Cash Discount for  early  realisation of  dues-reg

Hello Friends,
I require your  help to config the following  in SAP.
It goes like this.
Invoice is raised on the dealer  for the product  sold.  As an incentive, to realise the  money  early, cash  rebate is offered to them, if they pay within a period of One month.  the amount  is Rs. 2.50 per MT.  The  cheque  must  be actually realised for getting this benefit.  The distibutor will pay the amount in instalment  also( no fixed nos). But  for claiming this rebate the entire invoice must have been  realised.
This amount varies from one state to anotherstate. 
Your suggestion is highly required.
c.m.sathish kumar

You need to configure payment terms first and assign it the customer/ vendor master.
Payment terms definition:
In the step Maintain terms of payment, you can define rules with which the system can determine the required terms of payment automatically. The rules are stored under a four-character key. You assign the terms of payment specified to the customer in the master record via the key. The key and the terms determined with it are proposed when entering a document to the customer account.
<a href="">Cash discount</a>
Once you define the terms of payment and assign it to the master record, system will automatically determine whether the customer has effected the payment within the specified period and whether he is eligible for cash discount/ rebate. Based on this system will post to the account automatcially.
You configure payment terms as follows:
<b>IMG-Financial accounting-accounts receivable accounts payable-business transaction- terms of payment.</b>

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  • Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount for Asset

    We are in ECC 6.0 and have activated Document Splitting.
    Further, have provided asset field in Define post capitalization of cash discount to assets in Document Splitting of SPRO.
    After the both, my expectation is to see the entry as stated by SAP in the scenario of Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount for Asset.
    But unfortunately, the discount amount is not being capitalized on the payment date, but is being posted to cash discount account.
    Kindly let me know what mistake i might have carried for this.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Scenario: Posted invoice for asset purchase using F-90 with payment terms as 2% cash discount if paid within 15 days.
    Assume: Asset purchased on 06.01.2012 and as per the payment term if paid before 20.01.2012 i will get 2% cash discount.
    Have made the payment to vendor using T-code F-53 on 10.01.2012, even though i see a cash discount is being calculated as required, but the account is an cash discount received account. Instead, what i was expecting is the asset account.
    Hope, my question is being clear and i will look forward for a reply.

    Please check your config below.
    IMG->FA->AA->Transactions->Acquistions->Prevent Subsequent Capitalisation of discounts...
    If the indicator is set for your company code, system will not capitalised the subsequent discounts.

  • To get cash discount for my payment term

    Hi there,
    To get cash discount for my payment term, I make configuration as below
    *Step 1: Create a payment term in Maintain of Payment term
                 On immediate payment 5 % cash discount
    *Step 2: -  Define acount for Cash discount taken
                 -  Define acount for Lost Cash discount
    *Step 3: Assign the payment term to my Vendor
    *Step 4: Post a new invoice
    *Step 5: Clear it with payment immediately
    But I still don't receive cash discount
    Please show me the reason and how to check configuration
    Kind regards

    Follow the path
    Financial accounting ->Account receivables and payables ->vendor account->business transactions->outgoing invoice/credit memos->maintain terms of payment.
    In this  percentage coulumn u can maintain discount rates.
    Pleasa assign points if useful.

  • Reversal of VAT at the time of allowing cash discount for incoming payment.

    Hi Gurus,
    Please guide me for the following scenario.
    Invoice posted for comp code from SD. Sale value = 100 Vat = 20 (20%) Customer to Pay =120. Cash discount will be 10% if paid with in 15days.
    Invoice on 1st May 2011
    Entry At invoice
    Customer                  DR                                                              120
    To Revenue Acct - 1000100                                                                           100
    To VAT payable Acct -2000200                                                                        20
    Customer made payment on 10th may 2011.
    The expected entry is
    Bank A/C 30000100       DR                                                         108
    Discount 40000100        DR                                                           10
    VAT Payable 2000200   DR  ((20/120)*12)                                     2
        To Customer                                                                                120
    There is acheck box at comp code global setting level (for tax and cash discount) and another at tax jurisdiction set up level.
    Is there any other set up is required apart from above set up for reversal of VAT at the time of incoming payment (as shown above).
    please guide me.

