Cannot crop to an exact pixel dimensions

I am having a hard time cropping to an exact pixel dimensions upon export.  For my work, I need to crop to exactly 2166X1600, with a tolerance of no more than one pixel off of those dimensions, i.e. 2166X1599. 
I set crop tool to 2166X1600 and crop all of my images.  On the export I constrain to largest dimension of 2166 in both horizontal and vertical directions. Results vary widely from right on 2166X1600 to several pixels off on the short side.  Sometimes more than 1600, and sometimes less.  Any thoughts as to why these constraints do not work exactly?  Some sets of images I have to redo as many as 25% of a gallery of 200-300 images.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

See, I don't need to crop the original image to 2166X1600.  I need a finished image at 2166X1600.  Meaning, in theory I should be able to crop an image to 1:1.35375 ratio, which is 2166X1600, and export to constrain to 2166 on the longest side.  When it's constrained to 2166, the short side should always be 1600.   
Here's where the problem is...  When you set the crop window to 2166X1600, you expect that when you size your crop on your image that the only options for the boundary are multiples of 2166X1600.  In reality, the crop visual boundaries are approximate.  Here's an example...
I have an image that I have cropped to a finished size of 3185X2350.  Which is based upon a 2166X1600 crop.  When I export it, I need the 3185 to become 2166.  So the long side is constrained to 2166, and it is reduced by a factor of 1.47.  3185/2166=1.47  If I reduce the short side, 2350, by that same factor of 1.47 you end up with a short side of 1598.  Which is why I have a problem.
My invalid assumption was that when you set specific pixel dimensions in the crop tool, that only those values would be shown in the crop tool's bounding box.  Photoshop can do it...

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  • Cropping images to exact pixel sizes

    I'm a Photoshop user but being a recent Mac convert I'm having a go with the Aperture 2 trial.
    I'm a bit confused about how to crop an image to an exact pixel size. I've watched the video tutorial several times over but I still can't achieve what I want. So ...
    * My original image is 2816 x 2112
    * I select a 4 x 3 aspect ratio using the Crop HUD
    * I pull the rectangular box out to take in the section of the image I want to crop out of the original
    * I want a finished image of 500 x 400 pixels
    * I go to the Crop field in the Adjustments tab and change Width to 500 and the Height to 400
    * The crop area on the image ends up as a small box in the bottom left hand corner and when I hit Return, all I end up with is that area of the image inside the box when what I want is the originally selected crop area but at 500 x 400 pixels
    * If I stretch the rectangular box out to cover the original area, the pixel dimensions go up again beyond 500 x 400
    Which part of the process am I missing?
    Thanks for anyone's advice,

    What you type in that box is just the ratio not the actual pixel number. And the box does not like to many digits in there. A ratio of 4 x 5 would work perfectly fine in your case, but more complicated ratios like 21 x 50 don't work.
    To get 500 x 400 px you must then export your image with settings that restrict your image, eg, to fit into a 500 x 500 px box.
    The idea behind this two-step approach is that you might think of 500 x 400 px output right now, but by doing the actual pixel generation at a later point, you can always easily export later at 1000 x 800 px if you need a higher resolution version with the same aspect ratio.

  • Cropping/resizing image by pixel dimensions

    I am trying to crop or resize an image that is originally 2,122 x 1,415 px | 7.1 x 4.7 in | 300 dpi. I am to crop/resize image to fit 756 x 275 px. However, I don't want to lose the whole image. I would like to use the whole image just adjust it to the dimensions.
    How can I accomplish this without creating any distortion or by removing elements by cropping the image?

    Hello Slange,
    may I propose a solution based on a more mathematical derivation, where I assume the height of 275 px is decisive. The way is the same, if the 765 px width is important.
    The reduced copy of 2122 x 1415 provides 412 x 275. To the wished 756 you need: 756 - 412 = 344. Splitting it into two parts I'll get 344 : 2 = 172. These I mount now (The black borders are only for better overview.) to an image with the wished measures 756 x 275:
    The white area you can fill it with any suitable color.

  • IPhoto09 Specify exact pixel dimensions

    In IPhoto09 when I selected File>Export and then Custom Size I could specify one pixel dimension

    File -> Export: In the dialogue you have an a Size heading.
    In the dropdown select 'Custom'
    Note the Dimension dropdown, there you can select the size in width, length or dimension

  • Pixel Dimensions of Cropped Photo

    I cropped a photo and placed it into a Photoshop elements file, along with other shapes and text. I would now like to swap out that photo with a different one of exactly the same size and proportion. Where can I see the exact pixel dimensions of that cropped photo?

