ChaRM : Execute action in Task Plan regarding of current phase

Hello all,
In the Task Plan of a maintenance project, I would like to change the phase in which some actions (e.g. import to a production system) can be executed.
I tried to do this using the customizing "Make Settings for Change Transaction Types", but could not succeed.
Could someone tell me if this is feasible, and how ?

Hi Thom,
your issue is because you haven't created a Business Partner for your userId.
Use transaction BP and create a business partner view and the Employee view as well.
Hope this helps.
P.S. Please reward for any helpful questions or solutions.

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    I would like to know whether it is possible to customize the task plan of Urgent Correction or Correction?
    (e.g. delete/add actions).
    Thank you very much!

    Hi Thom,
    of course you can. You just have to customize your own tasklist variant in SPRO. Ask if you need more help on how to proceed.

  • How to execute Actions programmatically in Acrobat X?

    I need to create and execute Actions programmatically. Is this possible?
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    I don't think either of these actions is supported. You can run the individual steps offered by action processors using the AVCommand interface, but the packaging up of AVCommands into batch processes or actions is a non-automatable UI task.

  • Weblogic Integration 9.2  task plan editor stuck up

    I am trying to create a taskplan file i.e .task file in weblogic workshop for bea weblogic platform 9.2.During the creation the task plan editor stuck up.
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    Let me know if any one has faced this type of problem.
    Any type of help is appreacible.
    Thanks in Advance
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    Edited by bishnu_kumar at 12/12/2006 4:57 AM

    Hi Bishnu,
    I am too getting the same issue.Please let me know if you find the solution of it.

  • How to flag a func. module in Func. Library as executable in Update Task?

    How to flag a func. module in Func. Library as executable in Update Task? I am getting a program termination error. The foollowing is the error analysis.
    Error analysis                                                   
    The function module "ZHEM" was called with the addition      "... IN UPDATE TASK".                                                                               
    However, it is not flagged in the Function Library as executable in the update task.

    Go to SE37, tab attributes, area processing type, choose radio button update module and desired type (V1, V1 no restart, V2, V3).

  • GRC PC 2.5 table for task plan and testlog and its link

    I want to know the list of tables used and the link between the tables related to GRC PC.
    Mainly I need tables involved while creating task plan, test logs. We need to develop a report using this data. We need to know how the tables are linked. We saw some two, three GRPC tables, in which the primary key is GUID. We need to know how this GUID is getting generated and on what basis we can retrieve this information from the tables.
    There is one report in report center of GRC PC 2.5. In that selection screen, is it possible to add another filed and based on that retrive data.
    Karthick S
    Edited by: Karthick Sitaraman on Apr 24, 2009 9:55 AM

    I can offer the following:
    1) SP07 was released on 4/20/2009 and contains a new report "Test Step Status."  You might want to look at this report so you don't unnecessarily reinvent the wheel.  This would, however, require application of SP07.  That report has 42 available fields.....lots of data.
    2) The table that contains Test plan Master data is HRP5327.
    We previously had minor reporting change required and SAP was able to issue a fix for it.  The request was a minor, natural extension of an existing report.  Part of the problem is that we have very limited web dynpro ABAP skills in house so development of a report was very time consuming.  Another option you might want to look at is BI. 
    I hope this helps.

  • Does not execute actions,customized partner-dependently

    Dear all,
    The system does not display or execute actions if they have been
    customized partner-dependently.
    If the same business partner exists more than once, for example as a
    sold-to party, as a payer and so on, only one of the partner roles, the
    action merging doesn't work.
    Please help..

    Answer from OSS:
    Please see the attached note no. 621183 which explains this behaviour
    (and also note 895546 point 4).
    "If you want all partner functions/partner function categories to be
    included in the action determination, deactivate BAdI implementation
    CRM_ACTION_BADI or you program a new implementation that meets your
    Since the same business partner exists more than once, this behaviour isseen.
    I hope this explains the issue.
    If you have no further queries, please close the message.

  • Action Create Task in correction - what it is supposed to do?

    Dear SolMan Gurus.
    What the action Create Task is supposed to do in the correction. When I run it, it does nothing. Thank you for any help.

    Please see the examples in these blogs to help with your understanding
    First steps to work with Change Request Management scenario
    Change Request Management scenario: Usual questions
    Change Request Management scenario: Working examples
    Hope this helps.

  • Error executing macro Forecast Invoice Plan

    We are facing the error in a process chain of DP background processing. The error description is : "Error executing macro Forecast Invoice Plan. " In the details, it shows that the same error is there for all the CVCs of that planning area.
    Can someone please throw some light on possible root cause for this error?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Amit,
    To start with, check your macro in /SAPAPO/ADVM - Macro Workbench.
    Is it green?
    If no, try to activate.
    If yes, check and reactivate
    Question: is your macro working in interactive?
    Thanks and Regards

  • Send mail from follow up actions for tasks in service notifications!

    Dear All,
    I want to send mail to the user from a follow up action in the task assigned to a service notification.
    In customizing which function module I should select for follow up actions for tasks?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Satyajit P

    You can use function module QM06_FM_TASK_SEND_PAPER or QM06_FM_TASK_SEND_PAPER_ATTACH.The document is sent only after the associated notification is saved.You need to enter the function module "QM06_SEND_REPLY_STEP2" in Customizing of the action box as "FM when saving".

