Cant log in to my wrt150N router after hard reset with default login

Hello all,
I have a router that I upgraded the firmware a while ago, I stopped using it several months ago, I was going to give this router to my sister,  i tried a hard reset(30 seconds press reset, unplug, hold hold the reset, wait 20 sec, plug power, hold for 30 sec and release the reset) and I tried to login with admin admin and it doesn't accept it. I tried with another router dlink 614i and the same problem, after resetting it it's not accepting admin admin log/pass. It can't be that two different routers are having the same problem, can it be my laptop? Any ideas what's going on or how to fix it?
I've tried admin/ admin , login admin no pass, no login and pass admin no luck.

A 30/20/30 reset is useless and risky.
To clear NVRAM it's sufficient to push the button once during 30s, and wait the router restarts itself (some of them reboots twice)...

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    No, USB works good. I've tried reset on my friend's PC, and it saw my ipod and reset was done. But when i tried to load music, it wrote me, that i've installed incorrect software.

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    I'll start with my 'vitals' ---
    * WRK54G Wireless Router
    * Cable internet
    * Desktop computer is wired to the router
    * Roku media player - wireless connection (will play my mp3s off of the computer or listen to internet radio stations)
    * Tivo wirelessly connected
    This morning, I tried to play some music off of my computer on the Roku media player. It would not communicate with the computer, but it would find the internet stations. After some trial and error, I tried to make the Tivo connect and it also failed to find the computer. The computer itself also could not find the internet, but the Roku was streaming music from the 'net fine. I exhausted my limited networking knowledge and decided it was time to bite the bullet and do a full restart on the router.
    I turned off the computer and the router. The modem has a battery backup so I reset it and while it was booting back up, I plugged the computer into the modem. Once the computer started, the internet was up on the computer and felt encouraged. I found and ran the install disk that came with the router and followed it step by step. After getting a few more errors, I got the setup program to find the internet through the router and I could proceed to the next step. When I got to setting my time zone, an error came up that the modem could not be configured and I should hold the reset button again for 10 seconds. I felt discouraged again. I reset it, and nothing. Tried again nothing. It will not get through the guided set up, but the internet is apparently working.
    I thought I would just get into the web-based set up page. I can log in with the default password and get to all of the screens, but whenever I try to save changes (whether I made any or not) the password box comes back up and the default password (or any password I tried to change it to) will make it go away.
    So basically, my problems are: 1) the guided setup will not finish 2) the web-based setup will not let me make any changes because it does not recognize any password.
    Thanks for any help in advance...
    PS -- after I post this, I am going to reset the computer again and unplug the internet from the router just to see if I can get the web-based setup to work. I'll post the results, one way or another.
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    I, and others in this forum, have had problems saving Linksys router settings too.  I logged into my router fine, but couldn't save the settings without a password screen coming up.  No password is accepted.  I contacted Linksys Help and received no solution.  I looked on this forum and saw mentioned that the problem may be with Norton Internet Security (NIS).  One person said they just temporarily disabled NIS and then they were able to save their router settings before reenabling NIS again.  I tried that, ended up turning off every setting in my NIS, rebooting with them off, etc, but it didn't help with the ability to save my router settings.  I have NIS 2007 and the NIS Add-On pack (needed because for some reason Norton took away features from previous versions and after people complained they made them available again with the add-on pack).  I planned to remove all of NIS (after I made notes of my modifications), and started by removing the NIS Add-On pack first.  After a reboot I tried to save my router settings and it worked!  Phew.  I got them all set and tested, then I installed the NIS Add-On pack again and all is well.  When I saw people had made comments on this forum about this problem for 8 months at least I was disappointed that Linksys Help hadn't already been aware of the problem and able to give the solution.