    Please create a Price determination schema/ Modify existing schema to calculate (subtract) Cash Discount in Nett Price and not on Gross Price.
    Assign the CAsh discount Z condition to the schema.
    You can use this in either header or item level depending upon your requirement.
    This is to be maintained in condition table MEK1

  • Header Level Cash Discount For VBRK-VBELN, Where Can I get?

    Hi Experts,
    I know the # of VBELN of VF03 (VBRK), now, I need to pull the data of,
    <b>1- Header Level Cash Discount - Condition Value and
    2 - Header Level Cash Discount - Amount i.e.
    % Value.</b>
    Normally, I know the procedure is,
    (The relationship is )
    For all the columns the field KONV-KWERT can be used
    But, its ITEM level, where as I am looking for Header Level?
    So, Where Can I get the VBRK-KNUMV Header level,
    1-  Cash Discount Condition Value data? and
    2-  Cash Discount Amount data i.e. %
    Thank you,
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    ThanQ Sheshu,
    No, there is no entry in KONV-KNUMH for KSHCL type of Discounts i.e. SKTV. THere r entries i.e. record #s for Pricing matters! I dont know Y?
    So, It seems to b, I hv to use the follwoing code,
    at new knumv
    SUM (of types KONV-KSHCL = SKTV)
    Or Do u hv any other clue? like, other tables searching?
    anyways, thanq

  • Payment for Cash Discount posted incorrectly

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a issue and wanted to see if someone came across anything similar.
    The problem is with Cash Discount Posting, the cash discount is calculated correctly in pricing and everything works fine when the invoice is created. However when the invoice is paid and posted in the system it splits the amount of cash discount with freight.
    Example:- Invoice XXXX had a cash discount of $347.64 and the invoice was paid, but when the payment was posted, it posted the cash discount as $347.63 and put the difference of $0.01 to freight.
    I'm not sure what's going on, any idea's or suggestions.
    Also, is there an OSS on this issue?
    Awaiting reply.
    Thanks for your help.

    If you want it to appear on the customer statement it will have to be a customer open item.
    However this would then post to the recon account and not the P&L account which I expect you want.
    Also discount taken is only posted to when the invoice is cleared.
    Therefore you cant get it in a customer statement, you would need to have the information in the Billing doc.
    Remember you are offering a cash discount for early payment, this does not mean the customer is always due it. However there are config settings to say the customer should always take the discount.
    Hope this helps, if so award points please.

  • Payment terms cash discount account in sepreate gl code

    Dear Friends
    customer are paid amount within due date and they allowed for cash discount. system also capture discount but it is not posted seprately as cash discount to the customer account.
    for example:
    customer paid advance :Rs.10000/-
    next day invoice raised for Rs.2000/-
    t.code f-32 knock of the invoice against advance
    new AB document type generated for Rs.8030
    10000-2000=8000 and cash discount of Rs.30
    Customers wants their cash discount sepreatly when they see the satement of accounts f.27
    Advance thanks for your tips.

    If you want it to appear on the customer statement it will have to be a customer open item.
    However this would then post to the recon account and not the P&L account which I expect you want.
    Also discount taken is only posted to when the invoice is cleared.
    Therefore you cant get it in a customer statement, you would need to have the information in the Billing doc.
    Remember you are offering a cash discount for early payment, this does not mean the customer is always due it. However there are config settings to say the customer should always take the discount.
    Hope this helps, if so award points please.

