Cenvat related tax code cannot be used with freight

Error Cenvat related tax code cannot be used with freight . When i am try to save A/R Invoice i am getting this error.
Scenario is
          Amount = 389000
          Packing Charges = 12000
          Sub Total = 401000
          BED = 64080
          CESS/Others = 1923
          Vat 2 % = 17340
         Total = 884343.

Create packing charges in Freight
Administration --> Setup --> General --> Freight
and when u will create Tax code, there is one check box in right upper side (Freight),
unable the check box so you can use the tax code in freight.
I hope this will solve your issue.
Kamlesh Vagal

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  • Which Tax Code has been used in Freight Charges Dialog Box ?

    Sir ,
    Plz tell me that when we Click on any Document of Sales / Purchase Module or Purchase Order like open
    and than u add the Items and Click on the Freight Drill Down Arrow Give the Freight as 10% , than u give Tax Code also.
    But I am asking that only , which Tax Code will be choose for Freight.?

    Hello jyotasna,
    If you want to select tax code then you should be tick as a freight tax code in tax code setup form(Administrator>Setup>Financial>tax code) otherwise tax code will not be listed on freight window.
    Generally in india some state have tax on freight. it shoud be better to ask your client account person because he is single person who give you proper answer.
    If he said that we dont any use tax code on freight then make a new Exempted (Rate 0) tax code and select whenever you want to select freight window on marketing document(SAles And Purchase) because this you can not add freight window.
    Service tax only a tax whcih will dedect on freight amount .if applicable in your company profile.
    Mnavendra Singh Niranjan

  • Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.

    I have gone through couple of posts regarding this issue but couldn't get the right solution. Could you please help what exactly we are missing here.
    1) we have two SQL instances on one standalone machine (Default Instance (2008 SP3) + Named Instance (SQL 2012 SP1))
    2) Both instances are configured to accept SQL+ Windows authentication.
    3) when we give access to our users they are getting following exception if they connect with 'windows authentication'. (For both instances)
    Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.
    Note: (Being a sys + windows admin I'm able to connect both the instances from same client machine without
    any issues)
    4) Also, we observed following error in windows application event log,
     SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x8009030c, state 14 while establishing a connection with integrated security; the connection has been closed. Reason: AcceptSecurityContext failed. The Windows error code indicates the cause of failure.
    The logon attempt failed   [CLIENT: 192.168.xxx.xyx]
    5) If we create SQL login it is working fine without any issues.
    Could someone guide/help  me identifying and fixing this issue.
    Thank you

    Are those Windows Logins associated to domain Windows accounts? Windows Logins work for domain accounts and local Windows account created on the server where the SQL Server instance is installed (and used to login locally to the server).
    Could you try to delete one of the Windows logins that fail to login , and try to recreate them?
    The following resources may help:
    Hope this helps.
    Alberto Morillo

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    Running SQL Server 2012 SP2, I have specified an Execution Account in Reporting Services Configuration Manager as described here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms156302(v=sql.110).aspx
    The article states: "You can specify Integrated Security=SSPI if the database server supports Windows integrated security and the account used for unattended report processing has permission to read the database." I have created a data source using
    the Report Manager Web interface with connection string: "Data Source=<server>;Initial Catalog=<database>;Integrated Security=SSPI" and "Connect using: Credentials are not required" option.
    The Execution Account is a domain user account with db_owner membership on the database in question. When I "Test Connection" in Report Manager, the connection is created successfully.
    However, when I attempt to create a new dataset using this data source in Report Builder, I am unable to connect to the data source: "You have specified integrated security or credentials in the connection string for the data source, but the data source
    is configured to use a different credential type. To use the values in the connection string, you must configure the unattended report processing account for the report server."
    If I change the "connect using" option for the data source to "Windows integrated security" I can successfully create a new dataset and report in Report Builder. After saving the report, I reconfigure the data source for "Credentials
    are not required" and I am able to successfully run the report using the Execution Account.
    Is this a known limitation? The Report Builder cannot be used with an unattended Execution Account configured?

