Cash discount

Dear sir,
Im processing invoice FB-70 for customer DM01 with payment term 0002 (14days cash discount 3%, 30days due date).
But when I Process partial incoming payment (F-28) for 3 times in 14 first days, it doesnt deduct cash discount for each times , but it deduct for amount of receivable.
Help me deduct cash discount for each partial payment.
Thank you,

<b>Gross Posting:</b> In the case of gross posting, the cash discount amount is not taken into account at goods receipt or invoice receipt. The cash discount amount is not posted until the payment program is run, and then it is posted to a non-operating income account instead of to the stock account in question.
<b>Net Posting:</b> In the case of net posting, the cash discount amount is credited directly to the stock account. However, this procedure affects the stock account only if the material is valuated at a moving average price. If the material is valuated at a standard price, the cash discount is posted as a type of price variance. You can use net posting for goods receipts and in Invoice Verification. If you post the goods receipt net, it is best to post the invoice net; otherwise, the net posting at goods receipt would be canceled.

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  • Cash Discount Calculated for One Line Item and not for Other

    Hi All,
    We have devloped a Z program which is used to Write of InterCompany AR and AP recon Account to another GL Account. In this program to clear line item we have created a BDC which calls t-code FB05. Thsi program is running perfectly fine for all company codes.
    There is new company code SG20 for which it is not clearing the line items. It has created a Session in SM35, when we analysed the seesin we found that for some line items system is calculating Cash Discount and for some other line items it is not but the payment Term is same for all the douments with 3% 14days.
    I need your help in understanding that why for some line items system calculates the Cash Discout where as for others it is not calculation..also the Posting Date is same for all the documents.
    Please advise what could be the reson for this.
    VIvek Srivastava

    Cash discount is calculated based on the combination of baseline date and payment term conditions.
    Hence please check the baseline date for all the documents, in which the cash discount is not appearing.
    In your case, the possible reasons could be that 1) baseline date is different between these documents or 2) payment terms cash % is manually modified in the line item of the documents.

  • PMT Terms with Cash Discount

    FI Experts,
    I created a new payment term with a 1% discount if paid whithin 10 days. Can some one give me some steps as to what else needs to be configured in order to have this difference deducted at the time of payment run. I know have to set-up an account but not sure what fields I have to check in order to make it work.  
    1- Create new payment terms
    2- I defined a G/L account for cash discount
    Can some one tell me when I set-up the account if I have to set-it up a certain way? in FS00.
    Thank You for your help.
    Edited by: Frank on Feb 9, 2009 10:42 PM

    Good to know that it is working.  When you maintain payment term in vendor master, it SHOULD get defaulted when you perform FB60 for that vendor in that company code.  Payment term for vendor cannot be maintained in General Data section, it is in Company code segment.  Are you sure you are performing FB60 for the vendor in the company code in which you maintained payment term for that vendor in vendor master record?  Please recheck.  Also, if you have payment term in Purchasing Organization segment in vendor master record, it would not get defaulted in FB60.  Here is what SAP help says on payment term field in vendor master record.
    In most business transactions, the system defaults the terms of payment key specified in the master record of the customer/vendor in question.
    In some transactions (for example, credit memos), however, the system does not default the key from the master record. Despite this, you can use the key from the customer/vendor master record by entering "*" in the field.

  • Not able to post vendor payment in case of Cash discount received

    We are on SAP ECC 6.0
    I'm not able to post an outgoing payment through F-53 T code when cash discount is received from vendor due to early payment before due date.
    I get the following error message -
    Tax code V0 for country IN has been deleted or incorrectly changed
    Message no. FS201
    Our tax calculation procedure is TAXINN and we are an indian company in India.
    GL account for cash discount received is already defined in OBXU t code for SKE transaction key tax code wise.
    V0 tax code is defined through FTXP.
    I'm able to display correct cash discount amount and cash discount % when i click on select process open item in F-53 after entering document date; posting date; company code; currency; Bank GL A/c; Amount (Net of discount); value date and Vendor Account.
    What am i missing? Why am i not able to post vendor outgoing payment?
    Is it possible to post cash discount received to the credit of Stock / Inventory Account as quantity received is not consumed or quantity is lying in inventory?

