Carry out modification comparison for REPS  first.No changes possible.

Hi all,
      Can anybody help me out. I am new to upgrade project. I have made all the adjustments in SPAU, but left out with one object.
     I have chosen reset to original for this object. When I want to add  some custom code. It is not allowing me to do so throwing an error saying that " The object is still in upgrade mode." . It is not locked under transport #, but it is stored in smodilog table under my name.
     I am not able to see this object even in SPAU transaction, to correct my actions.
Thank You in Advance,

Hi Rajneesh,
please have a look at following link and get a key from SSCR:

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  • Carry out modification comparison for J_1BV45A first. No changes possible

    Hi, every expert,
    when I change the object J_1BV45A,  It appears the error as below:
    "Carry out modification comparison for J_1BV45A first. No changes possible
    Message no. EU 526
    You are trying to edit an SAP object which has already been changed or enhanced in the current system.
    A new version of this object, changed by SAP, has been imported into the system with a Release upgrade.
    The new SAP version has not been reconciled with the modified version.
    System Response
    The system will deny access in change mode or enhancement mode until the objects have been reconciled.
    Run the modification adjustment (SPAU) for the object. If the object is supported by the Modification Assistant, you can adjust it by clicking the stoplight."
    I don't know how to use SPAU to adjust it ?  and I donn't know where is the tab 'stoplight'.
    Anyone could help me how to resolve it ?
    Best Regards,

    Dear Michael,
    Could you please tell us that in recent days have you upgraded patch of any SAP component in your system? Please check in your system is there any SAP Note in inconsistent status in your system. You can see the status in tcode SNOTE.
    As per suggessted by Ruchit , please take the help of ABAPers & resolve the issue.
    Let us know the status.
    Thank You.
    Kind Regards,
    Rafikul Hussain

  • Message "Carry out modification comparison... No Change possible" and SPAU

    I'm trying to manually implement SAP note 1400194 and 1428579 both need to amend the Include RPCP45GD.
    Every time you try and open the Include in edit mode  to apply the changes manually you get the message
    "Carry out modification comparison for REPS RPCP45GD first. No Change possible"
    So I run SPAU... but the object  RPCP45GD does not exist in SPAU so I can't do a modification comparison on something that's not there !
    Any ideas how I should proceed ?
    cheers Hugh

    Modification assistant is on, otherwise SPAU would not work...
    Activated object but had no effect...
    However I did find a note in SPAU that was unreleased that related to another note that seemed to change the include I am looking at. This may be the reason why it's locked.
    SAP's modification assistant is about as useful as a hole in  the head !

  • Carry out modification comparison for FUNC J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALC_EXC_BASE

    Dear all,
                   i have a concern,i have to implement a user exit in tcode j1iin in the FM J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALC_EXC_BASE .now when i try to bring in change mode it says
    Carry out modification comparison for FUNC J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALC_EXC_BASE first. No changes possible do i do the modification comparision. i have checked with SPAU and SE95 tcodes but iam unable to compare.please can anyone provide brief explanation and help?
    Thanks in advance,

    naren wrote:
    > Dear all,
    >                i have a concern,i have to implement a user exit in tcode j1iin in the FM J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALC_EXC_BASE .now when i try to bring in change mode it says
    > Carry out modification comparison for FUNC J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALC_EXC_BASE first. No changes possible
    > do i do the modification comparision. i have checked with SPAU and SE95 tcodes but iam unable to compare.please can anyone provide brief explanation and help?
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Naren
    Hi  ,.
    Once You go to SE95 Give the package name as  - J1I2 and Execute .
    If some Note has been applied for the package (Whcih Contains your FM) then it will show following nodes
    Note Corrections
    With Modification Assistant
    Without Modification Assistant
    So you need to find under whcih node Your update for FM exits .It must be Visible in red .
    Now goto Menubar >>Goto >>Modification Adjustment .
    once you adjust ,the FM should become Editable .

  • Modification Comparison for SAP object

    When we try to modify the program /DBM/MT_TILL_FUNC_D2063, reports the following message
    u201CCarry out modification comparison for REPS /DBM/MT_TILL_FUNC_D2063 first. No changes possibleu201D
    We just update our DSAP BM 6.00 system to service pack  SAPK-60007INDBM from SAPK-60005INDBM.
    Before this update was made, we were able to modify the programs, and there was not necessary for a registration key, know on it is necessary to input this key, we input the key from the marketplace,  but still we canu2019t modify it.
    We already try to do the recommendation mentioned, but the object doesn't show in the browser panel.
    What can I do to resolve this issue?
    Alvaro Corpeno