  • N8 Cant remove Topapps even after hard reset

    Few hours ago I just bought a new N8. It has in it TopApps and Ovi store, I wanted to remove Topapps but it continue to deny the operation. I tried soft reset, hard reset and in the ned 4 buttons reset. I tried also few solutions offered here in nokia forum but still without any sucess. I cant remove TopApps or Ovi Store even after hard reset, the maps are also here - I thought that these apps will disappear after hard reset.
    In applications I got 3 ovi store related apps installed - ovi, Ovi notifications support package and Ovi Store. Social network app is not working too, its showing me service unavailable. Any ideas ?
    Thank you for attention
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    Hi rslid,
    Nokia Store or rather Ovi Store is not deletable or uninstalabe as this is one of the applications that is necessary to enable you to download and update downloaded applications to your Nokia N8-00 Belle. If you try to delete or unistall you get the message operation denied so its better if you leave it.
    Concerning hard resetting, any time you feel like hard resetting your device use *#7370# followed by 12345 as the default security code unless you have manually changed it but always remember that it will delete all user data from both drive C and E hence a backup of your data with the phone settings unticked or not selected is strongly recomended before hard resetting and also note and remember that after hard resetting always reinstall your firmware to avoid having an unstable device.
    Ngwangwa - Six Million Ways To Die Choose One

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    i don't understand why i cant log in to my fb account using mozilla but with googlechrome i am able to do that.. mozilla can load up the fb site but cannot log in to my fb account.. i am comfortable with using the mozilla as my browser.. pls help thanks

    hey thanks alot.. it helped me alot!! bring it on!!! cheers!!!

  • Re-install N97mini after hard-reset

    I already paid the Software by credit card and downloaded it directly on the mobile phone.
    Few days ago I had troubles with my phone and I couldn't start it anymore. After hard-reseting it, it worked again.
    Unfortunately all software is gone now.
    When I start the Adobe Reader mobile it says "10 days trial" version. Do I have to pay again?
    Thanks for your answer

    no you don't have to pay again absolutely, just download it again and insert the code received by mail
    Good luck

  • 8350i uncaught exception java.lang.NullPointerException after hard reset

    basic info:
    v4.6.1.204 (Platform
    Desktop Manager 4.7
    everything is good except that i've been using two batteries, one in the phone and one in a charger. when the phone's battery is almost drained i swap it with the charged one which of course causes a hard reset.
    this procedure was working well for at least a week or two until last month when i swapped batteries - after the hard reset i got
    uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
    i could make calls but all other software seemed corrupted... virtually nothing else worked... icons missing etc.
    tried all sorts of solutions but the only thing that fixed it was a full on device software erase/reload, then a data restore from previous backup. at the time i figured it was just a random thing and was glad to learn how to do a complete software reload.
    then yesterday it happened again (again, immediately at the end of the security check after hard reset). now i'm afraid to swap batteries because it would appear that every time i hard reset there is a 10% (my guess) chance of software corruption and a complete reload takes a significant amount of time.
    has anybody else noticed this? does anybody have a solution?
    can i swap batteries without a hard reset; i.e. swap while plugged into power? i haven't tried this yet for fear of causing my BB harm.
    any help is appreciated,
    john d.
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    Hello, John.
    Make selective backup as it is described here:
    Backup only information that you need.
    There is described the purpose of every database you can observe when you're doing the selective backup:
    When you have done selective backup do the following.
    On your device go to: Options - Security Options - General Settings
    Open menu and select "Wipe handheld"

  • Battery after hard reset on Lumia 800

    A few days ago i did a hard reset on my Lumia 800. Since that everything was great, the only reason why i did it, to restore the default settings. After that i updated the firmware to 12070 via Zune. Since that day, my phone doesn't really know how much  percentages are left from the battery. Sometimes It's showing a consant value for a long time, then suddenly begins to drain, and after a few it stops. It often happens, that it shows a value, and after an hour it shows a higher value (in percentage) than beforehand. 
    Today I let It to discharge to 0%, and then i pluged it to the charger. When the phone turned on, it showed me 5%.
    It's lifetime havent changed so spectacularly, but i guess its a bit shorter with the same usage.
    Is this behaviour normal after hard reset? 

    After update my lumia 800 is failing to recongnise earphone. It keeps playing music on speaker. If I restart my phone then for few mins it is playing music in earphone. But after few mins once again music playback is starting through speaker.
    what should be the problem? will hard reset solve this problem? If yes, how to hard reset nokia lumia 800.
    Thanks in adv,

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    After hard reset the time capsule is not found in airport even though i have reconnected in proper order - says backup disc not found

    Something is wrong because a hard reset will never leave the TC with green LED.
    What version TC.. what firmware??
    What OS on the computer?

