Cannot restore iPhone from iCloud - takes hours then loses connection

Hey Guys,
I had to restore my iphone as it was doing weird things.
Long story short, when I try and restore from icloud it say it will take 6 hours or so (on other occasions it has said 15) and then about 3 hours in it says lost connection.
This is INCREDIBLY frustrating!
I have a solid internet connection  that although not super speedy, at 5MBPS it should be enough to download the data. I am stuck!
I have a backup I just cant get to the thing!
Any ideas on what else to try>?
There is no way of contacting icloud support unless I want to pay an incidient fee which is pretty rubbish in my eyes!

Your information could've been stored on someone else's iCloud account, therefore you  have to set up as a new phone.

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  • Cannot Restore iPhone from iCloud

    I was having some issues with my storage on my iPhone 5 so i decided to restore my phone from a recent backup on iCloud. I used the reset with erase all content and restarted my iPhone. After the phone restarted, signed into iCloud via a sturdy internet connection and started restoring from my most recent iCloud backup. Three minutes into restoring the settings the process halts and a message appears "cannot restore from backup." I have tried restoring from the two other previous backups on iCloud and neither work, they all have the same response.
    Eventually I had to restore from iTunes which has a back up from last fall. This is unacceptable.
    What do I need to do in order to backup my device from my most recent back up on iCloud?

    Does your iPhone 5 IOS is later than iPhone 6 IOS?
    If true, you need to update your iPhone 6 before you can restore from your backup.
    If not, is iPhone 6 connected to power supply?

  • TS4062 restored iphone from icloud so I could have all my old photos but now I cannot get it to restore or sync with itunes either by cable or by wifi. I have tried with automatic download off/on, I have had red circles, hours of syncing, nothing, help!!

    restored iphone from icloud so I could have all my old photos but now I cannot get it to restore or sync with itunes either by cable or by wifi. I have tried with automatic download off/on, I have had red circles, hours of syncing, nothing, help!!

    Seems to be a common issue in discussions. Try this:
    And let me know if it helps,

  • I am setting up my Iphone 6 but keep getting an error message "cannot restore backup from Icloud...I backed up my old Iphone 5 just yesterday...Any suggestions?

    During setup of Iphone 6 I keep getting error message "cannot restore backup" from Icloud.  I backed up my old Iphone 5 yesterday.  Is it because of different operating systems? Please help. Thanks!

    Does your iPhone 5 IOS is later than iPhone 6 IOS?
    If true, you need to update your iPhone 6 before you can restore from your backup.
    If not, is iPhone 6 connected to power supply?

  • HT4859 How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup

    How can I restore iPhone from iCloud backup with out resetting my iPhone

    The only way to restore an iCloud backup is to start by erasing the phone.   Go to Settings>General>Reset, tap Erase All Conent and Settings, go through the setup screens on the phone and when given the option, choose Restore from iCloud Backup.

  • Issues restoring iphone from icloud

    Every time I try to restore my iphone from icloud it says, "unable to back up from icloude because wireless connection interrupted".  My phone is plugged in and connected to wi-fi...I also tried having my iphone plugged into my computer while backing up.  Neither worked.  What do I do? 

    Is your iPhone have a strong Wi-Fi connection? Have you tried testing on another Wi-Fi network?
    Take a look at this Apple document -> iCloud: Troubleshooting restore issues with iCloud Backup
    Troubleshooting issues during a restore
    If you receive an alert during the restore, be sure to note the text of the message, and cross reference it in the Alert Message matrix in the fifth major section of this article. 
    Keep in mind that restoring is dependent on being connected to the Internet, so the faster your connection, the faster your restore will be. However, even with a fast broadband connection, it can often take around 1-4 hours per gigabyte to complete a foreground and background restore. If you are traveling between countries, you may need to allocate even more time. iCloud is tuned to provide you with the best service in the geographical location you most frequently connect from, and in regards to iCloud Backup, the geographical region you created the original backups from.
    If you receive connection errors, or timeouts, while restoring, you should verify your device has a valid connection to a fast Wi-Fi network and that it's plugged into a power source. Then, let it work. A good way to do this is to start the restore an hour or two before you go to sleep. That way, you can input any needed information after the iOS device restarts and the background restore starts, but you will be less likely to use the phone during the background restore. This will allow it to proceed without interruption. Background restore is designed to allow you to use your phone normally, but if you are getting errors, or having trouble completing the restore, it's best to avoid any possible network interruptions and maximize the resources the iOS device can allocate to the restore process, by allowing it to work uninterrupted. Of course, you can check the status of the recovery by unlocking the screen or by reviewing the progress of downloaded applications or Camera Roll content, but in an error-prone situation, it's best to avoid doing work and launching apps unrelated to the restore process.
    As noted earlier, you will receive prompts for your Apple ID and other passwords. This is normal. When you are restoring to a device that you have already backed up from, you should receive fewer prompts to re-enter passwords, but if you are restoring to a new device, it is expected that you will have to re-enter your passwords again. This is done to preserve the integrity of your accounts.

