Changing the size of a drop down list

Hi Everyone,
Is there anyway to change the size of a drop down list?  For example, our customer would like to make the drop down list for the Ship-To field on the logistics tab of the sales orders longer.  Currently, they cannot see the full name when they scroll through it.  Is this possible?  Depending on what Customer Code they enter, the field size appears to change.
Thank you in advance for your help.

I am using Tahoma size 10 as well. 
Is the drop down size somehow related to the size of the first few records?  So, if those are shorter than those at the end, perhaps it doesn't adjust for the size of the bottom records.  For example, in our customer's database here's a sampling of what they have entered and the order:
Wal-Mart 6124
Wal-Mart 6125
Wal-Mart 6126
Wal-Mart 7001
Wal-Mart Supercenter 1111
Wal-Mart Supercenter 2094
Wal-Mart Supercenter 3475
The drop down box is large enough to see the Wal-Mart 6124, etc. but not large enough to see the Wal-Mart Supercenter ones at the bottom of the list (keep in mind there are over 100 ship-to's for this Business Parnter).  Does it maybe only look at the first fifty records or something like that?
Thanks again,

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    ::dropdownlist onChange event::;
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    The change event occurs before the rawValue is changed. If you NEED to use the rawValue you'll need to use a later event. Perhaps you could use exit so that it gets triggered when the field loses focus?
    Adobe Enterprise Developer Support

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    have list of years as static list vo or .. from a read only query.. -> countryvo
    map this vo to the actual VO as a view accessor..
    seelct the attribute that you want to show as list.. then sellect LOV.. choose 'choice list' shuttle the atrributes.. and you are done..

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    The short answer is no.

  • Using the values from a drop down list to display in a separate cell

    Hi all,
    I must apologise if I don;t use the right 'terminology' as I am just an ordinary guy who uses a mac. I am also deaf which means I am totally dependant on the internet for fixing solutions.
    Basically, I wanted to create a drop down list which I had no problem doing.
    In the drop down, I have the options One-Piece, Two-Piece and Three-Quarter.
    I would like to get it so that when I select the One-Piece, the value of 160 appears in a separate cell. If I select Two-Piece, then I would need 130 to appear in that separate cell. Likewise, Three-Quarter to produce 150.
    Just to clarify, if we had a two-column and one row table, then the drop-down would be in A1, which the values would appear in B1.
    I do not know the formula, and cannot find any instructions anywhere as I am probably using the wrong terminology or function name!
    Any help would be much, much appreciated..

    I don't guess what I may add.
    The contents of the table named lookup appear on the screenshot.
    cell A1 contains the string One-Piece, cell B1 contains the 'associated' value 160.
    cell A2 contains the string Two-Piece, cell B2 contains the 'associated' value 130.
    cell A3 contains the string Three-Quarter, cell B3 contains the 'associated' value 150.
    Now table Main
    In column B the cells contain a pop_up menu with four items like the ones described by Jerrold.
    In column C of the cells contain the formula :
    =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B,Tableau 2 :: A:B,2,FALSE),"")
    I enhanced it since yesterdays because I forgot to treat the case when cell is blank in column B.
    I apologize but as I'm using my machine in French, the screenshot display the French formulas.
    I repeat that you may find useful infos in the PDFs files which we may download from the menus:
    Help > Numbers User Guide
    Help > iWork Formulas and Functions User Guide
    As you are in Stoke-on-Trent maybe your system is set to use the comma as decimal separator.
    If it's that, you must replace the comma by semi-colons in the formulas (you may see them in my screenshot).
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) mercredi 24 mars 2010 09:27:53

  • [Forum FAQ]How do I add a search feature in the parameter with long drop down list?

