Cash Discount on procument value

Hi All,
We have a scenario in commission basis sale for cash discount as below.
Vendor procurement value- 100
Cash discount to vendor if within 5 days - Rs.2
The same procured material will sold to customer.
( In this while receiving the payment from customer cash discount needs to calculate on procurement value)
Customer Billing value (procurement value + company Commission)= 100+5 = 105
Customer cash discount on procurement value (means 100/-) if customer pays within 5 days = Rs.2/-
The Idea of doing this is cash discount received and paid should be matched,
In FB70 we can maintain cash discount base amount manually or while receiving the payment we manually modify the cash discount amount. But it should be automatically since transactions are in huge valume.
Kinldy help in this.
Thanks in Advance

Maintain Cash Discount GL in T.Code: OBXU, then system pick gl automatically

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  • Cash Discount in absolute value, not in %

    Hello Friends,
    I have a scenario with respect to terms of payment, where the customer is entitled for a cash discount of Rs.100 per unit if the invoice is cleared within 7 days from the date of invoice, Rs.75 per unit within 14 days & Rs.50 per unit within 21 days with total credit period of 45 days.
    The problem I'm facing is that in the Terms of Payment configuration (transaction code OBB8), I'm able to store the cash discount in % and not in absolute value (field "percentage" under the "Payment Terms" heading in tcode OBB8).
    Request your suggestion at the earliest.
    Thnx & Rgds,

    The CASH DISCOUNT will be given based on the Payment terms  with the CONDITION TYPE.
    In the Standard the CASH DISCOUNT condition types are SKTO & SKTV.
    If you are using the same condition types, change the CALCULATION TYPE  for these condition types in V/06  to B ( which is fixed amount)  and try.
    Hope it will solve your requirement.

  • How can I prevent a negative cash discount?

    The logic being used to determine a cash discount for an invoice billing document is:  Total Cost of Materials u2013 Total Freight Cost - Base Value.  Base Value x Cash Discount % = Calculated Cash Discount.  Base Value u2013 Calculated Cash Discount = Total Due if Paid w/ in cash discount period.  We have invoices where the Total Freight Cost is > Total Cost of Materials.  When this occurs the Base Value and Calculated Cash Discount become a negative number.  When the final calculation is executed to determine the Total Due if Paid w/ in cash discount period, rather than being subtracted from the Base Value, the Calculated Cash Discount amount is added.
    I'm looking to find out if there is a non-customized way to set the Calculated Cash Discount to zero if the Base Value is a negative number.

    Look into Condition Exclusion.
    CDST (Cash discount) and ZDST (Zero Discount)
    ZDST will always be 0, Create an exclusion such that if CDST is < ZDST to ignore CDST and take ZDST instead.
    That's one way through straight IMG config

  • Not able to post vendor payment in case of Cash discount received

    We are on SAP ECC 6.0
    I'm not able to post an outgoing payment through F-53 T code when cash discount is received from vendor due to early payment before due date.
    I get the following error message -
    Tax code V0 for country IN has been deleted or incorrectly changed
    Message no. FS201
    Our tax calculation procedure is TAXINN and we are an indian company in India.
    GL account for cash discount received is already defined in OBXU t code for SKE transaction key tax code wise.
    V0 tax code is defined through FTXP.
    I'm able to display correct cash discount amount and cash discount % when i click on select process open item in F-53 after entering document date; posting date; company code; currency; Bank GL A/c; Amount (Net of discount); value date and Vendor Account.
    What am i missing? Why am i not able to post vendor outgoing payment?
    Is it possible to post cash discount received to the credit of Stock / Inventory Account as quantity received is not consumed or quantity is lying in inventory?

    Hello Chintan
    I have assigned GL A/c in OBXU t code with and without reference to tax code.
    Still, i am not able to post outgoing payment when cash discount is received as i am paying it before due date.
    Cannot i take credit of cash discount received to Inventory / Stock Account?
    Is cash discount received always posted to non-Inventory / non-stock GL Account?

  • Cash Discount at the time of Goods Receipt.

    Dear Gurus,
    Our requirement is to post goods receipt at cash discounted value but at the same time I wants to calculate taxes on Gross. Consider following case.
    Base value 100, Quantity 1.Total value =100 RS. 8.24% Excise on 100= 8.24 .  Add to Gross=100+8.24=108.24. Now 4% VAT on 108.24=4.33. Total PO Value =100 8.244.33=112.57 RS.
      100 ( Base material prise)
    +8.24 ( Excise)
    +4.33 ( 4%Vat on 108.24)
    112.57 (Tot PO value)
    112 ( PO)
    Now since 2.57 RS cash discount known at the time of PO, so I have created a Z condition ( cash discount Value type) and assigned it in prising at proper place ( below total PO value) so that when I assign value 2.57 to this Zcondition, my PO gross is getting changed from 100 to 100 minus 2.57=97.43. Now system is calculating 8.24 % excise on 97.43 but I want it on 100 . How to do this.
    Thanx in advance.

