Change "Finder" name in dock.

Hey guys,
I'm really into customizing my mac, and I'm trying to figure out how to change the name of the finder icon in the dock, so that when I roll my mouse over the finder icon, instead of saying finder, it will say something of my choice.
I already did this with my trash icon (making it say "recycling" instead just for the **** of it) so I have tech know how, I just don't know where to look to change the finder name.
Any thoughts?

come to think of it, since finder is an application it probably simply uses the name of the application to show in the dock. that's how it works with all other applications. That would mean that you have to rename in /System/Library/CoreServices. However, personally, I would NEVER do something like that. Finder is a part of OS X and its path and its name are likely referenced in lots of places. I have no idea what renaming it would entail. If you feel adventurous go ahead and try to rename it. Make sure you have a good backup and on your head be it.

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  • Change Finder Places User name

    Hello all
    When I click on Finder on the Dock, it always opens to Places into my short name folder.
    Is there a way to change the folder to open to another location?

    Pierreiphone wrote:
    Hello all
    When I click on Finder on the Dock, it always opens to Places into my short name folder.
    Is there a way to change the folder to open to another location?
    oops. see barney's response.
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  • HT2497 Airport is not recognizing my wireless network because my wireless network has the same name as another apartment in my builing.  I cannot change the name because my room mate controls it, is there any way I can make it find my wireless network?

    It used to be that the other apartment with the same name didn't have theirs password protected so even though only one or the other would show up, I could always get onto one.  Now, they have password protected theirs and it seems to be that 100% of the time only theirs shows up which I only can tell because it says "invalid password" when I try to connect to the Internet.
    I have asked my room mate to just change the name of the network but she is really slow to do anything about it and I need to be able to get the internet at home and the internet is in her and set up through her computer so I really don't have any way of being the one to just go in and fix it myself.
    Is there any other way to make Airport recognize that there are two different networks with the same way so it will find mine?  I feel like I have tried everything including mannually typing in the name of my network and typing my password and it still just says "invalid password."  I have also double checked that I was typing in the correct password and I am.  My room mate is not having any problems accessing the Internet so I know the problem is not with our connection (she also has a Mac, almost the same model as me, I have a MacBook Pro purchased in 2011).  I am also able to connect to the Internet on my Mac at coffee shops and the library so I know that the problem is not my computer or my wireless connection so I'm pretty sure it is just that Airport is somehow only recognizing one of the two "WLAN" networks
    Any help???!

    Hi - you can do what you want to do with AirPlay from your iPhone - but unfortunately it is not as easy as the people in the Apple store told you - your first problem is that you have a non Apple router - you cannot extend a non Apple router wirelessly with the Express - you can only join the network and connect an ethernet device to it - you can however connect via ethernet and have it create a wireless network of its' own - you can set this up from your iPhone or the XP - but this is a complicated setup and would involve many different discussion areas of this forum - therefore I would suggest that you use your 90 days of support and consult directly with Apple to do this - go to this link -

  • OK to change Volume name in Finder?

    (First: Please correct me if I'm referring wrongly to "Volume." From the image I do know the DEVICE is "Chuck Mtn Lion MBP." I intend to refer to the name that appears in the Finder, the one that typically starts as "Macintosh HD.")
    Simple question: Is renaming the volume as simple and safe as it appears evidently in the image? Just like renaming a document?
    Context, if necessary:
    My new MBP 13" was stolen. Fortunately, I'd already made a fully bootable 1TB backup, so I just installed it into my old ('08) MBP 15". It works perfectly. BUT its name shows up as "OWC 1TB MBP13"—the sort of name I give to my external bootables. I'd much rather have the Volume named something like MACPRO.
    I haven't yet reestablished my backup regimen in Carbon Copy; I do understand that changing this name would undo all those tasks, so I want to get this name right BEFORE creating them anew. Does this bring up anything else I need to consider? 

    Hmmm—I spoke too soon. Task not completed. Unexpected error -8076. Not finding anything specific on that one.

  • HT204053 Our Apple ID is ok and functioning.  However, I just came on as the IT for the group and cannot find how to change the name.

    Our Apple ID is ok and functioning.  However, I just came on as the IT for the group and cannot find how to change the name.

    Assuming you mean the personal name associated with the account, as opposed to the login (which you can change if it's not an or address) you can change this at . Click on 'Manage your account' and then on 'Edit' next to 'Your name' and the name currently associated with the ID.

  • How do you change the name of the device that shows in Find My iPhone for Imac

    How do you change the name of an iMac that shows up when you use Find My iPhone for an iMac running Yosemite

    Hi TXShwartz,
    I see that you wish to change the name of your computer that is running OS X Yosemite. Here is an article that will help you accomplish this:
    OS X Yosemite: Find your computer’s name and address
    Take care, and thanks for visiting the Apple Support Communities.

  • Changing file names in the Finder

    Is there a way to change the names of video files in the Finder then relink them in FCPX? I have some files that I imported from my camera. Unfortunately, the camera's date was incorrect. I'd like to change the file names via the Finder to the correct dates, then relink them to the associated projects in Final Cut Pro X. However, this doesn't seem possible: when I relaunch FCPX, the "new" files appear alongside the old files in the event library and there doesn't seem to be a way to relink them.

    You can't relink files in FCPX. Best way to rename clips is within FCPX itself.
    Batch rename clips using a naming preset
    1. In the Event Browser, select the clips you want to rename.
    2. To open the Info inspector, click the Inspector button in the toolbar (shown below), and click the Info button at the top of the pane that appears.
    3. Choose Apply Custom Name from the Action pop-up menu          and choose a naming preset from the submenu.
    The clips selected in the Event Browser are renamed.