    There is a scenario that thousands of values in the drop-down of a parameter. Scrolling through the large drop down list is slow and cumbersome. Is there a way that we add a search feature in the report, so that it can filter down the values in the drop
    down list to a smaller list of values?
    To achieve this requirement, we can add a parameter with multiple keywords ahead, then all of available values which are begin with the keyword will display in the parameter list. In this scenario, we can create cascading parameters. One is a keyword parameter,
    and the other parameter is based on the keyword to display the available values.
    In order to enable the user to type multiple keywords, we can use the query below to create a split function which takes the list and the de-limiter as input parameters and splits all the values in the database:
    CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[SplitParameterValues] (@InputString NVARCHAR(max), @SplitChar VARCHAR(5))
     RETURNS @ValuesList TABLE
     param NVARCHAR(255)
     DECLARE @ListValue NVARCHAR(max)
     SET @InputString = @InputString + @SplitChar
     WHILE @InputString!= @SplitChar
     SELECT @ListValue = SUBSTRING(@InputString , 1, (CHARINDEX(@SplitChar, @InputString)-1))
     IF (CHARINDEX(@SplitChar, @InputString) + len(@SplitChar))>(LEN(@InputString))
     SET @[email protected]
     SELECT @InputString = SUBSTRING(@InputString, (CHARINDEX(@SplitChar, @InputString) + len(@SplitChar)) , LEN(@InputString)-(CHARINDEX(@SplitChar, @InputString)+ len(@SplitChar)-1) )
    INSERT INTO @ValuesList VALUES( @ListValue)
    Use the query below create a stored procedure to return all available values for Account parameter:
    create PROCEDURE sp (@keyword nvarchar(50))
    SELECT     AccountDescription
    FROM         DimAccount d
    inner join (SELECT [param] FROM SplitParameterValues (@keyword,',')) s on d.AccountDescription like (s.[param]+'%')
    In Report Designer, select Stored Procedure as the Query type for DataSet1, then select or type sp in the drop-down list as below:
    By default, there is a parameter named keyword in the Parameters pane.
    Add a multi-value parameter named Account in the report, then select “Get values from a query” option for Available Values as below:
    Report Design and Report Preview surface
    Report Design:
    Report Preview:
    Create User-defined Functions (Database Engine)
    Adding Cascading Parameters (SSRS)
    Applies to
    Reporting Services 2005
    Reporting Services 2008
    Reporting Services 2008 R2
    Reporting Services 2012
    Please click to vote if the post helps you. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

    Hmmm. This didn't work. I even re-booted, and Firefox still doesn't show the search engine.
    It was actually an update to an earlier engine, and I foolishly removed the old version rather than just updating it.
    Is there anything elsewhere (eg. the registry) that might be preventing this?

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    I need to set up a drop down list that is popualated (i.e. displays a certain list of selctions in the drop down list) based on the choise the form user selects in an adjacent List
    For example
    There are two drop down list field sitting side by side in the form
    1. Select State          2. Select Course
    What I want to do is have a list of states in the first drop down list (1.Select State) and depending on which state the form user selects , the second drop down list (2.Select Course) will populate with a selction of courses available in that selected state only (i.e. it will on;y show course available in QLD if QLD is selcted).
    Is this hard to do?

    I would recommend some posts from Stefan Cameron's blog:
    Hope that helps,

  • Supress the WERK001 plant in drop down lists

    Hello all,
    My client would like to remove the WERK001 SAP standard plant from drop down lists (eg: in MM01, ME21N etc.....)
    I don't want to delete the SAP standard plant so wondering if there is a way to remove it from a drop down list without deleting it.
    I know that it can be managed by setting user defaults but the client does not want use this method.
    Any help you can provide is appreciated.

    delete the address from the SAP standard plant, or minimum the search terms from the address

  • HT1349 My country is not mentioned on the country of origin drop down list

    Good evening. My country is not mentioned on the drop down list. So I cannot choose a country of origin. I live in St Maarten which was the former NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. AND SECOND WHAT DO I HAVE TO PUT AS ITUNES CODE WHILE REGISTERING MT CREDIT CARD. I PUT MY USA MAILING ADRESS.
    Do you read me
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    If the app store is not available in your country, you cannot download apps at this time.

  • Adobe LiveCycle Drop Down List which allows typing to filter the values in a Drop Down list

    I have a drop down list in my form with contains a lot of different numbers, text, countries, cities and states, etc.
    I would like the user to either have the option to only use the drop down list or they can type "Zapple" or any portion and have it populate the value.
    Is there a setting or code which I can use which will do this?
    Currently, if the user types the first letter or number it will take them to the beginning of the list (since I have them listed alphabetically/numerically), but I'd prefer they can type beyond the first character and pinpoint the option they're looking for.
    Thank you for any help

    The whole sample will need to be updated. As I said in the email it can be done but it will be complex. This particular sample requires an external xml file. You will need to pull this from data in the form.

