Cinema Display Hardware Test?

Is there any way to test the Cinema Display for problems like a Hardware Test? I can't find any information on it.

In my opinion, the patterns shown would be impossible to produce from failures in adapters, cables, or displays.
They are clearly coming from a failing display CARD, regardless of whether Apple has recently replaced that card.
However, I do not speak for Apple, Inc, and you will need to convince them to get satisfaction.

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  • How Can I Test New Apple Cinema Display?

    My new 30" Apple Cinema Display arrived today but the arrival of my MacBook Pro is still 4 weeks out (I ordered both at the same time for dual warranty purposes). I cannot hook this ACD to my wife's 12" PB and the only other computer that may have the ability is my daughter's new iMac Intel Core Duo (but I'm not sure if it will power the 30" ACD). I would like to test for stuck or dead pixels. Can I plug the AC cord into an outlet and no video connection then power on or will this show no pixel anomolies, or worse, cause potential harm to my display? Anyone? Thanks to all that may reply.
    PS: I threatened to cancel my order unless the Supervisor allowed me time to evaluate the new monitor the full 2 weeks AFTER the arrival of my MacBook Pro, so I have plenty of time, just no computer to run the darn thing!
    PowerBook G4 12" aluminum & iMac Intel Core Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   Apple 30" Cinema Display w/ iLift LCD monitor arm

    I think pretty much any Mac with DVI will drive the 30" ACD, just not at the native resolution. You will get 1280x800. But if you are just looking at a solid full screen of a single color, for the purpose of trying to spot dead/stuck pixles, the low res shouldn't make any difference at all for such purposes.

  • Hardware test and dead display

    Hi all. Does anyone have a way of running the hardware test on a MBP with a dead display card? External displays will not work either. Everything else works, but I can't see what I'm doing to run the test. It's probably the Nvidia issue, but I'd like to poke around a bit.

    Very likely it is the NVIDIA issue:
    Apple has a test they can run, but I don't know of one you can run without a working video chip.
    Good luck!

  • I have an apple cinema display that hasnt been tested, before i go out n by an adc adapter for it, i wanted to know if the apple store could test it

    i have an apple cinema display that hasnt been tested, before i go out n by an adc adapter for it, i wanted to know if the apple store could test it

    You should probably call and ask them. We are just other Apple product users here, like yourself.

  • Apple Logo would not display and Hardware test problem?

    HI all, sorry i am new to posting here, so apologize if my answer to the below is in this forum but i could not find it. What it is:
    My mac mini when I started it up today, was not displaying the apple logo, it was just showing its white screen and it just would not move from it. I tried doing an apple hardware test by re-starting holding the button D while re-starting nothing happen. I had to disconnect all external items such as my external HD and ipod and then it became back to normal.
    1st question is, why did this happen and how?
    2nd question is, how come my apple hardware test does not work?
    I have tried apple hardware test using the install disc for a mac pro which has leopard on it, for my mini as i don't have the install for my mini any more. But even then I should still be able to use the apple hardware test without the discs though shouldn't i?
    Please note though my HD has been replaced twice before by apple. Can anyone give some input?
    Also my mac is an intel based back got its late 2006 model.
    I have also run disk utility and it has found nothing wrong at all with my mac.
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    If AppleCare gives you a Tiger Install Disc for your system, accept it, since it's the way to perform the AHT on your machine (also, it's free!).
    About the Leopard disc, I don't know which OS you're running, since you changed your profile info from 10.5.6 to 10.4.10. Are you using Tiger Or Leopard?
    If you're running Leopard, you'll need a Retail Leopard Install Disc (the one you can pick up from a store shelf) to do an Archive and Install. Your machine was made in 2006, before the release of Leopard, so there's no Leopard machine specific disc for your model.
    Archive and Install is the way to reinstall the Operative System without loosing your files and settings.
    Also, if you ever need to repair your startup volume with Disk Utility, you'll need to boot from the install DVD, and you can only do it with the install disc of the OS you're currently running. You can't use a previous version OS install disc, as it could have nasty consequences on the directory structure integrity.
    If you want an "el cheapo" Leopard Retail Disc, you can search for it on the web. Also, when Snow Leopard hits the street, some retailers will probably sell out the previous version inventory.
    Good Luck.