    In Editor, go to Edit>preferences>units and rulers. Next to rulers in the dropdown, select pixels
    On the program's top tool bar, go to Window and check info in order to access the info palette
    Next, access the rectangular marquee tool, and in the tool's option bar select mode:normal
    Trace the picture inside the frame with the rectangular marquee and read the pixel dimensions.

  • Exact pixel width in crop

    Is there any way to crop to an exact pixel width in Develop mode?
    I often need to crop to exactly 440 pixels (without enlarging or contracting content, so I can't do it in Export) and find I have to either do it in Photoshop or keep switching between Library mode (to see the size in pixels) and Develop mode (to guess a little bit more or a little bit less with the crop tool) - of course I can never achieve it exactly this way.
    Am I missing something? This seems like such a basic parameter for cropping, more so than aspect ratio, which is well respresented.

    I need exactly 440 pixels because that is the exact size that fits in my blog - a technical consideration and also very much a stylistic/publishing one, so that all the images on the blog are the same width. I imagine all layout artists must usually work to these kind of size constraints.
    As long as the image is large enough (in pixel terms) I can crop it "artistically" any way I like (eg 2534 x 1679 pixels) and then export it at 440 pixels width and that's fine. This is exactly what I do in many, indeed most, circumstances, and any half-decent photo will of course be larger than 440 in width, so no problem there.
    The problem arises when the subject matter (usually a distant bird) is smaller than 440 pixels width and yet I want to show as much detail as possible on my blog. It'll be a "record shot" usually of something quite uncommon for some reason - so I guess that would fall much more into the scientific or technical camp. Then I don't want to shrink the exported image at all as the subject matter is quite small enough already at full size. That's why I have to crop it to exactly 440 pixels wide (the height really doesn't come into it). Neither do I want to enlarge the image to 440 pixels as there's really no point and I'll end up with even blurrier pixels.
    I have a feeling that the general principle that lies behind this requirement must be very common. I have sometimes even sold images to the press where they needed a particular item, for which I only had a lousy shot but it was good enough for a drop-in about an inch across. OK, publishers won't be using Lightroom to do their image resizing (although why not?), but when I publish my blog I want to go through as few unnecessary steps as possible (don't we all…)

  • Pixel dimensions of screen?

    Im making a slideshow of photos and want to use iMovie. Anyone know the exact pixel dimensions of the screen so i can make the images fit?
    Thanks in advance.

    It all depends on what you mean by "make the images fit".
    iMovie 4 accepts any photo with a 4:3 aspect ratio, e.g. 1600 x 1200, and resizes it to fill the iMovie frame.
    But that's not true with iMovie HD. iMovie HD pillarboxes a 4:3 image imported to a DV-type project -- adds black bars to the right and left sides. If you are okay with that, then virtually any photo with a 4:3 ratio will be fine.
    If you don't want pillarboxing, however, you have to 1) crop the image to some other aspect ratio before importing to iMovie HD; or 2) increase the Ken Burns zoom so Ken Burns crops the image.
    (Pillarboxing may not be a problem if you plan to view the slideshow on a 4:3 TV. The black bars may be hidden by the TV Safe Area. But if you plan to view it in QuickTime or on a widescreen TV, you may want to avoid the black bars.)
    Lots more here:
    Karl Petersen, "iMovie- Pictures become blurry after import" #14, 07:46pm Apr 19, 2005 CDT
    Note that the recommended photo sizes depends on the type of iMovie HD project you create.

  • Is there any way to batch change resolution, but not pixel dimensions?

    I was changing the resolution of my digital photos from 180 to 300 ppi individually as I edited them, but sometimes I would forget. Since I need the higher resolution for printing, I decided to automate that step by using PSE's "Process Multiple Files" feature. I noted that the Resolution selection was grayed out until I checkmarked "Resize Images." Since I didn't want to change the number of pixels, I left those fields blank.
    When I started the automated processing I noticed it was terribly slow, so I cancelled it and looked at the resulting files. They had more than doubled in file size because PSE was nearly doubling the Pixel Dimensions! I don't want to try a work-around by "resizing" to the current pixel dimensions, because the processing still takes about 45 seconds per file, and if I've cropped the photos, the pixel dimensions vary. Is there an automated way to change only the resolution in PSE . . . quickly?
    Also, I really wanted to double the resolution from 180 ppi to 360 ppi, but PSE limits my choices to either 600 or 300 or less. I've read about Scripts, but I don't think PSE supports them. I have version 6.
    Thanks for some help.

