Changing field lable of KVGR1 data element.

Hi Guys,
              I am changing field lable of KVGR1 data element. No. of depedent objects are also changed but some of the objects were end up with warning "Enahancement category for table missing". Since all this objects SAP Standard do I have to genarate key for every single one with warning to adjust the enhancement type.
S Kumar

Hi Amit,
            I have already changed the Field labels and Description of KVGR1 data element using SSCR key.
Is it a good idea to revert it back. The dependent tables and structures are activated with warnings. Which is Enhancement category.
S Kumar

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  • Changing Field Label length for Data Element using ABAP code.

    Hi Experts,
    We have a scenario where we have to update the maximum length of the various Field Labels (Short, Medium, Long..) for a Data Element using ABAP code.
    Does anyone know how to do this ? Is there a Function Module available for this purpose ?
    Appreciate your valuable inputs.

    Hi ,
    Use the view
    TABNAME as table name,
    DDLANGUAGE = EN / sy-langu
    and order by position. (for correct sequencing)
    You will get description of the fields (short,medium, long etc). You will also get the length and other details.

  • Activate Change Document Check box in Data Element "J_CHGKZ"

    Hi experts,
    Our developer want to activate the change document for the data element "J_CHGKZ". The access key has been applied. We have tried to activate the change document check box in SE11, but the change box is disabled even in change mode. Has anyone come across this before and does anyone have a solution to this?

    SAP does not allow to use change management for date, time fields. Thats the reason for not allowing change to BDTER field.
    Hope that answers your question.

  • Activate Change Document Check box in Data Element

    Hello Experts,
    I want to activate the change document for Reservation.  In table RESB, I have registered the OSS key for the table, and the data element, but when I try to change the Data Element "BDTER - Requirements date for the component" the Change Document check box is disabled even in change mode.  Has anyone come across this before and does anyone have a solution to this?

    SAP does not allow to use change management for date, time fields. Thats the reason for not allowing change to BDTER field.
    Hope that answers your question.

  • Change field lable

    Hello gurus,
    I have a requirement in mb1b transaction.
    I have to change the 'purchase order ' field lable as 'work order' for ebeln field in 'enter transfer posting screen' of mb1b for movement type 911.
    kindly sugust the solution.

        No it reflects for evry movement type.
    For this u can use ur own dataelemnts so that u get the descriptions as Work order.
    use the Variant Transaction
    Vijaya Lakshmi.T

  • Display Help for Field not referred through Data Elements in ALV

    I am working on a report program where the output is in ALV_LIST display format.The internal table used to define the field catalog contains fields that are not declared using Data elements.For these fields, when i press F1 from the output, the message I receive is 'No Document Available'.Can someone tell me how I can attach a help document to these fields without creating a new data element for each of these fields....
    For eg : My internal table that forms the field catalog is
      Data : Begin of i_itab occurs 0,
             matnr like mara-matnr,
             end of i_itab.
    When this table is displayed in ALV, if F1 is pressed on the field matnr the corresponding dictionary help pops out.But since the field Name has no help document attached to it, i cannot view any help for this..Kindly tell me how i can attach my own help document to this field.

    This issue was solved using the followiing steps.
    2.Set the value of the field of this paramter as
    EXIT-UCOMM= '&ELP'  " F1
    This will make the control go directly to the user command functio written inside the program rather than the standard SAP define duser command....
    3. Inside the perform -usercommand in the ALV program use the FM HELP_DOCULINES_SHOW to show the appropriate help document
    This method may be used to display help text for those fields/columns in the ALV which are not referred to the fields/data elements in the data dictionary tabel

  • Change the Domain of a data elements in the extraction structure

    Hi experts
    I was transport a extraction structure from BW DEV to BW QA System, but in STMS of QA System generated an error "Active ABAP Dictionary" then in T-code SE11 -> visualize -> Components Tab i am watching that the Data Type of a component ZBITRST is QUAN whereas in BW DEV system the Data Type is CHAR which is correct
    by double-clicking the component I am watching that the domain of both is different, How I can change the domain in QA System / BIC/VQUAN_000013_000003 to / BIC/VCHAR_000003_000000?
    or What is the solution to this problem?