  • Hardware test not working with Yosemite, External Display not working with Yosemite

    What's wrong with Yosemite developers....
    i can't connect my macbook pro with my tv and if i wanna start a hardware test, it doesn't starts it....
    please help as apple *****!!!

    It would be helpful if you indicated the exact model/year Macbook that you have.

  • Cinema display causing freezes and kernel panics?

    Okay, if anyone has experienced this before I would like to know. I've been having these powerbook freezes at night., and occasional kernel panics during the day. I usualy leave my computer on all night, but when I check it in the morning it's pretty much froze everyday.
    I did a complete clean install, I've ran hardware test, past both tests, reset pram, av-ram. I did install 2 gig of ram (2x1), I was beggining to question the ram, but once I unpluged it from my Cinema display I have not had one freeze in three days. Why would that be? Has anyone else had problems like this?
    I've used this display for a year with my previous powerbook and have had no problems, but for some reason these two don't get along. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the usb, or firewire ports. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    You know it does seem to be the memory. Once I replaced the memory with different chips all kernel panics have stopped, same with freezes. Funny how this passed all the memory tests.
    All seems to be better now anyway....thanks.

  • How to simulate windows pc monitors using a mac cinema display?

    I occassionally have to produce jpegs to be posted on photographer's websites. These are high-end fashion images and the photographers are really picky about making them look good online with accurate hues, saturation, etc.
    On my old iMac I used to 'preview' how they would look on a windows pc by simply changing my display profile to 'Generic Monitor' under system preferences. This worked pretty good and gave me results that matched the windows machines I have in my studio. However I just bought a Mac Pro with a 23" cinema display and for some reason this option is no longer availble, the closest thing in the Displays panel is now 'Generic RGB Profile' and testing this by comparing jpegs on my cinema display to those viewed on a windows laptop on the same desk I can see that this profile does not seem to come anywhere nearly as close to matching the contrast and saturation of crappy pc monitors.
    Any one else had this problem? When I call apple tech support they seem very vague about what these profiles are actually meant to represent and why the very useful Generic Monitor profile is no longer present ("that monitor doesn't come with that profile, it's a professional monitor" one tech told me, obviously not understanding what I'm trying to do). This is kind of disappointing given that I've just spent over $6,000 on hardware that doesn't perform as well in this respect as my old iMac did.
    Anyone know of a simple fix or somewhere I can download a profile that will work with my cinema display and mac pro? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
    PS - I am not very technical so I don't know if these profiles are in some ways connected with the graphic card, my mac pro has an ATI Radeon 2600XT and is running Leopard 10.5.1.

    No, the saturation can't be adjusted during calibration. But the Cinema Display desn't have especially saturated colours. It matches the sRGB standard of most PC displays.
    Cinema Displays are normal screens. Macs look different because the operating system adjusts the gamma to 1.8. There is nothing special about the monitor itself.
    On the other hand, it will always look more saturated than a laptop screen. PC or Mac ...

  • Is it possible to mirror from a G5 to a Cinema display?

    There was a recent post here that addresses this, but my (likely very stupid) question is--isn't it possible to use a mini vga to vga and a dvi to vga adapter to connect your iMac to a Cinema display? Or does the dvi to vga adapter only go one way?
    I'm assuming from the thread mentioned above that this is essentially impossible without a lot of finagling. The website for converters linked shows a VGA to DVI-A converter, but I'm assuming DVI-A is different from DVI?
    I was originally told by an Apple store salesperson--who, in retrospect, clearly had no clue what he was talking about--that the Cinema display would work with my iMac, no problem.
    Unfortunately... I bought a second-hand one off ebay, so now I'm stuck with a monitor that I can't even check the display on (which will probably make reselling it on ebay difficult.) So I'm trying to figure out once and for all if this is impossible and I should just give up, cut my losses, and get a VGA display instead.
    I went into the Apple store today and the ditzy girl I spoke with informed me that "the people in the back" said that it wasn't at all possible to mirror my G5 onto a Cinema display. She clearly didn't know anything beyond what size ipods they carry (if even that), so I'm hoping someone a little more knowledgeable (or maybe even someone who's tried it?) can clarify for me, because the extent of my hardware-related expertise is 'how to install RAM.'
    Thanks in advance for any help!
    (And lesson learned: never count on Apple store salespeople for any information--ever.)