    Hello Alvaro
       This message is caused because there is/are some object locking the object DBM/MT_TILL_FUNC_D2063 . So to check what action is necessary to take to do so you need to check if the objects are notes or just reuqests:
        - Transaction SE16
        - Table SMODILOG
        - List all entries for object DBM/MT_TILL_FUNC_D2063
        - There you will see for each record field OPERATION
        - Check all entries that contains OPERATION = 'NOTE'
        - On field MOD_NAME you can check the note number - last 4 digits are note version
        - Upload this note via SNOTE transaction.
        - This action will update system entries and unlock the object
    Kind regards
    Carlos Machado

  • Carry out new pricing for SO

    Hi Guys,
    Is there any function module/BAPI to carry out new pricing for sales order.
    Somehow my BDC for VA02 is not working and
    my bdc does only carrying out new pricing for that order.
    This I want to replace with BAPI.
    Could you please help me in this regard

    An alternative solution is to use the BAPI to make a general CHANGE to the sales order and let the user exit take care of the repricing.
    Calling program :
      ls_order_header_inx-updateflag = 'U'.
        ls_logic_switch-pricing = 'C'.
        ld_bapi_reprice = 'C'.
    Memory ID is read in MV45AFZB, form USEREXIT_NEW_PRICING_VBKD
        EXPORT ld_bapi_reprice TO MEMORY ID 'Z_BAPI_REPRICE'.
                  salesdocument    = p_vbeln
                  order_header_inx = ls_order_header_inx
                  logic_switch     = ls_logic_switch
                  return           = gt_return.
        READ TABLE gt_return INTO ls_return
        WITH KEY type = 'E'.
        IF sy-subrc NE 0.
                    wait = ''. " No wait between orders
          ls_error-vbeln = p_vbeln.
          ls_error-text =  ls_return-message.
          APPEND  ls_error TO gt_error.
    DATA : ld_bapi_reprice TYPE knprs.
    Memory ID is exported from program ZPSF_01_TOOLKIT_F01
      IMPORT ld_bapi_reprice FROM MEMORY ID 'Z_BAPI_REPRICE'.
      IF NOT ld_bapi_reprice IS INITIAL
      AND sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
        new_pricing = ld_bapi_reprice.

  • How to carry out license measurement for PLM Content Server

    Can anyone guide us on how the License measurement will work in case we have deployed the content server on a separte hardware box with AIX and Oracle

    The database is MaxDB and not oracle as mentioned.

  • Pivot Table, "Insert Page Break After Each Item" Setting Only Works for the First Item Change

    I have a flattened pivot table generated from Powerpivot and I would like to insert a page break for each change in the row item.
    When I use the pivot table Field Settings>Insert Page Break After Each Item, Excel inserts the first page break then returns to normal pagination for the rest of the output.
    Is there another setting required to maintain the page breaks after the item change?

    We are experiencing the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

  • Changed out Quadro 4000 for GTX 770 - no change in performance

    I had to reformat and reinstall Windows 7 and my CC apps last week, and I'd been planning on changing out my nVidia Quadro 4000 for a GTX 770, mainly for the boost in CUDA cores, figuring from all that I've read over the years that there should be a boost in render and export performance in Premiere Pro.
    Today I did the swap out. Just prior to pulling the Quadro, I noted the render time for a timeline that I was working on. I deleted all previews and cleaned the media cache, and rendered the timeline. which took 1:12. I also exported to a 720P(matching my sequence size) H.264 YouTube profile with Max Quality and Max Depth set. That took 5:28.
    I installed the PNY GTX 770 4GB ('Enthusiast Edition', I must add), and performed the same tests. The results? No difference. At all. With all factors remaining the same, I'd assumed that the increase in CUDA cores would have boosted performance some, actually a lot.
    Have I been misreading all of the advice both here and elsewhere on CUDA performance?

    Hi sebrame,
    You probably would not notice much difference between the two GPUs because exporting is primarily a CPU intensive process. Please check out this blog post: -pro.html
    You may need to adjust your expectations.

  • Focus point grouping for 6D with firmware change possible?

    Does anyone know if it is possible with a firmware update to create an option to use just the center 9 focus points?  This would make it similar to the 7D center group.  I think this would be useful for some action shots.  This might be one feature that may help me commit to Canon for my next camera.  I am currently looking to upgrade to fullframe, but Canon seems to have taken out one feature too many in the 6D and leaves me stuck in the middle.  I don't know whether to jump ship and  and hassle with selling my beautiful 70-200 II zoom and the rest of the gear.  As a consumer, I still like the option of a flash in certain bright background situations.  Thanks.