    Please create a Price determination schema/ Modify existing schema to calculate (subtract) Cash Discount in Nett Price and not on Gross Price.
    Assign the CAsh discount Z condition to the schema.
    You can use this in either header or item level depending upon your requirement.
    This is to be maintained in condition table MEK1

  • Cash discount payment not transferred from SD to CO-PA

    Dear Gurus,
    We have notice that since a couple of months ago, the cash discount payment amount introduced in the SD bill through a condition type is not transferred to the profitab. analysis document (that is, is not carried to CO-PA module).
    While we fulfilled the condition type with the amount correctly in SD, field "Cash discount payment" in CO-PA (screen "value fields") is empty, with any amount.
    We really don´t know why.
    This was working ok 2 months ago, so that is the strange thing.
    Can anybody in SD module give me a hint of what can be happenning, please? Or what to check....
    Many thanks in advance

    Please check the pricing procedure and your condition type of cash discount type whether statistical is ticked or Account key is there

  • Cash discount in taxinn before cst

    Dear Gurus, My client wants cash discount in taxinn. scenario is as follows
    cash discount in betwen Cst and Excise duties as follows
    Basic                                             =100
    Excise such as BED and Hsess      =8.24
    Total +Exc.Duties                             =108.24
    Cash Discount                                    =2.24
    Total for cst                                    =106
    4%CST                                            =4.24
    Tot PO                                            =110.24
    For that in  taxinn one condition is maintained before cst  and calculation is ok as per invoice.
    Problem is when we do MIRO , system shows amount difference.
    Why this happening?
    Any solution

    You can try this workaround....
    Create a condition type and assign it to purchasing schema and to this condition type use the subtotal for eg D, E etc in which you pass this value to some variable and in Taxinn procedure you can write routine in CalType which it will copy value from this variable and assign to this condition type.
    With this you can enter the percentage in purchasing schema and this will flow in taxxin  procedure.

  • Cash Discount after Tax & VAT

    Hi , Friends,
    My client has a scenario where in some purchase orders , he receives the discount after tax.
    when I add the discount (absolute) after tax in the m/08 , the net price changes and the tax is calculated on this new net price  which is wrong & not required .
    Friends tell me what chnages I need to do so that discount is calculated after Tax & VAt and the ideally what should be the accounting entries in MIGO and MIRO.
    if the gross price is Rs 100
    tax is Rs 10
    and discount is Rs 5.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Dgn,
    What type of industry sector your client belongs to. But as a standard practise, cash discounts are captured before adopting the Tax or VAT through Invoice.
    We will calculate the accounts payable:
    Usually below is the scenario for taking the discounts from the vendor in the process of purchaing:
    will take your given figures/values:
    Eg. (1)
                               Total gross price:      100.00 INR            (as per your client)
                               Discount:                       5.00 INR          (-ve)
                                                                                    95.00 INR
    then adopt, Tax (10%):                             9.50 INR      (10% on gross ( = 9.50 INR)  :   goes to govt. for tax depart.                                                                               
    that means, the total amount:                   85.50 INR      payable to the vendor (A/P)
    But, where as in your case /as per client,
    Taking your eg.  Total gross price:      100.00 INR            (as per your client)
                               Tax amount: (10%)     10.00 INR            (10% on gross = 10 INR)    :  goes to govt. for tax depart.
                                                                                    110.00 INR
    then taking,       Discount:                         5.00 INR      (-ve)
    that means, the total amount:                105.00 INR      payable to the vendor (A/P)
    (1):  85.5 INR   <  (2) :  105.00 INR
    So, in 2nd scenario, your client has to pay more to their vendors & also more tax in the process of purchasing compare to the usually procedure (1). Other wise your client has to pay extra 20.00 INR. Hence option 1 is the rightone.
    Pls check with your client again and suggest them further.
    Hope you understood.

  • How can we have cash discount as well as vendor payment terms

    We have vendor payment term of 2% 10 days, net 30. On top of it the vendor gives us 4% discount on certain POs where the total PO amount exceeds 20K. We want to have the 4% discount on the individual line item at the time of the invoice posting and then additional 1% discount from the payment term. We donu2019t want the PO price to change due to the 4% discount.
    In MIRO, it seems we can take either the cash discount (field WSKTO) or the discount from the payment term (field ZTERM).  How can we take both the discounts?

    1 - The 2% 10 days, net 30
               It can be calculated using the Vendor payrment terms.
    2 - The 4% discount which has to be applied on certain POs where the total PO amount exceeds 20K and should not change the PO price.
               I - Create a condition type with the calculation type A - Percentage and select the option Accruals in Control data 2.
              II - In the Calculation schema,
                                         Calculate the 4% value from the total of the PO Price.
                                         Untick the manual.
                                         Mark the condition type as Statistics.
                                         Enter a Condition Formula Calculation Rule (Calculation Type)  or Use the Requirement to activate if the
                                                value exceeds 20K.  
                                         Enter the Accrual key like (FR1, FRE ...) and assign the GL account to that.
                         By Maintaining this way, you affect only the internal price and not the PO price.

  • Reversal of VAT at the time of allowing cash discount for incoming payment.