    Hi desmondgc,
    According to your description, you have set the execution account for connecting data source. You can connect data source successfully, but can't create dataset with the unattended account. Right?
    As we tested in our local environment, we encountered the same issue. Even testing connection successfully in Report Builder, it still says unable connect to data source when creating dataset.
    For this issue,  I would recommend to submit it to the Microsoft Connect at this link
    This connect site will serve as a connecting point between you and Microsoft, and ultimately the large community for you and Microsoft to interact with. Your feedback enables Microsoft to offer the best software and deliver superior services, meanwhile you
    can learn more about and contribute to the exciting projects on Microsoft Connect.
    We will keep you updated if we find something, thank you for your posting.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou

  • Error with iTunes "The iPod Group Storage cannot be used with iTunes...."

    I bought a usb hub to accomodate my multiple usb devices. I plugged my iPod into this and got the following error:
    "The iPod Group Storage cannot be used with iTunes because it is not formatted properly."
    I plugged the iPod into the computer rather than the hub. Same thing
    Tried to restore, per the error message's direction. It says it has restored it to factory settings, then it brings up that message again.
    I uninstalled and re-installed iTunes. Same thing. It was playing fine but it needs re-charging now and it won't because of the error.
    Does anyone have any ideas? I don't know what to do now.

    Try to reset your iPod using the recovery mode as described in this support article
    However, this will erase the iPod completely. If you have an iTunes-backup on your computer you can restore your iPod settings later from the backup.
    I have never tried this in WIndows, however. The procedure might be slightly differeent.

  • Error 18452 "Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication" on SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit SP2 clustered instance

    Hi there,
    I have a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2 cluster which has 2 SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition x64 SP2
    A domain account "Domain\Login" is administrator on both physcial nodes and "sysadmin" on both SQL Server instances.
    Currently both instances are running on same node.
    While logging on to SQL Server instance 2 thru "Domain\Login" using "IP2,port2", I get error 18452 "Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication". This happened in the past
    as well but issue resolved post insatllation of SQL Server 2008R2 SP2. This has re-occurred now. But it connects using 'SQLVirtual2\Instance2' without issue.
    Same login with same rights is able to access Instance 1 on both 'SQLVirtual1\Instance1' and "IP1,port1" without any issue.
    Please help resolve the issue.

    I Confirm that I encountred the same problem when the first domain controller was dow !!
    During a restarting of the first domain controller, i tried to failover my SQL Server instance to a second node, after that I will be able to authenticate SQL Server Login but Windows Login returns Error 18452 !
    When the firts DC restart finishied restarting every thing was Ok !
    The Question here : Why the cluster instance does'nt used the second DC ???
    Best Regards     

  • This youtube account cannot be used with apple tv

    I cannot view youtube on my apple tv.  It worked a couple of weeks ago but now does not.  I tried to log into youtube on apple tv and get the message that "this youtube account cannot be used with apple TV.  Anyone know the problem?

    Establish a Google+ channel. Then be sure your ATV has the latest update. This worked for me last week.

  • Acquisition tax group cannot be used this way

    Dear Experts,
    I'm trying to generate a Journal Entry using SBO 2007 SP01 using 2 accounts.
    When I click on create boutton I get the following error message:
    DSC1 - The acquisition tax group cannot be used this way for this transaction - Message 200-48.
    Could you please tell me whu do I get this error and cannot create the JE?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Kind regards,

    Dear Gordon,
    I desactivated the SP and the result is always the same.
    Do you know what does this message concretely mean?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Mac OS X Server 4.1, Xcode 6.3.1 "This version of Xcode cannot be used with this server"

    I'm utterly confused.
    The documentation for Mac OS X Server (from https://help.apple.com/serverapp/mac/4.0/#/apdA154F061-7CE4-4A58-843D-DC2CE3A1AE 8C ) shows that Xcode 6 or later (my emphasis). I have installed Mac OS X 10.10.3, Mac OS X Server 4.1, Xcode 6.3.1. I have no apps in the App Store's "Update" tab that need to be updated (just now double-checked). I clicked to the Xcode tab under "Services" in OS X Server, clicked the "Choose Xcode…" button, selected the version of Xcode from the Applications folder on the root HDD, and got the error message "This version of Xcode cannot be used with OS X Server."
    So .... now what?

    Well, for some reason it just started working.  I was busy trying to fix another issue when I noticed that the Xcode service was running.  I would still like to know what happened in case I have a similar problem with the next OS/Server upgrade, but for now it's at least running.

  • HT203088 I have the CANON REBEL T5 1200D, and when i connect it to my mac which is 10.10 the new OS X YOSEMITE it says that it "Cannot be used with this version of the operating system" why does it say that?

