Cinema Display problem

I Hav an iMac and 2 Mac Cinema Display Monitors.
i wanted to use 1 monitor with my other PC with Windows 7 on it. i hav coonected it, but am experiencing problem with the display. I can see the screen but the colors are scattered and blurry....
What should i do to get the perfect resolution on the screen, if possible???

Hi Karl,
Good Day!
Thank you for your advice. I already changed the graphics card but got no positive result. Could it be the adapter of the monitor? or the LCD itself? Is there anyway we can further isolate the problem?

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  • 24" Cinema Display Problem

    I have a 24" Cinema Display which I plug in to my MBA. The MBA doesn't seem to detect the speakers in the display or the isight camera. I thought this might be a USB issue but the USB sockets on the rear of the screen work fine. Any ideas?

    Brilliant idea to test with a different Mac!
    Finding that the problem is the same with more than one Mac indicates that your problem is with the display.
    If you tested ONLY the cables that came with your display, the problem might be cabling.
    Contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service.
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    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early09) 2.93Ghz OSX 10.7.3   24" LED Cinema Display
    MBP 15" i7  (Early'11) OSX 10.7.3               13" MBP (Mid'09) 2.26GHz OSX 10.7.3

  • 2004 Cinema Display Problems

    I recently acquired a 30 Inch Cinema Display that was having some screen issues. After first hooking up the monitor to my MacBook Pro laptop, it worked great for about 10 minutes and then I noticed the screen showing burn marks on the right side and sometimes the screen will go white, OR it will try to display the image, but show color bars. I kept turning the monitor off and on, and it eventually works again.
    My question is, is there an easy way to fix this problem or anything I can do on my own without taking it to Apple? Does this problem occur frequently? I have tried searching these issues online and not really finding any reliable answers. PLEASE HELP!

    that's a bummer that there is no easy fix for this issue. It's frustrating because the monitor works some of the time, and then the color bars appear. Also, it seems like this problem occurs a lot but there is no easy fix. Even Apple said they didn't know why it was doing that.
    Anyone else ever have this problem? Is this common?

  • 23" Cinema Display problem

    I have a new 23" cinema display connected to a Powermac G5. After a month of purchase, I have decided to change my video card for best graphics performance. Two days after, I experienced total black out on my monitor. I did not know what could be causing the problem.
    When i turned on my computer it turns to be ok but after 5 minutes my screen went totally black. I could see the light indicator on the lower right of the screen still green but failed to give a display.
    Can anyone help me isolate the problem? If you have experienced this problem before please tell me what to do. I would be very glad to hear your good advice.
    Thank you.

    Hi Karl,
    Good Day!
    Thank you for your advice. I already changed the graphics card but got no positive result. Could it be the adapter of the monitor? or the LCD itself? Is there anyway we can further isolate the problem?

  • HT2305 cinema display problem

    my cinema display keeps dimming in win 7

    Hi Karl,
    Good Day!
    Thank you for your advice. I already changed the graphics card but got no positive result. Could it be the adapter of the monitor? or the LCD itself? Is there anyway we can further isolate the problem?

  • External Cinema Display Problem

    so I have my new MacBook connected to an "old" 20" Cinema Display using the MiniDisplay port and a MiniDisplay to DVI adapter. It has been working just fine since I connected it a couple of days ago.
    I have the MacBook lid closed and I am using just the external display at home.
    Today I left my room for an hour or so. After coming back and waking the computer from sleep I was horrified seeing my display full of weird artifacts, randomly displayed blue and pink pixels. On top of that the display was turning off and on (going black) every couple of seconds.
    I don't know if it's a problem with:
    a) the MacBook
    b) the display
    c) the connection (adapter?)
    Any ideas? Anyone experienced a similar issue?
    Best greetings,

    I talked to Apple tech support today. After initial description of the problem and basic troubleshooting, I was referred to a product specialist. She had me do an SMC reset (shut down, disconnect power cord and all external devices, remove batter, hold power button for 10 seconds, reinstall battery, connect power and start) which seemed to clear up the problem. But it returned later in the day. I called them back and was immediately sent to the product specialist again. The next step is to take it to the Apple Store to have it looked at there. I won't be able to do that for at least another 10 days, so there won't be any more progress on this problem until then.
    When I talked to tech support, they had no information on any such problem in their database, which means they haven't heard it from anyone but me. So if you're having this problem, please call tech support and tell them about it. If they start getting lots of reports, then it starts to look like a real problem and not just one guy who might be doing any number of things to make this happen. Apple tech support has been very good those very few times I have had to talk to them. If you are referred to a product specialist, you might have to wait 10 minutes, but it's worth the wait. You're talking to people you can understand who can answer your questions - they're not reading off of a script. You get a case number so that if you have to call back, you can pick up where you left off - you're not stuck explaining everything all over again.

