Cannot Import Contacts

Hi, I recently made a switch from BB to iPhone5s. But i'am having problem with importing contacts from BB to iPhone. I have saved my contacts in my PC (not mac) connected to itunes. But once itunes is connected with the phone, the side tab is missing (pic attached) from where normally contacts can be retrieved. I tried from multiple PCs but problem persists.

This is real shortcoming with the Contacts application.  Apple should spend more time and resources ensuring their core applications function correctly.  Here's the convoluted solution from Apple support regarding this problem, I found in another thread:
HT2486 Re: Imported contacts disappear after about 5 seconds Aug 12, 2012 11:01 PM (in response to imcleod)
Same problem.  Importing contacts lets them flash into the contacts app, and then they disappear within a few seconds to match the empty icloud website. btw. I'm in Mountain Lion on one of my macs, where Address Book is now Contacts
Spent 2 hours with apple support today with senior support person, and the following procedure fixed it for me
1. disconnect from internet (switch off wifi, or unplug ethernet cable)
2. in Contacts application, import all contacts
3. in System Preferences/icloud untick contacts
4.    when prompted to delete or keep, choose keep (moves contacts to "on my mac")
        confirm that the contacts are now on your mac
5. in System Preferences/icloud tick contacts
6.    when prompted to replace or merge, choose merge
7. connect to internet
8. in Contacts application, drag all contacts from "on my mac" to "icloud"
9. in Contacts application, drag all groups (one by one) into "icloud"
        confirm that all your contacts have been moved over and the groups are all ok
10. delete all the contacts in "on my mac"
11. in Contacts/preferences select default addressbook = "icloud"
12. sigh with relief
Come on, Apple, you have to do better than this.

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  • Cannot import contact to new iphone

    cannot import old contact to new iphone how to

    sync the contacts using icloud.
    or using itunes, make a backup of old iphone & sync the backup to your new iphone

  • Cannot import contacts in CSV format

    hi all,
    When i updated my firmware on nokia e 71 i saved my messages to my pc using nokia messaging center as csv format.After upgradation when i tried to take it back the import option was disabled.
    I can do only export or what ?.
    Can anyone help me to sort out this issue pls..
    I wanna import back my messages.

    Hi Allan,
    The Import Contacts feature is available only in an Express site template.
    More information at
    Please let me know if it is helpful.
    Regards, Md Rizwan Khan

  • Cannot import contacts through link

    I have been trying to import contacts from a Bold9780 to my z10 but when I connect the z10 to the link it says that can't connect to proxy.
    Could you pese help me?

    You must use BB link to do a device switch from you old bb to z10. With the z10, make sure it is not on USB mass Storage mode or BB link wont recognize it.  (settings, Storage and acces, USB mass storage to off.) If your contacts are on desktop outlook, the latest version of BB link allows you to transfer your contacts and calendar.

  • Asha 210 Cannot import contacts , tried many metho...

    Tried using phone to phone, but both ipohone 3gs and anothe android could work , the asha showed for both the message (service unavailable)
    Nokia Pc suite does not support nokia asha 210 (!!) 
    I've tried also synching from outlook using he synch capability of windows 7 via bluethoot , but even this method failed........

    Hi guys
    Desperately need help! Spent so much tme, without any success, trying to import Gmail contacts to Nokia Asha 210
    Handset details below
    Nokia Asha 210.4
    MATERIAL: A00013307
    What I've tried so far based on various suggestions on Nokia forums
    Option 1 - Direct sync with Gmail and other similat steps that include syncml
    Problem: Just downloads 50 out of 191 contacts each and every time
    Option 2
    Nokia Suite 3.6.36 (older version)
    Problem: Asks for VCF file, but extracts only 1 contact from it
    Option 3
    Nokia PC Suite with the latest USB Driver
    Problem: In case of VCF file, it extracts only 1 contact from it
    Probeem: In case of CSV file, there's an error message "The contacts cannot be imported. Check the file format"
    Would really appreciate some help on this
    Thanks guys

  • How can i import contacts from android to iphone?

    I just switched over from my old Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone to my new iPhone 6 plus.
    As a first thing in setting up my new iphone, I want to import my contacts.
    I have tried some ways but they don't work.
    I have installed a 'contacts backup and restore' app called 'GCloud' on my android app. I generated a .csv file from this backup app. But I cannot import contacts from the csv file to my iphone.
    I also tried Google contacts; the easiest way. But somehow Google simply refuses to sync my latest contacts list. It contains a very old and outdated list of contacts.
    Thanks for help.

