Cannot move the pages from one document to another

I cannot move the pages from one document to another, abobe gets crashed. I am not sure but I think this was happening when I try to copy or move the threaded content. How to resolve this, this is happening in both CS4 and CS5. Can anyone help me?

Thanks for ur reply.
1. Open two documents, for ex doc1 and doc2, doc1 contais 4 pages, doc2 contains 2 pages
2. Using Move Pages from the Pages panel menu in doc1, moving 1st two pages to doc2
Move Pages  : 1-2
Destination   : After page 1
Move to        : doc2
Actually I was not able to copy the textframe which is linked with another, immediately it crashes.

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  • [CS3 JS]  Move pages from one document to another?

    First, a brief explanation of what I am trying to do. I have several individual chapters that I am including in an INDD book. However, I also want to be able to allow those individual chapters to stand alone, meaning that I want to add a cover/title page to each chapter file (these two pages would be placed before the current page 1 of each chapter).
    My preference would be to write a script that would open the cover/tp file and open the first chapter file; this part is no problem. Where I am running into trouble however, is the second step: moving the cover/tp pages (2 pages) over into the chapter file.
    Manually, I would open Cover.indd, activate the "move pages" menu, "Move pages: 1-2", "Destination: Before_Page 1", "Move to: Chapter1.indd".
    With over 100 chapters in the book, however, I would prefer to automate the process. I have looked into the Page.move and PageItem.move elements, but both look like they would require a location in the current document (either in (x,y) form or using "AT_BEGINNING".
    If I cannot get this to work, I will likely try to insert two blank pages, then cut/paste with a script, but I would prefer the "move" functionality, if it is possible.
    A couple of answers to potential questions:
    I can't simply place the INDD cover file b/c it uses a text variable to pull the chapter name; this personalizes each stand-alone chapter.
    Same answer to why I can't just slap the 2-page .pdf on the front of each. I need the text variable to still be active.
    Has anyone tried to move pages from one document to another using scripting? I tried to explain what I am trying to do, but if it doesn't make sense, I can try again. :)

    ok here we are
    I get a raw skeleton that you will have to adjust but it's functional.
    Use a PDF for placement as you can specify the page that you want to place.
    I don't know if you can do the same for indesign files.
    So basically, it starts adding 2 pages and placeing the pdf in the same time.
    After that, it creates the textVariable and the frame that will receive it.
    Here you are:
    //If a document is open
    var ad = app.activeDocument;
    //Pages placement
    for(i=0; i<2; i++)
    //Add 2 pages on top of the document;
    var tmpPg = ad.pages.add(LocationOptions.BEFORE, ad.pages[0]);
    //Here you place your pdf
    app.pdfPlacePreferences.pageNumber = i;, false)
    //You should specify page x and page y but ain't found yet the way to go.
    //Text variable creation
    //Check if the textVariable named "txtVar" does not already exist...
    //if not found, create the text variable named "txtVar"
    var txtVar = ad.textVariables.add();
    txtVar.variableType =VariableTypes.CUSTOM_TEXT_TYPE; = "txtVar";
    //Set the contents of the text variables to the string "test"
    ad.textVariables.item("txtVar").variableOptions.contents = "test";
    //these coordinates don't care aboutyour units but you may adjust them to your needs
    var y1 = ad.marginPreferences.left;
    var x1 =;
    var y2 = y1+5;
    var x2 = x1+25;
    var myFrame = ad.pages[0].textFrames.add({geometricBounds:[y1,x1,y2,x2]});
    //Set the contents of the frame to the text variables "txtVar"
    //You may want to stylize the txtVar
    //In this case, either you use a existing characterStyle or you create one in the script
    Bye Loic

  • Copy a page from one Document to another

    Can anyone help
    In Pages '08 we had the ability to copy a page from one document to another.
    In Pages '09 this does not seem possible.
    Does anyone have anwser....
    Message was edited by: AJCUR
    OK my bad
    I just realized that I was in Word Processing in one document and Page Layout in another and you cannot do the copy between the two. Changed the Blank documentto word processing and voila it worked.

