    For your issue, go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Page layouts and site templates (Under Look and Feel).
    Pages in this site can only use the following layouts: add custom wiki template.
    Select default page layout: choose custom wiki template.
    Besides, here is a blog, you can use as a reference:
    Best Regards,
    Lisa Chen

  • How to create new page from EBS

    I want to create new page through EBS
    is that possible

    Now page is run successfully
    but when it opens then It gives an error like:
    Exception Details. >oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Application: ICX, Message Name: Could not find the specified responsibility.
         at oracle.apps.fnd.framework.CreateIcxSession.getEncryptedSessId(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.apps.fnd.framework.CreateIcxSession.createSession(Unknown Source)
         at runregion.jspService(
         at com.orionserver.http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspPageTable.service(
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspServlet.internalService(
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.doProcessRequest(
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.serveOneRequest(
         at     at$
         at com.evermind.util.ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor$

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    Hi! Have been using BL for while, works great for (X)HTML sites. I am now starting to work with PHP and have developing a site with DW and Cartweaver for a store, and I cannot get it to show in BL. I am on a Mac, OSX, MAMP (Apache/MySQL). My site sho

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    email PDF attachements that are open in ibooks will not close , and cant return to mail box in box

  • Calling RFC from JSP : development component

    Hi everyone, I created JSP that call RFC from SAP/R3. I have problem with the DestinationService. Without DCs, it worked very good. But since I created a DC for my JSP project, I have exception at run time regarding the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

  • Can I rotate masked Layers in After Effects CS6

    I'm having trouble finding out how to rotate masked layers or do I have to erase the Masks and using the pen tool to cut a rotated version of them.