    Thanks for your input, and you may be right, but I'm not sure. I'm still trying to figure this out. I know it's the same photo on my monitor, but I keep reading that print resolution (ppi) is different from pixel resolution (i.e. 2000x3000.) This is my situation-- I'm sending the photos to a publisher for printing in a book. The publisher did not specify a size in inches--in fact I think the photos will be different sizes when printed on the page. They told me to send the photos in at 1600x1200 pixels. I've heard that 300 ppi is the standard resolution for publishing, so to get decent quality printing of my photos I thought I should increase the resolution from 180 to 300. But thinking about the different sizes, it seems that the resolution (ppi) will change depending on the size the photo is actually printed. At 300 ppi, a 1600x1200 photo will be printed at size 5.333" X 4". If a photo is printed full bleed on the cover of the book that is 8" x 10.667", then it will be 150 ppi. So, I guess you are right that I don't need to worry about the ppi resolution for the book photos.
    Now, let me figure about what I need to print my own 4x6 photos. My digital camera was set to 16x9 jpg, so my workflow is to make PNG copies to work with and after editing, save them in the 16x9 format before cropping at 1600x1200 pixels, then sharpening before doing Save As jpg in Book folder. I was thinking I needed to change the resolution to 300 ppi when saving in the 16x9 format so if I want to later make 4x6 prints, I'll have good quality prints. But you have made me think a little harder--what I do is choose the 4x6 crop tool which takes care of whatever ppi resolution is needed for that size print. Oh good, you have saved me extra work. Thanks!
    (BTW, I choose the 16x9 format because I was planning to use the photos in a widescreen slideshow, but my husband wanted something he could hold in his hand--hence, the book . . . and a lot of cropping!)

  • Custom cropping using pixel dimension

    The banner image module for my website requires images cropped to 940 x 400 pixels. When I use the Custom cropping function in PSE 12 (on a Mac OSX 10.9.2), it only shows a cm dimension. Can I do a custom crop using a pixel dimension?

    You should just be able to type 940 px and 400 px in the width and height fields
    Another way is to use the Rectangular Marquee Tool and use Aspect>Fixed Size then enter 940 px X 400 px

  • Show pixel dimensions when cropping

    The current crop tool allows one to specify the aspect ratio of a crop. It would be useful (to me, at least) to have a display of the actual pixel dimensions of the resulting crop. I can guess by eye, but sometimes I want to be sure that I do not go below some size.

    GrizzlyAK wrote:
    Yeah, there are LOTS of ways the Crop Tool could be improved, but here it is almost 2011 and LR3+ and nothing has changed since users started complaining back in 2007.
    You'll notice that this was from very few users (1, in this thread).  Most people just don't find a need for this.
    Cropping while zoomed in is a much more popular request.

  • Pixel Dimensions after Cropping with "Use Photo Ratio"

    Why don't Pixel Dimensions (and Document Size) change for Image Size after cropping with "Use Photo Ratio" like it does after cropping with "No Restriction"? Using Photoshop Elements 10 and Crop Tool defaults.

    Thank you all. I think I figured out how to crop using "Use Photo Ratio"
    with Crop tool so that I can ensure that my photos are cropped only
    proportionately and PSE 10 doesn't upsample pixels:
    1) Select Crop tool.
    2) Set "Use Photo Ratio" in Aspect Ratio setting in Options bar if not
    already set.
    3) Make crop selection as usual but don't complete (commit) crop.  Will
    only be able to crop proportionately.
    4) When ready to complete crop, change Aspect Ratio setting to "No
    Restriction" which blanks out width, height and resolution setting.
    5) Complete (commit) crop as usual.
    Photo will be cropped proportionately, width and height will change
    automatically to cropped size and pixels will not be upsampled avoiding
    lose of detail, that is, PSE will behave as though No Restriction had been
    specified from the outset. Blanking width and height before making crop
    selection forces either Custom  or No Restriction setting which means that
    PSE will let me make non-proportional crop.
    PS. IMHO I think making "Use Photo Ratio" force upsampling is NOT a good
    "design feature" when you are not warned about it and are not given a
    choice to not make it upsample.

  • Show pixel dimensions during crop

    Good Morning,
    I need to be able to see the pixel dimensions while I'm cropping.  I clicked on the "Info" pallet and it shows this in inches, however, I didn't see how to change it to pixels.  For some website work I need to set images to specific pixel sizes and yet be able to move around the image to crop where I need at these dimensions.
    I also did a search here and in PS help - nothing found.
    Thanks for your help,
    Captain 1854

    Set the Mouse co-ordinates to pixels in the drop-down menu in the Info palette.

  • Export JPG at 100% is reducing the pixel dimensions ??

