Cannot import contacts in CSV format

hi all,
When i updated my firmware on nokia e 71 i saved my messages to my pc using nokia messaging center as csv format.After upgradation when i tried to take it back the import option was disabled.
I can do only export or what ?.
Can anyone help me to sort out this issue pls..
I wanna import back my messages.

Hi Allan,
The Import Contacts feature is available only in an Express site template.
More information at
Please let me know if it is helpful.
Regards, Md Rizwan Khan

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  • How to import contacts from csv to Iphone 4S?

    How to import contacts from csv to Iphone 4S?

    you can use this app to import your contacts from CSV file to your iPhone:
    You can send CSV file to app via email attachment ot iTunes. More details:
    You can handle phone number types correctly ("mobile","work","home"), import birdthays from any date format and many more.

  • Problem Importing Contacts from CSV to Outlook 365 Home Premium

    I have exported contacts from gmail to Outlook CSV format, unable to import to Outlook 365.  Error suggests:
    There was a problem importing your contacts.    
    Phone numbers and websites can only contain English characters (a-z or A-Z), numbers (0-9), and specific symbols (such as @). Please try again.
    I exported from Outlook 365 a CSV file and column by column copy/value pasted the data from the gmail generated file to the Outlook 365 (People) CSV and saved.  I also searched for any such vaguely referenced trouble spot character and removed anything
    that feel out of description (I didn't find anything obvious)
    characters left in place on emails were (underscore _), characters left in several phone numbers were (comma's , (pause prompts)).  I may have a phone number or 2 that also contain the English character "x".
    Please help

    Make sure you exported the Gmail contacts as Outlook CSV format.
    In addition, you can also try exporting the contacts as the vCard format, test if it can be imported into Outlook properly.
    If you deleted the column of phone, import the contacts into Outlook, will the same error show up?
    If you have an account, you can try import the contacts to, create the account in Outlook, after the contacts sync completes, move the contacts to the target account.
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • Importing Contacts from CSV without MS Outlook/Lot...

    I have PC Suite running on WinXP Sp3 and have contacts in a spreadsheet that I need to import to my N95 software version 20.0.015. PC Suite Contacts (PCSC) is version 1.0
    If I save the spreadsheet data as a CSV, Unicode (or any other translation come to that) and attempt to import it via PCSC then Contacts "GPF"s and closes.
    If I export current phone contacts to a CSV file then I can re-import this file without problem. This exported file is reported by other applications such as Notepad and Open Office as being in Unicode format - hence my use of that format.
    Looking at my generated CSV and the one from PCSC the difference would seem to be quote marks. So I have tried making every element have a set of quote marks as the PCSC file has. Also setting the last element to each line to be a set of quote marks ("") as in the PCSC file. Or removing all "empty" elements at the end of a line as in the PCSC file. But still when attempting to import the file PCSC closes with an unexpected error.
    I don't have access to MS Outlook or Lotus Notes so using one of them as an intermediary is not an option. I do only need to do this once as I want my phone contacts to be the "Master" set once I've consolidated to the phone. That consolidation needs PCSC to manage to import from a CSV file though!
    Any one know how to make a "personally generated" csv file acceptable to PCSC?
    Go to Solution.

    So having spent a load more time attempting to do this I have, at last, managed to get the thing to work!
    So for any others having issues it seems that the data checking, when it finds an error just GPFs the application rather than report what it does not like! (Nokia people can you fix that?)
    All fields in the CSV should have " at the start and finish, even if nul/blank
    Every line should end in "" (as the heading line does when exporting from contacts)
    Phone numbers should not contain ( or ) but can contain +
    File should be saved in Unicode bigendian format (Notepad in XP can do that)
    Dates of Birth should be given as "YYYY-MM-DD"
    Any thing that notepad shows as a square should be removed
    I found that when doing the import the progress bar moved quickly to 49% then sat there until the operation was finished. It struck that the contacts were put onto the PC in the first 49% and then copied to the phone but I may be wrong about that.

  • Import failure in .csv format

    I am trying to import cost center data into CLM system thru a scheduled task the file is in .csv format.. During the import I get the error the 'data type' is unknown or it is missing 'DataType[...].
    I have used the data type as #DataType[masterdata.CostCenter] in the first line of the csv file.
    But when I try to import manually the import is succesfull.
    Please help.

    The format of that first line for scheduled task import should be:
    The manual import worked because you must define the data type during the import process.