    Thanks for your response Donna! Further research has found me some more clear-cut answers.
    I've read a few success stories of people using the VGAtor to convert their iMac's output from VGA to DVI but I'm apprehensive since it costs $300, and there's no mention of a return policy on their website that I can find. I tried emailing them about compatibility/return policy so I guess we'll see. (The success stories I speak of are in the forum for Screen Spanning Doctor, but the forum's been dead for almost a year now.)
    Gefen's VGA to DVI Scaler seems to be better supported, but that's up to $330.
    I don't want to use a TV, because I'm a graphic designer so I need higher resolution than any TV in my price range can offer.
    But I think I will probably be going with a VGA display though just to save myself the headache. Even if I ended up losing $300 in reselling this display to get one, it would be no different than spending $300 just for a converter--I'm not convinced that the Cinema displays are worth it, when I could get something similar for under $400. If I had wanted to spend $1000 on this upgrade I would've just sold my G5 for a new 24" one.
    I agree it would've been much smarter if they had just made their own DVI adapter, since they DO exist (and enabled screen spanning in the G5, at that.) Or, even more radical... just added a VGA input to their displays--there are plenty of monitors out there with both, so obviously it's possible. If they had actually made the displays compatible with like 90% of their pre-existing systems they could have sold exponentially more. It would have been far more profitable--I love Apple computers, but I'm sure I'm not the only one choosing to buy another brand of monitor rather than fork out thousands to upgrade the display of a perfectly good computer.
    Well, forgive my rambling. In case someone else is curious, I'll wait to see if I get a response to my email, then update and close this.
    Unfortunately now I've gotta lug it on the metro to get it tested, since taking it to the Apple store seems to be my only option right now.

  • Older Apple HD Cinema Display is detected but no picture

    Forgive me, as I know this is an often-asked question but I have searched and can't find a response that fixes the issue.
    So I have a Mac Pro (circa 2008) that works fine. The Apple Cinema Display is even older from about 2004 (I think).
    Everything was working fine and I was video editing and Photopshopping to my hearts content.
    I had noticed that recently the display would not come back from sleep without rebooting the computer.
    So that might have been an early clue.
    Then this morning I came home from taking the kids to school and the Mac Pro fan was running loud and no image on screen.
    I rebooted the computer. This time the monitor displayed black and white vertical lines.
    "Oh joy," thought I.
    I rebooted again.
    This time nothing but the heart of darkness.
    I reseated the video card (as that has been a culprit in the past) and rebooted. Still no image. Did all the PRAM, unplugging the computer, waiting a minute plugging back in, plus all the other keyboard tricks one reads about. Still no joy.
    I then tried the monitor on my MacBook Pro to see if it was a computer issue or monitor issue. No image from the MacBook Pro either.
    The Macbook Pro did detect the display though and showed it along side theMacbook Pro screen is the Display Prefences.
    I also ran the MacBook Pro in Traget Mode to the laptop so i could run diagnostic checks and repairs uisng Apple Utilities and Disk Warrior. No problems were detected on the Mac Pro (tower).
    I then connected a Samsung monitor (that the kids watch Netflix on) and that worked fine on both the laptop and the Mac Pro tower.
    So I have isolated the cause to the Apple HD Cinema Display. The video card and other hardware tested out fine.
    Any thoughts on a fix or what the issue might be?. I can get by with Samsung as I am on deadline - but would rather have my trusty Apple Cinema screen back.
    Many thanks.
    And good karma to all who give it a head scratch.

    Yeah I use my screen saver more often now and yes it's the white windows and desktop icons that ghost the most not horrible and my warrant is a few years past. The genius is wrong to accuse you that's just plain silly. The first apple 30 inch I bought had green lines and after a few trips to the store they sent it off to be repaired but in the end I think I got a different monitor back. Three and a half years later this started to happen. It's like short term burn and it's pretty subtle. I'm an audio guy so if I were a graphics person and this was my main rig I would be more upset. I just hope it does not continue to get worse. I have an older 22 inch with the clear plastic and it does not have the issue. It only starts to do it after it's been n for few hours.
    Good to know I'm not the only one, thanks for posting.

  • Built-in camera in Cinema Display not recognized after SL Install

    Is anyone else having this problem? After installing the Snow Leopard upgrade, my system no longer recognizes the Cinema Display build in camera, not in iChat and not in Photo Booth. Help!

