Cl_gui_gis_viewer examples

Dear All:
I want to display a map using the class cl_gui_gis_viewer or cl_gis_view_igs. Can Any one help me with some examples?
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How about program GRAPHICS_GIS_VIEW_DEMO? Sounds like the program you are looking for.
Short text
This is a demontration of GIS viewing functionality.

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  • Just installed Firefox 4. It hangs when I open any website and type in, for example, an ID, or even just click on something, for example, "Compose", in my webmail site.

    Here's the detail of what happens.
    1. Turn on computer and then click on Firefox icon on desktop.
    2. Firefox opens. Everything looks OK. Mr Bunsen's graphic is working fine.
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    You can modify the pref <b>keyword.URL</b> on the <b>about:config</b> page to use Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" or Google's "Browse By Name".
    * Google "I'm Feeling Lucky":
    * Google "Browse by Name":

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    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Does anyone have suggestions?
    Trash the spyware (Chrome) and use Safari.

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    You can use the NoSquint extension to set font sizes (text/page zoom) and text colors on web pages.

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    See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash or
    Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • When previewing images by clicking on the thumbnail in an Event for example, I've been finding that many images preview in a 'zoomed in' way so only a small part of the photos is previewed in a highly magnified view.

    When previewing images by clicking on the thumbnail in an Event for example, I've been finding that many images preview in a 'zoomed in' way so only a small part of the photos is previewed in a highly magnified view.
    Initially I could find no cause. Then I tried right click - Edit and on the affected images, always get this warning:
    "Image Cannot Be Edited - This photo was previously edited with another application or with an early version of Iphoto. Duplicate this photo to edit it." and a "Duplicate To Edit" Button is displayed. 
    The external Editor defined for iPhoto is Adobe Photoshop Elements.
    Now, I reckon the MUST be others out there affected by this same apparent Preview bug, yet my searches have not revealed any answers.  Also seems impossible to find a contact number for adobe???

    Start '''[ Firefox in Safe Mode]''' {web Link} by holding down the '''<Shift ''(Mac Options)'' >''' key, and then starting Firefox. Is the problem still there?

  • Trying to create a simple example. Need Help!

    I'm trying to create a very simlpe examlpe using Swing components to illustrate a MVC architecture.
    I have a JFrame containing a JTree and a JButton.
    What I'd like to happen is when I click the JButton the JTree model is changed in some fashion and the the view is refreshed due to the models change.
    If anyone out there has a simple example of any MVC architecture involving Swing components I'd love to see it.

    Sure, look at any of the Sun tutorials. For example, look in your API documentation for JTree; it has a link to a tutorial about how to use JTree.

  • Who worked with ICS' Model 4896 GPIB? I can not count the data from the module. Can prompt as it to make. It is desirable with examples (data read-out from the module and data transmission between channels. It is in advance grateful.

    I can not count the data from the module. Can prompt as it to make. It is desirable with examples (data read-out from the module and data transmission between channels. It is in advance grateful.

    Hello. Most of the engineers in developer exchange are more familiar
    with NI products. Contacting ICS for technical support is a better
    course of action.

  • Can not find location of method in Flash example

    The issue that I am having is that I have search high and low to find where the method "flashmo_graphic()" is defined in the example that can be found here:
    I also attached folder.  There is a "caurina.transitions.*;"  folder being imported, it is attached.  Anyways, you will notice that there is only 1  action script frame and in it around midway there is the code:
    function flashmo_create(e:Event):void
        var mc:MovieClip = new flashmo_graphic();
        mc.gotoAndStop( Math.floor( flashmo_group.numChildren % mc.totalFrames ) + 1 );
    The issue that I am having is finding out what flashmo_graphic() is.  Can anyone tell me what this method is and better yet how I would find out for myself?

    var mc:MovieClip = new flashmo_graphic();
    This is the script to add a movieclip to the stage.
    Go to library.Right click on the first symbol(flashmo graphic) and select linkage you see a pop up with some properties of the symbol.
    In the class you can see  flashmo_graphic  which is the linkage name of the symbol.