    I'm afraid you'll have to go to 7D or 5DIII to get Zone Focus or Expansion Points such as you want to use. 6D doesn't have it and I really doubt it ever will... that would be a pretty radical change to try to do via firmware... might not even be possible. But, hey, I'm no expert on writing firmware and some people manage to do some interesting camera hacks (search for Magic Lantern, for example).
    But frankly, I shoot subjects like you want to shoot with just a Single Point most of the time with my 7Ds. Before that I did pretty much the same with 50D, 30D, and 10D. It takes some practice, but is the best way to insure focus is right where you want it as consistently as possible. Some days I take a couple thousand images and, with 7D and it's very quick AF, typically 97 or 98 percent are correctly focused, and I figure most of the missed focus shots are my fault, not the camera's. I had a few more missed focus with 50D and earlier, but still managed upward of 90 percent most of the time (when I was in practice).  
    I only use the Zone and Expansion modes occasionally on 7D. Mostly when the subject is large or is against a plain or very distant background. Otherwise the camera still might choose to focus using the wrong point.
    The 5D Mark II has a form of expansion points, but it's done with 6 "hidden" Assist Points that aren'tt shown in the viewfinder, are clustered right around the center point, and only work in AI Servo mode. It's sort of as if the entire Spot Metering circle is one bid AF point. Unfortunately, this only moderately helps the 5DII with AI Servo/moving subjects. Tracking moving subjects just isn't the 5DII's forté. Only three of it's AF points  are the "better" dual axis type (the visible center one and two of the hidden ones). The rest (8 visible and four more hidden ones) are single axis... some horizontal, some vertical. Heck, all nine of your 50D's AF points are dual axis type, so to some extent it has a better sports/action focus system than the 5DII. I'm not knocking the 5DII, it's a great camera for other things.... just not so much for sports/action shooting.
    On 7D, 5DIII the difference between Zone Focus and Expansion is that in Zone any of the points or even multiple points can be the "starting point" for focusing. In other words, it's like one large focusing point that will pick up on whatever object covered by any of the points is closest (like a smaller version of All Points/Auto Selection). In Expansion you choose a single "starting point", but the camera can switch to using one of the adjacent points if you don't keep the starting point on the subject.
    I'd recommend 7D... there are some other advantages to using a crop camera for sports, as well. It's sort of like having a "free" 1.6X teleconverter and, since a lot of sports photography is done with telephoto lenses, a cropper helps leverage your longer lenses for all they're worth. For example, I use a 300/4 IS on 7D a lot for sports, easily handheld. If I were using any of the full frame models, to fill the viewfinder the same way I'd have to get out the 500/4 iS and a solid tripod to put it on (or at least a monopod).
    Yes, it's got higher frame rate, too... Though to be honest I try to avoid using it too much... 8fps fills up memory cards and hard drives fast... and can mean a lot more time spent sitting at a computer editing the results. I found 7D an excellent upgrade from 50D. The 7D has very fast AF, ideal for AI Servo work... It's got a discrete chip handling AF, much like the 1D series have. AFAIK, 6D and 5DIII don't have that.
    Alan Myers
    San Jose, Calif., USA
    "Walk softly and carry a big lens."
    GEAR: 5DII, 7D(x2), 50D(x3), some other cameras, various lenses & accessories

  • Modification Comparison - No Changes Possible

    I have a program which has been modified (SAPLRSM1) with the implementation of a SAP note 987566.  This has made a change which has appended two parameters to an include, which is giving a syntax error.
    SAP Note 990672 looks to fix the problem by removing one of the parameters, but I cannot implement this note as it seems to be obsolete, and has the status Implementation Status: Cannot be implemented .
    I know exactly where the error is in the code and in the short term want to comment out the parameter which is giving me an issue, but when I go to change the include, I get the message:
    Carry out modification comparison for CPUB CL_RSCRT_RDA_TOOLS first. No changes possible
    I have ran the modification comparison, but I do not get any further options.
    Could somebody tell me where I am going worng and whether it is possible for me to make this change in this way.
    We have SAP helping with some work which we are doing on our new 2004's box, but I need to get this part working urgently.

    Dear Michael,
    Could you please tell us that in recent days have you upgraded patch of any SAP component in your system? Please check in your system is there any SAP Note in inconsistent status in your system. You can see the status in tcode SNOTE.
    As per suggessted by Ruchit , please take the help of ABAPers & resolve the issue.
    Let us know the status.
    Thank You.
    Kind Regards,
    Rafikul Hussain

  • Modification comparison in SE95

    We are in the process of patch upgrading. After the Upgrade we have applied lot of notes. While applying some manual changes IT ask us to carry out modification comparison first, and it not allowing us to do modification.
    It advise to do modification comparison thru T-Code SE95, pl. help me how to proceed further

