Cannot execute work item from email after autoforwarding

Hi All,
I just beginning with workflow. We configured autoforwarding work items by using report RSWUWFML.
After running the report, can receive mail in outlook.
The mail saying
' You can execute it using the link below:
But I cannot execute the link. How to solve this issue?
Your help appreciated.

Hi Aditya,
In my system, the report's option 'with executable attachment' is grey out and I cannot select it.
I would try to upgrade the report to a newer version and then try again.

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    Cannot open survey files attachments from email after upgrading SAP gui from 640  to 720.
    Tried uninstalling & reinstalling but still error persists,
    Error is : cannot split connection string: /h/server name/s/sapdp00 ( from SAP GUI security )
    Please advise.

    Can't say I have seen this error before but if it is pertaining to the new security module within 7.20, which are much more strict then 6.40, I would look under the SAP GUI configuration options.  Focus on Security > Security settings.
    There are pages and pages of rules which can be defined.
    A test could be to disable all of them on an isolated machine and set them to allow and see if your problem persists.  If the error is resolved, it is something in there you need to address.

  • Problem with executing work item from the inbox

    Hello All,
       I'm able to send mails from R/3 to Outlook along with the attachment to execute the work item directly from the outlook.
    However upon clicking the Exectute work file I get an sap gui popup with the description " Not all data for SAP  GUI shortcut is available. System description and GUI start parameter are unknown. Entering the missing data."
    Clicking on the OK button, leads to another window for SAP logon details. After I chose the right system and on Clicking OK, it opens up the logon prompt. Entering the logo info opens up the work item correctly.
    We are on ECC 5.0 with SAP GUI 640 patch level 18 on it. Any suggestions about what am I missing to directly jump into an sap screen provided a session already is open in SAP.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello Uday,
    Sounds like something is wrong in the SAPLogon <i>on the client PC</i>. The system sends out a shortcut, and when it's opened it does not relate to a unique entry in the saplogon. Either it's called differently or you have two entries for the same system with different parameters.
    Hope that helps,

  • Execute Work Item from CRM 5.0 IC Webclient

    Hi all,
    I'm using ICWebClient in CRM 5.0.
    When I try to execute a work item in the ICWeb it displays a blank page in the work area (with a 0 on the upper left corner).
    I've configured the transaction launcher ITS url as explained in the help (http://<server name and full domain>:<port>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/CRM_CIC_RABOX/!)
    I have activated all the ITS services and if I try to launch the webgui it works properly. Is there something missing? Has anybody any hints for me?
    Thank you,

    I've found a solution.
    I've been told that this problem is occuring
    because the Work Item ID is not being passed correctly to the BOR basedtransaction.
    The solution in my case is:
    (1) Goto SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> IC Web Client ->
    Basic Functions -> Transaction Launcher -> Configure Transaction
    Launcher (wizard)
    (2) Give the launch transaction id in the 'Entries' screen. The launch
    transaction id is Z_ACTION_EXECUTE_WORKITEM in my case.
    (3) Keep all the parameters same in the further screens until you reach
    the 'Transaction Parameters' screen
    (4) In this screen, the value currently being passed to Object Key is
    //selectedAUI Workitem/WI_ID. Change this to
    Goto last step and then say 'Complete'.

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    I found a fix. I hope this helps.
    I hope it works for you.

  • Incorrect Link of Execute Work item in External Notification

    Hello Experts,
    I am working with the HCM Processes and Forms and used Standard Task TS17900101 in workflow, for Approve/Reject Forms.
    Everything is working fine (form gets approved/rejected from UWL).
    Now I configured, SWNCONFIG for sending the external notifications, and notifications are also being sent. But when pressing the "Execute Work Item" link from external inbox, I am getting the error:
    "Service cannot be reached".
    What has happened?
    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    Since, the task seems to be bound with Java web Dynpro application ApproveFormApp by looking at SWFVISU task visualization, Do I need to do any kind of addition in Services (SICF).
    Or I am missing something in SWFCONFIG.
    Kindly suggest asap.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jimit Vadher

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the note number.
    Let me tell you one more thing is, I have created customized Web Dynpro ABAP application, bound it with the newly created custom Task (for User decision), and used inside the Workflow.
    So when I am sending the Notification of this custom task to External email, Correct link is being generated and working fine for agent.
    But this is not working only for the standard task (TS17900101), I mentioned in my question above.
    So still any service activation is pending? As per the Note, I checked ICF service and found it inactive.
    Is activation required for ICF service, as custom notifications are already going & working fine.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • OpenScript & ant ssh - "Cannot get a connection from helper after 120 seconds"

    Hi, I'm trying to run openscript tests (with runscript.bat file) from hudson. I'm connecting to windows XP machine through ssh and executing batch file, but execution of scipt finishes with error "Cannot get a connection from helper after 120 seconds". This error occurs when openscript tries to run test on Internet Explorer. If IE is not nescessary, test finishes with OK. When running batch directly on windows (without hudson and ssh, but on the same user) everything works fine. Has enyone met with such issue ?

    What Jules has suggested should work, but I have also used the following to get scripts working from OTM -
    OATS Application service - run as a user with local admin rights
    helper service - local system
    OATS agent service - set to manual
    Then, run the agent service as a console app -
    1. run a cmd prompt
    2. Run c:\> C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\AgentManagerService.exe -c C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\\AgentManagerService.conf
    3. Execute the script from OTM
    If the agent is running on a machine separate to OTM then the user will have to remain logged in.

