Caps lock on Functionality in oracle apex4.1 on login page

How to implement Caps lock on Functionality in oracle apex4.1 on login page?
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Rohit,Thanks for prompt reply.
I have created on Display item named 'P1_CAPSLOCK',which will be enable instead of showing alert using following code.
<div class="ui-state-highlight ui-corner-all"> <table><tbody><tr><td> <span class="ui-icon ui-icon-alert"></span> </td><td> <p>Caps Lock is enabled.</p> </td></tr></tbody></table> </div>and have added following file in JS
<link type="text/css" href="/i/libraries/jquery-ui/1.8/themes/cupertino/jquery-ui.css" rel="stylesheet">and have updated your code as,
   var s = String.fromCharCode( e.which );
    if ( s.toUpperCase() == s && s.toLowerCase() != s && !e.shiftKey ) {
});now i wanna disable this display item same time when user off the caps lock key.Have sent you linkedin req.kindly accept.
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  • Oracle ADF Security Login page

    I am using oracle ADF (oracle Jdevelopr 11g release 2) in my job environment. There are 3000 users working as client level in our company. They have separated user Id and roles. They can change their passwords. There are expiration period for passwords which is handle by in database level. when the employees are going to terminate or retirement , we can control their login status. that mean we change their Active status as a Inactive status. some times we recruit number of emplooyes for cover our business targets. Their User Id also in database table level.
    My main problem is how we can handle number of employees using Oracle ADF security configuration.
    second one is how user can change their passwords.
    Third is how number of employees going to terminate ,handle their Active/Inactive State.
    Fourth one is If we use this Oracle Security system ,project managers or project cordinator or Adminstrator level authenticator must need to deploy time to time war file, because of adding removing users in jazn-data.xml.
    hoping help from you.Thanking for all.

    So, you can define SQLAuthenticator/SQLReadOnlyAuthenticator on Weblogic which will retrieve users from your db table(instead of jazn-data file) to application server.
    Then, in your application you can enable ADF Security and this will generate login page.
    And, this is it :)
    If you need some custom processing before users login to your app, then you can create custom login page and do whatever you want in Java code:
    But 11g has Database connection in Application Resource. Using that connection I need to log to the system using user's User iD and Password
    This connection is valid only in design time. When you deploy your application to application server, then you can include this connection in .ear file, or you can define Data Source on Weblogic(which is better approach).
    To programmatically retreive db connection, you can create utility method in your Application Module.

  • Why does caps lock on every time I open new blank page

    Every time I open a new blank page, the Capitalization switches on. It doesnt happen with the other pages I choose. Just the blank document page. This annoying habit continues as I start a new line, and sometimes the underline and Bold format pops on also. I have to keep going into the format header and keep switching them off. After a lot of experimenting, I believe this malfunction is what is screwing up my uploads to the web, by messing with the script. Has anyone encountered this problem or know how to fix it? It only happens with the darkroom template blank page which is the one that my site is built with. I've tried clearing the cache, rebooting ect.
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    The first two text boxes in the Darkroom page are all caps. But any new text box will be both upper and lower case. It's designed that way. If you want to use lower case then delete those boxes and add new ones in their place.
    You can try reinstalling iWeb but I don't think it will help. I'm on a new iMac and that's how the Darkroom theme works on all the pages. The top text box and the next one down.

  • Key board Caps Lock

    I can't get my caps lock to function. It will auto caps lock at the begining of each line and after a period. I can cap a letter but I double click and it wont turn blue and lock the cap on. Any ideas???

    Caps lock plus a few more goodies...
    Turn Auto-Capitalization on or off: Choose General > Keyboard and turn Auto-
    Capitalization on or off.
    By default, iPhone automatically capitalizes words after you type sentence-ending
    punctuation or a return character.
    Set whether caps lock is enabled: Choose General > Keyboard and turn Enable Caps
    Lock on or off.
    If caps lock is enabled and you double-tap the Shift key on the keyboard, all letters
    you type are uppercase. The Shift key turns blue when caps lock is on.
    Turn the ”.” shortcut on or off: Choose General > Keyboard and turn ”.” Shortcut on or
    The ”.” shortcut lets you double-tap the space bar to enter a period followed by a space
    when you’re typing. It is on by default.

