Character parameter size

what is the maximum size for a character parameter. I set a user parameter size to 64000 and compiling works. But when I run the report, it works only for strings having size less than about 32700.
Is it possible to pass a report a CLOB parameter? thanks

i use datapump on a regular manner to transfer a database from one server to another. Normaly not with the intention to change block size or character sets. But i think, that does not matter.
It works perfectly.
I will recommend to use the character set change tool from oracle to check the compatibility of your data with the new character set before you expdp and impdp the data. But if there is no problem reported from csscan you can just go on.
Export the data with the old character set and set on the new db server the new character set via nls_lang and import the data.
Or export the data with nls_lang pointing to the new character set and import it with the same nls_lang parameter. As far a i remember, both ways are equal.
The block size is nothing to be aware of, the impdp will just use what it find :)

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  • Maximum character output size limit reached

    While importing data in Lumira using HANA based universes I am getting an error maximum character output size limit reached. Will appreciate any info on which server parameter controls this property. Attached the error message.

    Hi everyone,
    I believe Henry Banks discovered a solution for resolving this kind of error message. This is a limit which can be changed from within the "Web Intelligence Processing Server" from your CMC based on large amount of rows in your data. You can find his post about this here.
    It's roughly about half way down the page and I hope it helps.

  • Max Character File Size Limit exceeded.The document is too large to process

    I have  made set on section on products in report.
    the Reports contains around 50 products when im opening the report
    in draft mode the following error is displayed
    "Max Character File Size Limit exceeded.The document is too large to be proceesed by the server .Contact your business Objects Administrator."
    can some body help me out how to increase my report character file size

      If you are using Business Objects XIR2, there is a performance parameter in the Web_Intelligence Report Server where you can increase the size of that file. The parameter is Maximun Character File Size. Go to the CMC>Server>server.Web_IntelligenceReportServer in the Properties tab you will see it.

  • Error message "Maximum character output size limit reach Err_WIS_30272"

    Users are getting the Error message "Maximum character output size limit reach Err_WIS_30272" while creating the Universe Query in the Live Office, but when they create the same query in the Web intelligence Report then it work fine.
    To resolve this error message we can have to increase the value of "Maximum Character Stream Size" parameter in the Web intelligence Processing Server.
    But i want to know the reason why the error message is only appearing in the Live Office Query, where it work fine in Web intelligence Query.
    Are there architectural difference in Web intelligence and Live Office?

    maybe one of the following SAP Notes will answer your Question.

  • Help with Input/Output Parameter Size using OLE DB Provider

    I am using the OLE DB Provider for 9i in an Active Server Page to call a stored procedure in a 9i database. I pass have an input/output parameter (adVarChar with adSize=30) in which I pass a two digit number in, and expect to get a character value greater than 2 characters in return. However, when I execute the stored procedure call, it appears the value being returned in the parameter is being truncated to the size of the value I passed in (2 characters). Is there a way I can insure the parameter will return the entire length of the result regardless of the length of the input value?

    cmd.Parameters.Add("retstatus", OracleDbType.Varchar2, 200, ParameterDirection.InputOutput); It seems to me that you're trying to use an OracleParameter constructor with parameter name, parameter type, parameter SIZE, and parameter direction. But OracleParameter class does not have any such constructor. Therefore, your test tries to use another constructor incorrectly.
    OracleParameter has two constructors with four parameter ...
    public OracleParameter(string parameterName, OracleDbType type, object obj, ParameterDirection direction)
    public OracleParameter(string parameterName, OracleDbType type, int size, string srcColumn)
    ... and none of these matches your constructor. One way to solve this problem is to use appropriate constructor or OracleParameter properties.

