Captureing dvd to final cut

i need to capture my own DVD's in to final cut just small clips is there a programme that i can get to rip these dvd's? i foolishly didnt keep the original film clips! ive been told there is one that works with FCP but i carnt find it

You could use MPEG Stream Clipper...

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  • How to transfer from DV tape to DVD through final cut studio?

    I would like to take a my 1hr presentation tape from dv format to DVD, without capturing in to final cut pro then exporting to DVD studio and burning a disk. Can I do this?

    If you forgo the DVD recorder solution, it doesn't matter which program you capture with ... ALL programs will capture in real time. So if you have a one hour tape, it will take an hour to capture in FCP. It will take an hour to capture in iMovie. It will take an hour to capture in FCE. It will take an hour to capture with QT Pro. It will take one hour to capture with CatDV.
    Capturing in FCP will add no more time to the process than any other program used for capturing.
    Once it's captured, then it will need to be encoded, authored and burned.
    If the goal is to save time, the DVD recorder would be the quickest method. But the OP didn't state his goals.

  • Family Videos on DVD into Final Cut Express and external hard drive?

    I have family videos that were transferred from video tape to DVD. I now want to get the DVDs into Final Cut express to make movies.
    1. I am using mpeg streamclip -- what format is best to save to disk to work with FC express? DV or QT? Other?
    2. Is it faster to use an external drive (firewire) or the main hard drive of my computer? I have an iMac (intel, very first one) as well as a recent macbook pro 2.33 GHz core duo)
    3. I have an external fantom drive (1 TB) that I had connected to an airport extreme, and used briefly with user login as a central server. I now want to connect this to my iMac, but with some files I get "error code 0" when I try to copy them over, and others will work. I had hoped to keep all of the dVD files which I anticipate will be large on this drive. Anyone know what this means? I do also have a 500 GB G drive which works perfectly, but I suspect is not as fast.
    Thanks to anyone who can help. I am new at this and excited about making the movie, but not about the learning curve -- had been proficient with iMovie until the new version came out.

    I don't know how new you are to Streamclip but there are 2 DVs and the one you want is got via QuickTime as Tom said.
    When you drop your DVD files onto Streamclip and go up to the File Menu you will find "Export to QuickTime" and "Export to DV".
    The second one, I believe, is for iMovie but for FCE you click "Export to QuickTime" and in the window that opens you alter the "Compression" setting from "Apple Motion JPEG A" to "Apple DV-PAL" or "Apple DV/DVCPRO-NTSC" as appropriate.
    You can usually leave all the other settings alone, click "Make Movie" and wait !

  • Is it possible to create DVD Templates with Motion for burning Blue Ray DVDs from Final Cut Pro X?

    Is it possible to create DVD Templates with Motion for burning Blue Ray DVDs from Final Cut Pro X?

    As far as I know, motion templates can only be used with DVD Studio Pro. FCP X only lets you add a background image to the DVD menu.

  • When exporting to a DVD from Final Cut Pro X, what settings are there to make sure you making the highest quality DVD possible?

    When exporting to a DVD from Final Cut Pro X, what settings are there to make sure you making the highest quality DVD possible?

    There have been a lot of recent reports of difficulties sharing to DVD, but haven't been hearing about unreadable disks. Posibly there was an encoding error. Or it could have been bad media (blank disk).
    Does it play in your Mac?
    What brand of disks are you using?

  • Burning a DVD with Final Cut Pro 10 stops at 95%, why ?

    Burning a DVD with Final Cut Pro X stops at 95%, why ?

    Stops completely? Mine stopped at 95% for quite a few minutes then finished.  This is usually the time in the process where the lead out is being burned and it will not show progress for some time.  If it is taking more than 10 to 15 minutes from that point you may have another problem.

  • Trouble burning DVD in Final Cut Pro X (stops at 66%)

    I have been trying to burn a DVD on Final Cut Pro 10.1.4, but I find that it always stops the burning process at 66%.  An error does not pop up; it just simply stops at the same place every time.  I have tried burning different projects of different lengths, I have tried updating Final Cut, I've restarted the computer, and multiple other things that I've seen others have said worked for them, but every time it always stops at 66%.  I have been able to burn about 6 or 7 DVDs successfully before this problem started happening, but now I can't get a single one to work. 
    I seen where some said that this was a common problem in Final Cut when FCP X will hand the job to Create Disc to actually start the burn process, but I don't know how to fix it.
    I've tried so many different processes to make it work; could someone please help!

    Thank you for the reply!  I've been trying to burn each disk without an image for the menu, but I actually even seen where someone had said just to go into it and add a small picture for the background and then delete it and then hit share and that might get it to work. I've tried doing that multiple times, and it hasn't made a difference.  It still stops at 66%.   I didn't know if there was anything else I could try that might fix it.

  • How do i burn a dvd using final cut pro x

    how do i burn a dvd using final cut pro x?

    Use the Share button at the far right end of the Toolbar or File>Share>DVD.

  • Opening log and capture shuts down final cut pro

    Hi, I am using final cut pro 5.1 and when I open my log and capture window, the final cut pro instantly shuts down. I just upgraded to 10.4.10. Would that be the problem?
    Also, now it doesn't pick up my deck connection via firewire to my sony dsr-11 pal deck.
    Everything was working fine before.
    any advice?

