CC EULA 2.1.3 Two computers "used at the same time"

In CC EULA 2.1.3 what does the phrase "used at the same time" mean?  Does the licensing system keep track of when I open and close AI (for example) so that when I put my desktop to sleep without closing the application it still considered "in use"?

Thanks for the response.
I have two licenses, sometimes both in use.  I occasionally need to be on the road and use my laptop.  I generally put my desktop to sleep and forget to close one of the Adobe applications I was using.  When I turn on my laptop and use any Adobe application it makes me sign out of all other computers on my account before using the laptop.  I then have to log in on both desktop computers before I can use them.
I guess what my question really boils down to is this: How do they monitor and enforce the two computer rule? 
Furthermore, how can I make sure that when I use my laptop I don't have to force both machines to log out?

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    The likely reason no one can connect to the mini when it is connected to your work VPN has more to do with your work than your home set up. The administrator at work would have to decide to allow for "split-tunneling", thereby allowing your mac to be connected to work and the outside world simultaneously.
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    == User Agent ==
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  • Two processes running at the same time in Lookout

    I have installed Lookout 5.0 with 200 I/O Points onto our server computer. The application of motion control is next to the 200 I/O points through OPC PMAC server/client. Now I would like to have a second process in the same server for trouble shooting and testing without stopping the motion control process. However, this second testing process could have also many I/O points through Serial and USB ports. I assume that the total amount of I/O points of both processes will be greater than 200.I prefer to have independent processes for control and testing because access levels. Can I have these two processes running at the same time when needed?

    From your description you are using a third party OPC server for the motion application. You could have a second Lookout process communicating with the same OPC server with no problems, as long as you do not exceed the number of I/O points your license supports.
    Also, the process you are using for testing obviously could not overwrite datamembers (or registers if you will) that would interfere in the overall application, in other words you can test your application as long as you keep the coherency of the test.
    So the answer would be, yes it is possible, however you are still limited to the number of I/O's your license supports... You may even consider upgrade the number of I/O's you have in your license.
    Best Regards
    Andre Oliveira

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    Thanks for a quick response!
    Under "Network adapters", here's what I found:
    - Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
    - 1394 Net Adapter
    - Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controler
    Two other wireless USB adapters are the same:
    - BLANC Mini Wireless USB adapter

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    Don't use any full screen options for any app that has them
    Mount your device and double click on it to open it. Drag this window to the upper right of your Desktop and resize it to a bit less than half of your Desktop.
    Open the next folder and position it on the lower left side and resize it so you can still see the previous window.

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    Open a browser window in Safari. Then Command + N
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    If you want to work with Mac OS X, you need one computer per simultaneous user.
    What you are describing, " Multiple simultaneous logins to a single computer" is not avialable on a regular Mac of any description, unless you decide to use Unix tools instead of Mac OS X.
    Server will happily store files for many, many users and provide them to multiple (up to hundreds) of computers at "near hard Drive" speeds over Gigabit Ethernet. It can make the File Sharing part easy.

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    Two motors were connected each other rigidly. One motor controlled torque and the other motor controlled speed. I generated some torque and speed data which represented one cycle of motion from a motor simulation. I like to send these two different data sets (torque and speed) to two different motors at the same time. Torque data sends to one motor and speed data sends to the other motor to see the response of the load profile. In order to do this, I thought about using multithread, but I am not sure it will work for this application. Usually multithreading delay the CPU time so the overall control process might be delayed, right? If you have better idea, please let me know.

    If you are using one motion controller to control both motors, you will probably run into problems if you try to use multithreading on the PC. However, you can execute up to 10 programs (threads) at a time, in addition to host communication, using on-board programming. For more information on on-board programming please refer to the following tutorial: Developer Zone Tutorial: On-board Programming in FlexMotion
    Best wishes!
    Dawna P.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

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    while forming the link, try using java script.
    the html can be like:
         <A href=" j'','','');j'','','');">
              Click Here
    In place of # write (as I am not able to paste the code):'','','');'','','');

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    Have a look at the process model options of TestStand. For your task I would  use the batch model. If I remember correctly there are also some examples delivered with Teststand. Search for MultiUUT and Processmodell in the examples directory of your Teststand installation.

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    I use this block in my vis.
    I have enough ports, but inputs are needed in completely different applications. Do I have to close one of them or can they run simultaneously?

    Dear gtu,
    as nathand said, usually it is not supported to access the same physical resource simultaneously from multiple programs. In case of DAQmx for instance, you will get an error message which says that the resource is already reserved. I suppose the same would happen with your driver, however it might be worth a try.
    One workaround could be however if you revise your applications and merge the codes if it is possible so that no concurent resource allocation takes place.
    Best Regards,
    Adam Cseh
    Applications/Systems Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How can i use in the same time input line and mic to recorder in several track whit SONAR

    I have beem recording only input line because SONAR 4 not recognized the mic in, Help me!!!.
    Thank you. Sorry for my english

    LIMACAR wrote:
    How can i use in the same time input line and mic to recorder in several track whit SONAR 4. I have beem recording only input line because SONAR 4 not recognized the mic in, Help me!!!.
    Thank you. Sorry for my english
    Depending on which soundcard you have there, but if your card is capable for
    ASIO -> activate I/O drivers on Sonar/Options/Audio/Drivers -tab (mic/line sources should be listed there --> activate) and select the mic or/and Line sources on tracks "I" - dialog
    WDM/KS -> use the Surround Mixer or windows recording controls for recording source selection (mic should be listed there)
    MME32 - > same w/ WDM/KS
    If you use Asio4All --> same w/ WDM/KS & MME32
    No mic and line source simultaenously w/ WDM/KS and MME32.
    You perhaps be able to do this w/ kX drivers.
    You can also install modded version of Audigy 2 drivers/software but I have never done this w/ Li've! 5. so I can't be sure if you get ASIO support for your card.
    Here are the instruction -->
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