    Hello Chintan
    I have assigned GL A/c in OBXU t code with and without reference to tax code.
    Still, i am not able to post outgoing payment when cash discount is received as i am paying it before due date.
    Cannot i take credit of cash discount received to Inventory / Stock Account?
    Is cash discount received always posted to non-Inventory / non-stock GL Account?

  • Clearing issue Incoming payment due to Cash discount ( customers)

    During processing automatic incoming payments the system don't clear the customer open item in case the customer has taken a cash discount.
    The clearing should be done automatically in the posting area 2 but now the the user needs to do manual interventions in the FEBAN in order to clear the customer
    We checked the payment terms and verified the discount taken by the customer and they are ok
    After investigation we guess that the original SD invoice don't send the Discount amount and Discount base amount to FI, because  we saw that those fields are empty in the FI document (RV),
    Also in Billing the Cash discount base field in empty...
    When i tried to create a manual customer invoice those fields are well filled in and the system clears the customer open item perfectly !
    Any one an idea how to fix it ?

    Thanks for your feedback but the issue is not solved.
    Is there difference in clearing behaviour in case the open item posting is orginated from  a SD invoice ( Billing) because as stated before, when I make a FI sales invoice (FB60) the system perfectly accepts the cash discount and post and clears in postingarea 2
    Also when I consult the open item position (FBL5N) the cash discount amount field is empty which is not the case when I post an FB60 invoice
    We are usiing the automatic bank statement program ( FEBC), during posting the system post perfectly posting area 1 (FEBP) but fails the post postingarea 2 ( the system makes a payment advice) the message the system generates ' Difference to large for clearing F5263'
    Many thanks for help

  • Cash Discount in absolute value, not in %

    Hello Friends,
    I have a scenario with respect to terms of payment, where the customer is entitled for a cash discount of Rs.100 per unit if the invoice is cleared within 7 days from the date of invoice, Rs.75 per unit within 14 days & Rs.50 per unit within 21 days with total credit period of 45 days.
    The problem I'm facing is that in the Terms of Payment configuration (transaction code OBB8), I'm able to store the cash discount in % and not in absolute value (field "percentage" under the "Payment Terms" heading in tcode OBB8).
    Request your suggestion at the earliest.
    Thnx & Rgds,

    The CASH DISCOUNT will be given based on the Payment terms  with the CONDITION TYPE.
    In the Standard the CASH DISCOUNT condition types are SKTO & SKTV.
    If you are using the same condition types, change the CALCULATION TYPE  for these condition types in V/06  to B ( which is fixed amount)  and try.
    Hope it will solve your requirement.

  • Payment Term - Cash Discount

    I think that I have an easy question, but just wanted claridifcation.. I need to create a new payment term with a simple cash discount - just 2% if paid in full within 30 days and if not, no cash discount. Also, this is just for purchasing vendors. 
    Within configuration with the payment terms, is the following correct for what I need to do:
    Term 1. 2%   30 Days
    Term 2. 0%   30 Days (note, that I would leave the percentage field blank for this second line).
    At first I thought that I only needed the first line for it, but after reviewing other posts on this topic I have seen that I would probably need the two terms. However, I am unsure if I need to do anything with the Fixed Date and / or Additional Months field. Or, if what I have listed above should be correct.
    If you could provide any assitance, it would be much apperciated.

    Okay, thanks!
    But just to clarify - the net due date is actually 30 days, and they offer a discount if we pay it within the 30 days - so basically if we pay it on time, there is a 2% discount!
    So setting it up it would be:
    2%  30Days
    Thanks for your quick reply!

