Cannot open tabs in the new firefox

I cannot open a new tab by using the ctrl+ T shortcut or if I even click on the little + sign next to currently open tabs. If I right click a link or a bookmark and select "open in new tab" it works but I cannot open a blank tab. I have tried deleting and reinstalling twice now.

Can you try to start Firefox in Safe Mode to see if Firefox works properly with no error? You can start Firefox in Safe Mode below:
*'''Windows/Mac''': Go to Help > Restart with add-ons disabled
*'''Linux''': Run ''firefox -safe-mode'' in the Terminal/Konsole
If Firefox opens up fine with no problems, it's probably one of your extensions that's causing the issue. You can re-enable your add-ons one by one until you find the one that causes the issue upon being re-enabled.
If there's no difference, try a clean reinstall. Do a clean reinstall and delete the Firefox program folder before (re)installing a fresh copy of the current Firefox release.
Download a fresh Firefox copy and save the file to the desktop.
*Firefox 23.0:
Uninstall your current Firefox version, if possible, to cleanup the Windows registry and settings in security software.
*Do NOT remove personal data when you uninstall your current Firefox version, because all profile folders will be removed and you lose personal data like bookmarks and passwords from profiles of other Firefox versions.
Remove the Firefox program folder before installing that newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
*(32 bit Windows) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"
*(64 bit Windows) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\"
*It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
Your bookmarks and other personal data are stored in the Firefox profile folder and won't be affected by an uninstall and (re)install, but make sure that "remove personal data" is NOT selected when you uninstall Firefox.

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    Hi bmail, I am attaching an illustration of cor-el's suggestion showing what it does since I wasn't aware of that before.

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    I have checked all the Options I could find. Nothing helped. I CAN make a new Window with just one tab if I right-click a link and say "Open in NEW Window".

    A new window should only open with the home page(s).<br />
    If you see differently then you need to check your extensions.
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    * [[Troubleshooting plugins]]

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    Then I select all the screenshots in the folder at once and open them all in Preview. Then I crop every screenshot using command-K, and save using command-S, and then close that image using command-W.
    When I have cropped all 200+ screenshots, I go back through the folder one by one and adjust the color on each one, moving the mid-range color up to about 75% and the sharpness filter up to about 75%, in order to compensate for the fuzzy image of the screenshot. You can't create a searchable PDF with an image that fuzzy. I do this one by one.
    I make sure everything is saved.
    Then I open all 200+ edited screenshots in Preview and print them out.
    Then I take the 200+ pages of this ****** Pages file and run them through my scanner, making searchable 600 dpi PDFs.
    Then I go to each of the 200+ PDFs and highlight the text, copy, and paste into a NEW word processing document.
    If I'd had 300 pages like the last manuscript, or 700 pages like the one before that, I would have created an Automator program to do all that, but hey, this is not the kind of **** you expect from Apple. Really.  It's taken all week.
    So thanks for your help guys, but no other suggestions worked. I tried to force a download of the file from Dropbox, but got the same result. Besides, my Dropbox folder is saved locally on my harddrive, so it's not their fault. In fact, there is no data in the Dropbox folder under this file name, only preview files. Somehow the Time Machine will open the complete Pages file while in Time Macine, but will not import the saved Time Machine version to the working desktop because it is a preview (i.e., not Preview) image. This is a Pages problem, not a Dropbox problem. Pages did not save the full file.
    If anybody knows a better way to do this, I'd like to know about it. If anybody knows whether I will ever be able to trust Pages again, I'd like to know that too.

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    I am using Firefox Nightly (30.a1, 2014-02-18, x64) on my laptop computer (Windows 8.1 Pro x64) and I was using Firefox Beta on my Nexus 5 (Android 4.4.2). Recently, Mozilla announced the new Firefox Accounts system (which is replacing the old Firefox Sync Account) and I created a Firefox Account for my laptop Nightly installation. Since the new Firefox Account doesn't work with the old Firefox Sync Account, I replaced my Android installation of Firefox Beta with Firefox Nightly and signed into Firefox Account on my Android. However, when I attempt to send a tab from my Android installation to my laptop installation using the "Share to Nightly" intent, Nightly asks me to set up a Sync account, which is impossible to complete in my laptop Nightly installation. I've tried replacing my Android Nightly installation with an Android Aurora installation, but the same problem occurs.
    What's worse is that even with both my laptop and Android installations signed into the same Firefox Account, I cannot see any information being synced between the 2 installations. No history is being shared, and I cannot see the open tabs list from the other device. I cannot pass tabs between my phone and my laptop, which is something I used every week as I visited websites and read my RSS feeds on my phone. Does anyone know how to share tabs using the new Firefox Accounts? Does anyone know why Firefox Accounts does not seem to be syncing data between my 2 installations?

    Unfortunately with further investigation, Roland informed me that share tab was removed[]

  • Search boxes will not work in additional opened tabs after the first

    I am unable to use multiple tabs in the new firefox. After I have one tab going, I have to open another window to do any additional searches--the tab will open but not perform any search tasks.

    Then it's more than likely a scanned image of text rather than actual text. Unsearchable.
    thedge000 wrote:
    I did some additional checking and found the unsearchable document does not contain fonts under File > Properties> Fonts.