    I think this might help. Go to the document you want to copy the page from and go to the "View" menu and choose "page thumbnail" so you can see the thumbnails on the side of the document. Right click (or control click) on the thumbnail of the page you want to copy and choose "copy.
    Go to the document you want to paste the page into and make sure you have the "View thumbnail" option turned on. If you already have some pages click on the page you want the new page to follow and then right click and paste the page where you want it. (you have to do this in the thumbnail view area, not in the actual document itself.) If you have inserted the page in the wrong spot, just drag it to the right location. note: I have tried dragging the thumbnail from one document to another and it does not work. Too bad because it works that way with a PDF documents in "Preview" app.

  • Moving pages from one document to another in preview

    I have two PDF documents open with the sidebar on my desktop.  I have moved a page from one document sidebar to another and then saved the document with the additional page.  When I open the document the added page is not there.  This is extremely fustrating as I have tried this all different ways.  Any suggestios???

    See my reply in this thread here:
    Merge 2 pdf files into 1 ?: Apple Support Communities
    The movie is still available, watching it may help, it shows a method for adding all the pages from one PDF to another. The general idea of where to drag in the destination would still apply for adding just one page.

  • FW CS5: Copy Page from one document to another without changing layers

    how can I copy a Page from one document to another without changing the layers?
    Drag-and-drop isn´t possible and by Copy-Paste all elements are placed in the same layer.

    Use File > Import.
    Open the File, then navigate to the page you want to import
    Be sure to select Insert after current page, or FW will just import the content into the current page itself.

  • Copy single master page from one document to another?

    The answer to a previously posted question seems to involve creating a document differently (than I had). A lot of work went into the creation of the master pages in the original document which I will now need to recreate in the new document. Is there a way I can copy one master page from one document to another?
    Many thanks,

    There are a number of ways to do this.
    Create a copy of the document you want to copy the Master page from. Delete all pages except for the one you want (but you have to leave Right and Left alone as FM must always have these two pages available).
    Open the new document and the one that you want to import the master pages from.
    In the new document:
    Import from Document: (select the document with the Master Page that you want)
    File > Import > Formats
    and select Page Layouts only.
    Note that Right/Left always come along for the ride.
    Alternative and probably best way to get a single Master Page:
    In new document, add a new Master Page and select "Empty".
    In the old document, on the desired Master Page, Select All on page (ctrl+A) and then copy (ctrl+v).
    In the new document on the new master page, paste (ctrl+v) to add the layout. Note: you may need to rotate the page first  if it isn't in the same orientation as in the old document.

  • How can you move the objects from one server to another?

    how can you move the objects from one server to another?

    Collecting objects for Transporting
    1. rsa1->transport connection
    2. left panel choose 'object type', middle panel choose 'infocube' and 'select objects'
    3. then choose your infocube and 'transfer'
    4. will go to right panel, choose collection mode 'manual' and grouping only 'necessary objects'
    5. after objects collection finished, create request
    6. If they are $TMP, then change the package.
    7. When you click the Save on the change package, it will prompt for transport. Here you can provide an existing open transport request number, or if you like here itself you can create a new one.
    8. You can check the request in SE09 to confirm.
    Releasing Transport Request  
    Lets say you are transporting from BWD to BWQ
    Step 1: In BWD go to TCode SE10
    Step 2: Find the request and release it (Truck Icon or option can be found by right click on request #)
    Note: First release the child request and then the parent request
    Steps below are to import transport (generally done by basis )
    Step 1: In BWQ go to Tcode STMS
    Step 2: Click on Import queue button
    Step 3: Double Click on the line which says BWQ (or the system into which transport has to be imported)
    Step 4: Click on refresh button
    Step 5: High light the trasnport request and import it (using the truck icon)
    Hope this helps.

  • OpenScript: 1.     How to move the scripts from one location to another location. in OpenScript; Copy, paste or Import, export

    How to move the scripts from one location to another location. Copy, paste or Import, export

    Both way you can do.. Difference is - if you copy paste to another folder script dependencies will not move with the same( ie Assets added), whereas if you export and import the script all dependencies will be correlated automatically

  • When I move pages from one document to another, it creates a new alternate layout.