  • Kotoeri Caps Lock modifier doesn't work after sleep

    I use Kotoeri Japanese input as my only input system, and under the Kotoeri preferences I have set Caps Lock key function to "When down input romaji". This allows me to keep the Caps Lock key down to type in English, and release it to type in Japanese. However, when I leave the Caps Lock on, close the lid of my MBP and re-open it, the input switches back to Japanese (but the Caps Lock light stays on). I have to double-toggle the Caps Lock to get back to romaji input. The problem also sometimes occurs if I just leave the machine to go to screensaver.
    Is this a bug? If not, does anyone know how I can stop this behaviour?

    Sounds like a bug, but if you know Japanese well you might also ask on the Japanese discussions:

  • Caps Lock & Keyboard error - Satellite L50-A-1F2

    Hi, everybody!
    Can anyone help me solving these problems with caps lock key?
    *1st problem:*
    In my Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1F2 the led on the caps lock key is always on.
    *2nd problem:*
    I have made some test using MS Word:
    when caps lock is not active, I can write without problems.
    when caps lock is active, I have problems with some keys (all in the same "column"): 3, D, E, C.
    When I press:
    3: I get the symbol "-"
    D: the cursor moves to the line below
    E: I get the or the TM symbols; sometimes it activates Intel Graphic Panel
    C: the cursor moves to the begin of the first line.
    Thank you in advance for you help!

    Usually the CAPS LOCK button function could be enabled and disabled pressing the same button once again.
    If this isnt possible, Im afraid this could be a hardware problem.
    But new Toshiba notebooks support special feature called special function key mode.
    This mode allows you to use the FN keys without pressing the additional FN button.
    I dont know if this mode could affect the CAPS LOCK functionality but its definitely worth a check.
    However, I would recommend you to connect external keyboard and to check if the same CAPS LOCK problems would appear. In case the external USB keyboard would work properly, the CAPS LOCK issue is related to internal keyboard malfunction.

  • Started with reversed caps lock, now.....

    Yesterday while working in Word, my caps lock reversed function as well as num-lock. Shutting down and restarting seems to have fixed most of the problems but now to dim my screen or change the volume, I need to press the fn key in combination with the appropriate F-key. Also num-lock key won't function. Any ideas...?

    Sounds like to need to do a bit of maintenance.
    Repairing permissions is important, and should always be carried out both before and after any software installation or update.
    Go to Disk Utility (this is in your Utilities Folder in your Application folder) and click on the icon of your hard disk (not the one with all the numbers).
    In First Aid, click on Repair Permissions.
    This only takes a minute or two in Tiger, but much longer in Leopard.
    Background information here:
    and here:
    An article on troubleshooting Permissions can be found here:
    By the way, you can ignore any messages about SUID or ACL file permissions, as explained here:
    If you were having any serious problems with your Mac you might as well complete the exercise by repairing your hard disk as well. You cannot do this from the same start-up disk. Reboot from your install disk (holding down the C key). Once it opens, select your language, and then go to Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. Select your hard disk as before and click Repair.
    Once that is complete reboot again from your usual start-up disk.

