Change default template for a given Theme

Can we change the default template for a theme ? (if yes, how). I had selected theme 3 (business) during the creation of my application with 2 level tabs. After creating parent tabs and standard tabs and getting it working I changed the theme to theme 12 (blue). When the theme got switched, the default application page template became a 1 level tab.
This was because for Theme 12, the default Page template is 1 level tab. I want to change this default Page template to 2 level tabs. I couldn't see option of making this as a default.

Sorry, I found the answer in the documentation in Chapter 7 under
"Changing Default Templates in a Theme".

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  • How to change default approval for ResourceAuthorizerApproval ?

    I'am new in OIM and I follow documentation where I found some predefined workflows. I'd like to use them.
    Could you tell me, step by step, how to change default approval for ResourceAuthorizerApproval (only for my new defined resource).
    I'm using OIM 11g and Design Console

    Ok, I made new tamplate (copy of existing one), there I changed Template Level Approval Process and set allowed resources. It seems to be ok :)
    If there are other solutions please share with me

  • How to change page template for a single page?

    I create a new document based on the Pages "Reports > Business Report".
    Now the first page is formatted as a "Cover" page with a larger top margin.
    Via "Format > Advanced > Manage Pages..." I see there are what I assume are the "Page Templates":
    - Cover
    - Table of Contents
    - Chapter Page
    - Text Page
    - Appendix
    My question: How can I change the template for a single page in my document? E.g. I don't want Page #1 to be formatted as "Cover". I'd like it to be a "Text Page".
    Any hints?

    Just delete the Cover section and insert a Text Page.
    Click on:
    +Toolbar > View > Page Thumbnails+
    Click on the Cover thumbnail, it will be outlined in yellow, hit delete.
    It may start off with certain defaults but you do not have to accept them.

  • How to change default thresholds for some metrics of all targets.

    We have a lot of servers which have to work hard.
    So, our OEM very often generates messages like these:
    "EM Alert: - CPU Utilization is 99.95%, crossed warning (80) or critical (95) threshold."
    "EM Alert: - Disk Device c8t60A9800043346C384C344A4A63516D6Ad0(ssd4) is 99.7% busy."
    "EM Alert: - CPU Load (Run Queue Length averaged over 5 minutes) is 20.78, crossed warning (10) or critical (20) threshold."
    I need to change default tresholds for mentioned metrics but I can't their defenition in SYSMAN.MGMT_*-tables or suitable settings in OEM GUI.
    And I have no time to edit treshholds manually for each target. )

    Modification of Metric Thresholds (as this is what you are referring to), should be done using the Metrics and Policy Settings link (to be found in the Target Home page).
    Don't mess around with the SYSMAN tables!
    Best thing to do here is to start using Monitoring Templates for this.
    Oracle® Enterprise Manager Concepts
    11g Release

  • Latest Lithroom 5.6 does not recognize my .cr2 raw file format and Windows 7 it asociates with my older raw plug in in Ps CS5.5. I am not able to change default program for .cr2 in the properties pannel...

    Latest Lithroom 5.6 does not recognize my .cr2 raw file format and Windows 7 it asociates with my older raw plug in in Ps CS5.5. I am not able to change default program for .cr2 in the properties pannel...
    every new released update of Lr from v 5.2 changed somethin in my Windows 7 Professional settings. I am stucked. Can somebody help me please? Many thanks. Andrej

    Hi Jim,
    yes after I imported my .cr2 raw files into new catalog it started to work. Windows 7 still does not recognize them but I can edit them as you said within the Lr5.6 and then export them into .psd or .dng needed.
    I bought Lr5 only because I got present - my new camera Cannon 70D and because my older Photoshop CS5.5 raw plugin does not recognize. cr2 files.
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Ask your question.How do I change the template for a pages document

    How do I change the template for a pages document?

    Once you've opened it, the opened document is no longer a template. Edit it as you would any other Pages document.
    If you want to use the edited document as a Template, then , after editing, go File > Save as Template, give the new template a name, and click Save.
    The old template will remain available in the location where you found it; the new one will be in the My Templartes sectionof the Templates Chooser.