    I'm having an issue with combining some documents. Usually I use the "move pages" command and tell the pages to integrate with another document. However, because of the new alternate layout feature, both documents have the default layouts as "Letter V". So when I move pages from one document to the end of another, it creates a new alternate layout labeled "Letter V2" and "Letter V3" etc. Is there a way to make the pages just go into the main layout of Letter V without creating a new alternate layout? How do I merge alternate layouts created in the integrated document? All documents are the same page size and orientation.
    Thank you kindly,

    Thank you. I was trying to do that yesterday, but it was grayed out. It seemed to work alright today.

  • Indesign CS5 crashing public.dll when copying pages from one document to another

    I have several Lenovo W520 (Core i7-2720, 8GB ram, Quadro 1000M) and a couple Dell M6500 (Core i7, 4GB ram, Quadro FX 2800M) all running Windows 7 Pro x64, the latest video drivers and Adobe CS5, including Indesign 7.0.4.  We have several different Indesign docs that for the purpose of interactive Table of Contents, are copying pages from one to another to end up with one master document.  On the majority of the documents, copying as few as one page to another doc crashes Indesign with the windows system error below. 
    Faulting application name: InDesign.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4d890440
    Faulting module name: Public.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4d8903ca
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x00038727
    Faulting process id: 0x18c0
    Faulting application start time: 0x01ce1f68465d45de
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\InDesign.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\Public.dll
    Report Id: fa196aee-8b5b-11e2-9afa-a088b43f1cec
    We have tried working with the documents on different machines (both specs outlined above), and copying different pages from one doc to another in varying quantities.  The documents do not have any link errors or other references that need to be corrected. 
    Any suggestions or other things to look at?

    HI. Same problem Here. i will now trying to reinstall the software. hopefully it will help me.
    What could be the cause of this error? its not in english sorry for that.
    Název protokolu:Application
    Zdroj:         Application Error
    Datum:         22.4.2013 14:09:32
    ID události:   1000
    Kategorie úlohy:(100)
    Úroveň:        Chyba
    Klíčová slova: Klasické nastavení
    Uživatel:      Není k dispozici
    Název chybující aplikace: InDesign.exe, verze:, časové razítko: 0x4f6b9e72
    Název chybujícího modulu: Public.dll, verze:, časové razítko: 0x4f6b9c77
    Kód výjimky: 0xc0000005
    Posun chyby: 0x000df832
    ID chybujícího procesu: 0xad4
    Čas spuštění chybující aplikace: 0x01ce3f522c7f2f21
    Cesta k chybující aplikaci: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5.5\InDesign.exe
    Cesta k chybujícímu modulu: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5.5\Public.dll
    ID zprávy: 7d476cca-ab45-11e2-b201-009c02185dea
    Kód XML události:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Application Error" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-04-22T12:09:32.000000000Z" />
        <Security />
        <Data>C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5.5\InDesign.exe</Data>
        <Data>C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5.5\Public.dll</Data>

  • Drag/replace pages from one document to another?

    I've recently upgraded from Acrobat 7 to 9, and a feature I've used for years (since Acrobat 5) doesn't seem to be there anymore...  I have a product manual I'm editing, and have a couple of replacement pages with new/updated content.  I have them side by side on my screen, and each one as the "Pages" sidebar open, and I'm trying to drag one of the replacement pages from one document, over the corresponding page in the other document.
    In earlier versions of Acrobat, I was able to drag the replacement page directly over another page in the other document, and it would simply replace it.  All I seem to be able to do in Acrobat 9 is insert it before or after the the "target" page, and then delete the page I want to replace.
    Am I missing something here?  I hope so, as the way that feature used to work was a lot more convenient!  Any help is much appreciated.

    Strange how they kill a good feature.
    to replace the contents of a page in a Pdf with a replacement.
    open PDF you want to alter.
    next go to Edit menu > Replace.
    when window is open select the new page (PDF) choose replace.
    Especially with forms, the form info will stay put while the background info will change.
    (Please note information is given by an Experienced User of Acrobat. I am not an employee of Adobe.)