  • HT1192 caps lock function does not work after latest update

    Hi there,
    I have a Macbook 13" Early 2011 and recently after updating my operating system to Mac OS X 10.7.4, i have found that the caps lock button isn't functioning.
    At present if i hold or press the button, it is failing to light up or function at all.
    Is there a fix for this issue, as i have read that there was an update by Apple to stop accidental pressing of this key, however not being able to access its function at all seems to be unusual.
    Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated,

    My Macbook Pro Early 2011 15"  (base model) did this to me last night.
    I did a PRAM Reset, the generic "Cure All Procedure" for Macs. It worked after, but I noticed that the button had to be pressed at just the right angle and with enough pressure. The light would come on and off and Caps Lock functions properly. Continued as normal.
    I put the computer to sleep by simply closing the lid, and then put myself to sleep as well.
    This morning, just before I came on here, my computer would NOT wake from sleep (a whole other issue). Would not wake up by pressing the power button. So I had to do a hard reset, hold the power button down, and press it again after...grrr I never feel good being forced to do this.
    Anyways long story a little bit shorter, I restarted my computer and low-and-behold the Cap Lock is not working again. No Bueno, Cupertino.
    No, sorry, no liquid damage on the keys, and I don't have kids, nor share my computer with anyone but myself.
    Its one of the few things that bug me about this computer. The other is the issue of the computer not being able to wake from sleep. Too often.
    Simply Because, perfect timing after the years original warranty, you will experience problems. After all, they do want you to be a repeat customer. IYKWIM

  • Is there a cap lock function on the iPod touch?

    Is there a cap lock function on the i-pod touch? I don't see a way to do it.

    Hello mdgm,
    First ensure that Caps Lock is enabled by going to *Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Caps Lock*.
    When this feature is enabled, you can then use Caps Lock by double-tapping the Shift key on the keyboard.

  • 2009 Aluminum Keyboard caps lock light not functioning

    I bought my wireless keyboard in February 2010 and it works but lately the caps lock light has not been coming on when I hit the caps lock key. I took it to a local Apple Specialist to try to figure out what is going on and it of course worked when he paired it to his machine.
    I got it back home and re-paired it to my mini (2009 2.25 mhz intel) and it worked for the day... now it is not functioning again. I unpaired the keyboard and re-paired it again and the light functions again for the time being. But if it holds to pattern, tomorrow it will be non-functioning again.
    I have the latest update for the keyboard installed and I am at Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on the system.
    It appears that if the keyboard goes to sleep, this phenomenon happens. Any ideas?

    I think that re-pairing the keyboard does essentially the same thing as restarting the machine would do with regards to resetting the keyboard. I did replace the batteries today just to see if that would help. -- so far, the light is working still and the keyboard has been asleep for a couple of hours since I replaced the batteries. They showed 81% when I replaced them this morning.
    I would like to know if this is a common problem. The keyboard always works, just the caps lock light stops working which is annoying for me because I tend to hit it by accident and the light is a good way to see that I did, in fact, hit the key.
    I am marking the question as answered, but hopefully someone has a real fix for it, or Apple has a new firmware update coming soon

  • Apple AL Bluetooth Keyboard - Tab, Caps Lock, Function and Control keys just stopped working

    Hi All -
    All of a sudden I get on my baby, 27" iMac OSX 10.6 and the some keys on the bluetooth keyboard do not work. Specifially the Tab, Caps Lock, Function and Control keys. I'm fine with the caps lock gone (why is it there?) but the others are useful.
    I've searched all over for a solution but I haven't found one. Tried to upgrade the firmware which is fine, reset the PRAM done, checked the speech per apple support nadda.
    Please help.

    Go to System preferances > Universal Access > Mouse or Mousie and trackpad > and turn your Mouse keys off.
    Then disconnect and reconnect your keyboard.
    Note that you don't open your mouse under hardware in System Preferances, this is for a whole different group of settings
    Hope This helps

  • Inverted Caps Lock Function

    Got an annoying matter for you:
    Two month ago my MBP ('11) started this akward behaviour:
    The Caps-Lock key is inverted, it works, but just the other way around, lit evokes lower case letters, not lit makes me type in capital letters.
    Already tried a PRAM reset, no improvement.
    Is there anyone out there having this issue? Or someone who knows how to solve it?