    Hello FoxFifth.
    I am very sorry but yes the great app which solved my big issue was actually tipped to me in the link YOU HAD SENT ME   .
    So I deeply apologize for my above erroneous post above and I am very grateful for your helpful reply and the link you sent me.
    Beat regards and good day.

  • HT4489 I cannot import my vCard to shows error.."1 contact could not be imported because there was a problem reading the vCard"

    I cannot import my vCard to shows error.."1 contact could not be imported because there was a problem reading the vCard"

    The vCard must not be a compatible format.  (Unfortunately, there are multiple formats.)
    Often your carrier can transfer contacts between devices from different manufacturers.  Try visiting your carrier's retail outlet and see if they can do this for you.

  • HT4872 I have not been able to import contacts from google or my android to my new I-phone 5. This article helps to a point until error message "cannot create account" already exist is received. Please help.

    I have not been able to import contacts from google or my android to my new I-phone 5. This article helps to a point until error message "cannot create account ... already exist" is received. Please help.

    We only have 1 single domain, 1 domain forest, no subdomains, only alias. I had replied to the other post as well. But I am happy to paste it here in case anyone want to read it.
    So, after a few months of testing, capture and sending logs back and forth to Apple Engineers, we found out there is a setting in AD, under User Account that prevent us to log into AD from Mountain Lion. If you would go to your AD server, open up a user account properties, then go to Account tab, the "Do not require Kerberos preauthentication" option is checked. As soon as I uncheck that option, immediately I was able to log into AD on the Mac client. Apple engineers copied all my AD settings and setup a test environment on their end and match exact mine AD environment. They was able to reproduce this issue.
    The bad part about this is... our environment required the "Do not require Kerberos preauthentication" is checked in AD, in order for our users to login into some of our Unix and Linux services. Which mean that it is impossible for us to remove that check mark because most, if not all of them some way or another require to login into applications that run on Unix and Linux. Apple is working to see if they can come up with a fix. Apparently, no one has report this issue except us. I believe most of you out there don't have that check mark checked in your environment... Anyone out there have any suggestion to by pass or have a work around for this?

  • Cannot import SIM contacts to iPhone 3S

    Trying to import contacts to iPhone 3S from SIM but nothing happens qfter the 'Importing Contacts' sign appears. Others post the same issue but I can't find a fix that works,
    thanks fpr any help, joe

    Are you absolutely sure that the contacts were on the Sim ?  They may only have been saved in the previous phones memory.

  • Cannot import vcards into Contacts app from either iPhone or iCloud

    Hi all:
    My Contacts app is not working.  I have no contacts in it after upgrading to Mavericks.  The contacts are present on my iPhone and on my iCloud account.  When I try to import vcards from iCloud into Contacts, an error message says that there were problems importing the vCards.  When I attempt to sync the iPhone, none of the Contacts show up in the Contacts app.
    I have reinstalled the Contacts app from the original Mavericks disk.  I have attempted multiple third-party solutions. Nothing thus far has resolved the problems with my Contacts app, which as of this writing still contains 0 contacts.
    Can anyone help?

    Thanks for the suggestion.  I just repair keychain as per your input.  I also removed passwords for the following:
    Apple ID Authentication
    Apple Persistent State Encryption
    I did not see an entry for iCloud specifically.
    None of the above resolved the problem.
    I noticed something interesting, however:  when I attempt to import contacts to my MacBook from iCloud, from DiskAid, or from an app called MCBackup, the Contacts App on the Macbook asks if I want to import Xnumber of cards.  It displays two buttons, "Cancel" and "OK."  I can click the OK button all day long, and nothing happens.  The only viable button is Cancel.
    As to reinstalling Mavericks, I have.  I've been encountering this problem for the last two months.  About a month ago, I re-downloaded a fresh installer and reinstalled.  It didn't change anything, and I am loath to go through that hassle again.
    More recently, as I mentioned in the OP, I reinstalled the contacts app by itself.  It behaves the same way it always has, i.e, not at all working.