  • Cannot import contact to new iphone

    cannot import old contact to new iphone how to

    sync the contacts using icloud.
    or using itunes, make a backup of old iphone & sync the backup to your new iphone

  • Script to import contacts from CSV file into Address Book

    I am wondering if it would be possible to import contacts from a CSV file into a group in Address Book using applescript, and if so, if anyone is aware of a script that does this or something similar.
    I have a CSV file with three columns 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Email Address'.  I would like these to correspond with  'First', 'Last' and (Work) 'Email' in Address Book.
    Ideally the script would also check to see if entries already exist for the people being imported, but this is less crucial.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance,

    Test this on a very small csv file (four or five contacts) to see if it works for you. It will not de-duplicate. You don't give the name of the group, so you'll need to replace Name of group in the second line with your group name, enclosed in double quotes.
    --begin script
    set the_people to read (choose file with prompt "Choose your CSV file")
    set the_group to "Name of group"
    set old_tids to AppleScript's text item delimiters
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ","
    set par_count to (count paragraphs in the_people)
    repeat with x from 1 to par_count
              set next_par to paragraph x of the_people
              set first_name to text item 1 of next_par
              set last_name to text item 2 of next_par
              set e_mail to text item 3 of next_par
              tell application "Address Book"
                        set nu_person to make new person with properties {first name:first_name, last name:last_name}
      make new email at end of emails of nu_person with properties {label:"Work", value:e_mail}
                        add nu_person to group the_group
              end tell
    end repeat
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to old_tids
    --end script
    Watch out for bad line breaks in the lines beginning "set nu_person..." and "make new email..."

  • Cannot Import Contacts

    Hi, I recently made a switch from BB to iPhone5s. But i'am having problem with importing contacts from BB to iPhone. I have saved my contacts in my PC (not mac) connected to itunes. But once itunes is connected with the phone, the side tab is missing (pic attached) from where normally contacts can be retrieved. I tried from multiple PCs but problem persists.

    This is real shortcoming with the Contacts application.  Apple should spend more time and resources ensuring their core applications function correctly.  Here's the convoluted solution from Apple support regarding this problem, I found in another thread:
    HT2486 Re: Imported contacts disappear after about 5 seconds Aug 12, 2012 11:01 PM (in response to imcleod)
    Same problem.  Importing contacts lets them flash into the contacts app, and then they disappear within a few seconds to match the empty icloud website. btw. I'm in Mountain Lion on one of my macs, where Address Book is now Contacts
    Spent 2 hours with apple support today with senior support person, and the following procedure fixed it for me
    1. disconnect from internet (switch off wifi, or unplug ethernet cable)
    2. in Contacts application, import all contacts
    3. in System Preferences/icloud untick contacts
    4.    when prompted to delete or keep, choose keep (moves contacts to "on my mac")
            confirm that the contacts are now on your mac
    5. in System Preferences/icloud tick contacts
    6.    when prompted to replace or merge, choose merge
    7. connect to internet
    8. in Contacts application, drag all contacts from "on my mac" to "icloud"
    9. in Contacts application, drag all groups (one by one) into "icloud"
            confirm that all your contacts have been moved over and the groups are all ok
    10. delete all the contacts in "on my mac"
    11. in Contacts/preferences select default addressbook = "icloud"
    12. sigh with relief
    Come on, Apple, you have to do better than this.

  • Cannot import contacts through link

    I have been trying to import contacts from a Bold9780 to my z10 but when I connect the z10 to the link it says that can't connect to proxy.
    Could you pese help me?

    You must use BB link to do a device switch from you old bb to z10. With the z10, make sure it is not on USB mass Storage mode or BB link wont recognize it.  (settings, Storage and acces, USB mass storage to off.) If your contacts are on desktop outlook, the latest version of BB link allows you to transfer your contacts and calendar.

  • Asha 210 Cannot import contacts , tried many metho...

    Tried using phone to phone, but both ipohone 3gs and anothe android could work , the asha showed for both the message (service unavailable)
    Nokia Pc suite does not support nokia asha 210 (!!) 
    I've tried also synching from outlook using he synch capability of windows 7 via bluethoot , but even this method failed........

