Cash discount at material master

can some one explain me in detail on the significance of the CASH DISCOUNT radio button available in the material master(sales org data view). what will happen if this is selected & if this is not selected, will this selection have any impact on discount related condition records.
Thanks & Regards

Hi ilango,
Cash Discount Indicator in Material Master if you activate "Specifies Whether this Material is Qualifies for Cash Discount"
If we check in Pricing Procedure (RVAA01) and if you activate SKTV and SKTO Condition types
It says whether Cash Discount can calculate before tax or after tax
Condition Type- SKTV(Statistical Condition Type)---If you check requirement is "14" which says Discount before Tax( This will calculate from the Filed  Material master "Cash Discount Indicator"  ie "SKTOF"
Condition Type-SKTO-(Statistical Condition Type)--
>Requirement "9" Discount After tax - here also it will consider filed "SKTOF" ie "Cash discount indicator in material master.
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  • Default value for Cash Discount in Material Master (SKTOF)

    Could anyone please let me know how the default value of this field in the material master can be customized.

    SAP told me that this is a hard-coded and that there is no customizing for this field.

  • Purpose of Cash Discount field in Material Master

    what is the purpose of Cash Discount field in Material Master. what does it control. do it link to SKTO anywhere?
    please explain

    Cash discount is applicable for this material or not..
    This is for Sales only..
    Pricing Procedure (RVAA01) and if you activate SKTV and SKTO Condition types
    Cash Discount can calculate before tax or after tax
    Condition Type- SKTV(Statistical Condition Type)---If you check requirement is "14" which says Discount before Tax( This will calculate from the Filed Material master "Cash Discount Indicator" ie "SKTOF"
    Condition Type-SKTO-(Statistical Condition Type)--
    >Requirement "9" Discount After tax - here also it will consider filed "SKTOF" ie "Cash discount indicator in material master.

  • Discount in kind indicator in material master

    where we found discount in kind indicator in material master. what is the functionality of this?

    Check in purchasing view . MARA-NRFHG. Field name in the screen would be "Qual.f.FreeGoodsDis."
    Material qualifies for discount in kind
    Specifies whether and for what areas the material qualifies for a discount in kind.
    This indicator is presently used only in Purchasing.

  • Post cash discounts to several profit centers (by material)

    In ECC6 with new GL, is there an way to break down the cash discount into different line items according to the material's profit center?
    I know that this can be solved by activating the document splitting, but is there a non-manual way to do that?

    Any ideas?

  • Vendor Cash Discount Master Data Settings

    Where is the proper area of the COA that a vendor discount account should be setup and what are its typical settings?  Looking for specifics in the following areas:
    Cost Element? Y/N
    General Operating Expense Section of COA? Y/N
    Auto-Posting? Y/N
    Cash Relevant Flag? Y/N
    Post w/o Tax? Y/N
    Tax Category?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    it will be set up in IMG tcode: OBXU (cash discount taken)
    The set up for cash discount account in FS00:
    Cost Element? Y/N >>> Yes, normally this is part of above GP in COPA (if you have COPA)
    General Operating Expense Section of COA? Y/N > depends on your COA account grouping
    Auto-Posting? Y/N > can be auto post or not, depending on the requirement if Finance won't allow any manual adjustment
    Cash Relevant Flag? Y/N > No
    Post w/o Tax? Y/N > Y in cases that the cash discount should not have tax
    Tax Category? > just put "-" input tax

  • Reg: material cash discounts

    hello friends,
    I understand that cash discounts taken from vendors will do settings in OBXU, OBB8.
    for MIGO cash discounts where we do the cash discount configuration, is that in OBYC, if so let me know the transaction we use for that.
    i knew that for  cash discount G/L account we select the post automatically setting in FS00.
    actually user posting MIRO transations, with payment terms as 2% discount for 10 days later that full payment, and baseline date is taken as document date in OBB8.
    but after 10 days also system is calculating discount for MIRO transactions.
    Please let me know in this regard.