  • Apple cinema Display problem after update

    I had a similar problem to lain Maclreud
    Immediately after updating to 10.4.11 and rebooting the toparea on my cinema display went dim and I saw the 2 short, one lon blinks on my power display LED
    I didn't try it on another computer yet or try to change my power source but I may need a new backlight card as well. Please post if you have had similar problems after updating and suggest possible solutions.

    Have you tried the Command-Option-P-R keys to reset the PRAM? (Maybe the upgrade has messed up the display settings?)

  • External monitor = cinema display problem

    Hi All - new to the iMac, looooong time Mac user. So I had a 20" cinema display plugged in to my G4 before getting the iMac and now I am using it as a 2nd monitor (extended desktop). Love the added real estate!
    My problem is this - if I plug my keyboard into the USB ports on the cinema, the iMac doesn't 'see' it. Yet if I plug my iPod cable into the FW400 ports it shows up fine and syncs with iTunes. Also, the keyboard WAS working plugged into the cinema display for a few days, but I had to unplug it and when I plugged it back in, no joy. I have restarted with it plugged and unplugged, repaired permissions (not like that'd help) and zapped the PRAM. Under System Profiler, the iPod will show up under the Firewire tab (as does the cinema display) but the keyboard does not show up under the USB tab.
    So, can I 'force' the iMac to 'see' the keyboard? Any help will be appreciated and rewarded!

    So the end that plugs into the Cinema Display splits a couple inches from the end into FW, USB, and DVI. What about the end that plugs into the iMac DVI out? Are there 3 ends to that as well? If so can you just unplug the USB portion of that cable from both the iMac and the Cinema Display and use a completely seperate cable to hook up the USB?

  • Troubleshooting 24" Cinema Display problem

    I have a 5 year old 24" Cinema Display connected to a Mac Pro using Mini DisplayPort. Several days ago I connected a Kanex Mini DisplayPort and USB Extension Cable. Everything was working fine until yesterday when the display faded to black while I was working. I tried plugging the monitor directly into the Mac and it seemed to be fine. Later on the same problem happened. Now I am unable to get any video on the screen. I tried a different monito and that is working fine so I know the graphics card is OK.
    Any ideas about what could be wrong? Is this a fixable problem? Did the extension cable fry my monitor?

    The 5mm LEDs that I used for the initial repair can be purchased from any electronics component supplier. Avoid Radio Shack at all costs. I wouldn't recommend using 5mm LED though. I've purchased some 5050 SMD LEDs for the next rendition. I will report back later in the week with my my results and possibly some photos. It's not somethign you want to attempt unless you're confident in your soldering skills. You'll also need to do a little math to figure out how to configure the LEDs and give them the right resistor.
    Here are some photos of the 5mm LED job. I parralelled 3 strings of 8 LEDs wired in series and powered them directly from the 24v rail of the power supply. These LEDs are held in with hot glue. On the next repair, now that I know its worth while, I'll use the backlight driver from the logic board which will give me brightness control again. Pardon the mess, I had been working on wiring up  that strip for a couple of hours. It really helps to have an adjustable lab power supply on the bench to test as you go. Also, note the hot spots in the bottom right and left corners of the screen. They are caused by misaligned LEDs.

  • USB Speaker/LED Cinema Display Problems After Upgrade to Mavericks

    I just upgraded to Mavericks this morning.  My set-up includes a new (Late 2013) 27" iMac and a 27" Apple LED Cinema Display, with the mini display port and USB connected from the display to the iMac. 
    I have a set of Bose USB speakers that I had plugged into the USB port on the Cinema Display for audio.  I didn't want to waste one of the USB 3 ports on the iMac so instead was using a USB 2 port on the Cinema Display.  This worked fine before upgrading to Mavericks.
    Now with Mavericks installed, if I have the speakers plugged in, I get a tone that sounds like very loud feedback.  If I plug the USB speakers into one of the USB 3 ports on the iMac however, it works fine.
    Does anyone know if this is a known issue with Mavericks?  I've read some other posts about display issues, but they were referencing USB displays.  In this case the display is connected via mini displayport, but the USB connection on the display seems to be causing issues.
    Anyone else experienced this?

    I've been experiencing additional issues with USB speakers. I plugged them into a USB port on the iMac itself (as opposed to the LED Cinema Display) and the feedback was gone.  However, now I get situations where the audio appears to randomly "die" on the system.  If I go into Audio preferences and switch the audio output to the internal speakers, the audio comes back on.  If I then switch it back to the USB speakers, it continues to work until it randomly dies again.  This happens typically 3-5 times a day.
    If I just use the internal speakers as the audio output, I don't get any issues with losing the audio.  The USB speakers worked fine on the iMac before upgrading to Mavericks, and still work fine on my late 2011 MBP still running 10.8.5. 
    I've read about other similar issues ( Still waiting for a fix.