  • Dump error - SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC while executing Curr trans task

    Hi all,
    While executing currency translation task in SEM BCS, we are getting short dump - SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC. This error appears only for few consolidation units.
    we are on BI7 - SP 17.
    Please help me to sort out this issue.

    Usually, such kinds of errors are either
    1. consequences of inconsistencies )) in the data basis/ConsArea
    2. program bugs.
    If you thoroughly searched for OSS notes and found nothing relevant,
    most likely, the guilty party is #1 == in this case, regenerate everything that may be relevant for the issue,
    starting from the data streams, data basis, ConsArea and so on.

  • Unable to alter the process. Unable to execute action start and stop

    I have setup a UCM CMS server on Linux. In the UCM instaance I setup If I go to Admin Server, the Genral configuration page contains no entry. While the file Config.cfg present in the directory Oracle/UCM/Server/Config/ contains all the entries I provided during the setup.
    Now when I am trying to start/stop the UCM instance, it is giving me error " Request Failed : Unable to alter the process. Unable to execute action 'stop' on server 'EBIZ_UCM'." While If I try to restart the server using IdcServer present at the location Oracle/UCM/Server/bin/, it is getting started.
    While clicking on the Component Manager, its giving error like :
    " Unable to retrieve component data. Components.hda exists, but contains no data. ".
    Please suggest.

    I know this is an old thread, but I ran across this while having a similar problem. It turned out that I had started the admin server incorrectly (e.g. running /apps/oracle/ucm/server/admin/bin/IdcAdmin instead of /apps/oracle/ucm/server/admin/etc/idcadmin_start). Once I corrected that the problem went away.

  • DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND dump when workflow executes a background task

    My project is currently in version 4.6. I have a custom version of the PO release workflow and in here I created an activity calling a Custom Task, which then calls a Custom Business Object Method and then calls a program (using Submit RSWUWFML2). Unfortunately everytime the workflow goes to the said activity it hits a dump -- DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND.
    I've tried unchecking the flag "Advance with Dialog" inside the task but it didn't work. I know RSWUWFML2 most of the time should be scheduled in background but it just so happens that we have a certain scenario in which it should have a different body and subject. This is the reason why I opted to call it inside the workflow.
    Do you have any idea what caused this? Thanks!

    Hello Dan,
    DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND is an exception which occurs when system tries to call screen in background. Calling screen in background is not possible.
    Report RSWUWFML2 creates LIST at the end of this report which is nothing but a special type of screen. If you run this report as background task, definitely above exception will occur. 
    Schedule this report as job instead of using it in task.

  • Execute User decision task outside SAP

    Is it possible to execute user decision task outside SAP using the extended notifications? I have tried out using the configuration documents provided in SAP as well as from other sources. But wasnt able to send the notification to outlook.
    Please help me out.

    You may want to consider using Inbound Distribution.
    SO28 transaction - Inbound Distribution
    Specify an object with method "RECEIVE" to receive the mail item. The method then needs to parse it and process it.  If a mail with subject = "Approve" is to approve a workitem then the appropriate terminating event must be raised in the RECEIVE method.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to create a line without using execute action method.

    Hi All,
    I want to create a line whose weight and co-ordinate are given to me. I am using ActionDescriptor and execute action method to do this.
    Here is my code:
        var idcontentLayer = stringIDToTypeID( "contentLayer" );
        var idStrt = charIDToTypeID( "Strt" );
        var idHrzn = charIDToTypeID( "Hrzn" );
        var idPxl = charIDToTypeID( "#Pxl" );
        var idVrtc = charIDToTypeID( "Vrtc" );
        var idPnt = charIDToTypeID( "Pnt " );
        var actRef = new ActionReference();
        actRef.putClass( idcontentLayer );
        var layerDesc = new ActionDescriptor();
        layerDesc.putReference( charIDToTypeID( "null" ), actRef );
        var lineDesc = new ActionDescriptor();
        lineDesc.putClass( charIDToTypeID( "Type" ), stringIDToTypeID( "solidColorLayer" ) );
        var propertyDesc = new ActionDescriptor();
        var strtPointDesc = new ActionDescriptor();
        strtPointDesc.putUnitDouble( idHrzn, idPxl,  startX);                         //startX, startY, endX, endY are given..
        strtPointDesc.putUnitDouble( idVrtc, idPxl, startY);
        var endPointDesc = new ActionDescriptor();
        endPointDesc.putUnitDouble( idHrzn, idPxl, endX );
        endPointDesc.putUnitDouble( idVrtc, idPxl, endY );
        propertyDesc.putObject(  charIDToTypeID( "Strt" ), idPnt, strtPointDesc );
        propertyDesc.putObject( charIDToTypeID( "End " ), idPnt, endPointDesc);
        propertyDesc.putUnitDouble( charIDToTypeID( "Wdth" ), idPxl, weight );               // weight is given.
        lineDesc.putObject( charIDToTypeID( "Shp " ), charIDToTypeID( "Ln  " ), propertyDesc );
        layerDesc.putObject( charIDToTypeID( "Usng" ), idcontentLayer, lineDesc );
        executeAction( charIDToTypeID( "Mk  " ), layerDesc, DialogModes.NO );
    Is there any other way to do the above (using photoshop scripting method)?

    You can only create normal and text layers using the Object Model. For other layer types you have to use Action Manager.

Maybe you are looking for

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