Change documents of material master classification class type 001 and 300

Dear guru ,
I want to see the history of change documents of material master classification using MM02.
The system allow to see the history only for class type 023.
For class type 001 or 300 the change document isnu2019t available.
I must do some settings or the function for these class type arenu2019t available ?

Dear ,
changes in values for a characteristic can be monitored in CL20N but as for MM02/MM03 transaction only for class type 023.
For class type 001 or 300 the change document isnu2019t available.

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  • Activation of History Log for Material Classification CLASS TYPE 001

    Hi All.
    I've a question about this object.
    We need to launch RCCLUKA2 to activate multiple objects registration and to generate history log for changes in classification of materials (AUSP table).
    Reference are sap notes 942691 and 943559.
    I FOUND OUT THERE'S a big problem. RCCLUKA2 change AUSP objek key, using internal number range from INOB objects.
    There're hundreds of custom reports and other stuff that read AUSP directly with Matnr Code as objek key.
    I think that's a serious problem, isn't it? Or is there any solution about ?
    Thanks for Help!
    _______> old message
    This report RCCLUKA2 does 5 steps.
    1 step: activation flag for multiple objects in table TCLA and TCLAO only for  input class type (in this case 001 -> MATERIAL);
    2 step: download of KSSK data and AUSP data in two text files (name defined in input parameters);
    3 step: delete all KSSK data and AUSP data for class type 001,  10.000 records every loop;
    4 step: create reference object in table INOB for all records inserted in KSSKFILE, inserting all records in KSSK table at END of INOB upgrade;
    5 step: inserting record in AUSP table from all records inserted in AUSPFILE, using INOB objectid created in step 4.
    We think that this process is a little bit dangerous in production system, due to procedures that always run, in background or foreground.
    I've found a work around that creates an implicit enhancement for LCLVFF10 form FILL_REDUN.
    I think that it's not suggested to create this enhancement because of the missing flags in TCLA/TCLAO and missing reference in INOB and KSSK database.
    This enhancement would create records only in CDHDR and CDPOS with a general key object reference (such concatanate matnr(without-letters) mafid and atinn code).
    This enhancement couldn't also activate the standard function of reading document changes from standard menu in MM03/MM02/MM01, etc..
    Do you have any suggestion about this?
    RCCLUKA2 is a very old report. SAP didn't give any advice or upgrades for this need?
    Thanks for your help
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    Dear ,
    changes in values for a characteristic can be monitored in CL20N but as for MM02/MM03 transaction only for class type 023.
    For class type 001 or 300 the change document isnu2019t available.

  • Class types 200 and 300

    What is the difference between class types 300 , 200 ,201 in variant configuration,

    The class type determines whether a class can be used as a class item in BOMs. In Customizing for the Classification System, the Class node indicator must be set for the class type. In the standard system, class types 200 and 300 are defined for materials, and class type 201 is defined for documents.

  • Characteristics for class type 001 and class 59111 - Message Re-phrased

    Hi All,
    Let me put in better words.
    The requirement is to get the list of Characteristics that are associated with a particular Class type and Class that would be entered by the user in selection screen. I have used KLAH and KSML to establish the link and got the relevant characteristics list configured. It worked for me for most of the Class type and Class combination.
    The issue is on particular class type 001 and class 59111, if I put a lookup in KSML, I don't get any records. But if we look in the configuration CL02 for the same Class type 001 and class 59111, I see a list of characteristics configured there.
    Does anyone know how to fetch the characteristics on this particular case?
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    Hi Sylendra,
    Thanks for looking into it and replying with your thoughts.
    What you have mentioned about the approach on getting the characteristcs from KLAH and KSML is exactly how I have written in my program. Ofcourse your second statement of going into AUSP to get the values for characteristics for an Object (eg: material number XXXX) is also correct.
    But my issue is still on getting the relevant characteristics for the class tyoe 001 and class 59111. I need to display to user the relevant characteristics  that are configured for Class type 001 and class 59111. But when I go into KSML passing the internal class number and class type, I don't get any records. If you see, I am not searching characteristic values for an object, I am searching for characteristics itself.
    The question would be, why records are not maintained in KSML for class 59111 (though they show in CL03) . or there are any other tables to read characteristics...

  • Change History of Material master classification data

    Dear all.
    How can we see the change history of the Material master classification data.
    Whether any standard report exists which can give this Change History data or whether we can find from  any tables?
    Please let me know your thoughts on this

    changes in values for a characteristic can be monitored in CL20N via menu Environment > Change documents
    change history for classification is only stored if you activated this.
    if  it is not set active in your system, then see SAP Note 943559 - FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the classifctn. system
    it has instruction how to active it.