  • ALV Report Print problem after 255 character line size

    Hi ABAP Gurus,
    I have created one alv report where i am getting output more then 255 character line size.
    so whenever i tried to print this report it print only line upto first 255 character and truncated after it in printing.
    is there any way i can print this report without truncation ....

    no there is no such way because you acan print at most 99 columns and utmost 255 characters .
    and alternative is take your filed in separate screen and make it appear through hotspot in another filedcatalog.then u will get more space .
    reward if useful
    keep rockin

  • Script to duplicate Basic Paragraph style, then change character point size

    I'm looking to create a script that will create a cascade of paragraph styles based on the [Basic Paragraph] style settings. My goal is for each new paragraph style's character point size to be a percentage of the original [Basic Paragraph]'s. So if [Basic Paragraph] is 100% (character point size 10pt), the script would create a paragraph style named '120%' that has a character point size of 12pt. Then 133%, 140%, so on and on. I modified a script found on this forum to generate those new styles, but I don't know how to create them to be basedOn the [Basic Paragraph]. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.
    current script:
    var doc = app.activeDocument,  
        pstyle = ["100%", "120%", "133%" ];  
    for(var i =0;i<pstyle.length;i++)  
            if(pstyle[i] == "100%") 
                doc.paragraphStyles.add({name:pstyle[i], appliedFont:"Stag", pointSize:10});              
            else if(pstyle[i] == "120%") 
                doc.paragraphStyles.add({name:pstyle[i], appliedFont:"Stag", pointSize:10*1.2})              
            else if(pstyle[i] == "133%") 
                doc.paragraphStyles.add({name:pstyle[i], appliedFont:"Stag", pointSize:10*1.33333})              

    Try this,
    var doc = app.activeDocument, 
        pstyle = ["100%", "120%", "133%" ]; 
    for(var i =0;i<pstyle.length;i++) 
            if(pstyle[i] == "100%")
                doc.paragraphStyles.add({name:pstyle[i], basedOn: doc.paragraphStyles[1], appliedFont:"Minion Pro", pointSize:10});             
            else if(pstyle[i] == "120%")
                doc.paragraphStyles.add({name:pstyle[i], basedOn: doc.paragraphStyles[1], appliedFont:"Minion Pro", pointSize:10*12})             
            else if(pstyle[i] == "133%")
                doc.paragraphStyles.add({name:pstyle[i], basedOn: doc.paragraphStyles[1], appliedFont:"Minion Pro", pointSize:10*1.33333})             

  • How can I find out if the rollback optimal parameter size has been set ?

    What is the command to find out if the rollback optimal parameter size has been set? And what is the command to find out what is the rollback optimal parameter set to?

    You can find the OPTIMAL size in v$rollstat.optsize

  • Need leading zeros to fill the front of a 10 character parameter being passed-HELP!

    I have a prompt 10 character parameter that some people forget to insert the zero at the beginning of the number. ex.(they type "594468010", suppose to be "0594468010").  How can I fill in the leading zeros for them after they type in the prompt box?  My prompt comes from a command.  Here is a sample of the where clause:  WHERE DB.ID_NUMBER = '{?I_IDNO}'
    I tried to use LPAD('{?I_IDNO}',10,0), it works with plsql, but not when I run the crystal report.
    Does anyone have any ideas?  thanks for your help in advance!

    a) you can always use your database specific cast / convert function to convert the text field into a number for the purpose of record selection. then change the prompt type to numeric. crystal commands are database specific so you'd want to check your database help on what specific syntax to use for the cast / convert in the command.
    b) the other choice to leave the command & prompt type alone & use an edit mask on the command prompt...this would then force the end user to enter the leading zeroes as the edit mask would force a certain length on the entry. so in the crystal field explorer edit the prompt and put in an edit mask of 000000000 for example if you wish to force the end user to enter 9 numeric characters.

  • Procedure varchar2 parameter size limit? ORA-6502 Numeric or value error

    Hi ALL,
    I am trying to create out parameters in a Procedure. This procedure will be called by 4 other Procedures.
    PROCEDURE create_serv_conf_attn_cc_email
    ( v_pdf_or_text varchar2,
    v_trip_number number ,
    v_display_attn_for_allmodes out varchar2,
    v_display_cc_for_allmodes out varchar2,
    v_multi_email_addresses out varchar2,
    v_multi_copy_email_addresses out varchar2
    When I call that procedure in another Procedure I am getting following error, which is caused by one of the out parameter being more than 255 characters.
    I found that out via dbms_output.put_line(ing) one of the out parameter as I increased its size.
    ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
    I thought there was no size limit on any parameters passed to a Procedure.
    Any one know of this limit of 255 characters on varchar2 Procedure parameters? Is there a work around keeping the same logic?
    If not I will have to take those parameters out and resort to some global varchar2s which I do not like.
    Suresh Bhat