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    I did a hard reset on the phone and now everything is going really slowly, especially messaging. Any solution please? Do I download new software and how?
    thank you.
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    Make sure there is nothing installing in the background at times after hard reset the phone tries to install some applications that was stored in the card, so wait for sometime or try installing applications on the phone removing the memory card.
    If a reply has solved your problem click Accept as solution button, doing it will help others know the solution. Thanks.

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    My 3GS has stopped playing any games even after hard reset. Touching the game icon, brings up the game screen but then immediately returns to the main menu.

    Hi there Casa_Pacifica,
    You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article below helpful.
    iPad: Basic troubleshooting
    -Griff W. 

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    Hello Nokia. M from India and new here... Plz help me. After hard resetting by three buttons (home,volume,camera) everything gone like ovi store,ovi maps, social,and many other apps in video and tv.and now when i m installing ovi store it says unable to install.. I also went to Nokia care center to reinstall the software bt still not ovi icon.plz help me
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    Hey Frnds Ovi Store Is Working.............yupppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Finally it installed on my c7 and n8 too......
    What should hv to do(for those whose ovi is unable to install):
    * just Format your phone via *#7370#
    * And after that no need to install any qt etc software,just check for SW update in your device.
    * And it will show an update of ovi store about 15 MB .
    * Thats it.
    why it was not showing an update before?
    ans. because i hv installed qt 4.7 and qt SW update wasn't showing any update.
    I will request admin to move this thread to Solution section...
    thanx to every one 4 repling

  • Plssss help i beg all of u after hard reset my iphone got stuck with an apple symbol i thought it will get on and now the battery got empty and pressing power on button it switch on showing red battery and gets off and also its not connecting to my l

    Re: plssss help i beg all of u after hard reset my iphone got stuck with an apple symbol i thought it will get on and now the battery got empty and pressing power on button it switch on showing red battery and gets off and also its not connecting to my la
    its not connecting y?i think its software got corrupted,i think i should charge it first with a battery charger and when apple logo appears i should connect with pc,but i dont know how 2 open the back cover and how 2 remove the battery,i phone battery is removable or not?i mean it is fiz or wot?

    Recharge.  Reset.  Restore.

  • Cant access phonebook on E51 after hard reset. HEL...

    hi due to some probs in phone, i had to hard reset it & now i'm having problem in accessing my contacts from the one touch key on phone or even after going inside the main menu. it shows the phone book for a second and then it vanishes from screen. any help please, having loads of problems due to it at work.
    i wondered if it was due to few themes i installed during christmas / new year but to clear myself on it, i deleted all of later installed themes..... the problem persists.
    Also, the phone at times works really slow now. any help on it also please.
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    In case of ur memory card there are different options available to you to get rid of the corrupt/unwanted data in your card.
    menu--installations--application manager--remove the unwanted application....... in ur case themes
    menu--tools--memory---options---format memory card......
    remember everything including ur factory installed apps will be deleted......... but u can always download them later either from nokia or google them...
    or insert ur card in any reader or laptop and check for virus and also the hidden folders....... if there is something left of the application then u will find it in the hidden folders and delete it.......
    Articles posted courtesy engadget
    keep us updated about the progress.... if u like wat I have to offer then click on khudos.

  • Wrt600n still can't login to router after factory reset

    Ok, so I reset the router but i still can't login to the setup using the factory password (admin/admin) (blank/admin) (admin/blank).   Now I have an unencrypted network and no access to the setup... I even tried using the setup CD but it doesn't recognize the router.   Anyone have this problem or know of a possible fix?
    thanks, Carl 
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    Its a very common problem. Generally peoples push reset button 10-15 sec for reset that it not good enough to return your router to factory setting. So hold the Cisoc Linksys wrt600n reset button this time at least 30-40 second. And try now for a new setting.
     I hope, it helps.
    Ask any question related with Cisco/Linksys......
    I am always available on this Cisco Community for help
    Mod Note: Link to 3rd party support removed.

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