Changeover Cost, Time and Materials

What is the best method for capturing changeover costs in a discreet manufacturing setting where production orders are used? Depending on the sequence of products being produced cleanout times and the quantity of cleaning agent used can vary. This has an impact on planning and profitability, and should be accurately captured. 
Is it best to create multiple routings one with and on without changeover time?
Also, to capture the amt. of cleaning agent used, is it best to put that directly on the BOM?  The issue is that we don't know how much cleaning agent is used until after we have already posted production.  Is there a way to go back into the production order after posting production on the finished good and consume more material?

Create production order without materials in transaction CO07.
You can use reference operations sets for this. You can assign the components in the order directly. Create reference operation sets and call on the operation in the production order wo material.
This cost can be captured on a cost center and distributed as per the requirement.
thanks and regards

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    to understand SAP design funtionality . not to solve your issue
    Note 502176 - Confirmation for mixed Backend goods/service purchase order
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    Ad 1:The display in the search result is correct!
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  • Cost Items and Time Schedules in T&EM

    I have created certain Cost Items and Time Schedules in Development Server. Transferred them to Testing. But I am unable to edit them or included new ones through tcodes in Testing Server.
    But my client wants to edit them or include new ones according to his requirements. How is this possible?
    Points assured!
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi ,
    You have to do the changes in the Developement client and then you have to move the changes to the Quality client. Hope this will solve your prob...

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    NO, WRONG.
    reducing COST is meaningless, because COST is meaningless. It's used internally by the optimizer to weigh the cost/benefits of different execution plans (access methods) for a single query. cost CANNOT be compared across queries. and if you add a hint to a sql, then it becomes a different sql (proven by looking in v$sql) so you cannot compare costs. in fact, when you provide a hint, oracle artificially lowers the cost associated with the hinted action in order to make that action look better to the optimizer, helping it to be choosen.
    reduce time. reduce io. reduce memory usage. that's it.

  • Moving time and cost between projects

    We have couple of projects that were classified incorrectly and are not getting capitalized, the client does not want to re enter the time by entering time to a new project and want us to transfer the time and cost to the correct project.
    Is there any way that we can achive this?

    You can transfer the cost and timecards from your current project to new project by using the following navigation
    Expenditure Inquiry -> Query for expenditures -> Then go to Tools and select the Transfers option.
    Enter the Project Number and Task number.
    Transfer the expenditures to new project.
    Run the Distribution process.
    So cost will be distributed in new project and reversal entries will created against old project.

  • Why every time I enter my visa information it cost me one us dollar be for  purchase anything  This happens to me for several times and I don’t like to keep my billing information on my account

    Why every time I enter my visa information it cost me one usdollar befor  purchase anything
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    Whenever you change your credit card info you will get a temporary $1 holding charge which is made to check that the details that you have entered are correct and that the card is active - the charge should disappear from your card within a few days. There is more info here

  • Costing sheet and standard cost estimate

    I am trying to use Costing sheet for overhead calculation .
    But in costing run I am not getting the overhead amount calculated .
    I created the costing sheet and assigned that to valuation variant .
    Where from the actual / Plan values being picked up for over head calculation .
    More over I need to understand on what basis the %age for overhead can be calculted to be aborbed to material cost .
    In costing run I am having ZERO values for overhead .
    I have followed the following steps
    Costing Sheet: Components
    Define Calculation Bases
    Define Percentage Overhead Rates
    Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates
    Define Credits
    Define Overhead Keys
    Define Overhead Groups
    Even then the Production overhead is not being calculated at the time of Cost Run
    for standard cost estimate .

    Do you enter overhead  group in the material master.
    Key that groups together materials to which the same overhead is applied.
    In costing with and without quantity structure, and when costing production orders and run schedule headers, you can apply percentage overhead charges by means of an overhead key if you:
    Assign a costing sheet to your production order or run schedule header, or to the valuation variant for the cost estimate
    Enter overhead charges in this costing sheet that use the overhead key field
    Assign the overhead key to an overhead group
    Enter this overhead group in the material master record of the material

  • I need to host a Shared PDF on SharePoint. If it is on SharePoint can only one person comment at a time? I know documents have to be checked out when using SharePoint. I need multiple users to be able to comment in real time and see comments in real time.