  • Bex Default template for Queries and Workbooks

    Dear All,
    We have a default template for all queries and workbooks.But this default template was created using a AP query and saved as a workbook.Now all the users having AR role are not able to execute queries or workbooks.Since this default template has a AP info provider associated with it.Is it possible convert this default workbook to a generic one without any security restrictions.Please provide a solution.

    In Bex analyzer, you have option to convert a template into a default template.
    Or you can create a copy of the existing template without AP infoproviders and assign it as default template.

  • Default template for Information broadcasting

    I got the info that template 0BROADCASTING_TEMPLATE70 is the default template for Broadcasting but when i try to open it in WAD then it outputs 'No object Found'.
    Even if i try to find it in BI Content, i do not found the one with the specified name.
    any idea which default template is used in for Infoarmation Broadcasting.
    Its very urgent.

    Hi Satish,
    Unfortunately It is not possible in standard. I also checked ECM_EXIT but I was not able to find any specifc interface for long text. You can try this is General abap forum as Long texts generally belong to Basis more then an appication area itself.

  • [Access 2010] Change default formats for data types

    Whenever I import data, the default format for Boolean data types is "-1,0." I know how to subsequently change this format to "Yes/No," but I'd like to change the default
    setting to "Yes/No." Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance.

    I found you post the same question in other place and got the advice. I agree with Mr. Kees suggestion. The data type is a build-in default setting with Access, we can't change it. We may try the workaround via VBA to test.
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
    Have a good time.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • Where to download PeopleSoft Change Assistant Template for Upgrade ?

    Hello. I am upgrading PeopleTools 8.49 to 8.50.
    After configure Change Assistant 8.50, we need to download a specific Change Assistant template for upgrade process. I cannot find where to download it.
    Can any folks provide a link to download PeopleSoft Change Assistant template for upgrade PeopleTools 8.49 to 8.50 ?

    You have to be a customer with a current maintenance agreement to have valid access to My Oracle Support ( and the upgrade documentation and templates.
    Current customers who share documents and information from My Oracle Support with non maintenance customers, and others, may be in breach of their license agreement with Oracle.
    For reference:
    "... This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws. Except as expressly permitted in your license agreement or allowed by law, you may not use, copy, reproduce, translate, broadcast,modify, license, transmit, distribute, exhibit, perform, publish or display any part, in any form, or by anymeans. Reverse engineering, disassembly, or decompilation of this software, unless required by law for interoperability, is prohibited"

  • How to get default langauge for a given user

    I am trying to find the default language for a given user. Is the ICX:Langauge profile option right one to look for as below query?
    select fpo.profile_option_name, applvl.profile_option_value
    from fnd_profile_option_values applvl,
    fnd_profile_options fpo,
    fnd_application fa
    where applvl.level_value = 1544 -- fnd_user id
    and fpo.profile_option_name like 'ICX_LANGUAGE'
    and fa.application_short_name = 'FND';

    Krr1sh wrote:
    Thanks for the reply Helios,
    I am into a specific situation where I get the username an input and I need to find out what is the default language set to that user at user level, if nothing set at user level then Resp level and propagate it till Operating unit level.
    SaiPlease run the query in (How To Find All Users With A Particular Profile Option Set? [ID 367926.1]) referenced above.
    Please replace this line in the query:
    and n.user_profile_option_name IN ('&User_Profile_Option_Name')With:
    and n.user_profile_option_name IN ('ICX: Language')Thanks,

  • [svn:fx-trunk] 9778: Change default creationPolicy for NavigatorContent to null.