    Im using the most up to date Lightroom (5.5) on a Mac running os 10.9.4.
    In the not too distant past (i've only been using Lightroom since April)  I have been able to export my processed images to full sized jpegs.  This refers to the physical dimensions....not the amount of data.
    Now i cannot figure out why, but Lightroom has started to shrink my jpegs. My test image  was 4665x4000 pixels and a month ago Lightroom exported the jpg at exactly those dimensions.  Since then something has changed (probably an update!) and when i now try to export the same image its reducing the output dimensions to 1985x1702 !!
    My export settings are set to jpeg 100% Quality,  resize options are switched off. Limit File size is switched off.
    I have trashed the Lightroom and Photoshop prefs.
    Whats going on??
    I need to export these files at full dimensions but Lightroom seems to be ignoring its own settings!

    Hi DJ,
    agreed - and thats what used to happen. I think it stopped working that way when i had to reinstall all the adobe apps when CC14 came out.
    The photo is cropped - but that should not matter. The file being saved is still half the size of the cropped image.  And when i did this a month ago, it recreated the exact same dimensions in the jpgs and not just once - every time.  Now i cannot get it to work at all.
    This composite grab shows the export dialogue, you can also see the images correct dimensions in the metadata section, and on the right is the file this dialogue created - less than half the dimensions it should be!

  • Pixel dimensions & document size

    Why do the pixel dimensions change the document size when the "resample image
    " box is selected?  I want the pixel size to be 2400 x 3000 and the image size to be 8 x 10in.
    Any ideas why I can't change the pixel dimensions without the system changing my document size to something other than the 8x10 that I want?  Thanks!

    Why do the pixel dimensions change the document size when the "resample image
    " box is selected?
    Because that's exactly what "resample image" means.
    I want the pixel size to be 2400 x 3000 and the image size to be 8 x 10in.Any ideas why I can't change the pixel dimensions without the system changing my document size to something other than the 8x10 that I want?
    Probably because your document is not 8x10 aspect ratio to begin with. If the photo is not 8x10 aspect ratio, then resize will not get you there (unless you want to distort your photo). You must first crop your image to 8x10 aspect ratio, and then if necessary resize.

  • Crop specified ratio and/or dimensions

    I figured out how to get the pixel dimensions to show on the loupe but it's still extremely awkward to get any specific size crop other than the original aspect ratio. I regularly need to crop to specific sizes & proportions and this really is not practical in LR as designed. I can drag a window & when I release it shows the numbers on the loupe but without the ability to zoom in while cropped it's nearly impossible to eyeball a 640x426 pixel window let alone 166x100. And there's no percentage reduction for export like a group of different size images you might want to output at 50% original pixels. I guess these tasks are for photoshop. Even irfanview lets me zoom in while cropping and see the numbers (and ratio) while dragging.

    Lee Jay, it's not such a peculiar request. In fact it would be very helpful to me and something I do all the time. Here's an example. I have two images that I've cropped 'visually' to look the way I like them to. Now, while updating my web site, I decide to put those images side by side with the exact same dimensions. Now, I have presets to export images at particular pixel dimensions already, but that doesn't do my cropping for me. So, I choose one image and then want to make the second image have the same aspect ratio. Here's what I have to do to accomplish this.
    (1) I have to figure out what the aspect ratio is on the first image I select, which I can do eithe rby looking at the dimensions in the Library Module, or by using the "i" to show it on the preview in Develop. Either way, I get actual pixel dimensions, usually something like 3000 x 4500.
    (2) I have set the second image with the same aspect ratio, but wait, I can't enter anything over 999 in the aspect ration box in the Crop Tool. So, out comes the calculator and I divide 4500 by 3000 to get numbers that I can actually enter into the Crop Tool.
    (3) Once I enter this aspect ratio into the Crop Tool, I can lock the aspect, and then resize the crop as desired. (Notice that NOW I have a custom crop with the dimensions I need in my crop dropdown, a little late to the party.)
    (4) When I export the images, I can now export both images giving them a pixel dimension on either side and they will be the exact same pixel dimension, perfect for my web site.
    If you see any way to expedite this process, I'd love to hear it, otherwise, there could be an easier way if (a) LR would let you enter numbers that represent pixel dimensions (since that is the only think LR gives you) which are bigger than 999, or they would calculate and disply the aspect ratio (in small numbers like 1 x 1.333) in the Crop Tool in place of "Original" when you select it in an image. I could just then see the numbers that I can actually ENTER into the crop tool for the next image. Better yet, let me manually 'remember' that aspect as a preset in the drop down list as 'previous' and have it readily available in the list for the next image.

Maybe you are looking for