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    try here:
    File a complaint with them. Verizon will call you to fix the blunder.
    But remember it is always up to the customer to insure what they are getting and what it costs. Don't trust the word of a sales person who makes their living on getting that sale. Lies, deceit or false promises will be and have been used by sales people for thousands of years.
    Good Luck

  • Overhead costs on raw materials

    Our requirement is to have some percentage overhead on raw materials.  So I created a costing sheet and applied a percentage to them and did a std cost estimate. Now when GR is received it valuates against the std cost (which includes OH) and posts the difference to PPV. Client wants it to valuate against the orginal price of material (without OH)
    Ex;  ROH  Mat A $1.00 in planned price 1
           Costing sheet : 10% OH
    Standard cost of this ROH A is $1.10
    Purchase order will be at $1 so GR will post  Dr. Inv $1.10  Cr. Gr/Ir $1.00 PPV $ 0.10
    But clients want that PO price $1 to be valuated against $1 (true ROH cost) and post $0.10 to absorption account
    Dr. inv $1.10, Cr Gr/IR $1  Cr abs $0.10  
    if P.O is $1.10 then Dr. Inv $1.10 Cr. Gr/IR $1.10 Dr.PPV $0.10 Cr ABS $0.10
    I am not sure if it is even possible if not waht options do I have to have and overhead for Raw materials with out updating standard cost estimate with $1.10.

    Yes, it is possible
    What you want is to Debit the inventory with 1.1 i.e. inclusive of Overhead.. But, Credit the GR/IR with 1 $ and post the 0.10 to absorption account instead of PPV... So, that PPV reflects true PPV
    You need to create an accrual key for the same..
    1. Create an accrual condition type and accrual account key in MM pricing procedure. In this way, there is a credit entry to the GL account represented by accrual account key. Hence the PPV represents the true value.
    2. For the accrual condition type, you can create a condition record such that its value is same as your overhead. You can use the user exit to automatically populate its value from KEKO and KEPH table.
    Refer this post where it was discussed a few days back
    Product Costing-Overhead inclusion in Inventory standard cost without PPV
    Ajay M

  • COPA derivation for thecombination of Cost center and Cost element/GL accou

    Hi Gurus,
    In COPA derivation using KEDR i am trying to make a derivation for the
    combination of Cost center and Cost element. Here i got following problems
    • While posting FI document using t.code FB50 system not automatically
    updating the fields Cost center and cost element in Profitability
    segment. Hence system not posting COPA document. How can i make this
    derivation? Is there any note should i apply regarding these.
    • How can i create cost element as characteristic.
    • If i configure derivation for the combination of Cost center and cost
    element will it be posted with copa document for postings or automatic
    postings from MM,HR and FI
    Pls provide me solution at the earliest.
    Thanks and Best regards,
    Mobile: - 919940093579
    Mail : [email protected]

    Hi Murali
    Thanks for update
    I explain my req clearly
    For me segment is Distribution channel field (EXPORT and DOMESTIC)
    If GL account is 1000-2000     always                      Export
    If GL account is 2001-3000    and Cost center is     X then Export.
    If GL account is 2001-3000    and Cost center is     Y then Domestic.
    Based on above REQ i am making derivation using KEDR T.code.
    These postings should work for all modules postings such as MM, HR also.
    Actually this should work automatically and after saving the transaction we should have copa document also.
    But problem is in source fields of derivation we have GL account (HKONT) and Cost element (KSTAR). I am making derivation using either of these.
    But after posting document system not giving COPA document.
    I found the reason is  at GL postings we are giving input to GL account (HKONT) but we took in KEDR source field as GL account (SAKNR). GL account (HKONT) is not updating GL account (SAKNR) field in PSEG screen in Fb50. Even i try with cost element (KSTAR), GL account (HKONT) is not updating this in PSEG screen in fb50.
    If GL account (HKONT) updates either GL account (SAKNR) or cost element (KSTAR) at the time of posting FB50
    If we have the field GL account (HKONT) as source field in KEDR i hope my problem
    Get solved.
    If you want further info pls give me your mobile number then i ll call you

  • Link beteen cost centers and activities

    We have 180 + cost centers and I want to have 100 + activities.. I want to link these cost centers & activities..Eventually what should happen is when processing transactions with a CO object (cost center, internal order, WBS) in AP posting, recurring entry, depreciation, PO ect the value should also hit the activities at the time it hitting the cost center
    I just want to know whether a link can be maintained in the cost center master data to link an activity..

    the linkage of cost centers and activity types is done in cost center / act. type master data using the field "cost center category". if you set cost center category to "X" in the cost center, the cost center can only "use" act. types with cost center category "X" (or * which is a wildcard).
    In act. type master data you can key in up to 8 different CCtr categories, which allows you to limit activity type "test" to be used for cost center category X and Y and Z.
    The possible combinations can be seen in act.rate planning (kp26). Planning is only possible for the combination of cost center / act. type given by the linkage described above.
    Best regards, Christian

  • Send cost centre and attendence type not filled automatically

    I am configuring the time recording in ESS. I configured the recording profile and in cats2 it looks good. The send cost centre and attendence type get filled automatically. But when I do the same thing in ESS the values are not populated. Is there something I have to take into account in order to get this done?
    Thanks a lot, Vanessa