  • Mac Pro 3,1 with ATI Radeon 5770 + 30" Apple Cinema Display Problem

    Ok guys/gals, 
    First of all I apologize for the thread as there have been previous posts in the past referrencing various different questions and setups, but I have a problem..  It's a little bit of a noob question so sorry in advance BUT..
    What is the correct way to set up the 30 inch with the 5770?  I have an old 3,1 (early 2008) that I've upgraded with various hard disks, SSD and 12 gig RAM.  I removed the stock Nvidia Card and replaced it with this one but I am having problems that cause the Mac to slow down and the display to go all "fuzzy" or have streaking greenish lines (which you can only see against a black backdrop).
    Currently, i have it going into the DVI port with the USB and FW extensions just lying around.. I've read something about needing to source more power from the motherboard to power the display, but I am not sure what to do... It's hit or miss really... every time i want to play say Starcraft 2, i need to restart my Mac Pro else it gets extremely sluggish (graphics)...
    Is my Mac dying?  or am i not powering the 30 inch correctly?  If not, then I am confused between display ports and dual power (active) mini display ports.. can someone please point me in the right direction?
    Apols for the long note, but am pretty good with computers but this is just annoying the sh*t out of me and has been for a while...

    @ Hatter
    Yup prior card was 8800gt and new card is nice and snug.  10.8 was not clean install, was upgrade.  Ill try safeboot although not sure how/why that will fix any long term issues i have (which are random).. Trying 10.7 i had the same issues and was hoping that 10.8 wld fix.. Why go back to 10.6.8 when it should work in todays day and age? :(
    @ Grant
    Have done that now although not sure why something like this is not in the owners manual?!
    Thanks for the help/suggestions so far guys, much apprec.. Feels like my pro is dying on me slowly but surely...
    Any other bright ideas?

  • Cinema display problems

    For no reason apparent to me my display flickers for a flash and will not display the usual start up imagery.
    I've gone through so many help threads but can find no parallel problem.
    When I open the MacBook the image on the laptop only shows when I unplug the thunderbolt wire/connection.
    Any wiring and plugging with restarts, etc provide no solution.
    I did a software update to see if this would help. Problem seemed to correct itself.
    I shut my system down and few hours later started up my system again for routine work and same problem occurs.
    Does anyone have any idea??
    Appreciate help for this ludite.

    Hi, I don't have that Monitor to test, but I wonder if this would help...
    Semi interesting thread on the 20'' and OS9...
    Oh, does it boot to 640*480 with Extensions off?

  • 20 inch cinema display problem

    I have an anoying problem with my screen and i need a solution. There are no green colors at all so the screen has a pinkish color. It all started when i had a problem with my G4 freezing. I took it to a repair place and they totally screwed me over. Basically switching out Everything-motherboard, ram, video card, hard drive. turned out being a problem with my hard drive. when I brought my computer home i had the color issue. Took the computer to another place and they say the problem is my video card. my display works on other computers. I tried everything in the settings with no luck. I dont know if the repair people changed some kind of setting or what or if they damaged my video card. I really dont want to buy another video card and have that turn out to not be the problem. Is there any other way to try and fix this problem. Help

    One thing you might want to try adjusting is the gamma setting in Displays Preferences color calibration area. Macs typically are set at 1.8 but PCs will often use 2.2. That could account for the difference.

  • Apple 23" Cinema Display problem

    I have a smudge like line about 3 inches long running down my display. It isn't anything on the screen because I have cleaned it multiple times. On certain colors it really shows up and it annoying. It looks like if someone took an eraser and put a light smudge down the screen. Is this a pixel problem?
    Anyone have any help or suggestions on how to fix this?

    Well, without having seen the actual display in question it sure sounds like you are entitled to a replacment unit! A couple of dead pixels i assume we have to live with but your "problem" sounds like a really annoying one and certainly something which should not be accepted on a display at this price. I would call Apple or any reseller you purchased the equipment from
    PowerMac G5 dual 2.3ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • What is causing a sound problem with new Cinema Display 27 ?

    My new 27 Cinema Display intermittently won't play sound when connected to my MB Pro. Restarting the computer doesn't fix it, and all the display audio settings are correct etc. Phoned Apple Support and the fix was to unplug the power from the back of the cinema display to reset the screen controller. This keeps happening - is this a software bug ? Hardware problem ? Is it fixable or something that is a legacy of the 24 inch cinema display problems ? I really like the screen size but don't want a display that I keep having to plug/unplug in order to watch hulu, play itunes etc. Apple won't declare my screen to be defective even though this has happened a few times but can't tell me how to fix the problem either. Am going to send it back for a refund - don't know whether a different display will have the same problem or if this is a generic cinema display defect. Thanks for any insight.

    There are threads in this forum and MacRumors where numerous people are having this issue. When I contacted support they had me reload the software update and reset the power. I am encouraging everyone to contact Apple every time it happens so we can get a fix for the problem. It is the general consensus that this is a software issue that can be corrected if we can get Apple to work on it. I agree with you I expect my $1000 monitor to work properly all the time.

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    We sell software to support our products. If I produce an ibook of a software manual (which we freely distribute in pdf format) do I have to go through the Apple store or can my customers just download it from our website? Thanks David