Changing the Tax Code in the GL Master

Hi Friends,
The users have created a GL Account with only 'Input Tax' allowed in posting. Now they want the 'Output Tax' also to be activated. When we try to change the Tax Code to allow all types of Taxes, the system gives an error message - "Tax Code cannot be changed as the postings exist". How can we change the Tax Code now? Is it that we have to nullify the balance in this account?
Thanks for the help.

According to me, if you change the error to warning, it wont affect any previous postings but it will allow to extend the tax code to further future postings which is required. So i don't think so that it will affect your existing postings.

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  • How to find out the condition type of the tax code in the PO document

    Hi friends,
    My questions is how to find out the condition type of the tax code in the PO document.
    When you use me23n to display one PO document. In the invoice tab, there is one text field named 'tax code' whose value could be T1, T2, J1, J2 and so on. Beside the text field, there is one button named taxes. When you click the button taxes, it will show you the condition type of the tax code. For example, if the tax code is 'T1', then its condition type 'mwcn'.
    I want to use the information on the PO to find out the value 'mwcn' of the tax code 'T1'. Could anybody help to describe the logic?it looks like the value is saved in the table konp. But I don't know the logic. Please describe. Thank you.

    Hope you have asked for select query..
    select single knumh from a003 into wa_knumh
      where mwskz = wa_itpotab-mwskz
      and kappl = 'TX'
      and aland = 'IN'.
    select single kbetr from konp into wa_kbetr
      where knumh = wa_knumh.

  • The tax code in the master data of the customer

    Hi All,
    I wonder if is possible to fill a tax code in the master data of a customer.
    Could anyone help me?

    If it is withholding tax then only you can enter tax code but if it is other than this we don't have option to enter. while posting the transaction only we need to select appropriate tax code.

  • Defaulting Tax Code in the PO line item by Material Group

    Hi All,
    How do I default the Tax code for the PO line item by material group in INDIRECT purchasing (without Material Number)
    What is the config for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Not possible with mateiral group except you devvelope custom solution or try the following
    Do the config in thetcode
    than maintain that for your conditon in MEK1. 
    In this section, you maintain the tax code determination facility.                                                                               
    Within the framework of the price determination process, it is possible       
    to have the tax code determined automatically via the conditions.                                                                               
    For the purposes of automatic tax code determination, tax indicators          
    derived from the material master record, Customizing, or the purchasing       
    document are used. The system determines the tax code on the basis of the     
    combination of these tax indicators.                                                                               
    To assign a tax code to a combination of tax indicators, you must             
    maintain master conditions in Purchasing (menu options "Master data ->        
    There are tax indicators at the levels "plant", "account assignment           
    category" and "material".                                                                               
    In addition, there are two tax indicators that are derived from the           
    purchasing document:                                                                               
    o  Country of origin and country of destination differ                        
    o  Region of origin and region of destination differ                                                                               
    The assignments "tax indicator -> plant" and "tax indicator -> account        
    assignment category" must be made in Customizing.                                                                               
    Automatic tax code determination can be useful, for example, if different     
    tax rates apply depending on whether a material is placed in stock or is      
    consumed immediately following its procurement.

  • Automatic Flow of Tax Code in the purchase order (Service)

    My purpose is to populate the Tax Code automatically in the Service Purchase order (Account assignment U and Item Category D). The tax code in the purchase order is required for ERS.
    If i maintain the tax code in the info record for a material, then the tax code is getting automatically flown from the Info record to the purchase order.
    However, if I maintain the tax code in the info record for a service, then the tax code is not getting automatically flown from the Info record to the purchase order. Is there any other settings to be maintained to populate the tax code for the service purchase order?
    Thanks & Regards,

    The tax code in PO is at item level for stock material.
    In your case you cant make it default as inforecord field is at service level(You cant make it default for every service specifications you create at item detail level)
    Check the field info record in your service PO.

  • While doing ABZON,i am getting the tax code related error

    When i am doing the transaction ABZON,i am getting the below error.kindly help me to fix this issue.
    Tax code I0 doesnot exist for jurisdiction code LA0000000
    Note:Initially i have created the tax code with the combination of 9 digits Tax jurisdiction code.after that on client request,i have deleted those 9 digits tax jurisdiction codes and created with 10 digits tax jurisdiction codes.
    Kindly help me how to fix this issue.