  • Automatic cash discount in sap fico

    Dear Experts
    i had a query in which i needed the solution for the query , My query is that i need to know that if i take the cash discount terms of payment as 60 days and some vendor pays me before 60 days i.e around 30 days then please let me know that whether the system would calculate for 30 days or will show the cash discount for 60 days .
    Thanks in advance for helping me in this query
    Devendra Mohan

    Please go through the link:
    When the total cash discount is calculated and if you desire to split the posting, check if document splitting is possible.
    Think of substitution or check if an user exit exits to posts the splits to a different GL a/c
    assign points if useful

  • Cash discount in APP F110

    When I am processing vendor payment through Automatic payment transaction (F110), system is calculating vendor payment net of cash discount though the payment is overdue. For e.g., due date is 10th July 09, but I am processing payment 15th July, even in this case cash discount is being deducted out of payment made to vendor.
    In FBZP we have not checked maximum cash discount. Even then why system is calculating cash discount for overdue payment.

    You may also want to check whether there is a tolerance day specified in FBZP, on the same screen where you would check Max cash discount or tolerance group in master data, where grace days are allowed for discounts.

  • Cash discount

    Dear sir,
    Im processing invoice FB-70 for customer DM01 with payment term 0002 (14days cash discount 3%, 30days due date).
    But when I Process partial incoming payment (F-28) for 3 times in 14 first days, it doesnt deduct cash discount for each times , but it deduct for amount of receivable.
    Help me deduct cash discount for each partial payment.
    Thank you,

    <b>Gross Posting:</b> In the case of gross posting, the cash discount amount is not taken into account at goods receipt or invoice receipt. The cash discount amount is not posted until the payment program is run, and then it is posted to a non-operating income account instead of to the stock account in question.
    <b>Net Posting:</b> In the case of net posting, the cash discount amount is credited directly to the stock account. However, this procedure affects the stock account only if the material is valuated at a moving average price. If the material is valuated at a standard price, the cash discount is posted as a type of price variance. You can use net posting for goods receipts and in Invoice Verification. If you post the goods receipt net, it is best to post the invoice net; otherwise, the net posting at goods receipt would be canceled.

  • F110 incorrectly grants cash discount to direct debit customers

    I am running F110 to execute direct debits for certain customers in Europe. Everything works fine except for one "error"
    it consistently include cash discounts on customer invoices which are way past net due date. F110 run date = 8/10/10, next run date 09/10/10. And yes, additional logs in the F110 parameters are set. See excerpt from display log below:
                Due date determination additional log
    Document 8130000238 line item 001 via EUR          300.00
    Terms of payment: 07/01/2010   10  3.000 %   30  0.000 %    0
    Customer receivable is payable on 07/11/2010 with cash discount terms 1
       Include customer items due by 09/10/2010
    Item should be paid now
    Item is due with 3.000 % cash discount
    All other invoices are calculated correctly. For the above, the cash discount base is set correctly What could be wrong?

    Posting date is todays' date (e.g. August 10th, 2010).
    This is a large Retail implementation with very fragmented areas of responsibility. I have checked all known posts and blogs and come up with nothing. Payment terms and payment methods are both present in the customer master record. When I run the Payment Proposal today with only two customer invoices to be paid, I have the following settings:
    1. invoice with 2.5% cash discount - 10 days / 30 days net. Invoice, posting and baseline date = 08/12/2010. $13.32. The system
        correctly calculates 2.5% cash discount for this item
    2. invoice with 3% cash discount - 10 days/30 days net. Invoice, posting and baseline date = 08/01/2010. $100, no VA. The 
        system incoorectly gives this customer a cash discount of 3% for this invoice - see below
    Parameters in F110: Posting date = 08/16/2010, next payment run 08/26/2010, Docs. entered up to = 08/16/2010, Customer items due by = 08/26/2010, this one cust. is psecified, payment method = E (direct debit) etc.
    ==> Display log for invoice # 2, $100.-:
                Due date determination additional log
    Document 8130000263 line item 001 via EUR          100.00
    Terms of payment: 08/01/2010   10  3.000 %   30  0.000 %    0
    Customer receivable is payable on 08/11/2010 with cash discount terms 1
       Include customer items due by 09/05/2010
    Item should be paid now
    Item is due with 3.000 % cash discount
                Payment method selection additional log
    Payment method selection for items due now to the amount of EUR           97.00
    Payment method "E" is being checked
    Bank details are being checked
         Customer/vendor bank details are being checked
       System reads house banks and checks if they are allowed
    Our bank 20030 is being checked
    For currency EUR and 000 days  500,000,000.00 are planned
    Available amount is enough,  499,999,986.68 EUR still available,           97.00  necessary
       House bank is selected ...
        Our bank details 20030 20030 are used
    Bank details of the partner with ctry DE bk no. 12070000 acct 01234567899 are being used
    Payment method "E" is permitted
    Does anyone have any clue what's going on??
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  • Payment Terms- Cash Discount based on Unit