  • Step By Step Example for Application Integrator for Yahoo or any kind of

    All EP Expert,
    I want to create yahoo or Gmail or any kind of url iView on which I can implement SSO for learning purpose on my Local laptop.
    I have installed EP SP9 on my laptop.
    I go through some blog and some discussion but I am not able to find below files mentioned in those blog.
    1. file to find two files
    2. file
    3. HowToUseAppIntegrator_en.pdf file
    So I am not able to perform step by step instruction as mentioned in blogs.
    Can any one provide me any kind of documents for EP SP9 for Application Intigrator functionality basically I am interested to integrate JAva base application in my portal with SSO but if any one can provide for Yahoo or Gmail for EP SP9 it will be a great help.
    Thanks and waiting for some help on this form all EP experts.
    I will reward full points for right answer.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Mona,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply.  I really appreciate if you can provide me exact location from where I can download "Application Integrator" zip file from which I can extract  "" file as describe in example PDF file. I tried very hard to find on SDN and ""  but could not find it.
    If you have it with you then please send it to me on my email ID [email protected]
    Or please tell me exact location from where I can download it.
    I give 10 points for this help.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Adobe cloud to save automatically actions, stuff and settings for example?

    I had a hard-disk error and had to reinstall everything and with that I lost my photoshop actions...
    Can't adobe cloud save automatically / sync this kind of stuff and personalize settings for example?

    Hi Francisco, here are the details around sync settings and items that can be synced as of now: Photoshop Help | Sync settings using Adobe Creative Cloud
    Atul Saini