    The Modification Browser
    An overview of all modifications and enhancements found in your system can be displayed from the ABAP Workbench choosing the function Overview ® Modification Browser (SE95). You can also display an overview from the Repository Browser using Environment ® Modification Browser.
    The following selection screen appears, where you can input selections that limit what the Modification Browser outputs:
    Standard selections can be made on the upper half of the selection screen by entering the person who last changed the object, the number of a transport request or the package. If you enter the number of a transport request into the field Last transport request, the system displays only those objects of the request which were not modified in requests created at a later date. If you insert the request number in the field Request/Task, the system displays all modified objects of the object list.
    You can use the  Note Assistant to import notes into your system and apply the correction instructions contained therein. In the Modification Browser, you can expand a subtree below each note which contains the objects involved in the note correction.
    Standard objects that are supported by the Modification Assistant during modification or upgrade can be displayed using the With Modification Assistant checkbox. All other objects are listed under the Without Modification Assistant category. This category also contains all objects that were modified in the current SAP System before the Modification Assistant was introduced.
    Business Add-Ins provide you with an overview of all enhancements and modifications undertaken in your system. Further information on this way to create enhancements can be found in the section on Business Add-Ins.
    Appends can be  append structures,  append views or  append search helps.
    As on the Display Options tab, you can restrict the display of objects modified or reset using specific criteria on the Reset Objects tab.
    Once you have made your selections, the system takes you to the Modification Browser overview.
    The Color key pushbutton displays a list of what certain highlighting colors mean within the Modification Browser.
    Modifications to programs that cannot be assigned to a modularization unit (for example additional fields or comment lines preceding a subroutine) are displayed in the node External modularization units.
    You can branch directly to ABAP Workbench tools from the Modification Browser display by placing your cursor on a specific object and choosing Display or Change.
    Changes cannot be made to objects currently being adjusted.
    You can also undo modifications from the Modification Browser by placing your cursor on a specific object and choosing Reset to original. Further information can be found in the section Resetting to the Original.
    The Reset to original function can also be used with objects that were modified without the help of the Modification Assistant. Using this function causes the object to be deleted from the modification overview. If no original is available for the object, it is now treated as an SAP original (modifications may, however, be lost during upgrade).
    If new complete objects (programs, function groups, and so on) are created, the corresponding transport object is added to the transport request. If function modules are deleted or view maintenance modules are generated, the associated function group is added to the transport request. In these cases, the Created/Generated node in the Modification Browser is displayed below the associated complete object.
    Objects that have yet to be adjusted also show up in the Modification Browser and are highlighted in color. The objects displayed are compared during an upgrade or when a support package is imported in transaction SPAU by choosing Utilities ® Maintenance ® Upgrade utilities ® Program compare. Read the following sections for more information.
    SPDD and SPAU are the transaction that are used after the upgrade for modification. SPDD is for adjusting the DDIC changes and SPAU is for all other repository objects like programs etc.
    *Reward points

  • Modification comparison

    We are upgrading from 4.5b to 4.7.
    Whilst attempting to apply a SAP note, the message 'carry out modification comparison first. No changes possible' is received when attempting to modify a standard SAP program.
    Any suggestions how to overcome this?

    Hi Kevin.
    Have you run transaction SPAU prior to your attempt of changing the SAP program?
    Sounds like the program has been modified before and now a sap version of the program has been delivered. Before changing the program again, the system wants you to decide what to do with your old modifications.
    Hope this helps, Kathrin!

  • Need exit/badi to carry out new pricing(b) for SO coming from CRM...

    Hello Experts,
    We are transferring internet sales orders from CRM to R/3. Now, what I need to do is
    to trigger the 'carry out new pricing' for all the line items. Just like when we click
    the update button in the conditions tab and click on the 'carry new pricing' option even though
    user only displays the sales order in R/3.
    Hope you can help me guys. Thank you and take care!

    No Answer...

  • Tax can't carry out for some material and Cusomter

         We found the following two material at Customer(2811165) can't carry out the VAT for create sales order. But the Tax can carry out for the other customer. The customer(2811165) can carry out the VAT for other material sales order. I checked the customer and material the Contry code(KR) and Tax classification(1) is correct and normal. It is only the two material for the special customer can't get the VAT. I check the pricing analysis. The follwoing is the log. Pls help check it.Thanks.
    The mateials:
    The following is the log:
    Access Message Description
    08 010 Access not executed (Requirement 008 not fulfilled)
    10 010 Access not executed (Requirement 007 not fulfilled)
    20 010 Access not executed (Requirement 008 not fulfilled)
    Best Regards

    Dear Park
    It seems you have assigned Routine 008 for the table which has the combination of some description and applicable to domestic.  For the same combination, in VK13 / UTXJ, you have maintained a tax code for a domestic customer and you are trying to create a domestic sale order.  Actually routine 008 is meant for Exports and hence the problem.
    If my understanding is correct, Go to V/07, select the condition type JIND and click on "Accesses".  There check whether any routine is maintained under the tab "Requirement".   If so,  just remove  those routines and retry your process.
    G. Lakshmipathi

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