    What I've done is create a new admin user account in System Preferences Accounts pane
    after upgrading to Snow Leopard. The new account is using default settings (for Snow Leopard), so it is a good basis for comparison tests. Your issue would be a good use for it.
    After creating that new admin user account, log out and log in to the new account. Try the thing that does not work, in the new account. If it works in the new account, the problem is not technically Snow Leopard, but some conflict with something in your existing pre- Snow Leopard user account. It might be some user preference file that you have to trash or some background process that is conflicting, but you can focus troubleshooting on your normal user account as the cause.
    If it still does not work in the new account, then the problem is likely to be a bug in the overall system, or a hardware issue.

  • 24" cinema display flashes when plugged to an imac

    I have a 24" cinema display and a 20" apple display connected to an iMac 2011 27" with an ATI Radeon HD 6970M 1 GB. The 24" Cinema display starts to flash quickly after the boot of the computer. Apple technician told us however that this configuration should work without problems.
    I plug the 24 "cinema display on my Mac Pro rev 1.1 with an ATI Radeon HD 4870/512 MB. ​​I have no problem of display even after a long time of use.
    I plug the same screen on a MacBook Air late 2010 with a NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB using it as the main screen, the laptop cover down. I also have no problem. I have not tested this configuration with the 24" as a second screen.
    The iMac motherboard has been changed once. Whenever I talk about this problem to Apple, I have no answer. Does anyone has experienced this kind of situation or know enough about this kind of problem tell me from where it may come?
    Thank you

    Hi there tomchr9
    According to the technical specifications for the 24-inch LED display, the display is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro systems with Mini DisplayPort. Use of these displays with non-Mac hardware is not supported by Apple.
    LED Cinema Display - Technical Specifications
    Hope that helps,
    -Griff W

  • Sustained use of Cinema display audio results in noise, choppy audio, then cutting out

    When I play a sustained audio stream through my 27" LED Cinema display – for example, listening to my music collection on iTunes – for a couple hours (since I powered on my computer), the audio suddenly gets very noisy and after a few seconds really choppy (+ noisy), and waiting another few seconds it's barely audible (just repeated hints of noise). After this happens, I can press Pause in iTunes, wait a few seconds, then press Play, and the audio is perfectly fine again.
    Then, after only a half hour or less, the same thing happens, and I have to do the same thing to fix it. I am always able to fix the audio perfectly fine, but it inevitably craps out again after 5-30 minutes.
    If I power off my computer or let it sleep overnight, then come back and play iTunes again, the audio will be fine for a few hours before this inevitably happens again.
    I've followed the advice of an Apple support technician of resetting both my NVRAM and SMC, and that had no effect. The Cinema display audio continues to behave the same.
    I have the USB for the Cinema display plugged directly into my MBP's USB port (no other USB hub in the way).
    I have the latest version of OS X and thus the 27" Cinema Firmware 1.0 update has already been applied (I tried applying it by downloading the firmware update manually, but it refused, saying I do not need this update).
    This should go without saying, but this never happens when I play music through my MBP's built-in speakers, or when I play music through external speakers plugged into the line-out port. It's behaviour that happens exclusively through the 27" Cinema display's audio interface.
    Thoughts, anyone?
    I'm especially curious whether anyone else has had precisely this kind of audio problem with their 27" Cinema display. I've seen many people post audio issues relating to their 27" Cinema display, but most of those problems were remedied by the 1.0 firmware update, and besides none of the problems were described quite like mine (specifically, audio that becomes noisy, then mostly cuts out - it never completely cuts out - and that can be reliably [temporarily] fixed by pausing and playing the audio again).

    Can an MBP Sound preferences output to the display as opposed to through usb?  I use a mac pro and have those two choices for my mini-displayport 27" apple display. 
    I am not suggesting this as a fix but only testing various other paths to try to diagnose the problem.
    What first came to mind in your description was that you are having some kind of temperature problem.  And I think the temp problem lies with the MBP and not the display.  To that end you might consider adding one of the temp monitor utilities like iStat Pro, iStat Menus, Temperature Monitor, Temperature Monitor widget, Hardware Monitor, etc.  See if there some correlation with the temps shown in some of the readings and your sound problem.

  • 15" MacBook Pro / 30" Cinema Display - performance?