    Dear Friends,
    I am Rajesh Parmar, I have problem in defining the payment terms for Sales and distribution in SPRO,
    In the Standard SAP System, Payment terms has been define with percentage base cash discount for days ( e.g Within 14 days 2 % Cash Discount).
    As per my business requirement, I want to have  payment terms like " Payment within 4 days INR 3 per Unit Cash Discount ", and INR 3 per Unit should shows during incoming payment from the customer, if customer is making payment within 4 days
    Kindly provide the solution for the above problem
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajesh Parmar

    The documents which are already posted can not be changed. Alternatively reverse the posted document by using mass reversal then you post the new documents with new rules for this old transactions.

  • Cash Discount in pricing Sales Order SKTV

    Hi gurus,
    I need help to understand condition SKTV (Cash discount) in sales order. Requeriment is a cash discount for customer. Where do I put value to this condition for every customer? There isn't access sequence.
    I will reward points to anybody help me with steps to configure OK this condition.
    Thank you!!!

    Thanks for the reply.
    But it looks like your suggestion is not relevant to my issue.
    My requirement is to automatically populate the "discount percent" condition type in pricing tab of PO.
    Also discount percent relevant for the payment terms should get derived in that condition type.
    I could able to manually add that condition type in pricing tab and have to manually enter the discount %. But I would like to get that automatically.
    In SAP R/3, it is happening automatically with SKTO condition type. Discount % available for the payment terms is getting derived automatically for the SKTO condition type.
    PLease advise.

  • Discount taken amount not appeared in Cash discount taken special G/L A/c

    I have entered invoice amount of 25000 INR and payment terms as 0002. I have given 100 INR bank charges. For this I have created Cash discount taken and Bank charges A/c in FS00. I have entered 20000 INR as partila payment and Special G/L Key as 'D' in Vendor A/c Details. Payment term 0002 is applicable to  20000 in this case or only for 25000 INR?

    Payment term apply to whole amount of the invoice.
    Suppose if you pay the remaining 5000 also in time according to the payment terms.
    You'll receive cash discount for total amount and not for only 20000.
    Murali. N

  • How can I prevent a negative cash discount?

    The logic being used to determine a cash discount for an invoice billing document is:  Total Cost of Materials u2013 Total Freight Cost - Base Value.  Base Value x Cash Discount % = Calculated Cash Discount.  Base Value u2013 Calculated Cash Discount = Total Due if Paid w/ in cash discount period.  We have invoices where the Total Freight Cost is > Total Cost of Materials.  When this occurs the Base Value and Calculated Cash Discount become a negative number.  When the final calculation is executed to determine the Total Due if Paid w/ in cash discount period, rather than being subtracted from the Base Value, the Calculated Cash Discount amount is added.
    I'm looking to find out if there is a non-customized way to set the Calculated Cash Discount to zero if the Base Value is a negative number.

    Look into Condition Exclusion.
    CDST (Cash discount) and ZDST (Zero Discount)
    ZDST will always be 0, Create an exclusion such that if CDST is < ZDST to ignore CDST and take ZDST instead.
    That's one way through straight IMG config

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