    This kind of behavior sometimes happens when using VMWare.
    You have already tried Reset PRAM.
    Reset SMC. Give it try. Nothing to lose.
    Next best thing to do is to visit Genius Bar.

  • Num + caps lock on MBP 17"

    I reinitialized a MBP from the recovery DVD.
    At the very beginning of the process num + caps lock lighted up and remained so through the complete installation. I did not touch them before and during the installation
    After the installation war finishet, I found out the both functions would work in reverse mode, meaning:
    num is on = the keyboard works normally
    num is off = I can enter the numbers only
    caps lock is on = keyboard works the normal way
    caps loc is of = only uppercase characters show when typing
    Maybe this is an old question.
    The mbp had been initialized after purchase by its first owner (from which I purchased it) and it worked normally when I checked it before purchasing it.
    Any idea?

    Have you tried resetting your PRAM (KB) or the PMU (KB)?

  • How can i bind something to caps lock in AwesomeWM?

    Recently i've aquired new notebook which doesn't have caps_lock, num_lock and scroll_lock LEDs, so i decided to put keyboard layout indicator to system tray.
    Currently i am using Xorg config to set XkbLayout and XkbOptions (like so ).
    I tried first widget from but soon realized that it does not detect layout change in any way, so i would like to bind kbdcfg.switch function to caps_lock, but i can't find any documentation on binding something to caps_lock.
    Also i've noticed a strange thing, when i change my layout with this function i am unable to use shortcuts that use latin letters. They are obviously remapped to by сyrillic, but they do work if i change my layout with caps_toggle. Why do the work with caps_toggle, and how can i make them work with kbdcfg.switch?

    blin wrote:
    filam wrote:Is there a reason you're not using xmodmap? You may also want to read the Extra Keyboard Keys in Xorg article.
    The only reason i have for not using xmodmap is, i don't understand how it can help me, with the task i have. The other article didn't help me either.
    Did you read the "How to find capslock status?" thread?
    blin wrote:Is suspect the answer is not what you want because your question is not very clear. I understand that you have a keyboard that is lacking certain keys. What is it that you want to achieve? Let some key act as capslock?
    I had to read the OP twice to understand it. I didn't notice that he wrote "LED" in the first sentence. What he wants is for his Awesome status bar to display the current activity (i.e. on/off) of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys. He does not need to remap any keys.
    Edit: Check Retrieving CAPS LOCK info using Xlib or just do a Google search for "linux caps lock status -map -disable".
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  • I need to reprogram the delete and enter key to the left side of a external keyboard for the ipad mini. don't need the caps/lock or ctrl key and due to an injury my daughter can only use her left hand to type. She is using a text to speech app to verbaliz

    I need to reprogram the delete and enter key to the left side of a external keyboard for the ipad mini. I don't need the caps/lock or ctrl key. Due to a brain injury my daughter can only use her left hand to type. She also uses a text to speech app to verbalize all of her needs since her speech isn't intelligible any longer either. And her vision was significantly affected also, so the keyboard has to be mounted about 6 inches from her face. So to reach across the keyboard with her left hand to the right side delete and enter button is physically difficult and causes typing errors, which cause people to not understand what shes trying to say.
    The best keyboard so far is the Zagg folio mini. I just had to make stickers to enlarge the letters on the key buttons.
    Does anyone know how I can reprogram these two keys? Or where I can buy a wireless mini keyboard for Ipad made for lefthanders with these two functions on the left side. I have searched for days and days. It's sooooo important to me that she be able to contribute her voice again. Imagine if you got in a car accident and couldn't speak clearly any longer, but understood everything still. Thanks for any help and suggestions you all take the time to share with me. I really appreciate the kindness of strangers to help me help my daughter.
    Sami's mom

    Sami\'s mom wrote:
    I need to reprogram the delete and enter key to the left side of a external keyboard for the ipad mini.
    You cannot.

Maybe you are looking for