  • Making Effective Use of the Hybrid Cloud: Real-World Examples

    May 2015
    The Buzz from Microsoft Ignite 2015
    NetApp was in full force at the recent Microsoft Ignite show in Chicago, and it was clear that NetApp's approach to hybrid cloud and Data Fabric resonated with the crowd. NetApp solutions such as NetApp Private Storage for Cloud are solving real customer problems.
    Hot topics at the NetApp booth included:
    OnCommand® Shift. A revolutionary technology that allows you to move virtual machines back and forth between VMware and Hyper-V environments in minutes.
    Azure Site Recovery to NetApp Private Storage. Replicate on-premises SAN-based applications to NPS for disaster recovery in the Azure cloud.
    Check out the following blogs for more perspectives:
    Microsoft Ignite Sparks More Innovation from NetApp
    ASR Now Supports NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure
    Four Ways Disaster Recovery is Simplified with Storage Management Standards
    Introducing OnCommand Shift
    SHIFT VMs between Hypervisors
    Infront Consulting + NetApp = Success
    Richard Treadway
    Senior Director of Cloud Marketing, NetApp
    Tom Shields
    Senior Manager, Cloud Service Provider Solution Marketing, NetApp
    Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud to drive agility and closely align IT resources to business needs. New or short-term projects and unexpected spikes in demand can be satisfied quickly and elastically with cloud resources, spurring more creativity and productivity while reducing the waste associated with over- or under-provisioning.
    Figure 1) Cloud lets you closely align resources to demand.
    Source: NetApp, 2015
    While the benefits are attractive for many workloads, customer input suggests that even more can be achieved by moving beyond cloud silos and better managing data across cloud and on-premises infrastructure, with the ability to move data between clouds as needs and prices change. Hybrid cloud models are emerging where data can flow fluidly to the right location at the right time to optimize business outcomes while providing enhanced control and stewardship.
    These models fall into two general categories based on data location. In the first, data moves as needed between on-premises data centers and the cloud. In the second, data is located strategically near, but not in, the cloud.
    Let's look at what some customers are doing with hybrid cloud in the real world, their goals, and the outcomes.
    Data in the Cloud
    At NetApp, we see a variety of hybrid cloud deployments sharing data between on-premises data centers and the cloud, providing greater control and flexibility. These deployments utilize both cloud service providers (CSPs) and hyperscale public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    Use Case 1: Partners with Verizon for Software as a Service Colocation and integrated Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
    For financial services company BlackLine, availability, security, and compliance with financial standards is paramount. But with the company growing at 50% per year, and periodic throughput and capacity bursts of up to 20 times baseline, the company knew it couldn't sustain its business model with on-premises IT alone.
    Stringent requirements often lead to innovation. BlackLine deployed its private cloud infrastructure at a Verizon colocation facility. The Verizon location gives them a data center that is purpose-built for security and compliance. It enables the company to retain full control over sensitive data while delivering the network speed and reliability it needs. The colocation facility gives Blackline access to Verizon cloud services with maximum bandwidth and minimum latency. The company currently uses Verizon Cloud for disaster recovery and backup. Verizon cloud services are built on NetApp® technology, so they work seamlessly with BlackLine's existing NetApp storage.
    To learn more about BlackLine's hybrid cloud deployment, read the executive summary and technical case study, or watch this customer video.
    Use Case 2: Private, Nonprofit University Eliminates Tape with Cloud Integrated Storage
    A private university was just beginning its cloud initiative and wanted to eliminate tape—and offsite tape storage. The university had been using Data Domain as a backup target in its environment, but capacity and expense had become a significant issue, and it didn't provide a backup-to-cloud option.
    The director of Backup turned to a NetApp SteelStore cloud-integrated storage appliance to address the university's needs. A proof of concept showed that SteelStore™ was perfect. The on-site appliance has built-in disk capacity to store the most recent backups so that the majority of restores still happen locally. Data is also replicated to AWS, providing cheap and deep storage for long-term retention. SteelStore features deduplication, compression, and encryption, so it efficiently uses both storage capacity (both in the appliance and in the cloud) and network bandwidth. Encryption keys are managed on-premises, ensuring that data in the cloud is secure.
    The university is already adding a second SteelStore appliance to support another location, and—recognizing which way the wind is blowing—the director of Backup has become the director of Backup and Cloud.
    Use Case 3: Consumer Finance Company Chooses Cloud ONTAP to Move Data Back On-Premises
    A leading provider of online payment services needed a way to move data generated by customer applications running in AWS to its on-premises data warehouse. NetApp Cloud ONTAP® running in AWS proved to be the least expensive way to accomplish this.
    Cloud ONTAP provides the full suite of NetApp enterprise data management tools for use with Amazon Elastic Block Storage, including storage efficiency, replication, and integrated data protection. Cloud ONTAP makes it simple to efficiently replicate the data from AWS to NetApp FAS storage in the company's own data centers. The company can now use existing extract, transform and load (ETL) tools for its data warehouse and run analytics on data generated in AWS.
    Regular replication not only facilitates analytics, it also ensures that a copy of important data is stored on-premises, protecting data from possible cloud outages. Read the success story to learn more.
    Data Near the Cloud
    For many organizations, deploying data near the hyperscale public cloud is a great choice because they can retain physical control of their data while taking advantage of elastic cloud compute resources on an as-needed basis. This hybrid cloud architecture can deliver better IOPS performance than native public cloud storage services, enterprise-class data management, and flexible access to multiple public cloud providers without moving data. Read the recent white paper from the Enterprise Strategy Group, “NetApp Multi-cloud Private Storage: Take Charge of Your Cloud Data,” to learn more about this approach.
    Use Case 1: Municipality Opts for Hybrid Cloud with NetApp Private Storage for AWS