    Calculating discount after the due date is may be due to the no. of grace days mentioned in the Grace days due date field under Specifications for Clearing transactions Tab in OBA3 Customer/Vendor Tolerances. Remove the no. of grace days mentioned from the field and do manual clearing to avoid discount after the due date.
    Grace days are Number of days by which the payment deadlines may be exceeded when manual payments are made. In the payment entry facilities, the grace days are added to the payment deadlines.  This means that the system will accept cash discount deductions and net payments even after the original deadline. If the days in arrears are displayed during open item processing, the system reduces them by the number of grace days.
    Calculating discount after the due date is may be due to the no. of tolerance days mentioned in the Tolerance days for payable field under Cash discount and tolerances Tab in OBVU (FBZP-All Company Codes-Maintain Payment Program-APP Configuration). Remove the no. of tolerance days mentioned from the field and do automatic clearing in F110 to avoid discount after the due date.
    Tolerance days for payables specifies the number of days by which the cash discount periods and period for the due date for net payment may be exceeded. When determining the due date, the system adds the number of days specified here to the dates. Payment is then sometimes made after the exact date in the terms of payment.
    Naresh K.

  • Payment term & Cash discount relation

    Hi Group,
    I want to maintain the relation ship between cash discount condition type and payment term. I dont want to use SKTO or SKTV because those are applicable for all the material that are there in the sale order.
    My cash discount requirement are like this.
    ZCD1- codition type. percentage calculation. value given 2% for material X.
    but this condition should become active only when the payment is made in & days.
    if i use skto the payment that i define in payment term will automatically apply but it will be for all the material in that sale order that i dont want to do.
    Please calrify how to map this.

    U can use SKTO with requirement as 9
    A company sells many products. Some of the products qualify for a cash discount and others do not.Within the material master, the user indicates which materials are relevant for a cash discount.Within the company code, cash discounts are calculated after tax. The user configures the cash discount condition type (SAP delivered condition type SKTO) after the tax calculation in the pricing procedure and assigns pricing requirement '9' to avoid the access for materials that are not relevant for the discount.

  • Regarding material master.

    Hi All,
    1. there are many views ie data will be supplied to the material master. how upload of data takes place in the production system.
    2. In the material master I have come across cash discount filed , what is the use of that ? can any one explain what is the significance of that.
    Devi Reddy.

    hi devi
    If we check cash discount then the material is valid for Cash discount when selling the product to customer.
    Next field is Condition Tab: If we open that field then it will go to Condition Scales..we can maintain scales for that material
    like Ex:
    From 10pices-----rs.200
             20pices---- rs.100
    So if u enter that material in sales order.. if u give material quantity for 10 it will pick up the price rs.200
    like wise if u give quantity for 20 it will pick up the price rs.100
    for quantity for 30 it will pick up the price rs.50
    if not clear reply me.. and try this... one time...

  • Account Assignment from Material Master or Goods Receipt Document..

    We are on ECC 6.0 instance.
    For Vendor Cash Discounts we have all the postings going to a default cost center set up as the default account assignment in the cost element master. Because of the default cost center, the  postings are going to the profit center on the default cost center. But the segment getting populated at the line item level is not in line with the segment on the default PC.
    This segment is actually the one which is in line with the Profit center in the account assignment on Goods Receipt/Material document or the PC on the Material Master.
    Can someone please clarify where this segment would be coming from - from the material master or from the good receipt aka material document?
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    In material master you have assigned a profit center and all good movements will post to profit center,which is assigned to profit center you have assigned a automatically all profit center postings will post to SEGMENT.
    Hope this helps you.

  • PMT Terms with Cash Discount

    FI Experts,
    I created a new payment term with a 1% discount if paid whithin 10 days. Can some one give me some steps as to what else needs to be configured in order to have this difference deducted at the time of payment run. I know have to set-up an account but not sure what fields I have to check in order to make it work.  
    1- Create new payment terms
    2- I defined a G/L account for cash discount
    Can some one tell me when I set-up the account if I have to set-it up a certain way? in FS00.
    Thank You for your help.
    Edited by: Frank on Feb 9, 2009 10:42 PM

    Good to know that it is working.  When you maintain payment term in vendor master, it SHOULD get defaulted when you perform FB60 for that vendor in that company code.  Payment term for vendor cannot be maintained in General Data section, it is in Company code segment.  Are you sure you are performing FB60 for the vendor in the company code in which you maintained payment term for that vendor in vendor master record?  Please recheck.  Also, if you have payment term in Purchasing Organization segment in vendor master record, it would not get defaulted in FB60.  Here is what SAP help says on payment term field in vendor master record.
    In most business transactions, the system defaults the terms of payment key specified in the master record of the customer/vendor in question.
    In some transactions (for example, credit memos), however, the system does not default the key from the master record. Despite this, you can use the key from the customer/vendor master record by entering "*" in the field.