  • How to auto adjust the size of a drop-down

    I used to have a table inserted in all of my drop-downs and then I had all of my text and images inside of this table.  The table would automatically resize based on the width of the largest image in that drop-down.  The text would adjust accordingly as well.  Unfortunately, I have to remove the table from all of my drop-downs because Adobe has not fixed the bug that I reported in RoboHelp 8.  If I have a bulleted or numbered-list in a table that is in a drop-down then when I generate to Word RoboHelp adds an extra bullet before and/or after the drop-down.  Since they did not fix this in RoboHelp 9 either, I'm having to remove all of my tables in my drop-downs.  Peter Grainge gave me some changes for my style sheet to make a border appear in my drop-downs so that I don't have to use the table for this part anymore.  The only problem is that when I generate WebHelp the border is staying a defined width and the text is staying within that width, but the image is much larger.  This is a problem in IE and Firefox.  Is there a way to get my border in my drop-downs to resize to the size of my image, just as I got the tables to do?  I would just set my table size to 95%, and that did the trick.  I do not know how to do this with the style sheet for a drop-down.
    Here is the text Peter gave me for my style sheet back in December of 2010:
    DIV.droptext {
    font-size: 10pt;
    border-left-style: Solid;
    border-right-style: Solid;
    border-top-style: Solid;
    border-bottom-style: Solid;
    border-left-color: #656598;
    border-right-color: #656598;
    border-top-color: #656598;
    border-bottom-color: #656598;
    padding-left: 10px;
    padding-right: 10px;
    border-left-width: 2px;
    border-right-width: 2px;
    border-top-width: 2px;
    border-bottom-width: 2px;
    padding-top: 10px;
    padding-bottom: 10px;

    Try to add "display: inline" to the css:
    div.droptext {
        font-size: 10pt;
        border: 2px solid #656598;
        padding: 10px;
        display: inline;
    This will force the dropdown to render as a 'normal' text element instead of a block.

  • How to grab the value from a drop down list inside a table cell

    My situation is I have a few columns displayed in a table format using repeater tag. Some cells is a dropdown list(<netui:select /> tag). My question is how can I grab the value when user made a selection.
    I believe I can get the row index but I can't use the datasource attribute to get the user selection since it is in a repeater. All the cell use the same datasource and workshop will give "NULL" value when there are more than one tag bind to the same form valiable.
    Any suggestion are very much appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance.
    My snippet code are:
    <netui-data:repeater dataSource="{pageFlow.ownedTask}"><netui-data:repeaterHeader></netui-data:repeaterHeader>
    <tr valign="top">
    <td><netui:select dataSource="{actionForm.userName}" optionsDataSource="{pageFlow.nameList}" onChange="getUser()" ></netui:select>
    <td><netui:select dataSource="{actionForm.empDept}" optionsDataSource="{pageFlow.deptList}" onChange="getSelectedDept()" ></netui:select>
    <td><netui:label value="{container.item.status}" />

    1) let drop down box be g_dd.
      if g_dd is initial.
      g_dd = option2.
    by default same pf-status is used by all the screens in the same program
    if sy-dynnr = 'screen_no'. " for screens for which you do not want button to come
    set pf-status 'abc' excluding 'fcode_of_button'
    data: git_fcode type sy-ucomm with header line.
    git_fcode = 'fcode_of_button'.
    append git_fcode.
    if sy-dynnr = 'screen_no'. " for screens for which you do not want button to come
    set pf-status excluding git_fcode
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  • How do I configure Firefox so that the down arrowhead in the location field actually causes the display of a drop down list of bookmarked websites?

    At one time I had done the "right" actions so that the location drop down contained a list of around 20 of my most frequently accessed websites. Now I have a new computer and cannot figure out how to configure this new installation of Firefox so that this feature works as it did before. Frustrating!!!! When I click the down arrowhead (icon just left of reload page icon), no drop down menu appears; only the URL of the current page is highlighted.

    * Firefox (Tools) > Options > Privacy > Location Bar: When using the location bar, suggest: Bookmarks
    *Press F10 or tap the Alt key to bring up the "Menu Bar" temporarily if the Menu Bar is hidden.
    *Use "Firefox > Options" instead of "Tools > Options" if the menu bar is hidden.

  • How do I change the order of a drop down field of an existing form?

    I have added additional responses to a drop down field and I want to reorder with previous response options.  The move up and move down feature does not work.   

    That worked.  Thanks!
    Cheryl Aeling
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  • Where is the Supply Profile under drop down list

    Hi Folks,
    I read at the following like : that "SNP Supply Profile" could be found here:
    for SNP Supply prfile
    SAP MEnu -> Advanced Planning and Optimization -> Supply Network Planning -> Environment  -> Current Settings -> Profiles S_AP9_75000093 - Define SNP Supply Profiles
    But I am unable to spot it in my system below:
    I don't see  " S_AP9_75000093 - Define SNP Supply Profiles" anywhere under Profiles.
    Is there anything I am missing....?
    We are using SNP Profiles & I want to see the settings that had been configured in one of the following profiles :
    Is there any other way to get my hands laid upon this "Z_D_SNP_02" to display/edit/modify it's parameters?
    Many many thanksin advance

    Hi Sooraj,
    You can change/create/display from /SAPAPO/MAT1

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