    The IT budgets of many local governments are stretched tight, making it difficult to keep up with the growing expectations of citizens. One small municipality found itself in this exact situation, with aging infrastructure and a data center that not only was nearing capacity, but was also located in a flood plain.
    Rather than continue to invest in its own data center infrastructure, the municipality chose a hybrid cloud using NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for AWS. Because NPS stores personal, identifiable information and data that's subject to strict privacy laws, the municipality needed to retain control of its data. NPS does just that, while opening the door to better citizen services, improving availability and data protection, and saving $250,000 in taxpayer dollars. Read the success story to find out more.
    Use Case 2: IT Consulting Firm Expands Business Model with NetApp Private Storage for Azure
    A Japanese IT consulting firm specializing in SAP recognized the hybrid cloud as a way to expand its service offerings and grow revenue. By choosing NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure, the firm can now offer a cloud service with greater flexibility and control over data versus services that store data in the cloud.
    The new service is being rolled out first to support the development work of the firm's internal systems integration engineering teams, and will later provide SAP development and testing, and disaster recovery services for mid-market customers in financial services, retail, and pharmaceutical industries.
    Use Case 3: Financial Services Leader Partners with NetApp for Major Cloud Initiative
    In the heavily regulated financial services industry, the journey to cloud must be orchestrated to address security, data privacy, and compliance. A leading Australian company recognized that cloud would enable new business opportunities and convert capital expenditures to monthly operating costs. However, with nine million customers, the company must know exactly where its data is stored. Using native cloud storage is not an option for certain data, and regulations require that the company maintain a tertiary copy of data and retain the ability to restore data under any circumstances. The company also needed to vacate one of its disaster-recovery data centers by the end of 2014.
    To address these requirements, the company opted for NetApp Private Storage for Cloud. The firm placed NetApp storage systems in two separate locations: an Equinix cloud access facility and a Global Switch colocation facility both located in Sydney. This satisfies the requirement for three copies of critical data and allows them to take advantage of AWS EC2 compute instances as needed, with the option to use Microsoft Azure or IBM SoftLayer as an alternative to AWS without migrating data. For performance, the company extended its corporate network to the two facilities.
    The firm vacated the data center on schedule, a multimillion-dollar cost avoidance. Cloud services are being rolled out in three phases. In the first phase, NPS will provide disaster recovery for the company's 12,000 virtual desktops. In phase two, NPS will provide disaster recover for enterprise-wide applications. In the final phase, the company will move all enterprise applications to NPS and AWS. NPS gives the company a proven methodology for moving production workloads to the cloud, enabling it to offer new services faster. Because the on-premises storage is the same as the cloud storage, making application architecture changes will also be faster and easier than it would be with other options. Read the success story to learn more.
    NetApp on NetApp: nCloud
    When NetApp IT needed to provide cloud services to its internal customers, the team naturally turned to NetApp hybrid cloud solutions, with a Data Fabric joining the pieces. The result is nCloud, a self-service portal that gives NetApp employees fast access to hybrid cloud resources. nCloud is architected using NetApp Private Storage for AWS, FlexPod®, clustered Data ONTAP and other NetApp technologies. NetApp IT has documented details of its efforts to help other companies on the path to hybrid cloud. Check out the following links to lean more:
    Hybrid Cloud: Changing How We Deliver IT Services [blog and video]
    NetApp IT Approach to NetApp Private Storage and Amazon Web Services in Enterprise IT Environment [white paper]
    NetApp Reaches New Heights with Cloud [infographic]
    Cloud Decision Framework [slideshare]
    Hybrid Cloud Decision Framework [infographic]
    See other NetApp on NetApp resources.
    Data Fabric: NetApp Services for Hybrid Cloud
    As the examples in this article demonstrate, NetApp is developing solutions to help organizations of all sizes move beyond cloud silos and unlock the power of hybrid cloud. A Data Fabric enabled by NetApp helps you more easily move and manage data in and near the cloud; it's the common thread that makes the uses cases in this article possible. Read Realize the Full Potential of Cloud with the Data Fabric to learn more about the Data Fabric and the NetApp technologies that make it possible.
    Richard Treadway is responsible for NetApp Hybrid Cloud solutions including SteelStore, Cloud ONTAP, NetApp Private Storage, StorageGRID Webscale, and OnCommand Insight. He has held executive roles in marketing and engineering at KnowNow, AvantGo, and BEA Systems, where he led efforts in developing the BEA WebLogic Portal.
    Tom Shields leads the Cloud Service Provider Solution Marketing group at NetApp, working with alliance partners and open source communities to design integrated solution stacks for CSPs. Tom designed and launched the marketing elements of the storage industry's first Cloud Service Provider Partner Program—growing it to 275 partners with a portfolio of more than 400 NetApp-based services.
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    "David Scarani" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:3ecfc046$[email protected]..
    I was looking for some real world "Best Practices" of deploying J2EEapplications
    into a Production Weblogic Environment.
    We are new at deploying applications to J2EE application servers and arecurrently
    debating 2 methods.
    1) Store all configuration (application as well as Domain configuration)in properties
    files and Use Ant to rebuild the domain everytime the application isdeployed.
    I am just a WLS engineer, not a customer, so my opinions have in some
    regards little relative weight. However I think you'll get more mileage out
    of the fact that once you have created your config.xml, checking it into src
    control, versioning it. I would imagine that application changes are more
    frequent than server/domain configuration so it seems a little heavy weight
    to regenerate the entire configuration everytime an application is
    deployed/redeployed. Either way you should check out the wlconfig ant task.
    2) Have a production domain built one time, configured as required andalways
    up and available, then use Ant to deploy only the J2EE application intothe existing,
    running production domain.
    I would be interested in hearing how people are doing this in theirproduction
    environments and any pros and cons of one way over the other.
    Dave Scarani