    Revision: 9778
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-08-28 17:16:26 -0700 (Fri, 28 Aug 2009)
    Log Message:
    Change default creationPolicy for NavigatorContent to null.  If null, NavigatorContent will check its parent Navigator's creationPolicy.  If the parent Navigator's creationPolicy is "all", NavigatorContent will use "all" and create all of its children.  Otherwise, NavigatorContent will use "none" as the creationPolicy.
    QE Notes: default value for creationPolicy is null
    Doc Notes: default value for creationPolicy is null
    Bugs: None
    Reviewer: Ryan
    API Change: No
    Is noteworthy for integration: No
    tests: checkintests
    Modified Paths:

  • How do I change or remove default apps for a given file extension (in Terminal?) without munging date modified on all my old files?

    When a program is installed, it seems to be able to do it (sometimes inappropriately if it hijacks file associations without asking) so why can't I?  This is for 10.4.
    1. Since installing an HP wireless printer, HP not only tries to install a bunch of sales-ware on your machine that you have to carefully opt out of (annoying, but not a problem if forewarned), it changes the default file association for a number of basic file types, listing all sort of existing files as HP printer files. Using Get Info to change the default file type association globally causes it to mark ALL the files of that type as newly updated, munging the file metdata (which HP did NOT do). Most of the stuff on our computer is sorted by last modified, so if there is a way to fix this in Terminal (to simply fix or remove the HP default tag) without changing the date the file was modified, it would help. Note that uninstalling the program that created the default would do this, but I obviously can't do that (and reinstalling HP would have the same effect). So there has to be another way, right?
    2. Since updating iTunes to v.9 a while back, every mp3 is marked as an iTunes file even though iTunes has NO multiple library capability without a wonky reboot using the option key, meaning that if I click on an mp3 downloaded since last update of iTunes, it opens automatically in iTunes and gets added to the SOLE itunes library without asking. (There is no way to toggle between multiple libraries or archive media in separate folders; iPhoto has a similar problem. (Has this been fixed in the latest version of iTunes?) In comparison, Quicktime starts up immediately and does not attempt to create a playlist just because you opened a file and listened to it.
    (The iTunes playlists are simply subfolders of the single main library -- and you can't create a new library without doing a wonky procedure by clicking option during startup and telling iTunes to forget where its library is located (includin everything in it) and look up an entirely separate one by hand. So any mp3 file downloaded recently is uploaded to iTunes if you click on it. This wouldn't be problem if it didn't automatically add it to the sole iTunes library just because you clicked on it.)
    Besides, all my old mp3s are Quicktime files and they are all archived by date modified. To its credit, ITunes, unlike HP, does NOT hijack older files already on disk and remark them as iTunes files. It only marks newly downloaded files as such.  But if I try and change file association for FUTURE mp3 files using Get Info > "use this program for all files of this type", it munges the file metadata (date modified) for all existing files!
    Note that in HP case, it apparently does it at the file exchange preference level (or whatever it's called) since the OS then recognizes every file of those types as an HP file. In the iTunes case, it only does it if you download a new media file or open an existing file in iTunes, but again without changing the date it was last edited.
    Since these programs are able to change the default file association without changing the date the file was last edited, it should be reversible in Terminal, correct?  Why does it change "date modified" when you try and correct metadata using Get Info (or sometimes just by clicking an enclosing folder?) Date modified should be a record of when a file itself was edited, not when it was renamed, or other metadata. Otherwise stuff can't be sorted correctly.