  • Change Documents for Material Classification data Changes

    Dear Friends,
    We have configured custom classification objects for material master and also we are able to maintain the material characteristics using MM01, MM02 and also using ALE interface. But I am not able to find the Change Documents in any of the table CDHDR & CDPOS. Please let me know what needs to be done to capture the change documents for a material classification changes in this case.
    Many thanks for you inadvance.
    Beast regards,

    Change logging of all Classification (including Material Classification) is controlled in the Class type configuration.
    SPRO -> Cross Application Components -> Classification System -> Classes -> Maintain Object types and Class types -> Select Object Table = MARA -> Double Click Class Types under MARA -> Select Class Type 001 and Display -> Check whether "Change Docs" check box is checked on.
    Also check that another flag "Chg. docs for Class" is set on all Objects under the Class type too (by double clicking the Objects folder for a Class type).
    If the Change docs flag is checked on for the relevant Class type and Object then change docs are logged in CDHDR and CDPOS tables for object "CLASSIFY"
    Also the "Change docs" flag cannot be set unless the "Multiple objects allowed" flag is also set in the Class type configuration.
    Please refer [SAP Note 65124 - Classification Change Documents|]
    Also the above note says and I quote: If "Multiple objects allowed" indicator is not set, start the RCCLUKA2 program. The classification data are converted and the indicator 'Multiple object types allowed' is set. Now you can set the indicator 'Change documents' in Customizing of the class type. However, it only says that change documents are generally possible for this class type. Therefore you have to select objects under 'OBJECTS' for which the change documents are to be written.
    So if the Class type doesn't have "Multiple objects allowed" set (along with Change docs flag not set), there is also a conversion that needs to be run using program RCCLUKA2.
    Also when you transport the configuration to a target system, the program RCCLUKA2 should be run again, refer [Note 379180 - Classification data disappeared| ]

  • Object dependency doesn't work for class type 001.

    Dear All,
    I would like to use classification for picking up material.
    I set up a class with class type 001 and assign to material.
    When I use mm03 to search the material with class, the object dependency in the characterist doesn't work.
    Does the object dependency work for the class type 001?
    The example is as below.
    If the characteristic CH_CAR = '01', then the characteristic CH_COLOR can show Red and Write.
    If the characteristic CH_CAR = '02', then the characteristic CH_COLOR can show Black and Blue.
    I wrote a depency precondition for this scenior, but it does't work.
    If I change the class to type 300 and attached to a configurable material, then when I create a sales order and configure the material, and the dependency did work.
    Does the object depency only support the class type 300?

    you can have object dependency in characterisitcs attached to material class. In this thread underneath the class is 001
    Length & Width is not converted in classivication view
    you may not be able to find objects using dependencies used in classification
    Object Dependencies in Classification - Classification System (CA-CL) - SAP Library

  • Multiple class types for material master classification display default.

    We are running on R/3 4.7.  We use several different class types for our material masters (001 and Z01).  The problem this creates is the end user having to constantly tell the system which class type to use when going to the classification screen for different materials with different class types.  If a user views one material's classification page with a particular class type (001) then looks at another material with a different class type (Z01) the system tries to pull in information from the last materials class type (001).  The system tells the user there are no assignments for the class (001) in the material their viewing but there is one for class type (Z01).  The user then has to select the class type that applies to the material master their trying to view.  Is there a way for the system to automatically see when a material has only one class type assigned to it for it to automatically default it in without the user having to specify the class type?

    Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
    Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
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  • Material Master Classification view

    Hi all,
    I have some doubt in Material Master Classification view.
    I want to know the Database Table name in which the field Class Number
    is  stored.
    I know that these tables are stored in the stucture ( RMCLF
    )  during creation of material master.
    Thanks in advance

    KLART is for Class Type & not for Class number ...
    also i need the table where i can see it ...
    Thanks in advance

  • How to change currency in material master

    Could you please tell me multiple way to change currency in material master (mm02/mm02). Currency is under Costing2 tab in material master.