  • F-53 and F-28, Customized columns for cash discount and %

    Hi Expert,
    With reference to the subject of: Customized columns for cash discount and % ...
    I faced the problem of not able to set / defined hidden column for cash discount and % by creating a new variant.
    Create a variant
    Click <administrator> button ... mark the columns hidden, and click <activate> button
    Then click <Save> button
    Problem: Every time I using the F-53/F-28, the layout is not working, and when goto check the variant settings, the cash discount and % columns remained unchecked.
    SAP version: 4.6
    Kindly advise.
    Thanks and regards,

    Hi JP,
    It is not working using field status group, as I am using F-53 and F-28 and not FB50/60/70.
    The purpose I want to create variant for screen after clicking <process open item> is to control column display (hide cash discount and %).  if the variant is working, I can create a customized Tcode for the F-53 and F-28.
    Now problem is that variant seem not working.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Purpose of Cash Discount field in Material Master

    what is the purpose of Cash Discount field in Material Master. what does it control. do it link to SKTO anywhere?
    please explain

    Cash discount is applicable for this material or not..
    This is for Sales only..
    Pricing Procedure (RVAA01) and if you activate SKTV and SKTO Condition types
    Cash Discount can calculate before tax or after tax
    Condition Type- SKTV(Statistical Condition Type)---If you check requirement is "14" which says Discount before Tax( This will calculate from the Filed Material master "Cash Discount Indicator" ie "SKTOF"
    Condition Type-SKTO-(Statistical Condition Type)--
    >Requirement "9" Discount After tax - here also it will consider filed "SKTOF" ie "Cash discount indicator in material master.

  • F-28 cash discount error

    For making payment to the billing document from SD in f-28 t-code, we are getting the cash discount percentage but the cash discount amount is not displying even we specified the payment terms in Sales order creation. Even, if we specify manually the cash discount amount in f-28, its giving an warning message 
    ERROR : Cash discount-relevant amount is zero; check entry at the bottom left corner of the screen. When I click this warning, I get a pop-up screen with the same message and message no. F5073.
    We have maintained the field status as given below:
    Also check that in transaction OB41, Payment term is maintained as optional field in field status group Payment Transactions for posting key 31.
    Also go to FS00 for the reconciliation account assigned to your vendor, the go to tab 'Create/bank/interest" and double click on the field status gorup.Check that in group Payment Transactions, the field Payment term is marked as optional field.)
    And SD pricing for the material is also defined.
    condition type : SKTO for the cash discount.
    After doing all the abouve configurations, we are still getting the error,.
    From FI side, we have no issues as it is giving the cash discount percentage and cash discount amount in f-28 correctly. and we are able to process the cash discount document, which gets generated automatically.
    Only the problem From SD flow.

    check out this SAP Note
    185223  Posting of cash discount paid without tax code

  • "Max. cash discount" not taken in F-58

    We select u201Cmax. cash discountu201D in configuration, FBZP.  Payment program will calculate discount without considering base line date.
    However, this works only if payment run is done in F110 u2013 calculate discount based on only the payment term field.  But if the payment done in transaction F-58, discount is calculated based on the base line date AND payment terms.
    "Max. cash discount" works only in F110, but not in F-58.  Has anyone experienced a similiar issue?

    For manual paymenst i do not see any settings, but you can set the indication 'Cash Discount Terms Used for Displaying Items when Clearing' in Outgoing Payments> Manual Outgoing Payments> 'Define Tolerances (Vendors)' to display the first cash discount % (which is the max discount).
    This will display the max discount i F-58

  • Cash discount calculation at invoice level not at sales order level

    Dear Friends
    while i am executing the sales cycle creten Cash discount conditions are calculating in the Invoice directly not in sales order.
    can you please let us know your views oin what basis iot calculating directly in the invoice, since payment terms is there in both sales order and invoice level. but discount is only appearing at invoice level, not in the sale order level..
    where these setting incurred in this process. i have verifies all the routies, there is no such kind of logic to calculate in a particular palce.
    treat this one as high priority and let me know.