    Have you updated all the way to FCP 5.1.4? (or the latest version of 5.1)?
    Also, after a system update, trashing the FCP Prefs can usually help out any instability. FCP Rescue makes that nice and easy.

  • I am having an issue burning DVDs on Final Cut Pro X. After 15 minutes, I get a QuickTime Error:0. Anybody have a solution to this?

    I am having an issue burning DVDs on Final Cut Pro X. After 15 minutes, I get a QuickTime Error:0. Anybody have a solution to this?

    I'm sure the pros will be along to ask what your settings are.  Although this may not be exactly helpful, I did find compressor to be much more robust for burning DVDs.  This could partially be because it includes a template to convert you movie into correct DVD format.  I was quite pleased with the outcome after multiple failed attempts using FCPX alone.

  • Importing a m2v file, or a dvd into final cut

    What the best (less compression on video only) way to import a movie of a dvd in final cut pro 5.0.4 and 5.1 . Will fcp import a m2v file. If any other software in involved, let me know. What the settings in the timeline set? Would it matter if the dvd was widescreen or 4:3 in the setting for sequences? Thankyou for reading this and any responces will be helpful.. E.

    I am using the mpeg streamclip. for a 2 hour movie, and the export of hdv 60i, its taking over three hours and its at 60 percent. is that normal for the export setting? Also, i tried to rip the dvd staraight into the mpeg streamclip, but was having trouble. I had allready rip it in the m2v file and imported that into mpeg streamclip and it works. Is there a way i can skip that step and go directly in mpeg streamclip.

  • URGENT HELP Burning DVD from Final Cut Pro

    I have a video due to buyers bye wednesday. If anyone knows how to take the movie I made and burn it to a DVD, please let me know as soon as you can. It wont let me export it to iDVD and when I try to "print to video" my camcorder only picks up the sound and not the video. I need help PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone. Zack

    For exporting to iDVD, chose FILE>EXPORT>QUICKTIME MOVIE (not quicktime conversion). Select SELF CONTAINED and USE TIMELINE SETTINGS. Then import this file into iDVD and when you click BURN, it will compress it to the DVD format for you.
    As for the Print to Video issue, look at the following list to see if it is one of these:
    Shane's Stock Answer #8:
    A simple path is mac > firewire > camera or deck > rca cables > tv
    Then start up your camera and tv, then open fcp.
    Then go View > External video > all frames
    Video playback should be Apple firewire NTSC (If you are using an NTSC set)
    Audio playback should be Audio follows Video
    Techinially, this should send synched video to your TV
    If for some reason you can't view your timeline on your external monitor, there are a few things to try:
    1) Make sure that the camera/deck is connected and powered on BEFORE you open FCP.
    2) In the Final Cut Pro menu select AUDIO/VIDEO Preferences and make sure your signal is being sent out thru Firewire DV.
    3) Go to the menu and select VIEW>EXTERNAL>ALL FRAMES.
    4) Click in the % box above the image and select FIT TO WINDOW.
    5) Go to VIEW->refresh A/V devices
    6) Make sure the Log & Capture window is closed
    If you want it to play in both the canvas and the external monitor you need to go to the FINAL CUT PRO menu and select AUDIO/VIDIO settings and make sure MIRROR ON DESKTOP is selected under the PLAYBACK OUTPUT section
    For all the stock answers, click on this link:
    Shane Ross, "Stock Answers", 03:58pm Jan 13, 2005 CDT

  • Imprting a theme from i dvd to final cut 5

    i have been trying to make an avi of an i dvd theme to import it into final cut 5. i think there are cool themes. is there any way of doing it?

    I do all my capturing with iMovie because FCE wont see my camera. But rather then do the XML share I just go to the Movie folder where the video is captured and drag in the clip that I want.

  • How to down load dvds into final cut to edit a show reel

    I want to edit sections videos of my theatre work, that I only have in DVD format, into a show reel. I have Final Cut Express, a lacie external hard drive, a G4 power book, a digital video camera, Backup... I have successfully copied the video files, but Final Cut does not recognise them. Backup fails every time. Perhaps I need extra software to get the job done. Help.

    You can search this forum for more info on this .. you should get lots of posts
    But, briefly, you need to convert these MPEG2 (DVD) files to something FCE understands (DV)
    To do this you can use programs like dvXdvd or MPEG Streamclip (to use this one you need the Apple MEPG2 playback component)
    Or: You can hook a DVD player to your DV cam via S-VHS/RCA connecters and hook the cam via firewire to your puter and capture that into FCE
    No matter how you do this, be aware that there will be some quality loss

  • Going from DVD to final cut

    Hey guys, i really need more help here, i need to know how to get a dvd, that i made on idvd, back into a form that can be put in to final cut hd 4.5. If there is a way to do this, please let me know. Thanks a lot everyone.

    From a quality standpoint, you'd be better off capturing from the original tapes. However, if they're no longer available, you have two ways to get DVD footage into FCP:
    1. Use a program (like DVDxDV) to rip and convert the footage to an editable format, then import those into FCP.
    2. Connect a DVD player to your DV device and capture as you would any other non-controllable video source.

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