    In <b>SPRO</b>, u can change the Cuurency.
    The Exchange Rate Type is used to store currency conversion rates for different purposes, in the R/3 System.
    If the R/3 System is to perform exchange rate conversions between a large number of different currencies, it can be simplified by specifying a base currency per particular exchange rate type. Then specify the exchange rates of all currencies in relation to the base currency for the exchange rate type concerned.
    In accordance with legal requirements, the base currency (EUR) must be defined as the From currency for currency conversions within the EMU (European Monetary Union). To do this, set the indicator in the field BCurr = From.
    <b>IMG->SAP Netweaver->General Settings->Currencies->Check Exchange Rate Types.</b>

  • How to transfer classification data (class type 001) in ecc to crm

    Hi. dear
       I have a problem in transfering classification data (class type 001). we use classification data in material (mm01) in ecc, class type is 001, but now I have to transfer the classification data to crm.
    i had downloaded the CLASS,ATTRIBUTE and OBJCL,MATERIAL,but i don't see classification data in  crm.
    please let me konw :
    (1) how can i transfer classification data (class type 001) to crm.
    (2)how can i see these data in crm

    first, very thanks , i had seen the note 428989, but, i wonder if there are other method to resovle the problem.
    In ecc, the classification data have many charicter ,but ,in crm, how can i display the classification data . in product data,of crm,  i cannot see any tab to display the data. what can i do in crm to display the classification data.

  • Inspection Characteristic in the material master (Classification)

    Dear All,
                  Please anyone tell me the cycle for maintaining the characteristics in the material master (classification tab) using batch classification.
    or give me a link for the same.

    Hi Rishab,
    Below links can help you
    below steps will help
    Creation of Batch Class in (CL01)
    Assignment of above created classed characteristic to the Batch Class at the time of class creation. (CL01)
    Assignment of batch class to material master in classification view. (MM01)
    Creation of MIC with reference to above created Class characteristic (QS21)
    Creation of inspection plan with above MIC (QP01)
    Follow your business process cycle for creation of inspection lot
    Result recording and usage decision (QA32)
    You can see in MSC2N that batch characteristic will get updated.
    Best regards,

  • Export and import change document for user master data

    Dear Gurus,
    I have two queries on change document for user master data:
    1. Are there any approaches to export and import change document for user master data?
    We often do system copy from PRD to QAS for UAT and troubleshooting. Before system copy we export the user master data from QAS and then import after the copy process. We would like to keep the change document for user master data on QAS from being refreshed from PRD for security reason.
    2. Change document for Role change in QAS
    When the role is created or modified in DEV and then transported to QAS, the role change document doen't include this change log. The role change document in QAS only records those role changes directly made in QAS.
    Could you advise this is by SAP design or are there any approaches to record this transported role change  in the role change document in QAS?

    1. Perhaps you want to consider a system copy to a "virtual system" for UAT?
    2. Changes in QAS (as with PROD as well) will give you the delta. They should ideally be clean... You need to check the source system.
    Another option is to generate the profiles in the target system. But for that your config has to be sqeaky clean and in sync, including very well maintained and sync'ed Su24 data.

  • Pricing based on Material Master Classification

    Hi Guru's,
    Can we have a pricing based on material master classification.
    Scenario: Material can have few characteristic. If we select few of the classification, this should influence pricing.
    Any idea on this, has anybody worked on this before?

    I am not sure about classification, might work with Variant Config.
    Alternatively, you can use split valuation if you don't have many characteristics.
    Hope this helps-

  • Change of material master during transfer between SRM and R/3

    I have a question for modifying material master data between R/3 and SRM.
    I would like to know if it is possible to change the material number during the transfer. The reason is:
    I have 2 R/3 backends and 1 SRM system. The material codes in the 2 R/3 systems are different but some materials having different numbers in R/3 are referring to the same material. I want to see such materials with the same material number. Is it possible to do this with Middleware plus some interruption in between? The "translation" should be bi-directional.

      No probs if the field is not replicated.No idea how to bring that through replication though.
      Coming to the Product Search...Although the number of such materials is less...You will have to modify the Product search which will take care of the  display of other products as well.
      The Std product search(<b>bbph_product</b>) uses the the search help exit "<b>BBP_F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_PRODUCT_GEN</b>".So you need to replace this one with your custom FM.
      In your custom FM,you will have to check for the HARMINIZED code field for all such materials and accordingly while selecting the Material select the HARMONIZED code as the Material number and in the Product search display that HARMONIZED code as the "PRODUCT ID". Also,you  will have to develop RFC enabled FM which will actually fetch all the Materials from the BAckend at runtime. Also are you displaying the Product List Plantwise?
      Pls give me ur mail ID where i can mail you the  sample code.
    Pls reward points for helpful answers.

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