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    Maybe the items are locked.
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    Shortcuts for working with items in the Finder Command (⌘)-Shift-DeleteEmpty the Trash without any warning or when it contains locked filesCommand (⌘)-Shift-Option-Delete

  • How to include Sap Work item in email by FSCM workflow WS01700044

    In FSCM Dispute Management, we have a requirment to include the sap work item in the email being sent by the workflow - WS01700044.
    The underlying task in it is TS01707928. This Task sends an email to the outlook as well as work item to SAP inbox.
    We want to include Sap Work item in email being sent to the outlook.
    This will help the users to process the workitem directly from the email instead of going to SAP Inbox to process the work items.
    Please suggest the possible ways.
    Thank you.

    For you kind of requirment you have to use tcode SWNCONFIG.
    Through SWNCONFIG you can sent workitems to external email id.(exa. lotus notus/ outlook)
    Gurprit Bhatia

  • Stop executing work item

    Hi All,
    When the work item is sent to substitute we need to check the level of substitute. if substitute is lower
    level than original approver then substitute  shouldn't  execute the work item instead it should be forward to higher/same level of original approver. Please help me out with your suggestions.

    "but not able to stop executing the work item from deleted substitutee and his inbox is also not refershing immediately, if I close thebusiness work place and re open it again, I am not seeing the forwarded work item. This is working correctly but I want the work item to be deleted from substitute's inbox when I forward the work item to another substitute. Please help me with your suggestions."
    This is just a problem with refreshing the inbox. It doesn't really matter because he won't be able to execute the workitem. The same thing would happen if he and someone else received a workitem and the other person executed it first. It's not a problem.
    Is this UWL or SBWP?
    Rick Bakker
    hanabi technology

  • FM to execute work items of non active substitutions.

    Dear Experts
    I have a requirement to execute work items for non active substitution from a report program.
    I know the FM SAP_WAPI_EXECUTE_WORKITEM  or SWW_WI_EXECUTE to execute Workitems assign to me or my active substitutions.
    I need to execute for non active substitution.
    What is the way to do this, is there any FM?
    Appreciate your help and valuable suggestions.
    Many thanks and regards

    You should use BADI
    To identify those workitem and then call the FM you have found to complete the workitem.

  • Cannot derive commitment item from account 300100 in company code XYZ

    Hi SAP Guru's,
    We are trying to Post the Student Fee Cal amount to the GL A/c. While posting the same thru Student File in SLCM. we are encounting the following Error-iam working on 6 Ver.
    "Cannot derive commitment item from account 300100 in company code XYZ
    Message no. CMAC_FEE_CALC329"
    I have activatyed the Find mamagement, & Derivation rules in the same.
    and also given Commitment item in the GL A/c 300100.
    Pls help & Also Pls help how to mention Commitment Item in Cost Element.

    Please check the note 499768.
    Hope it helps.

  • OTM-Cannot get a connection from helper after 120 seconds.

    Can any one tell me how to fix the problem of ,
    OTM not able to run the scripts, and getting the following error:
    "Cannot get a connection from helper after 120 seconds. "
    I have tried un-installing and installing all the services , actually its happening for helper service,but at the same time
    Its working when we use OpenScript, with out any such helper issue but when we use to run the same script using OTM , the above mentioned error message is getting displayed.
    Please let me know a solution, if any one has made a fix for this.
    Thanks in Advance

    Step1: Uninstall ATS products and Oracle XE database
    Step2: Remove/Rename the following folders.
    Remove/Rename ATS install directory (e.g. C:\OracleATS).
    Remove/Rename the directory: C:\Documents and Settings\username\osworkspace (depends on your Operating System, it may look like: C:\Users\username\osworkspace)
    Remove/Rename the directory: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory ( depends on your Operating System, it may look like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory)
    Step3: Remove the following Services (if services exist)
    Start -> Run. Enter "cmd" Type the command: sc delete servicename
    Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Service
    Step4: Remove the Registry Keys (if exist)
    Start -> Run. Enter "regedit" to launch Registry Editor. Remove the keys below:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Oracle Application Testing Suite Application Services
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle\Oracle Application Testing Suite and Oracle Test Management
    Step5: Restart your System
    Step6: Install ATS with admin privilege
    Deepu M

  • I am a resident of Canada. I cannot purchase any items from ITunes Store because I cannot update my billing address correctly. It is always default to US address. Why?

    I am a resident of Canada. I cannot purchase any items from ITunes Store because I cannot update my billing address correctly. It is always default to US address. Why?

    iTunes Store: Changing Account Information
    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
    Apple ID Support - Manage Account
    Switching an iTunes Store account to a different country ount-to-a-different-country/
     Cheers, Tom

  • Forwarding of Work Item from Approver's Inbox

    Hi All,
    We are in SRM 5.0 SP07 Classic Scenario.
    We have a requirement of restricting forwarding of work items from approver's inbox to users who do not have a approver's role. Presently, when the system takes in a user ID who is having a requisitioner role or for that matter any role. The requistioner receives a work item but the requsitioner is not be able to approve/reject the workitem.
    We would like to ensure only the approvers are selected in search and other users are not even displayed for selection.
    Is there a way to achieve this?
    With Regards

    As per the config guide,when you try to assign the User,using the FIND button,you will get to see all the users with the role "SAP_BBP_STAL_MANAGER" who can approve.
    Else you can filter the possible selection with the BADI BBP_CHNG_AGNT_GET.
    See the foll thread for more pointers:
    Re: Selection of approvers for Bid

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