  • How to import contacts from an iPad to a mac running Mavericks? I tried syncing it but i cudnt find the "info" option which we had in mountain lion. Any help appreciated. Thanks

    I am a relatively new mac user. I need to import my contacts from my iPad to my macbook pro. I updated the OS to Mavericks. After that I couldnt add epub files to the library and cannot import my contacts. Is there a way to do it other than icloud? Thanks in advance.

    I can say that anybody with
    no experience could easily do an export/import in
    MSSQLServer 2000.
    Anybody with no experience should not mess up my Oracle Databases !

  • I have a new MacBook Pro with OS10.8.2 and cannot get Contacts to print a list of addresses with pictures showing.  There is a check box selecting "picture" which has been checked - but no picture.  This worked fine on OS10.7.5.  Problem??

    I have a new MacBook Pro with OS10.8.2 and cannot get Contacts to print a list of addresses with pictures showing.  There is a check box selecting "picture" which has been checked - but no picture.  This worked fine on OS10.7.5.  Problem??

    First, back up all data immediately, as your boot drive might be failing.
    There are a few other possible causes of generalized slow performance that you can rule out easily.
    Reset the System Management Controller.
    If you have many image or video files on the Desktop with preview icons, move them to another folder.
    If applicable, uncheck all boxes in the iCloud preference pane.
    Disconnect all non-essential wired peripherals and remove aftermarket expansion cards, if any.
    Check your keychains in Keychain Access for excessively duplicated items.
    If you have more than one user account, you must be logged in as an administrator to carry out this step.
    Launch the Console application in the same way you launched Activity Monitor. Make sure the title of the Console window is All Messages. If it isn't, select All Messages from the SYSTEM LOG QUERIES menu on the left. If you don't see that menu, select
    View ▹ Show Log List
    from the menu bar.
    Select the 50 or so most recent entries in the log. Copy them to the Clipboard (command-C). Paste into a reply to this message (command-V). You're looking for entries at the end of the log, not at the beginning.
    When posting a log extract, be selective. Don't post more than is requested.
    Please do not indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into this discussion.
    Important: Some personal information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Anonymize before posting. That should be easy to do if your extract is not too long.

  • Trouble importing contacts from a tab-delimited file into Contacts on 10.9.5

    I am having Trouble importing contacts from a tab-delimited file into Contacts on MacBook Pro, OS 10.9.5, Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo., 400GB drive, 4GB memory DDR3
    So far I have:
    - Followed closely the help screen in Contacts app
    - Modified my source document meticulously - first in MS Word, then copied and tweaked in Apple's "Text Edit" app
    - The problem arises when I go to access the document for import.  Specifically, the target document, and all others in that file, are "greyed out" and thus can't be "opened" to facilitate the import process
    - Tried changing the extension of the document name to ".txt", ".rtf", and ".rtd". No change or improvement.
    - Searched and found nothing relevant
    Can anyone offer some advice or tell me what I may be overlooking in this process?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
    <Email Edited By Host>

    Hi Rammohan,
    Thanks for the effort!
    But I don't need to use GUI upload because my functionality does not require to fetch data from presentation server.
    Moreover, the split command advised by you contains separate fields...f1, f2, f3... and I cannot use it because I have 164 fields.  I will have to split into 164 fields and assign the values back to 164 fields in the work area/header line.
    Moreover I have about 10 such work areas.  so the effort would be ten times the above effort! I want to avoid this! Please help!
    I would be very grateful if you could provide an alternative solution.
    Thanks once again,
    Best Regards,

  • Import contacts to macbook pro retina

    i have a macbook pro retina. how do I import my contacts from my iphone without using icloud? i dont know how to import to icloud. thanks!

    The only way to synchronize contacts between devices is to use a network server. Some people (including me) prefer not to use iCloud for privacy reasons, but that doesn't seem to be an issue for you. Open the iCloud preference pane and check the box marked Contacts. If you haven't already done so, you'll first need to create an Apple ID and sign in to it.
    You cannot sync contacts with iTunes.

  • Import contact from sd card to Z10

    Dear Sir
    Kindly tell me the procedur for imoprt contact from Sd Card ( V Card File ) to Blackberry Z 10

    On your BlackBerry, navigate to the VCF file in question and open it... click save to contacts.
    I believe you will need to do that for EACH contact VCF file, you cannot import them en masse, the way you are doing this.
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