    Hi guys
    Desperately need help! Spent so much tme, without any success, trying to import Gmail contacts to Nokia Asha 210
    Handset details below
    Nokia Asha 210.4
    MATERIAL: A00013307
    What I've tried so far based on various suggestions on Nokia forums
    Option 1 - Direct sync with Gmail and other similat steps that include syncml
    Problem: Just downloads 50 out of 191 contacts each and every time
    Option 2
    Nokia Suite 3.6.36 (older version)
    Problem: Asks for VCF file, but extracts only 1 contact from it
    Option 3
    Nokia PC Suite with the latest USB Driver
    Problem: In case of VCF file, it extracts only 1 contact from it
    Probeem: In case of CSV file, there's an error message "The contacts cannot be imported. Check the file format"
    Would really appreciate some help on this
    Thanks guys

  • Passport - Import Contacts Via CSV file

    Just got my Passport yesterday... love it.  i took a small break from BB but now i'm BACK.. awesome.
    i've exported all my contacts to a CSV file but cannot seem to find how to import them via Blend.
    is there a process for this?  i have hundereds of business contacts that need to be in my phone.
    Please help.
    thank you

    The best way to do it would be to import those contacts into an email account like and then sync that account's contacts to the Passport. Once in you can have those contacts on any device.
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  • How to Export Address Book contacts as CSV file for Gmail?

    I wish to export some of my Address Book contacts towards Gmail (which i use through the web interface for now) but I don't want to export vcards as i don't trust big brother Google with all the other data (snail mail, phone numbers, birthdays, etc).
    I have tried to do the export through Address Book but found no CSV export option.
    I've searched the forum for an answer, but to no avail. Some other (paying) websites claim to offer solutions but the "pay before you see" deters me from using them.
    Any tip on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Scripts and software also welcome, if shareware/freeware.

    Thanks for your answer, but gmail's help specifically states one can import contacts in CSV format and i was looking for a simple batch solution.
    Here is a link to the relevant gmail page (might be in French - am not a "Froguette" for nothing ;)) about importing:
    and the one about importing addresses as CSV files:
    So my question still stands.
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  • Can i import contacts from one browser to G mail?

    I have account in my country web. I also open account in Gmail. I have two questions
    1-Now all my mails are coming to gmail account and i have to reply from gmail account. i did it by mistake to import all mails. All my replies are also coming in Gmail. Can it be reversed? Can I stop it?
    2- Can i import contacts from my account ?

    This is not a Firefox question.
    You have to export your contacts in CSV format, then import them into Gmail. For your other question, see the Gmail support page.

  • How can i import contacts from android to iphone?

    I just switched over from my old Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone to my new iPhone 6 plus.
    As a first thing in setting up my new iphone, I want to import my contacts.
    I have tried some ways but they don't work.
    I have installed a 'contacts backup and restore' app called 'GCloud' on my android app. I generated a .csv file from this backup app. But I cannot import contacts from the csv file to my iphone.
    I also tried Google contacts; the easiest way. But somehow Google simply refuses to sync my latest contacts list. It contains a very old and outdated list of contacts.
    Thanks for help.

    Hello FoxFifth.
    I am very sorry but yes the great app which solved my big issue was actually tipped to me in the link YOU HAD SENT ME   .
    So I deeply apologize for my above erroneous post above and I am very grateful for your helpful reply and the link you sent me.
    Beat regards and good day.

  • Goggle export of contacts in csv forma

    Hi, I'm looking for some code that could help me in parsing an imported string (via readUTFBytes)of a  goggle export of contacts in csv format. I would like to put each contact into a row in an ArrayCollection

    I found this code from but it doesn't work to good
    var properties:Array = new Array();
                    var headings:Boolean = false;
                    var carriage:Number = new Number();
                    var comma:Number = new Number();
                    var cursor:Number = new Number();
                    var sub:Number = new Number();
                    var item:Object = new Object();
                    var value:String = new String();
                    var line:String = new String();
                    var contacts:Array = new Array();   
                    var result:String =;
                    while( result.indexOf( "\n", cursor ) != -1 ) {
                        carriage = result.indexOf( "\n", cursor );
                        line = result.substring( cursor, carriage );
                        cursor = 0;
                        sub = 0;
                        item = new Object();
                        while( line.indexOf( ",", cursor ) != -1 ) {
                            comma = line.indexOf( ",", cursor );
                            value = line.substring( cursor, comma );
                            if( !headings ) {
                                properties.push( value );
                            } else {
                                item[properties[sub]] = value;
                                //trace("email:\n" + value.toString());
                            cursor = comma + 1;
                        value = line.substring( cursor, line.length - 1 );
                        if( !headings ) {
                            properties.push( value );
                            headings = true;
                            //trace("headings:\n" + value.toString());
                        } else {
                            item[properties[sub]] = value;
                            contacts.push( item );
                            //trace("contact:\n" + item.Name.toString());

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