  • Cannot restore backup from iCloud after rolling back from iOS 8

    So, after trying iOS 8 on my iPhone 4s I decided there was too much lag to apps opening, etc.
    I downloaded the iOS 7.1.2 firmware and got it back, after backing up to iCloud.
    Now all I get - after trying probably 250 times over the past day - is 'Cannot restore backup' from any of the backups from the past three days.
    Is it being blocked because iCloud recognises it as not being the latest iOS?
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance for any help

    I have the same problem with an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1, I'm trying to restore my iPhone with a backup made with iCloud (when I made the backup 2 weeks ago I had the same iOS version, 5.1.1).
    The error message is: "Cannot restore backup" which is NOT listed here:
    I need some help with this, thanks.

  • TS3988 Restore iPhone from iCloud

    I just got a new iphone 4. The dealer started it up. When I got home I wanted to restore it from iCloud? Can't figure out how.

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    To restore a iCloud backup, first you have to erase your phone. To do it, open Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
    Then, your phone will be erased and you will have to set it up again. During the setup, it will ask you to restore a backup, so select the option to restore a iCloud backup and follow the steps

  • HT4859 Restore iPhone from iCloud

    I am trying to restore my iPhone from iCloud after initial new phone install

    I need to restore my iphone from an icloud back up. I only see laast nights backup.  Is that the only one available.  I want to restore a text message that was deleted from two days ago.  Is this possible?

  • HT4910 How do I restore iPhone from icloud?

    How do I restore my backup from ICloud onto my new iPhone?

    When setting it up you will be given the option to Restore from iCloud Backup (see image below).  Select this, be sure you're connected to wifi and your external charger as restoring from an iCloud backup can sometimes take quite a while to complete.
    If you already set up your new phone, go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings and start over.

  • Cannot restore backup from icloud

    My problem is like i said on topic,i can't restore my backup from icloud

    To restore it, you need to do Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings, then start the iPhone setup process.  Once you enter your WiFi and Apple ID and password, you will be asked how to set up your iPhone.  iCloud backup will be a choice (assuming the same Apple ID created it).

  • Need to restore iphone from icloud but my icloud and apple id for apps are different. How do I do this?

    I had to erase my iphone 5 and do a full restore from my icloud back up.  My icloud is under one apple id(email address) and my apps and itunes are under a different apple id (since I had itunes long before my iphone). How do I restore my apps?  Thanks

    I have always had two different ids as long as I have had my phone.  Can i restore them from a itunes backup?

  • Restore iphone from icloud

    how do I restore my phone from icloud backup?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    The best way would be to connect it to iTunes on your computer with a USB cable, then choose restore from iTunes. You can select to restore from your backup when prompted.

  • TS4036 could not sign in server error when trying to restore iphone from icloud

    I am trying to restore my iPhone from an iCloud  backup.  I deleted everything on the phone per restore instructions. Connected to wireless on iPhone.  Logged on to my iCloud account.    Told the iPhone to restore from iCloud backup.  I keep getting ""could not sign in" server error OK.  I get this messge over and over.

    I actually noticed when I had this problem just now that my iPhone 4 wasn't on wif. Only connected to 3G even though I entered my network info and clicked connect. So I backed up a few steps and re selected to connect to wifi and it fixed my issue!

  • Anyway to check status of restoring IPhone from Icloud?

    I am setting up an IPhone 6, by restoring from an ICloud backup of around 16 Gb.  It has been updating for almost 2 days, on constant WiFi.  Is there a way to check the status or see if there is an error?  I cannot update to the new OS either until the restore is complete.  Thanks for the feedback.

    Apple may be able to check at their end.  Since you have an iPhone 6 you are still within your free phone support window.  Try giving them a call: Contact Apple for support and service.  You will need to give them your serial number, which you can find on your phone in Settings>General>About.

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