  • F-28 cash discount error

    For making payment to the billing document from SD in f-28 t-code, we are getting the cash discount percentage but the cash discount amount is not displying even we specified the payment terms in Sales order creation. Even, if we specify manually the cash discount amount in f-28, its giving an warning message 
    ERROR : Cash discount-relevant amount is zero; check entry at the bottom left corner of the screen. When I click this warning, I get a pop-up screen with the same message and message no. F5073.
    We have maintained the field status as given below:
    Also check that in transaction OB41, Payment term is maintained as optional field in field status group Payment Transactions for posting key 31.
    Also go to FS00 for the reconciliation account assigned to your vendor, the go to tab 'Create/bank/interest" and double click on the field status gorup.Check that in group Payment Transactions, the field Payment term is marked as optional field.)
    And SD pricing for the material is also defined.
    condition type : SKTO for the cash discount.
    After doing all the abouve configurations, we are still getting the error,.
    From FI side, we have no issues as it is giving the cash discount percentage and cash discount amount in f-28 correctly. and we are able to process the cash discount document, which gets generated automatically.
    Only the problem From SD flow.

    check out this SAP Note
    185223  Posting of cash discount paid without tax code

  • Cash Discount in a purchase order

    I have a problem with Cash Discount in a purchase order .
    When I create a purchase order in ME21N , and I need to put a cash discount in the condition of the header of the purchase order or  in item detail, the line cash discount appears automatically when I create a new purchase order with the same material.
    Anybody could tell me why the Cash Discount  appears automatically?
    Thanks a lot

    There is a diference between cash discount and discount. Cash disocunt will never come in PO. It comes only during inoice.
    The discount in PO is based on quantity. In your case it may ot be cash discount but a discount. It may come automatically because of one of the below reason.
    1. If you create a PO wih reference to the PO, which is having discount.
    2. If you maintain in Inforecord.

  • Cash Discount at the time of Goods Receipt.

    Dear Gurus,
    Our requirement is to post goods receipt at cash discounted value but at the same time I wants to calculate taxes on Gross. Consider following case.
    Base value 100, Quantity 1.Total value =100 RS. 8.24% Excise on 100= 8.24 .  Add to Gross=100+8.24=108.24. Now 4% VAT on 108.24=4.33. Total PO Value =100 8.244.33=112.57 RS.
      100 ( Base material prise)
    +8.24 ( Excise)
    +4.33 ( 4%Vat on 108.24)
    112.57 (Tot PO value)
    112 ( PO)
    Now since 2.57 RS cash discount known at the time of PO, so I have created a Z condition ( cash discount Value type) and assigned it in prising at proper place ( below total PO value) so that when I assign value 2.57 to this Zcondition, my PO gross is getting changed from 100 to 100 minus 2.57=97.43. Now system is calculating 8.24 % excise on 97.43 but I want it on 100 . How to do this.
    Thanx in advance.

    Please create a Price determination schema/ Modify existing schema to calculate (subtract) Cash Discount in Nett Price and not on Gross Price.
    Assign the CAsh discount Z condition to the schema.
    You can use this in either header or item level depending upon your requirement.
    This is to be maintained in condition table MEK1

  • Is it possible to Create Material Master without Profit Center ?

          1) Is it possible to Create Material Master without Profit Center ? 
          2) How SAP System Validate Profit Center in material master. ? is it material Type wise ?
          3) Whether PO Order Creation,GRN & MIRO Possible for those material Master without Profit Center.?
    Kindly Explain me clearly..
    Thanks & Regards,

    Profit center is at the plant level.
    You can create material master even with out a profit center.This field will be there in the costing view and and general sales/plant data.
    while creation of the materila master if do not select these views system will not ask for that.Normally it is pertaining to the costing analysis.
    A profit center manager is held accountable for both revenues, and costs (expenses), and therefore, profits. What this means in terms of managerial responsibilities is that the manager has to drive the sales revenue generating activities which leads to cash inflows and at the same time control the cost (cash outflows) causing activities. This makes the profit center management more challenging than cost centre management. Profit center management is equivalent to running an independent business because a profit center business unit or department is treated as a distinct entity enabling revenues and expenses to be determined and its profitability to be measured.
    Business organizations may be organized in terms of profit centers where the profit center's revenues and expenses are held separate from the main company's in order to determine their profitability. Usually different profit centers are separated for accounting purposes so that the management can follow how much profit each center makes and compare their relative efficiency and profit. Examples of typical profit centers are a store, a sales organization and a consulting organization whose profitability can be measured.
    For more info,please refer,

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