  • I am using the Order Analysis Toolkit and want to get more information about the compensation for "Reference Signal Processing", which is scarce in the manuals, the website and the examples installed with the toolkit.

    I am using the Order Analysis Toolkit and want to get more information about the compensation for "Reference Signal Processing", which is scarce in the manuals, the website and the examples installed with the toolkit.
    In particular, I am analyzing the example "Even Angle Reference Signal Processing (Digital Tacho, DAQmx).vi", whose documentation I am reproducing in the following:
    This VI demonstrates how to extract even angle reference signals and remove the slow-roll errors. It uses DAQmx VIs to acquire sound or vibration signals and a digital tachometer signal. This VI includes a two-step process: acquire data at low rotational speed to extract even angle reference; use the even angle reference to remove the errors in the vibration signal acquired at normal operation.
    1. Run the VI.
    2. On the <B>DAQ Configurations</B> tab, specify the <B>sample rate</B>, <B>samples per channel</B>, device and channel configurations, and tachometer channel information.
    <B>NOTE</B>: You need to use DSA PXI-447x/PXI-446x and PXI TIO device in a PXI chassis to run this example. The DSA device must be in slot 2 of the PXI chassis.
    3. Switch to <B>Extract Even Angle Reference</B> tab. Specify the <B>number of samples to acquire</B> and the <B># of revs in reference</B> which determines the number of samples in even angle reference. Click <B>Start</B> to take a one-shot data acquisition of the vibration and tachometer signals. After the acquisition, you can see the extracted even angle references in <B>Even Angle Reference</B>.
    4. Switch to the <B>Remove Slow-roll Errors</B> tab. Click <B>Start</B> to acquire data continuously and view the compensate results. Click <B>Stop</B> in this tab to stop the acquisition.
    1. SVL Scale Voltage to
    2. OAT Digital Tacho
    3. OAT Get Even Angle
    4. OAT Convert to Even Angle
    5. OAT Compensate Even Angle
    My question is: How is the synchronization produced at the time of the compensation ? How is it possible to eliminate the errors in a synchronized fashion with respect to the surface of the shaft bearing in mind that I am acquired data at a low rotation speed in order to get the "even angle reference" and then I use it to remove the errors in the vibration signal acquired at normal operation. In this application both operations are made in different acquisitions, therefore the reference of the correction signal is lost. Is it simply compensated without synchronizing ?
    Our application is based on FPGA and we need to clarity those aspects before implementing the procedure.
    Go to Solution.