    As you told you have correct domain for the info object in DEV system, transport this single info object through one transport.
    now check whether domain of the info the info object is correct.
    now you can import the extraction structure.
    If you want to change the domain type, goto edit mode of info object and select the data type CHAR instead of UNIT and activate the info object. this will change the domain type of your Info Object.

  • Changing field lable (header) in Table control.

    Hi all,
            I am currently working on a table control. The requirement is to change the label in the column heading dynamically based on few conditions. Could any one please help me in finding out a way for changing the heading labels dynamically.
    Example stated below.
    Totally 4 columns in table control.
    |  Value      |  Description      |  Tag 1 (should be dynamic)  |  Tag2 (should be dynamic)*                        -
    |   1            |   Hai                | 2121212                             | 212122222
    |   2            |   welcome        | 43424234                           | 234234444324
    Many Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Neha,
                Many thanks for your reply. The document you have sent is really a good one, but it do not throw much light on changing the column header text (label). If you could provide me some more info on changing the label that should be of great help to me.
    Thank you.
    Hi Tharani,
                Many thanks for your reply. The link you have attached is a good one, but it has no information on changing the label on a module pool screen. It details only about SAP forms.
    Thank you.
    Hi Ramchander,
                Many thanks for your reply. I have already tried it that way and it dint work out. The screen looping is possible for only for changing the contents of an output fields on a module pool screen, but not for table control column header.
    Thank you.
    Could you all please throw me some more light on this issue.

  • Field Lable

    I 've created a ztable. it has nearly 10 fields. while displaying it's contents every field is showing it's field name in header are except only one.
    The field name is ZABC and field lable is XXXX ( Data element field lable).
    while displaying contents it is showing XXXX .
    why this is happening only for one field? how can i display field name?
    Thanks in Advance

    see the table field is ZABC (FIELD NAME) and data element <b>Char1</b>  and this data element lable is 'XXXX' (FIELD LABLE for Data element CHAR!).
    another one ZBBC and data element  CXXX and this data element lable is 'YYYY'
    while I display the table entries the header contains
    XXXX   ZBBC......
    I think u got my point. I can create field with a new data element...that's not an issue.
    I would like to know the basic reason how it displays differnetly...

  • How to deal with the change of data element?

    Hi, experts
    My trouble's background is:
    A CBO table(ZIEBTCIITM) saves invoice items .
    There are three fields relevant to quantity in it.
    And they have the corresponding data elements with the same type QUAN,13 characters and 3 decimals.
    Now because the quantity is so small,for example 0.00004,that the 3 decimal digit is not suitable.
    I want to change the CBO table to adapt my business,so the quantity fields' decimal should be expanded firstly,and there are transction data in the CBO table.
    My question is :
    1) Is it necessary to backup the CBO table before data element change?
    2) What should I do is Only to expand the data elements' decimals?
    Anyone can give me suggestion?

    Hello Mic
    To be on the save side I would suggest to export the table entries to Excel and create a transport request containing the original table and its entries:
    Next you should create your own data element (or search for a suitable standard data element), e.g. ZQUAN13_5 (13 digits, 5 decimals).
    Replace the data element of the DB fields with your new data element and activate the DB table.
    I expect that nothing will happen to the entries in the DB table except that your quantity fields should have 5 decimals now.

  • Change in data element

    dear all ,
    I have changed my data element of a field in a  table , previously that was N 5 length , now i have changed to P decimal 3 ..if i move this to qas server , this table already in qas with datas,, when i try to moving that to qas i cannot move the request to qas but i can see the changes in table i mean data element changed to P in qas , but when i try to see contents in se11 , i am getting TABLE IS NOT FOUND IN DATABASE , and i tried to adjust thro SE14 , ther was error log and i tried to  unlock the table but it showing 'data will be lost ' . what should i do to rectify that .

    Hi peter,
    what do you mean. Possible to upload stuff via excel? If so here is a link
    But I'm pretty sure you know that...I think I just do not got the question

  • How to change the name of an XML data element in link editor?

    Is it possible to change the name of a data element dynamically while doing the assignment in the link editor?
    Something like Transaction.ReceiveXML{/Rowsets/Row/Name1 (name="Name2")}?
    V M.