    Dear Venessa,
    Please note that in contrast to personal templates, which enable you to prefill the data entry area when you start time recording, the system first displays default values when you create a new account assignment row with one receiver object and at least one working time.The system only proposes default values when you create a new account assignment row. In ESS, this is correct, because it does not make sense to provide default values for the sender cost center and activity type if you are only entering an attendance or absence type.
    Hope this helps,

  • REM Product cost collectors and Production version

    Hi All,
    Can some one pls let me know
    What are the product cost collectors in REM and how to create the product cost collectors ?
    What is the production version and the difference between production version and controlling version?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Bujji,
    A product cost collector is a cost object in Product Cost by Period that collects the periodic actual costs incurred in the production of a material. It can be created in txn KKF6N.
    [Product Cosr Collector|]
    [Product Cost Collectors: Collective Entry for Repetitive Manufacturing |]
    A production version determines the various production techniques that can be used to produce a material. It defines the following information:
    Alternative BOM for a BOM explosion
    Task list type, task list group, and group counter for assignment to task lists
    Lot-size restrictions and period of validity
    A material can have one or more production versions.
    It can be defined in the Material Master (txn MM02) in one of the following views:
    MRP 4
    Work Scheduling
    Costing 1
    The costing version is a different issue. It is a costing parameter and is used to save several cost estimates for the same material, with the same costing variant and the same costing date (e.g. in oder to cost the material several times with minor changes without creating new costing variants).

  • Cost Center and Profit Center Planning

    I have one  Co issue.  Pls Suggest me the wiseful solution.
    Cost Center and Profit Center Planning.
    For F-2008 Planning  data they have updated in the month of Aug, 07 for Profit and Loss Items and they have revised the plan data of some cost elements in the month of oct, 2007 (say 5% Increas).  when comparing the cost center report to profit center report, both are not matching.  the reason when i see and reconcile the document nos and values in between cost center and profit center reports  i found out that there are some documents are missing in the profit center report. 
    wherever plan data had revised e.g for cost element Salaries they have updated 100000 Planning cost in the month of Aug, 07.  In the month of Oct, 07 increased 5% i.e.5000. In cost center line items details i found 2 documents for Rs.100000/- and Rs.5000/-  But in Profit Center Line Items i am getting only Rs.5000/- Value Document.
    Note.  As and when KP06 Plan data has been updated Profit Center line items are generating.  It is not necessary to run any programme inorder to transfer Plan Data from cost center to profit center.
    Observations From My Side:-
    I tried to run the transaction code 1ke0. i have selected the cost object is Cost Center, version and had given Cost Center Parameter in development and quality clients and executed the same.By this time already existing data either deleting/ riversing and creating new documents fully except manually changed data in profit center through 7ke1.
    My Question is
    1.Upto what extent it will work.
    2.will it be possible to transfer data from cost center to profit center only missing documents which are available in cost center, without disturbing of existing data in profit center.
    3.suppose if i done this activity, there are some data which was already transferred from other cost objects like internatl orders & wbs elements to Profit Center. will the data get disturbed (deleted/riversed).
    Pls suggest me the wiseful way to solve the

    Try This
    Reward if usefull

  • Cost element for materials in network profile

    Dear All,
    Want to use material planning field in internal activity under assignment tab. But I have the following queries
    What is the cost element that I have to mention in network profile under internal activity?
    If I mention the cost element in network profile and plan my internal activity in initial stage and later on if I assign material to internal activity will the  Plan cost of that internal activity increases by the material added to that activity.
      3.  under OBYC materials have different cost elements based upon valuation class. so how the planned vs actuals will be show in the report.

    Hi Avinash,
    See my replies below.
    1 a & B: You are planning Qty on NWA and capturing costs - labor & Equipment on NWA elements.
    When  you are having elaborated to NWA-Element level, split your total work on each NWA-element and post labor cost. Thus you will have planned Vs actual costs at one place.
    coming to equipment cost - are you capturing using PO through GR?.
    2.a : Option1- create a separate WBS elements for materials and plan cost at WBS level. That value would be your total planned cost of material procurement as estimated. Under this WBS elements create NWAs and assign the materials. With this set up you can assign material and procure so that will have actual costs coming from GR.
    Option 2: Create a one General Cost activity and assign the total planned cost of material on this NWA.
    When you assign the material components, diligently you have to reduce the equivalent amount from the general costs activity. Also note that on component screen, you have to check box "Cost relevant" so that material cost will add to Cost NWA. Let the different materials  have their own valuation class and have default CEs accordingly. that would not be big issue.
    Please discuss with your MM team to get more information. Also my suggestion is to leave blank CE field in configuration.
    The option2 is very cumbersome and high risk but one have to be very cautious to reduce the value from Cost NWA in order to sustain the planned material costs whenever they added.
    3. I have answered the relevance of Cost relevance check box in above.
    Hope above makes sense.

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