  • Alternate layout created when moving pages from one  document to another

    I'm using CC on Windows 7 -  I have 2 documents  that I want  to merge and make into 1 [I know people will want to know why I would want to do this -  each document is  the result of a different data merge - data merge can only handle one master page - so I have  2  datamerges - 2 files - and just need to  merge the 2 files]
    This used to work beautifully in  ID 5.5 - now when I   use the pages panel to move the pages to  the other document - it creates an alternate layout - it is then very difficult for me to  interlace alternating  pages - - I use dot be able to just move the pages into place - but with eh 2 layouts it is behaving differently and in a way I do not understand. Is there any way I can get around this? or avoid the alternate layout and just have one. The 2 page sizes are identical so it is not a problem of  varying size - the paragraph styles are all the same as well. I have tried to delete the alternating style but it  will delete all the pages as well.

    Maybe its time for me to Replace my Preferences, because I also have 8.0.2, and I tried the same thing with two new documents based on the same preset - it still made an alternate layout. When the moved page is placed in the middle of several pages (say - after page 2, of 6 pages) all the pages after the inserted one become part of the new alternate layout. In this example, I had a six-page document, and moved one page of the other identical document to After Page 3 Here's the result

  • How to move the script from one env to another

    I have a database where i have two schemas.
    1)Owner and 2) User . User schema contains all synonyms for the objects present in Owner schema and the application will connect to user schema only.
    Now i have 2 script files 1) create tables in the owner + giving grant access for user 2 ) create synonyms for objects in the owner
    I have to move the code from Dev environment to QA . For QA i dont have privileges hence have to give the script file to DBA to run it
    My DBA says....give the scripts through clearcase. only 2 script files should be there and environment information should not be hardcoded. i.e
    for statements in the script file like : grant access for <table_name> to USERSCHEMANAME and create synonym <table_name_alisa> for OWNERschemaNAME.table_name
    how do i give the scripts to my DBA with out hardcodiing.    How do you have this code movement in your project ?
    Should i use any placeholder for OWNERNAME ( environment spefcific informationn) and should ask them to replace it by the corresponding env name while executing
    What should i do?
    Hope i am clear please let me know if iam not clear

    how do i give the scripts to my DBA with out hardcodiing. How do you have this code movement in your project ?
    Should i use any placeholder for OWNERNAME ( environment spefcific informationn) and should ask them to replace it by the> corresponding env name while executing
    Use a variable for schema names or create public synonyms.
    And document how the DBA should implement your changes.
    Your DBA should have his own "su'ish"/ "@ conn.sql'-ish" scripts for that.
    Passwords can be reset runtime temporarily, and set back after the implementation completed successfully.

  • How to move the dock from one display to another with multiple monitors?

    Sometimes the dock will switch from one monitor to another just by clicking in the dock area of the second montor. Other times it does not.

    I found out that I have to keep moving downward on my trackpad after the cursor hits the bottom of the screen. It works now.

  • How do I move a Muse page from one document to another?

    I have a site that I built with Muse a year ago. I am currently building a new version of it (also in Muse). I want to be able to use a couple of the 'old' pages in the 'new' version. Is there a way I can copy a page and its assets from one Muse document to another? Also, is there a way to somehow copy an asset that is already uploaded (to my Business Catalyst hosting) to that I don't have to re-assign it to a new element in the new Muse document? IE: I have some pdf files that I used in my old site design and I'd like to use them with the new site - do I have to find them on my desktop again, re-upload them, etc? Or is there a way to use assets that are already uploaded??

    You can and should make a backup of all your Muse sites so that you can recover from a stolen or busted computer… Adobe are idiotically making this harder than it should be. You should copy the entire site but the main file you need is the .muse… see screenshot,
    Now that you have a separate copy you can tell Muse to open that and (after editing it however you like) up load it as a new website.
    p.s yes you can tell one site to use the assets of a different one but I don’t recommend it because the stolen/ busted scenario would then bugger two of your sites… standard hyperlink rules apply.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I copied a document to my email address but it's in the read only format and I need to make some changes but I can't. What do I need to do?

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    I dont' think this is a new discussion but I haven't seen the answer yet. The question is: how can I see my Postscript fonts in InDesign CC?

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    I was working on a project, editing the final credits, when Premier Pro froze.  I was able to restart but then every time I opened a project the titler windowed opened at the start also.  I finally had to reinstall the entire program.  The titler pro

  • IPod shutting down Windows

    Okay, so after I finally restored my iPod having many problems with it (I did it on a different computer), I tried to plug it into my laptop to sync everything. Now, whenever it starts to sync (in the middle of syncing my games) Windows shuts down du