    Hi Gurus,
    Please guide me for the following scenario.
    Invoice posted for comp code from SD. Sale value = 100 Vat = 20 (20%) Customer to Pay =120. Cash discount will be 10% if paid with in 15days.
    Invoice on 1st May 2011
    Entry At invoice
    Customer                  DR                                                              120
    To Revenue Acct - 1000100                                                                           100
    To VAT payable Acct -2000200                                                                        20
    Customer made payment on 10th may 2011.
    The expected entry is
    Bank A/C 30000100       DR                                                         108
    Discount 40000100        DR                                                           10
    VAT Payable 2000200   DR  ((20/120)*12)                                     2
        To Customer                                                                                120
    There is acheck box at comp code global setting level (for tax and cash discount) and another at tax jurisdiction set up level.
    Is there any other set up is required apart from above set up for reversal of VAT at the time of incoming payment (as shown above).
    please guide me.

    Please create a Price determination schema/ Modify existing schema to calculate (subtract) Cash Discount in Nett Price and not on Gross Price.
    Assign the CAsh discount Z condition to the schema.
    You can use this in either header or item level depending upon your requirement.
    This is to be maintained in condition table MEK1

  • Cash Discount has become unrestricted

    Dear Experts,
    I have configured cash discount through payments term route. I have also maintained the SKTO condition in SD in pricing procedure. The issue is that while clearing (F-32) the system is accepting whatever discount we are entering. It is even accepting cash discount values greater than the required amount. We want the system to calculate the correct discount only and not accept any other value.
    Please help with your valuable suggestions. Please explain in as much detail as possible.
    Warm Regards,

    Go through the below discussion this may help you.
    Discount received

  • Cash discount accrue

    Hi experts,
    My requeriment is: I need to accrue the possible cash discount ,  the customers will obtain the cash discount when they pay the invoice. I need to accrue these values each time we issue  the invoices.
    Until now I have one statistical condition pricing based in payment terms, but I m not generating any book  in FI.
    Thank in advance

    Dear Victor
    Go to V/08, select your pricing procedure and execute.  There for your pricing condition, apart from normal Account Key ERL, you also assign an "Accruals".
    Now go to V/06, select your condition type and execute.  There check the box for "Accruals".
    Last but not least, you need to have a seperate G/L Account which should have been created in FS00 and assigned to your chart of accounts in VKOA
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Cash discount - F-28 - how to control Active / Inactive setting

    Hi All,
    When I try to post incoming posting through F-28 for a customer and choose the open items, the cash discount value is INACTIVE.
    But when another user tries to post incoming payment for the same customer, Cash discount value is ACTIVE.
    We are building a custom program for clearing the open items, so this is causing some discrepancies in the amount to be posted.
    We checked the editing options(OPEN ITEMS tab) and it looks same for both of us.
    Can anyone please let me know if there is any setting through which we can control the cash discount (ACTIVE / INACTIVE)
    Thanks in advance.

    Please try executing f-28 once again and check case discount column, if it is not there, execute transaction /nSU53 and check the authorization which is missing in your case.
    Hope this helps!!!
    Murlidhar Khatri

  • Issue for Cash Discount

    Dear All
    I have an issue for Customer Cash Discount. Suppose a customer sales order has been generated for Rs 100. Now in our sales order pricing procedure, we have created a discount of 2%, which would generate a net value of 98 on which sales tax is calculated. Now the Business requirement is that, if with in 4 days the payment is not recvd, we have to reverse the discount granted in the pricing procedure along with the pro rata sales tax on it. We are not booking the discount in the sales order as an expense in FI.
    In Standard, system proposes a cash discount, while booking the incoming payment. however, here the tax part has to be considered for a discount, which has not been booked.
    Pls suggest
    Thanks & regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

    I have checked that. But in my case, discount is only for information as a part of SD Princing Procedure. It Does not make any accounting entry and is granted by default to every customer, before I do billing. If the customer does not pay in time, system has to pass a debit memo automatically for the discount amount and the pro rata tax calculations on it.
    In Standard Payment terms, the system posts an entry to "Cash Discount" expense account in case the payment is recvd in time of four days.
    Thanks & regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Cash Discount taken incoming Payments

    Hi folks,
    when we allocation incoming payments to open AR, discounts might be taken from customers.
    We use FB05 for this.
    Discount GL is automatically chosen (OBXI) and correctly calculated.
    However, tax needs to be adjusted as well. This is not automatically done.
    What could be the reason for this?
    Tax Category field for "Cash discount expenses" is filled with "*".
    In case of purchase discounts in payment program F110, it works absolutely fine.
    please let me know if you need additional information
    Appreciate your help.

    Hi Benjamin,
    I tried your scenario in a test system and it work well (i.e. VAT line is generated), the only ways it does not work (and rightly so in my opinion) are:
    Cash discount account is set up as "no relevant for tax" (tax category is blank) in FS00
    The company code is set up with "tax base is net value" in OBY6 but in this case I get an error message at posting if my cash discount account is set up as "tax relevant" in FS00
    What is your setting for "cash discount" in OBY6 ?

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