  • Possible to change the name "CurrentVersion.fcpproject" in the Finder ?

    All the projects are saved as "CurrentVersion.fcpproject". For backup purposes, I have changed the name in the Finder to "MyProject1.fcpproject" and it seems to work. Anyone has had unwanted consequences to such an operation ?

    My problem is that I want to do quick backups of all my projects : the render files included in the project folders are large and take a lot of time to copy.
    FCPX has unstable "CurrentVersion.fcpproject" : daily backups are necessary, otherweise you can loose many days of work (which already happened to me). The reder files can always be remade, unlike the project file.
    Any other idea about professional backup policy ?

  • How can I change the "name" on my iphone, in the find my phone app

    How can I change the "name" given to my phone (i.e. Sally Jone's phone) on the Find my Iphone app?

    I'm not sure but try via itunes
    Right click on the name of your phone when it appears in the left column

  • Can't find some files after changing drive name

    I keep all my music files on an external drive, and my iTunes folder (and iTunes Music folder) on the internal drive. After changing the name of the external drive, a good number of files (not all, and probably not even most, but a lot) couldn't be found by iTunes.
    I'm suspecting that this problem results from having my files stored externally and separate from the internal default iTunes Music folder, but I'm hoping someone can give me some more details about this and hopefully help find a solution. Thanks.

    In the root of the filesystem there normally is a folder "lost+found", in which files with strange names are found. These are the files cvfsck has collected in the recovering of the filesystemnames. It is sometimes not possible to recover the original file name and location. So this is the only way for cvfsck to give them back.
    If you think the content of these files is allright, you can rename and relocate them.

  • Finder automatically changing folder names...

    Finder is automatically changing folder names... say I have two folders side by side titled:
    Sometimes, and for no apparent reason, the "financial" folder will, when I click on it, change to "miscellaneous" and will show the exact same files no matter which one of the two I click on. I know for a fact that each folder holds two entirely different sets of documents...
    What is going on here? How do I stop it from doing this?

    We are experiencing this issue on both ppc and intel machines and it appears to be isolated to the Finder as the terminal reports properly. The commonality is network shares, it does not seem to matter if they are nfs automounted from solaris, smb mounted from a linux box, etc etc, nor does it matter if an admin user manually mounts these shares, the issue persists. I, like a previous poster on this subject was skeptical given the symptoms but kept an open mind and then witnessed this anomaly for myself. We can now re-create it at will. I have narrowed it down to the 10.4.9 update and it continues through 10.4.10, in my testing, the issue does not exist in 10.4.8. The Finder version changes from 10.4.6 in OSX version 10.4.8 to Finder version 10.4.7 in OSX version 10.4.9, the Finder versions do not coincide with OS versions. Swapping in the older Finder did not solve the issue so there are other culprits involved. It may not even be the Finder at issue, the issue may reside in the way OSX mounts shares and simply manifests in the Finder. Odd behavior to say the least, one good thing is that while the data appears to have gone away, it's actually safe and sound and a reboot/logout-login resolves the issue. Deleting .DS_Store, force re-launching the Finder does not seem to help nor does deleting caches, preferences, etc, the only solution I have found is to revert to 10.4.8.

  • I'm trying to put movies onto my hard  drive but i can't put the files with the same name onto the hard drive , finder won't let me change the name

    I'm trying to put movies onto my hard  drive but i can't put the files with the same name onto the hard drive , finder won't let me change the name. What am i doing wrong?

    Make a new folder and put them in that different folder. Then the names can be the same as others already on your drive.

  • How do I change the name that is displayed as one of the main folders on finder?

    I cannot figure out how to change the name that is displayed as one of the folders (in the red circles in the picture). It currently has my dad's name because he set up the computer but he does not use it and I wanted to try and change the name to my own. I have tried system-preferences/users-&-groups and made changed the admin to my own name but that did not change the folder name. And when I clicked the "unlock to make changes" on the folder menu (left window in the picture) it did not allow me to change the name. Any ideas?

    That is your admin account on the computer. Simple solution:
    Create a new admin user account to your liking. Log into that new account then delete the old account.
    See also this article.

  • I changed the name of the hard drive and now cant find event

    I changed the name of my drirve where I store my iMovie 09 (8.0.6) files. Now when I open iMovie the envets are missing.

    Not missing, just that iMovie can't locate them.
    Change the name back again.

  • In my Finder, under 'places', how do i change the name of my computer?

    picture of the little home.below Applications. how do i change that name.
    Or, under Macintosh HD,Users,(names).. how do i change these names?

    Short answer: very carefully. In unix lingo, that is the "short" name. If you are running OS X 10.5, go to System Preferences, Accounts and click your account name while holding down the Control key to reveal "Advanced Options". Change the Short Name there.
    One word of advice, the warning at the top of the dialog box needs to be taken seriously. You can completely hose your system! Make a backup first!

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    This is a brand new eMac that has been working for 1 week, now the screen shakes and then goes back to normal, it is not one of the models in the eMac extended coverage program or what ever the name is I have already checked this. I am just wondering

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    Hi, Since updating my wife and my own 3G to 4.2.1, I can't save any photos e.g. from my email into the photo roll. They image just shows as corrupt in the roll on both phones. Photos taken from the camera seem to save ok. I even restored the firmware

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