Characters not displaying properly

I can't find how to properly enter and display certain chars from my db to my jsp page.
For instace, the word "Li'l" is displaying as "Li�??�?��??l".
things like TM,R arent working either.
the "'"(apostrophe) is entering into the DB without a problem- but it wont display. The (TM) is not storing or display properly.
Is there anyway to copy text directly from wordpad into a textbox and have it store in mysql and display in jsp correctly?
Also, this might be a question for the mysql section:
If i'm doing a query like thisSELECT ID, brandName, productInformation, productName, productImage FROM WHERE brandName = '" + brand + "'"; and " brand + has an apostrophe- the query screws up. Is there a way around it at all?
here is my entire DB connection code.
conn = "jdbc:mysql://" + host + "/" + db + "?user=" + user  + "&password=" + pass;
Connection Conn = DriverManager.getConnection(conn);
Statement SQLStatement = Conn.createStatement();
String Query = "SELECT ID, brandName, productInformation, productName, productImage FROM WHERE brandName = '" + brand + "'";
ResultSet SQLResult = SQLStatement.executeQuery(Query);
                 x_ID = SQLResult.getString("ID");
                x_brandName = SQLResult.getString("brandName");
                x_productName = SQLResult.getString("productName");
                x_productInformation = SQLResult.getString("productInformation");
                x_productImage = SQLResult.getString("productImage");

May I assume since you're using ASP that you're on Windows? The only way I'm aware to be able to display Arabic characters on Windows would be to set your Windows language to Arabic. This will be somewhere in the Control Panel, but without knowing what version of Windows you're on, it's hard to be more specific.
In general, SQL*Plus is not a wonderful tool for viewing non-English data.
Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

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    After updating to 13.0.1 the other day, the six bit hex codes do not show the correct symbol anymore with Symbola still installed. I even deleted Symbola from my fonts, redownloaded it (a newer version, no less), installed it, and opened Firefox, and it did not solve the issue. Like the 50 million other things that Firefox broke with the update to 13. -_-
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    Try to install the DejaVu font.

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    FYI I was able to solve the problem by adding this tag.
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    Pl post details of the two clients being used in this scenario - the exact OS version, browser version, browser language settings, Java version etc
    Since the accented character shows on one client , the issue is with the client or the settings on the client where the accented character is not showing correctly.

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              Element header = new Element("header");
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    If you are displaying the report output as a PDF output then you need to make sure that:
    -NLS_LANG is set to French
    -the fonts used in the report are installed on the PC
    -the characters are stored correctly in the database
    -PDF subset is configured
    How to Use Font Subsetting in Reports for PDF Output (Doc ID 207711.1)

  • Arabic Characters not displaying properly in SQL+ Enviorment

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    Is there any particular setting to be ..... If yes please also mention the steps.

    May I assume since you're using ASP that you're on Windows? The only way I'm aware to be able to display Arabic characters on Windows would be to set your Windows language to Arabic. This will be somewhere in the Control Panel, but without knowing what version of Windows you're on, it's hard to be more specific.
    In general, SQL*Plus is not a wonderful tool for viewing non-English data.
    Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

  • Chinese Characters not displaying properly

    I pasted Chinese text into a Rolling title but not all of the characters display.  Some (not many) of them display as an x inside of a square.  All I can think is that some of the characters are not being recognized. If it matters, the text is simplified Chinese copied from a website, pasted into Notepad, then copied again and pasted into the title.
    Help is greatly appreciated.

    I see that now, but the font I selected (simsun) seems to have resolved my issue. I believe it is a bug if I can display the characters correctly on other app, especially Microsoft.  On Microsoft apps, I can select many standard fonts and the Chinese Characters display correctly.
    Thank you for the link to submit a bug report. When I get time I will submit it, and hopefully they will correct the issue. 
    God Bless,

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    I assume your flash disk is using FAT16/32...
    You need to specify the character set when mounting it. On the command line...
    # mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/mountpoint -o iocharset=utf8
    To include this option in the default VFAT mount options under GNOME, launch gconf-editor, look for the key: /system/storage/default_options/vfat and add iocharset=utf8 to the list of mount options.

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    Hi Gregor
    I think you're out of luck. There is no Arabic language pack for Xcelsius.
    When you're in design mode, you're using the Windows OS features, but when you try to preview or export then Xcelsius begins the process of converting the xlf to a swf. And since there is no lang pack it doesn't know what to do with the Arabic characters.

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    I've just update my firefox Mac version 19.0 to 20.0. The big problem is I cannot see our Burmese Unicode character anymore.
    I can see burmese character at ( ) with 19.0 without doing any setting but with 20.0, I am hopeless now. The page is writing with a font call Zawgyi-One. The font location is ( ). Now I have just one solution left which is removing this 20.0 version and use 19.0 or Switch Browser.
    Zay Yar

    Screenshots are attache for reference.

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    Your problem seems to be with the character encoding you are using for your text.  A quick google search for ColdFusion character encoding should turn up the answer.  In case you are interested in learning more: ext=ColdFusion_Documentation&file=00001201.htm
    Hope that helps!
    - Michael

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    I have a pdf file which has both russian and Japanese characters in it. Before I install Japanese font pack, the russian characters were displayed properly but for Japanese characters Junk characters are displayed. But once  I installed Japanese font pack, Japanese fonts are displayed properly, but for Russian characters are displayed as junk characters. Please let us know if can display both font types simultaneously in a document or is there any work around for this ?

    What is your Reader version?
    If Reader X or earlier, did you also install the extended font pack?

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    Messages that I am receving in Mail will not display properly. All characters are represented with square with the letter A. I attached a screen shot.
    I changed the default fonts to many different options and nothing has worked.
    Any help would be great.

    Open up Font Book and validate your fonts.  You may have a corrupt font or corrupt font database.

  • Japanese character is not displaying properly in JDialog

    Hi All,
    Japanese character are shown in parent window but not displaying properly JDialog window.
    Even JDialog Title bar is showing in Japanese properly but JLabel's and JButton text are not showing properly in Japanese.
    Anybody knows why Japanese characters are not showing properly in JLabel and JButton of JDialog window.

    Specified font on that objects, that's why Japanese character doesn't shown.

  • Lately pdf files from the Web do not display properly; what is wrong and how can I fix it so I don't have to use IE?

    I am a professor and frequently need to open pdfs of academic journal articles from electronic databases. Within the last two or three weeks, when I try to do this using Firefox, only the first page of the pdf displays and the rest are blank. In addition, a bar appears across the top with the message "This pdf file may not display properly." So I have had to switch to Internet Explorer to open the files and do my research. What is going on and how can I fix it so I can open pdf files from the Web in Firefox and have them display properly?

    My question is simple - why would you put an application in production that has a lot of bugs? To replace a good and steady Adobe product? My customers will believe that I put a pathetic fallible form online. They are not sophisticated on computers so I just tell them to use IE. Ugh
    I must agree with pgwebgirl!

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