    I assume one of the variables you have declared is not large enough for it's assignment.
    Here's an example.
    ME_XE?create or replace procedure test_size(plarge in out varchar2 )
      2  is
      3  begin
      4     plarge := rpad('a', 32000, 'a');
      5  end;
      6  /
    SP2-0804: Procedure created with compilation warnings
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.03
      2     my_var   varchar2(32767);
      3  begin
      4     test_size(my_var);
      5     dbms_output.put_line(length(my_var));
      6  end;
      7  /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    --NOTE here how the declared variable is 500 characters, but the procedure will try to assign it over 32,000 dice
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
      2     my_var   varchar2(500);
      3  begin
      4     test_size(my_var);
      5     dbms_output.put_line(length(my_var));
      6  end;
      7  /
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
    ORA-06512: at "TUBBY.TEST_SIZE", line 4
    ORA-06512: at line 4
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.04Edited by: Tubby on Oct 22, 2008 12:47 PM

  • Maximum Parameter Size?

    I am working on a report which the user can select from a number of text templates from a web form. One of the options is custom text (if the pre-defined ones aren't good enough). This text is passed from the ASP page to Crystal as a parameter, and printed onto the report in the proper place.
    However, there seems to be a 255 character limit for a "string" parameter type. Is this a Crystal 8.5 limitation, or something I am stuck with?
    I am actually passing 3 parameters to Crystal: clientID, addressType, and bodyText. The clientID and addressType are parameters needed for a stored procedure. The bodyText is ignored on all reports with pre-defined text, and they work just fine.
    If I am stuck with the 255 character limit, are there any other ways to get this text into the report? Ideally, I'd like to be able to allow the user up to 2000 characters.
    Thanks in advance!

    OK, I'll look into that. I am quite familiar with arrays, but not sure how to use them in Crystal.
    Another problem I am having now: CR8.5 won't let me re-sort the parameter fields. As stated above, The first two are what the SP needs, the last one contains a string. I use the arrows in Field Explorer to move the parameters fields where I want and then save, but the order doesn't "stick". The third parameter moves to the top!
    I really wish our sys admin was here to get the help portion of CR installed!