    Is anyone usng a current (Early 2011) 15" MacBook Pro with a 30" cinema display? Having any performance issues?
    I'm using Photoshop 5.1 and after a short time the perforance lags (drastically, and cursor is offset etc.) It almost seems like the cache/buffer are not being cleared. I spoke w/Apple tech and they offered no known issues. I repaired permissions, reset cache, reset PRam, etc. (as directed). Now running WITHOUT CInema Display. PShop seems to be OK. Will try for awhile longer, then re-attach Cinema to test. My guess is the installed video hardware/ram is just not up to the task.
    I did upgrade to 8GB RAM -which should help. There is no Apple Hardware test available for this Mac (does not ship w/OS DVDs) but the Apple tech said there would be a startup alert if there were RAM issues.
    Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar?
    Maybe I should try for an upgrade to the higher spec 15" MacBook? (has more VRam, faster card etc -not much else)

    Thanks ALiALKi -but I already tried to access the Apple Hardware test online -NG. The Apple tech said it would not work with this unit. Apparently this MacBook was updated to Lion BEFORE sale Lion was NOT originally installed. So for some reason it won't access the online test (I tried carefully numersous times)
    Also, as mentioned in OP -the ram is tested on startup & there would be an audible alert if defective (according to the tech I spoke to) I do have an appt at an Apple store for further testing.
    Still looking to hear from anyone who is running a 30" Cinema Display with this -or other laptop.

  • Mac Pro Restart and Hardware Test Problems

    This appears to be a continuation of a thread I began titled "MacPro Restart or Reboot Problems" in which the reboot problem still seems to be evident.
    Initially, I was having problems with rebooting but after rebuilding my directory with DiskWarrior, the issue disappeared. Then recently, I entered my password and the Mac restarted itself and the same problem is back where the drive seems to try and "catch" but can't.  And now its back to  happen anytime I want to re-boot (however, this tends to be rare.)
    So I ran DiskWarrior again and it reported no problems. Then I tried to run Apple Hardware Test and about 40 seconds into the test, with the message "Testing memory" stated, the fans begin to spin at a high pitch.  The system locks up and the only recourse is to press the on/off button on the front of the Mac Pro.  If I try to wait it out, the Mac Pro will scream and spin until I restart.
    I've ran the same AHT test on an identical Mac Pro that is only a few months older than this one and even using the Extended test, the AHT takes a little over four minutes.  And the Testing Memory message appears early in the test  and moves on.  Then, much later in the test, the fans spin up to the same high pitch whine like the problem Mac Pro.  But only one at a time (there seem to be three of them) and each one quickly quiets down once they're tested.
    So that's the beef. Something I've considered is this Mac Pro came with two Gigs of Apple memory installed. I'm wondering should I uninstall one of them and re-try the AHT to see if it could be the memory.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

    I took my G5 to an Apple Store (2 hrs away) and had a Mac Genius look at it. I told him about the reboot issue and the weird skippy sound it made when it tries to reboot. When I mentioned about the G5 locking up during an AHT, he thought that sounded like a hard ware issue. So he ran a diagnostic test with his Apple CD and the G5 tested fine (?!!) We then ran my original AHT disc that I had brought with me. It too tested fine-- it didn't lock up at all! We rebooted like a half a dozen times-- with both keyboard and via the menu-- and it rebooted like a champ. Everything we tried, the G5 rebooted fine. I asked if maybe the keyboard, mouse or monitor back in my office could be part of the the issue. He replied anything connected to the G5 could be a culprit.
    So I brought it back and hooked it all back up. And it would not reboot! It tries to reboot and makes the same sound, same problem! I disconnected and replaced cables and keyboards and mice. No dice. I took the G5 down to an edit bay where we have an identical G5 (same 2 GB of memory, maybe 3 months older) and connected its power cable, mouse, keyboard and Cinema Display monitor to my G5 and tried it. No reboot, same problem. I reconnected the older G5 back to its original cables/setting and it reboots-- no problems.
    I'm at a loss. I guess I will go about doing a zero drive process and see what that brings... However, one thing I have seemed to confirm: the skippy sound that continously emunates from the G5 as it attempts to reboot seems to be coming from one of the optical drives (the G5 came with two DVD optical drives). I'm wondering if I go in and disconnect the optical drive(s), will that lead to something??
    BTW, I did hook up the G5 to another monitor, thinking that maybe it could be a graphics card or monitor issue with the original display. I used a PC monitor with a DVI connector and the problem was still there.

Maybe you are looking for

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