    I have the CANON REBEL T5 1200D, and when i connect it to my mac which is 10.10 the new OS X YOSEMITE it says that it "Cannot be used with this version of the operating system" why does it say that if my camera is listed under the supported digital cameras for OS X YOSEMITE?

    Put simply, the minimum system requirements for iTunes have changed. You need a Mac running at least OS X 10.6.8.
    It's best you look online to see if your model of Mac can be upgraded to at least 10.6.8 "Snow Leopard". It should still be possible to order a copy of Snow Leopard if so.

  • SQL server(PC1) --- PC2: Login failed. The login is from untrusted domain and cannot be used with windows authentification

    I'want to make connection from my laptop(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = A) to a fixed computer(SQL server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx =B). My connection string = "Provider=SQLNCLI11; Data source:name-pc/SQLEXPRESS; Integrated circuit=SSPI;Intial Catalog=Database name for visual
    studio C#.
    Laptop -> PC1 : Eror
    It works when i use localhost or and i can read my database without any problems if i install SQL server on my laptop. Know i install it to PC1 and uninstall on my laptop. When i change the name-pc by an ip-adress i get this error: Login failed.
    The login is from untrusted domain and cannot be used with windows authentification. I did some research on multiple forums where they say about Local security policy(secpol.exe) but i don't have this file. 
    PC2-> PC3: work fine but i want to work with my laptop and i don't understand why it isn't working with my Laptop. 
    Can someone help me?
    Thx a lot and sry about my english(its a disaster) 

    Yes, for the Windows Authentication to work you should be using the same Windows account and password.
    Are you willing to create SQL logins inside SQL Server and allow your users to connect to SQL Server using SQL Authentication
    instead of Windows Authentication? That could be a solution on a workgroup network.
    Hope this helps.
    Alberto Morillo

  • Subscription cannot be used with multi-user device...

    I just received an email message stating "Subscription cannot be used with multi-user devices" and "Here's a quick reminder that Skype's subscriptions are for individual use only and cannot be used with multi-user devices such as PBXs"
    I'm not sure why i received it, I am the only user and I only call out via my Iphone wifi and, occasionally, my PC.
    Could anyone please explain this to me?
    Thanks - Steve

    Hi Steve,
    Basically as long as you don't make subscription calls from more than one device at the same time there shouldn't be an issue.
    I'll look into this messaging as it seems to be bit misleading.
    Could you check your email, I sent you an email asking bit more information around this notification.
    If answer was helpful please mark it with Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution. This will help other users find this answer more easily. Thanks in advance!

  • G/L account item without tax code in document $1 with deferred taxes

    HI ,
    while posting throgh Vendor invoice iam getting below mentioned issue,
    G/L account item without tax code in document $1 with deferred taxes
    message noLff891
    Please reply as soon as posible,

    Please check the note 913805
    Suggest you to reffer the below mentioned link
    Deferred tax: Post invoice and payment separately $1" Message no. DEFTAX020
    Praveen PC
    Edited by: Praveen Chirakkel on May 20, 2011 7:31 AM

  • Can not sync ipod shuffle says : The Ipod SYS  cannot be used with itunes  because it is not formatted properly. But i have restore it several times and still not working

    Hi, I'm trying to sync my new Ipod to get the new album I got but when I connected it the meesage: The Ipod SYS  cannot be used with itunes  because it is not formatted properly. appears in itunes. I have restored several times now but it is not working I already downloaded music to it, it is brand new..just 2 weeks old. Somebody can help me? Do I need to return it to the store I bought it from?

    The last Restore completed without any error message, or do you get the "ipod SYS" error message?
    I'm thinking this is a case of iTunes and Windows confusing the iPod's storage disk with another drive, described here
    So, iTunes/Windows thinks another drive is the iPod, and errors out because that drive is not formatted as expected (for an iPod).  The solution, in the document linked above, is to change the iPod's assigned drive letter.

  • Ithis ipad is supervised by another computer cannot be used with this computer help

    i need help this ipad3 is supervised by another computer and cannot be used with this computer please help me i do'not know what i should be do help thanks

    It depends of what type you have. If it is your own personal iPad you should have any problem but if it is a school owned iPad then you'd have to ask the teacher who ever gave it to you. I have a school owned iPad and I e-mailed someone about it and asked and she told me to use cloud but I am/was confused and I will try again soon.

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