  • Querying character column sizes using DatabaseMetadata

    In a UTF-8 database, I've created two testing tables, one that uses byte length semantics (BLS) for its CHAR and VARCHAR2 columns, and one using character length semantics (CLS). If I use the standard JDBC DatabaseMetdata.getColumns() query, the size of the CLS columns is reported as 4 times that of the BLS columns. I don't believe this is the desired behaviour for the JDBC drivers.
    Regardless, does anyone know a way to accurately determine (preferably using standard JDBC methods) the size of a CHAR or VARCHAR column in characters across different database configurations? I need this to compare column lengths in a ASCII and UTF8 database.
    I'm using the standalone JDBC drivers v9.2.0.3 for JDK1.4 (odjbc.jar) running aginst Oracle
    The following code, which contains some DDL to create sample tables, can be used to dump the column metadata returned by Oracle's database drivers.
    import java.sql.*;
    import java.util.*;
    The following script can be used to create two test tables, the first with
    byte-size columns, and the second with character-size columns.
    public class DatabaseMetadata
    private static final String COLUMN_NAMES[] = {
    private static final int COLUMN_WIDTHS[] = {
    10, // "TABLE_CAT",
    11, // "TABLE_SCHEM",
    10, // "TABLE_NAME",
    11, // "COLUMN_NAME",
    10, // "DATA_TYPE",
    10, // "TYPE_NAME",
    11, // "COLUMN_SIZE",
    13, // "BUFFER_LENGTH",
    13, // "DECIMAL_DIGITS",
    13, // "NUM_PREC_RADIX",
    10, // "NULLABLE",
    10, // "REMARKS",
    10, // "COLUMN_DEF",
    10, // "SQL_DATA_TYPE",
    10, // "SQL_DATETIME_SUB",
    10, // "CHAR_OCTET_LENGTH",
    10, // "ORDINAL_POSITION",
    10, // "IS_NULLABLE"
    private static final char WHITESPACE[] =
    private static final String HYPHENS =
    private static String formatRow(String row[])
    StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer(128);
    for (int j=0;j<row.length;j++)
    if (j > 0)
    buffer.append(" | ");
    String text = row[j];
    int width = COLUMN_WIDTHS[j];
    if (text == null)
    buffer.append(WHITESPACE, 0, width);
    else if (text.length() > width)
    buffer.append(text.substring(0, width));
    buffer.append(text).append(WHITESPACE, 0, width - text.length());
    } // j
    return buffer.toString();
    } // private static String formatRow(String[])
    private static void printColumnMetadata(
    DatabaseMetaData metadata, String tableName)
    throws SQLException
    System.out.println("\n" + tableName + "\n");
    String hyphens[] = new String[18];
    Arrays.fill(hyphens, HYPHENS);
    ResultSet results = metadata.getColumns(null, null, tableName, "%");
    String columnMetadata[] = new String[18];
    while (
    for (int i=0;i<18;i++)
    Object result = results.getObject(i+1);
    columnMetadata[i] = result == null ? "NULL" : result.toString();
    } // i
    } // private static void printColumnMetadata(DatabaseMetaData, String)
    public static void main(String argv[])
    throws Exception
    Driver driver = (Driver)Class.forName(
    Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(
    argv[0], argv[1], argv[2]);
    // ((oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection)connection).setRemarksReporting(true);
    DatabaseMetaData metadata = connection.getMetaData();
    printColumnMetadata(metadata, "TMP");
    printColumnMetadata(metadata, "TMP2");
    catch (SQLException e)
    } // public class DatabaseMetadata

    It appears that this forum uses "[" "i" "]" to denote italics internally, so these characters are missing where the code sample becomes italic, between 'columnMetadata' and '='.

  • Procedure Parameter - Size of Varchar2

    I have a doubt regarding the procedure/Function parameter.
    We can pass varchar2 as parameter in Procedure and function. What is it default size since in table it has 4000 bytes but in procedure/function what is it size?
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

    I think there is no restriction.
    I think it is a best practise that ,instead of passing many arguments in procedure pass an object or record that holds many fields. It is more maintable

  • NVRAM parameter size

    I have seen a few times an error message on my screen:
    NVRAM string is too big
    Or something like that. It appears for a few seconds in the upper left corner when the screen has turned grey, after being white, before the apple.
    The absolutely biggest string is definitely nvramrc which is about 1500 characters. But it seems to execute as expected. The OF command nv-free says 58, that is 88 characters free space in NVRAM.
    So it looks like there is maybe 2k total space. But what is the limit for each parameter?

    Perhaps a developer might know this from memory and could answer your question quickly.
    You may want to read this set of Technical Notes from the Apple developer Web Site, or search that site for more information. Tech notes are not included in "regular" support site searches.
    Technical Note TN1061:
    Fundamentals of Open Firmware, Part I: The User Interface
    Technical Note TN1062:
    Fundamentals of Open Firmware, Part II: The Device Tree
    Technical Note TN1044:
    Fundamentals of Open Firmware, Part III: Understanding PCI Expansion ROM Choices for Mac OS

  • Parameter size

        I just want to know that the Parameters abap/heaplimit,abab/heaparea_total     values are given in which bytes, KB,MB or GB ? Please advice...

    Unit: Bytes
    Default value: 40000000 (40 MB)
    Recommended value  : 20000000 (20 MB);
    Recommended area   : 10000000... 50000000 (10 MB... 50 MB)
    Use Link  :

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to fix -In Windows 8.1, Firefox seems to revert to desktop not Start page, when it is closed.

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  • Error in abap coding in start routine..

    Hello Gurus, I am having difficulty run this program, can anyone advise? IF wa_datapackage-calday LT l_rundate. SELECT SINGLE /BIC/AUMR05005 INTO l_latestvisitdate FROM /BIC/PAUMRSO0200 WHERE fiscper = wa_datapackage-fiscper AND "fiscper /BIC/AUMR013

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