Change of unit in Certificate profile

Dear Friends,
I want to chane the unit of measurement in certificate profile from mg/kg to PPM, but system is showing error as
"Unit mg/kg cannont be converted to unit PPM"
Please giude, how to over come this error as I want to change the UOM in COA.
Amit Shirsath.

Hi Amit,
It doesn't seem to be possible.
May be you need to create another MIC and do the re-assignments.

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  • Changing Inspection characteristics of Certificate Profile

    Dear All,
    I copied one certificate profile from another certificate profile . Then i want to change the copied certificate profile . System not allowing adding at first characteristic it allowing to add at last . How can i add that specification as first .

    When you add the new characteristic at the end, simply change the number on the far left to a value like 12 or 8.  When you save and come back in, it should be up where you want it.  you can delete the characteristic 10 but I don't beleive you can reuse the number until you archive data off the system as I believe it is marked for deletion and then not displayed but it still resides in the Datebase.
    You should be able however to update the characteristic in positon 10 to a new mic if you want though.

  • Changing Operating Unit for Inventory Organization

    We have Inventory Organizations already LIVE in Oracle EBS 12.1.3. These are assigned to an Operating Unit. We need to change operating Unit for an Inventory Org. Is it possible to just assign new Operating Unit for an existing Inventory Org? or do we need to define new Inventory Org and then assign the new Inventory org to the new Operating Unit? Let me know if any one has ever faced this requirement and how was it implemented. Thanks a lot.

    The profile option MFG_ORGANIZATION_ID is used by forms that are inventory organization dependent, for example, View Material Transactions form. It is set by calling the function fnd_org.choose_org. It will open a list of values where you will be able to choose one inventory organization enabled to the responsibility you are currently using.
    By default this profile option cannot be set at any level (site, responsibility, user…). I tried to enable it to be set at responsibility level. However, after having done that, nobody was able to enter Oracle e-Business.
    Do you intend to restrict access to one inventory organization or just define a default inventory organization? If you intend to restrict access, you can use Organization Access (Inv Super User: Setup: Organization: Organization Access). There, you define the inventory organizations that are enable to each one of your responsibilities.
    If you have no lines in that form, all organizations are available to all responsibilities. If you add just one line, access is denied to all responsibilities and organizations not listed. So, be careful in setting this up.
    Ketter Ohnes

  • Idoc/BAPI for Certificate Profile creation

    Is there any Idoc/Bapi available for Certificate Profile creation (Transaction Code  QC01).
    Appreciate your Inputs.

    BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN  Change User-Profile Assignments
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  • MIC Selection in certificate profile on the base varsion.

    Dear Experts,
    i am not able to get my required MIC with valid task list selection on the date base, I have a MIC with versions 1,2,and 3 i need to select the MIC with version 1, i have created a certificate profile and for selecting the MIC i have chosen from Extras- Characteristic from valid task list and gave the valid group and the old date in which the MIC with version 1 is valid after selecting the MIC if i go and check in the display MIC i am observing the new MIC with version 3 only, But if i directly enter the MIC and its version number it is selected where as i am not getting it when i select it from task list, please let me know if the behavior is as per the standard SAP or not and is there any possibility to select the old version MIC from the Task list directly.

    Hi Sujith,
    For example:
    My MIC Details:
    MIC       Version     Created       and  Changed
    A        -       1        -   17.10.2008   
    A        -       2        -   17.10.2008   and  22.06.2011
    A        -       3        -   17.10.2008   and  22.06.2011
    A        -       4        -    17.10.2008  and  12.10.2011
    Task List:
    Group           Change number          Valid from              MIC      Version
       1          -        NA                      -     23.10.2008      -       A      -      1    
       1          -      10000008994       -     20.10.2011      -       A      -      4
    Change number details:
    10000008994    Created on:22.06.2011 changed on:18.10.2011 and Valid from date:20.10.2011.
    Now i created Certificate Profile today and while selecting the MIN from Task list i gave the details as Group and valid from date as 19.10.2011 and found the MIC A with version 1 and selected the version and after saving when i go and check the MIC details i found it as MIC A with version 4 dint understand why it is version 4 even after i selected version 1 and saved it.
    Can you please comment on this why it is changing like this but one thing i observed is if i directly enter the MIC and give the version as 1 and save, it is remaining the same.l am getting this problem only when i select it through task list.
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  • QC Certificate Profile

    Dear QC Experts,
    We have created several QC certificate profiles in SAP R/3 currently and a requirement has come up to rename these profiles for easy end user identification. Is there any standard method of renaming the existing QC certificate profiles other than copying and deleting the old one?

    Yes, you always need a certificate profile.  Usually you always use V2 (shipping).  The form you used, QM_QCERT_01 is only an example form that SAP provides.  It should be copied and must be adapted for your businss and you'll need a person knowledgable about SAPscript to make changes to it.  I  believe there is another for a COC (Certificate of compliance) which might be more what your looking for if you don't need to report batch values or inspection lot vales.
    Your probaly missing the certificate recipent record.  You'll find this under the QM area under Outgoing certificates.  You can try adding LQCA output type directly to the delivery in the item outputs.  (Any good SD person on site should be able to show you how to do this)
    To understand condition tables and procedures I would again turn to an SD person or a pricing person.  They use the condition technique a lot and should be able to explain it easilly.  They should also be able to help with setting up the output procedures and related items as well.