    Hi VM,
    in the link editor you can use the Dynamic Link (see [Expression Editor|]).
    With the dynamic link, you can enclose the property that contains the value with "#", which makes MII evaluate the value rather than use the property name. In your example, it looks something like this:
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: Michael Otto on Oct 27, 2010 8:09 AM

  • Field names for data element are not displayed in selection box

    Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe ein Selektionsfeld definiert und einen Parameter erzeugt, der auf ein Tabellenfeld verweist. Der Feldbezeichner für das Datenelement aus der Tabelle wird nun aber nicht angezeigt, sondern ausschließlich der Variablenname.
    Woran kanndas liegen?
    Edited by: Matt on Feb 9, 2010 1:41 PM - translated subject

    I created data elements and use them in a db table. I've added this data elements as parameters of a selection screen in a function group top include but when I test my function module with this selection screen I see only the field names and not my field captions of my data elements.
    While editing report choose Goto->Text elements->Selection Texts-> select Dictionary checkebox next to your parameters ->activate. The caption will be used then.
    And another question: I have defined and activated a search helper which I can call in my selection screen with F4 but I don't see the symbol behind the text-field. What is the reason?
    Refer standard program DEMO_DYNPRO_F4_HELP_DICTIONARY to see various techniques of attaching input help to screen field, together with search help

  • Data element description not changing in ALV output

    Hi Friends
      I changed the description of the data element from xx to yy,but this is not reflecting in the alv output,
    It is still showing xx,After activating everything and running the report I get the same problem,
    Can any one help?

    Write your code in following manner.
    ATA:ist_fieldcat TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA: wa_fieldcat LIKE LINE OF ist_fieldcat.
    DATA : l_pos TYPE i VALUE 1.
      ist_fieldcat-fieldname = 'POSID'.
      ist_fieldcat-tabname   = 'IT_FINAL'.
      ist_fieldcat-outputlen = 24.
      ist_fieldcat-col_pos   = l_pos.
    *  ist_fieldcat-ddictxt = 'L'.
      ist_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
      ist_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Appropriation Request Number'.
      APPEND ist_fieldcat.
      CLEAR ist_fieldcat.
      l_pos = l_pos + 1.
      ist_fieldcat-fieldname = 'TXT04'.
      ist_fieldcat-tabname   = 'IT_FINAL'.
      ist_fieldcat-outputlen = 4.
      ist_fieldcat-col_pos   = l_pos.
      ist_fieldcat-ddictxt = 'L'.
    *  ist_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
      ist_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Status'.
      ist_fieldcat-EMPHASIZE = 'C400'.
      APPEND ist_fieldcat.
      CLEAR ist_fieldcat.
      l_pos = l_pos + 1.
      ist_fieldcat-fieldname = 'UDATE'.
      ist_fieldcat-tabname   = 'IT_FINAL'.
      ist_fieldcat-outputlen = 8.
      ist_fieldcat-col_pos   = l_pos.
      ist_fieldcat-ddictxt = 'L'.
      ist_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
      ist_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Status Date'.
      APPEND ist_fieldcat.
      CLEAR ist_fieldcat.
      l_pos = l_pos + 1.
      ist_fieldcat-fieldname = 'CRTD'.
      ist_fieldcat-tabname   = 'IT_FINAL'.
      ist_fieldcat-outputlen = 4.
      ist_fieldcat-col_pos   = l_pos.
      ist_fieldcat-ddictxt = 'L'.
    *  ist_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
      ist_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Status CRTD'.
      APPEND ist_fieldcat.
      CLEAR ist_fieldcat.
    <i>Rewards point if helpful</i>

  • Change the Data Elements Text (Label and Description)

    I need to change the data elements label and short description in Development and transpot it into quality and Production system.
    I could change the label and short description using the Menu Goto --> Translation. But the system does not prompt for the transport request. Can you please any one help me how to attach a transport request to the changes (Translations) done on the Data Elements? It would be a great help!.
    Thanks andn Regards,

    I'm not getting a transport request either.  Any I know it is not a local object and not already on a transport.  To attach it to a transport.   Now on the first screen of SE10, there is  a "tool" icon, click it.  In the next screen,  put your cursor on the "Include Objects in a Transport Request and click execute.  On this screen, select the radiobutton for "Selected Objects".  Now in the row for data element, check the check box on the left, and enter the name of the data element on the right.  click execute.  In the next screen, put your cursor on the data element  click save in request.  Here you can create a request.
    Rich Heilman

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