    Hi Supriya,
    This is in continuation to my previous reply.
    There should not be any open items using old tax codes. This error is due to the fact that there are still old open items using those tax codes.
    Tranaction SE16. Run table BSEG and find out all entries with the old tax codes which are still open.
    Try and reverse those and post the entries with new tax codes. In case the system does not allow you to reverse. You may have to recreate these old codes, reverse the entries, delete the codes, create new codes, repost these entries and run ABZON.
    Do let me know if you have any further issues

  • Change of tax code determination

    I want to change tax code determination when shipping to customers, where to setup this in SAP ?

    Tax codes come from the Tax Condition records. The general tax condition type is MWST and when you set the condition records for this condition type, you just provide the Tax code. The sysem brings the tax percentage and GL account associated with this Tax code in to the sales document.
    Tax codes are configured in the Trnsaction Code FTXP

  • Change the Tax Code-  In Sales Order i have  Tax code for VAT

    In Sales Order i have  Tax code for VAT ( Condition type JIVP) it is reflecting "P4" instead of "A4".
    Where the "P4" Tax code is picking in Sales Order.
    How to change the Tax Code.

    Hi CHAKRI,
                     Check if the condition record is maintained with the appropriate taxclasssification.If yes, Go to sales order in change mode,then goto-header-billing-alternate taxcalssification and modify tax classification.It will pick up right tax code.
    Ram Pedarla

  • Restrict changing the tax code in purchase order after goods receipt.

    Po is created with tax code x1.
    Gr is done for partial quantity.
    IR is still pending.
    User has changed the tax code to x2.
    This case we want to restrict the tax code change in PO after goods receipt.
    Please advice.
    Ravi Kumar

    Hi Sumit,
    Po created with wrong tax code x1.
    Stores person has done the receipt and consumed the stock.
    Now user has suddenly realised that tax code is wrong and changed the tax code in PO.
    In IR we will use correct tax code and post the accounting entry.
    Stock values will be adjusted properly. to stock ac if stock is there and to price diff ac if stock is consumed.
    Point is user's are asking that how system is allowing to change the tax code after receipt.
    Point to be attended is restrict the change of tax code by any means after Gr has happened.
    what are the possibilities to restrict the change of tax code.
    Ravi Kumar

  • Change the tax code issue in fs00

    Dear Sapgurus,
    in production i create one g/l code user id : mydr123 T code is fs00 g/l code number 300000 account name is sales, account group is p&l and account currency inr, tax category ">" , now i am going to change tax category * while saving the g/l system is not accepted  itsshowing error message "     1) Changing the tax code not possible; account has a balance
    2) The data contains error, you cannot save, but if i choose"-" its accepted please tell me

    Hello MyFriend,
    If you wish to make a direct posting to a tax account you must have
    the gl account active in transaction MIRO.
    Please review the online documenation located via help -> sap
    library -> materials management -> logistics invoice verification ->
    Direct postings -> direct posting to gl account
    here you can see the setttings for same in customizing are
    Setting in Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification
    As per error message FH081, it arises only if the account had perviously
    the tax category ">" or "<". They cannot be changed anymore
    if the account has a balance. The tax categories "-", "+", "*" etc.,
    can be changed, you will get in FS02 only the warning FH011.
    Please check GL account xxxxxx with FBL3N, to see if there is a balance
    still left. To make the account balance zero, you might try transaction
    FB41, this allows you to post directly a balance to the Tax gl account
    even when the flag "Post to automatically" is set.
    I hope this helps

  • Cannot change Tax Code from the referenced sales order line

    Has anyone ever got this error when creating Sales Order(SO): "*cannot change Tax Code from the referenced sales order line*"?
    The error occur with order type Return.
    This SO is created by copying from another SO.
    Please help.
    Regards & thanks,

    Has anyone ever got this error when creating Sales Order(SO): "*cannot change Tax Code from the referenced sales order line*"?
    The error occur with order type Return.
    This SO is created by copying from another SO.
    Please help.
    Regards & thanks,

  • Formatted Search that will change the Tax code in SO.

    Hi All,
    I have a requirements that will allow me to change the Tax Code column via formatted search. Like for exmaple, i have 50 line items in SO and the tax code is ZO. If i want to change the tax code, i will select it for individual items. Anyone can help me to have an alternative solution that will prevent me to change it per item.?
    thanks and regards,

    Hi Melvin........
    You can have a work around for this....
    Just create a UDF say U_Tax at Header level...
    Just Create a FMS for Tax Code say..
    Save this tax code FMS to thus UDF.
    When yo select a particular Tax Code in this Field through this saved FMS
    this Tax Code gets copied to each and every line say for 100 lines also.
    For this you have run other FMS which is below...
    SELECT $[ORDR.U_Tax.0]
    Save above FMS in tax Code field say in Sales Ordr form.
    Now when you do this you can see if you have 100 line items and you want to copy same tax code in a single click you have to just select single tax code via FMS in U_Tax as i suggested.
    The moment you select this Tax Other FMS will be fired and the same will be copied to other 100 lines....
    Hope this will help you.....