    Hi CracKatoA.
    Take a look at the link bellow:
    Filipe Silva

  • I am using CGI Vis examples in LV6.1, and the VI simply opens when I click on a link. What am I doing wrong?

    I am running Labview 6.1 and am simply trying to learn about the CGI VIs from the examples. I set up the Web Server root directory and I have the cgi-bin directory in it. When I view the provided index.htm file using http://localhost/index.htm, I see the web server document (so the server is working???). I go to the CGI examples and click on the link for CGI Basics. Everytime I click on the link, the vi tries to download with a prompt for SAVE or OPEN. If OPEN is selected the vi opens but does not run. I thought it might be a problem with the browser being on the same machine, so I went to a machine without Labview installed and it still tries to download th
    e vi locally from the server. I assumed from the documentation that the vi runs on the server and sends a request back in html form. I must have missing something or setup wrong. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
    Setup (In case it matters)
    Labview 6.1
    Internet Developers Toolset 5.0
    Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 Pro (Tried both)
    Internet Explorer 6.0
    Happy New Year to all!!!

    I am not sure what the problem could be and I am a little confused about the exact steps you took. I launch LabVIEW, start the HTTP server, point my web browser to http://localhost/index.htm. This brings of a page entitled G Web server. I click on the button to "View CGI Examples" which redirects by browser to http://localhost/examples/index.htm . I click on CGI Basics and go to http://localhost/examples/basics.htm .
    This page has four groups of examples and within each group there are several examples. All of the examples I clicked on redirected my browser. Is this what you see?
    Was the message to save or open from the browser or from LabVIEW? If it was from LabVIEW, then you might consider mass compiling the VIs on your computer. You can do this
    by opening LabVIEW >> tools >> advanced >> mass compile.
    You might also try a reinstall of the Internet Toolkit. The examples may have been corrupted.
    Finally, LabVIEW 6.1 introduced remote front panels. You might find them easier to use than CGI scripting.

  • My problem is very simple......firefox wont allow me save my downloads to any other location than my c drive....for example i have gone into options and set sav

    ''locking this thread as duplicate, please continue at [ /questions/986549]''
    my problem is very simple......firefox wont allow me save my downloads to any other location than my c drive....for example i have gone into options and set save downloads to my e drive....but still firefox keeps saving them to my c drive....i have 4 internal hard drives in my rig....and have tried saving downloads to them all.......why this is happening i cant understand....i have tried lots of suggestions....and have re-installed firefox multiple times

    hello, there's a general regression in firefox 27 that won't allow files to download directly into a root drive. please try to create a subfolder (like ''E:\Downloads'') and set this as default location for downloads...
    also see [ bug #958899].

Maybe you are looking for

  • Using one ipod on 2 computers - is this possible?!

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  • I-pod touch 3.1.2 one big mess

    I just received this as a present, and have been having nearly constant problems. Here are the problems: 1. only the factory installed apps work 2. apps that are bought/downloaded only work randomly 3. when apps aren't working, they still appear on m

  • LinkedButton on the UDF Panel

    Hi all! I have an issue with objects linking. on the Service Call UDF Panel (form type -60110) i have EditText with Return Document number (docentry) i want to create drill down orange arrow quite near this field. 1. After adding orange arrow - its i

  • Combine Text File & Image

    I am needing a script that will take a text file that has an image URL and 2 lines of text and create one image out of the URL image with the 2 lines of text underneath it all in one image. So the text file would contain:

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    Scenario: Currently I have a Cisco MCU5310 sitting on internal network using only Port A with internal IP address settings but I could not call in from external network. There is no NAT settings option like normal Cisco C40/C60. q1. if I would like t