  • Since the most recent Firefox update 3.6.8 by banking institution no longer shows as having a secure encrypted connection, however, my bank assures me all is well with their certificates and that is a problem with the new Firefox browser update, can you g

    Since the most recent Firefox update 3.6.8 my banking institution no longer shows as having a secure encrypted connection, however, my bank assures me all is well with their certificates and that is a problem with the new Firefox browser update, can you give me some idea why it is doing this?
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == Right after the new Firefox update

    Hello Anne.
    Can you please try it in a new (temporary) Firefox profile and see if the issue is still present? See [ this article] to know how to create a new Firefox profile. Please report back the results.

  • Ever since I downloaded the new Firefox, when I right-click on a link to open it in a different tab, the tab will open but will not load anything, no matter what link I try.

    Ever since I downloaded the new Firefox, when I right-click on a link to open it in a different tab, the tab will open but will not load anything, no matter what link I try. The tab will show the website destination in the navigation bar, but will not automatically load it; I have to press the load button in the navigation bar instead of it instantly loading.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == The newest version, 3.6.6, of Firefox was downloaded

    It's not specific sites. I can middle-click on the same link 50 times and it will open it in a new tab 45 times and 5 of those times, it will randomly open it in an entirely new window. I don't know what's causing this.
    It happens so randomly that I don't know how to pin-point what it could be.

  • The new Firefox opens all the old tabs it closed with, when it starts. I'd rather just start a new session. How can I make that the default setting?

    The new Firefox re-opens all the tabs it closed with; and, I'd rather just start a new session, as the default setting. How can I do this? It would make it easier on me, the machine, and the Internet feed, not to reload automatically a bunch of tabs that were just closed. There must be someway to fix this. This happens on my brother's Windows computer, as well; and, it's running Firefox 4. Thanks for your help.

    Make that "Firefox ->Preferences -> General -> When Firefox starts: "Show my windows and tabs from last time" is not selected as this is not the default.
    Basically this setting will make Firefox start with whatever windows and tabs that were last open when a user closes Firefox by way of File ->Quit/Exit as if Firefox was never closed.

  • When ever I customize the toolbar the open new tab sign that is the + sign near the lastly opened tab in the tab bar disappears and it remains so even after restarting Firefox.

    When ever I customize the toolbar, the open new tab sign that is the + sign near the lastly opened tab in the tab bar disappears and it remains so even after restarting Firefox. This happens only after updating to the new version 4.0.1 it never happened in the older versions 3.x.xx- checked it thrice. Thought it could be a bug and i didn't know where to report also don't have time and patience to search for the appropriate page so i'm reporting here for improving my favorite browser.

    You can find the New Tab button showing as a '+' on the Tab bar.<br />
    You can open the Customize window and drag the New Tab button from the Tab bar on another toolbar and it will become a regular toolbar button like the New Tab button that you have in Firefox 3 versions.<br />
    If you want the New Tab button at the far right end of the Tab bar then place a flexible to the left of it.<br />
    *New tab toolbar button:

  • Will I loose my open tabs that I need to be open if I update to the new FireFox?

    I have many open tabs of tasks that I need to attend to or need readily available all the time.
    If I update to the new Firefox will I loose all my open tabs?

    Right-click one of those Tabs and select '''Bookmark All Tabs...'''. That way if anything happens to those tabs you can reload them all by a right-click on the folder that those tabs were saved to and using '''''Open All in Tabs'''''.

  • How to get most recently view pages in new tab on the new version of firefox

    upgraded to the new firefox and now i cannot get my recently viewed site to show when i open a new tab. the little square that is supposed to turn them on and off is not showing up.

    You can check if the new tab is still set to the about:newtab page.
    You can check the browser.newtab.url pref on the <b>about:config</b> page.
    * browser.newtab.url = about:newtab
    You can open the <b>about:config</b> page via the location/address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click "I'll be careful" to continue.
    See also this article about the New Tab page (about:newtab):

  • Open file in a new Firefox tab

    I'm using a script to view html files from TextWrangler in Firefox:
    tell application "TextWrangler" to set theFile to file of document 1
    tell application "TextWrangler" to save theFile
    tell application "Finder" to open theFile using (path to application "Firefox")
    Works fine, except that the file is opened in a new window in Firefox. I would like to have it in a new tab in the active Firefox window (if Firefox is already running).
    Any ideas how to do that?

    Try using:
    tell application "TextWrangler" to set theFile to file of document 1
    tell application "TextWrangler" to save theFile
    set the_URL to "file://" & POSIX path of (theFile as alias)
    tell application "Firefox"
    Get URL the_URL
    end tell
    You may need to change the settings in the Tabs section of the Firefox preferences for this to work correctly.

  • Everytime I open a new window to browse, in this new window I would right click to open link in new tab but the new tab always shows up in the other window.

    I would click a link which opens a new window. Then in this new window, I would right click to open link in new tab. The new tab does not show up in this new window. It instead shows up in the original browser window. How can I make the new tab show up in the same window?

    Firefox did have a behavior where some new windows -- those considered to be dialogs -- could not have new tabs, so new tabs were diverted to the window from which the dialog was opened.
    According to the bug tracking system, a fix is in the works:
    [ 644729 – Popup window with all toolbars visible causes new tabs to open in another browser window] referencing [ 485237 – Need to treat popups consistently].
    That second ones says Target Milestone: Firefox 12, so the fix probably didn't make it into Firefox 11.
    That first bug says there is an add-on to work around this -- it enables the middle mouse button to open links in a dialog window: [ Bug 586234 Unfixer :: Add-ons for Firefox]. I haven't tried it myself.
    Old forum thread cross-reference: [ When I open a new tab it opens in the wrong window | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Help]

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