  • Change the tax code at order header level that reflect the change in all it

    Dear consultant,
    Change the tax code at order header level that reflect the change in all items lines under this order
    Define tax code,
    Assign it to bill & ship to customers,
    I do all setup in oracle receivable guide for defining tax
    Examples: I navigate to order management to create order
    First I select the customer and order type after that I navigate to tab line
    I enter the item in the first line the tax code coming by default
    I enter the second items line also the tax code coming by default etc three ,four, five until line 40
    Now I want to change the tax code for all items but not by enter and change it in each line? No,
    I want the way that I change Tax Code at order header after that the change is reflect in all items line
    Business Impacts:
    Suppose I create order include 40 items , I want to change the tax code that coming by default , that require me to enter in each line to change tax cod 40 times ,this not logic and not acceptable from my customer

    The defaulting rules apply only for the first time when you are adding new lines on to the Sales Order. Respective field vaues will be defaulted from the SO header level.
    In case, if you want to update all the 40 lines for Tax Code in one shot, then please select all the lines on the sales order, try Mass Change.
    (Navigation: Tools->Mass Change).

  • The tax code entered is not defined in the company code country.

    Dear sap guru's
    I am facing a problem while doing invoice or while cancelling the invoice or even during Subsequent Credit/Debit
    Tax code V0 in procedure  is invalid
       Message no. FF704
       The tax code entered is not defined in the company code country.
    System Response
       Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.
    Procedure for System Administration
       If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system
       To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).
       1.  Check whether the required tax procedure has been allocated to the
           company code country. The Procedure field is on the detailed screen.
       2.  If you need a new tax code, you can create one yourself.
    For this i have checked the assignment of company code and tax code V0 in Tcode (OBCL)
    In FTXP the tax code is created in country IN, for the same tax procedure and the tax is a input tax.
    please suggest what could be the exact problem

    Hi Sujit,
    1.Go to FTXP and create tax code V0 for country IN and procedure ZAXINN.
    2.In Txn: FV11, For the condition type- XXXX (You will get this in Txn: FTXP, against the tax type, you get the condition type OR in the PO-Item details- Invoice tab, next to field: Tax code, see the Tab-Taxes, click on it and will get the condition type) , maintain the country-IN, Tax code-V0 and the rate.
    3.Also things to be checked
    1> assign country to company code
    2> assign company code to tax code
    3> create tax code for country IN
    4.Under the following menu path, pls check if you have assigned your tax code to Company Code
    IMG>Logistics (General)>Tax on Goods Movement>India>Basic Settings>Determination of Excise Duty>Condition Based Excise Determination>Assign Tax Codes to Company Code
    Hope it clears,

  • Tax code on the basis of Invoice Date in MIRO

    Hi Gurus!
    Tax rate change from 12.5% to 15 % is due on 1st October in NZ._________________
    Client requirement is that in MIRO transaction w.r.t. PO instead of the tax code being picked up from PO, the Tax code should be picked up depending upon the Invoice Date. _____________
    For Eg. Tax rate changes from 12.5% to 15% on 1/Oct/2010,
    Invoice Date = 20/Sep/2010, Posting Date = 20/Sep/2010, Tax Code = H1 (12.5%)
    Invoice Date = 20/Sep/2010, Posting Date = 01/Oct/2010, Tax Code = H1 (12.5%)
    Invoice Date = 01/Oct/2010, Posting Date = 01/Oct/2010, Tax Code = H3 (15%)
    Is there a way this can be achieved?
    Kind Regards,

    Hi Mehul,
    We just had such situation in Canada.
    It is recommended not to change the tax rate in the Tax code which is being used in open invoices because that could cause reporting and discount problems. And I am sure there will be open invoices with tax rates 12.5% come october 1. The solution is:
    Create a new Tax code in transaction code FTXP with rate 15%( effective date Oct 1 and set the same GL Tax account) everything as old tax code except for 15%  which will used for POs initiated from Oct1 onwards. For PO's prior to Oct 1. just use the same tax code with 12.5%.
    During MIRO the Tax code/rate  used in PO will be default,  you will have the option to go with old Tax code-12.5% or new tax code 15%.

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