  • How to change  default unit on Database 11g

    Hi All
    I'm using Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
    If I define my column:
    How can I change default unit BYTE to CHAR as the following
    Thanks alot

    I have set Database system with the following SQL:
    alter system set nls_length_semantics=char;
    alter session set nls_length_semantics=char;
    But, It does not match.
    And when I insert data, the following error occured.
    SQL> insert into binhtest values('初期化パ');
    ORA-12899: value too large for column string (actual: 12, maximum: 8)
    I've checked value of NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS, it is CHAR

  • Can you change the units used for size and position in layout editor?

    In Aperture 3.4, does anyone know if you can change the units used for size and position in layout editor?  The page is set in inches, but the image size and position are given in centimetres and I would prefer to work all in inches to create custom layouts.  I can't see any way to change this.  If anyone knows how it would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

    Aperture uses the unit settings defined in the System Preferences.  Set the "Measurement Units" in the "Region" tab of the "Language & Text" preferences to "US"; the Aperture will display the Size & Position in inches, if it is the "Book" layout manager you are asking about.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Error while changing base unit of measurere

            i hav prob. while changing base unit of measure system gives error massage is material used in BOM, ECM is activated in our system and that material is showing only when valid from date is not  entered othervise that material is not shown in to remove that material from so i can change base unit of measure.

    You can only change the BUM if there is no stock  production order planned orders reservations, PO s etc are not in the system  there should be no transaction of the material ,after ensuring all this, u can change unit of measure
    For more info
    check these threads
    Base unit of measure cannot be changed
    Re: BOM unit of measure
    change base unit of measure
    Anupam Sharma

  • Changing Base Unit Of Measure in Material Master

    Dear All,
                  We need to change the base unit of measure of certain materials who have been assigned inspection plan. We have deleted the material from Inspection Plan and later even the plan. But still the system not allowing to change the BASE UNIT OF MEASURE. The error thrown by the system is : Material is assigned to inspection Plan.
    Please guide in this regard as changing the material for us will be a very cumbersome act.

    Hi Rohan,
    Please check 'display errors' in MM02 when you are trying to change the BUoM. It will say what prevents you from doing that.
    Please check:

  • Changing the Unit of Measurement in Material Master

    Dear Experts,
       Material DF21DENG (fert) was created with KGS (kilogram per second) as its unit of measurement. A material BOM was now created for DF21DENG.
      I intend to change the unit of DF21DENG from KGS to KG (kilogram).  On doing this in the Basic data view of DF21DENG, i get the message " change is not possible because a BOM exists for this material".
      In the BOM of DF21DENG, I set the deletion flag on & tried to change the unit in the Material master again but got the same massage.
      Please how can I effect this change?

    This response was helpful but was solved the problem was that; from the Edit, i  selected Delete  from the drop down & then the alternative BOM was deleted.

  • Creating certificate profile

    Hi all,
    Please tell me what are the mandatory fields in the creation of profile ?
    what are the diff. config. settings?

    Steps in IMG
    Certificate type can be crated for identification, hence you can crate type in img (Quality ManagementQuality CertificatesCertificate ProfileDefine Certificate Types)which you can assign a status profile if required.
    Define a form which you can use the std one
    Define Data Origin and Profile Determination u2013 this I think std can be used unless you want to defer  SAP std. This will help to choose a certificate profile incase if you have more than one for a particular combination
    In QC01 use the certificate type created and enter a name for profile.
    Give the name of form.
    Click on characteristics overview button and enter the details. and then the release the profile
    In QC15 assign the material to certificate.
    Try and come back

  • How do I change the order of the profiles in profile manager?

    I have several profiles and I know that I can use profile manager to delete the profile without deleting the files, then add the profile back, but it is a very clunky way to change the order they are in. Is there any quicker way to change the order of the profiles?

    Thank you both. My problem was that I was looking in the wrong place for the profiles.ini file. I'm not sure now where it was I was looking, but I found it quickly with the links cor-el gave. I didn't want to use command line option (though it is a good suggestion) because that would increase the clutter from icons and I was attempting to reduce clutter.
    Again thank you both for the quick response.

  • In Adobe Acrobat XI pro how do I change the units of measure from inches to centimetres?

    In Adobe Acrobat XI pro how do I change the unit of measurement from inches to centimetres?

    Edit > Preferences > Units

  • How do I change the units for the vector shape stroke in the option bar?

    I work with vector shapes very often in Photoshop. In CS6, they have added the stroke and fill tools in the option bar.
    If I open a file with vector shapes that was created in CS5, the stroke defaults to 3pt. I would prefer it to default to pixels instead of points. I have found that if I change the settings prior to creating a new shape, it retains those attributes for all future shapes. However, if I am working on an older file, and would like to use this tool, it is frustrating to have to change this unit every time.
    Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks!

    Every time I move the volume, it moves back!
    Check, if you have a volume automation set on the software instrument track.
    If the track volume automation curve is enabled, the volume slider for the track will move with the automation curve.
    Click the automation curves disclosure triangle in the track header and disable the volume automation.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I want to create a poplist with dynamic values. For the same, I have created a View Object(CustomVO) using the VO wizard.The view object does not have a datasource.I have added 2 transient attributes(TubeCode and TubeName).The viewobject is attac

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