    The unix commands you need are:
    and maybe find
    for cryptic details use the man command
    Macintosh-HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
    man SetFileInfo
    You may use the SetFileInfo command to set the file type & the program which will open the file.
    # This little gem will do a get info on all files in a directory.
    mac $ ls  | xargs -I {} GetFileInfo "{}"
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/oddadocodd"
    type: ""
    creator: ""
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/01/2011 14:53:22
    modified: 05/01/2011 14:53:22
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/one.docx"
    type: ""
    creator: ""
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/01/2011 13:57:48
    modified: 05/01/2011 13:57:48
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/oneLineFile"
    type: "TEXT"
    creator: "!Rch"
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/07/2011 14:27:17
    modified: 05/07/2011 14:27:17
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/oneLineFile.txt"
    type: "TEXT"
    creator: "!Rch"
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/07/2011 14:27:49
    modified: 05/07/2011 14:27:49
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/three.docx"
    type: ""
    creator: ""
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/01/2011 13:58:03
    modified: 05/01/2011 13:58:03
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/two.docx"
    type: ""
    creator: ""
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/01/2011 13:57:56
    modified: 05/01/2011 13:57:56
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/weirder.doc.docx"
    type: ""
    creator: ""
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/01/2011 14:50:03
    modified: 05/01/2011 14:50:03
    # well, ! is a funnie character so we escape it.
    mac $ SetFile -t TEXT -c \!Rch two.docx
    mac $ GetFileInfo two.docx
    file: "/Users/mac/playdoc/two.docx"
    type: "TEXT"
    creator: "!Rch"
    attributes: avbstclinmedz
    created: 05/01/2011 13:57:56
    modified: 05/01/2011 13:57:56
    mac $
    mac $ date
    Sat May  7 14:40:56 EDT 2011
    mac $

  • Change default app for .dvdmedia files (Finder now treats them as folders)

    I need to change .dvdmedia files to open up with an app and not to show up in Finder as a folder as it currently does. How do I do that?
    There isn't anymore the usual drop-down menu for Open with... in Get Info dialog window since Finder now treats .dvdmedia files as folders. This happened when I was trying to change the default app for them to something else but the "Open with" section kept showing Finder and when I actually selected the Finder once it started to treat these files as folders. Now I don't know how to get back.

    This tip further down the other discussion worked (the 2. part of it):
    I'm still missing icons for three of my .dvdmedia files and I can only have DVD Player app be the default app but at least I got the files back to files instead of folders.
    kudos to ggmt827 via Chad Leeper at this Macrumors thread
    "1. Open TextEdit (or some text editor), create a small text file and save it.
    2. Right-click on the text file, and choose "Get Info".
    3. Under Name & Extension, change the extension to ".dvdmedia". Hit Enter to save this change.
    4. Under Open With, the associated program should be showing VLC. Select DVD Player instead, and save that change.2

  • How to change the default template for a concurrent prog ?

    Hi i have Std Conc prog "Payables Posted Invoice Register". It has a std template with same name "Payables Posted Invoice Register". Now i have created a custom template and attached it to the same Data Definition.
    The Requirement is that only particular users will use the custom template, hence they will chose it while running. BUt what happened now is in the Conc Prog submit screen it is taking my custom template as the default one.
    Hence majority of the users wudnt look at the template and get the custom o/p.
    I want to make the std template itself as the default template and make the custom template available to chose for a smaller set of users.

    Hi Shadab,
    Yes, that is a valid work around but my task is not to create a seperate data definition and a seperate concurrent prog for it. I HAD to use the standard concurrnet prog but jsut add my template as a non defaulted template.
    Anyways, i have solved it now. This is how
    System Adminitration => Concurrent Programs => select ur Concurrent Prog => Update => OnSite settings .... select the template you want to default.

Maybe you are looking for

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    why there is a error in this query ? declare v_exist pls_integer; v_search varchar2(255) := '175'; v_sql varchar2(255); begin for s in (select table_name, column_name from user_tab_columns where data_type like '%CHAR%' order by table_name, column_nam

  • Multiple RAID arrays

    Hi, quick question about the K8N Neo: It has two RAID controllers on it (Southbridge and the Promise controller).  Is it possible to have a RAID0 array (for the OS) and a seperate RAID1 array for data? Is it possible to setup this type of configurati

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  • Bootcamp Error - MacBook Pro 4.1

    Hi, All: I know there have been a lot of Bootcamp questions asked and answered, but after following several suggestions - and continuously hitting wall after wall, I decided to turn to the message board for help. I originally was given an error using

  • What firmware do nokia repair centres have ?? also...

    I went into my superb nokia repair centre this morning as I had ghosting on my new nokia screen despite only having the phone for a week (i say they are superb cos they also fixed the other day my gps and also lense cover without hassle and only 1hr