    while i am executing the sales cycle creten Cash discount conditions are calculating in the Invoice directly not in sales order.
    can you please let us know your views oin what basis iot calculating directly in the invoice, since payment terms is there in both sales order and invoice level. but discount is only appearing at invoice level, not in the sale order level..
    Please check your Pricing Procedure, whetehr against your Cash Discount Condition Type, Requirement 24 or 23 is maintained? If it is maintained remove these requirements and save. Then try to run the transaction.
    Amitesh Anand

  • Cash Discount in a purchase order

    I have a problem with Cash Discount in a purchase order .
    When I create a purchase order in ME21N , and I need to put a cash discount in the condition of the header of the purchase order or  in item detail, the line cash discount appears automatically when I create a new purchase order with the same material.
    Anybody could tell me why the Cash Discount  appears automatically?
    Thanks a lot

    There is a diference between cash discount and discount. Cash disocunt will never come in PO. It comes only during inoice.
    The discount in PO is based on quantity. In your case it may ot be cash discount but a discount. It may come automatically because of one of the below reason.
    1. If you create a PO wih reference to the PO, which is having discount.
    2. If you maintain in Inforecord.

  • Cash Discount at the time of Goods Receipt.

    Dear Gurus,
    Our requirement is to post goods receipt at cash discounted value but at the same time I wants to calculate taxes on Gross. Consider following case.
    Base value 100, Quantity 1.Total value =100 RS. 8.24% Excise on 100= 8.24 .  Add to Gross=100+8.24=108.24. Now 4% VAT on 108.24=4.33. Total PO Value =100 8.244.33=112.57 RS.
      100 ( Base material prise)
    +8.24 ( Excise)
    +4.33 ( 4%Vat on 108.24)
    112.57 (Tot PO value)
    112 ( PO)
    Now since 2.57 RS cash discount known at the time of PO, so I have created a Z condition ( cash discount Value type) and assigned it in prising at proper place ( below total PO value) so that when I assign value 2.57 to this Zcondition, my PO gross is getting changed from 100 to 100 minus 2.57=97.43. Now system is calculating 8.24 % excise on 97.43 but I want it on 100 . How to do this.
    Thanx in advance.

    Please create a Price determination schema/ Modify existing schema to calculate (subtract) Cash Discount in Nett Price and not on Gross Price.
    Assign the CAsh discount Z condition to the schema.
    You can use this in either header or item level depending upon your requirement.
    This is to be maintained in condition table MEK1

  • Cash discount payment not transferred from SD to CO-PA

    Dear Gurus,
    We have notice that since a couple of months ago, the cash discount payment amount introduced in the SD bill through a condition type is not transferred to the profitab. analysis document (that is, is not carried to CO-PA module).
    While we fulfilled the condition type with the amount correctly in SD, field "Cash discount payment" in CO-PA (screen "value fields") is empty, with any amount.
    We really don´t know why.
    This was working ok 2 months ago, so that is the strange thing.
    Can anybody in SD module give me a hint of what can be happenning, please? Or what to check....
    Many thanks in advance

    Please check the pricing procedure and your condition type of cash discount type whether statistical is ticked or Account key is there

  • Cash discount in taxinn before cst

    Dear Gurus, My client wants cash discount in taxinn. scenario is as follows
    cash discount in betwen Cst and Excise duties as follows
    Basic                                             =100
    Excise such as BED and Hsess      =8.24
    Total +Exc.Duties                             =108.24
    Cash Discount                                    =2.24
    Total for cst                                    =106
    4%CST                                            =4.24
    Tot PO                                            =110.24
    For that in  taxinn one condition is maintained before cst  and calculation is ok as per invoice.
    Problem is when we do MIRO , system shows amount difference.
    Why this happening?
    Any solution

    You can try this workaround....
    Create a condition type and assign it to purchasing schema and to this condition type use the subtotal for eg D, E etc in which you pass this value to some variable and in Taxinn procedure you can write routine in CalType which it will copy value from this variable and assign to this condition type.
    With this you can enter the percentage in purchasing schema and this will flow in taxxin  procedure.

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