Classic - text ringtones work for one contact but not for others

Just got the new Blackberry classic.  I'm having trouble with the ringtones for the text messages.  The custom ringtone works for one contact but not for the others.  I have taken the same custom ringtone that works for contact A and used it for contact B but it only works for A.  B sounds the default ringtone from the default profile instead of the custom ringtone.
I have deleted all contacts and done a re-sync thinking something was corrupt.  That didn't work. 
None of the contacts have a link. 
I have changed the notification profile and it still doesn't work. 
I have deleted a contact and recreated it manually.  It still doesn't work. 
I finally deleted my dad's  contact and from the phone app created a new contact.  I set a custom ringtone for him and it worked.  I of course had to recreate all his other information manually.  Please tell me there is some other way to fix this than recreating manually all 147 contacts in my contact list.
I read that if the phone number has the hypen or space it won't work, but my dad's contact info that I created from the phone app has the hypen and it rings with the custom ringtone.  Also contact A has no hypen in the phone number and it rings the custom ringtone.  So that didn't seem to matter. 
I have spent hours on Google and see that lots of people have had this problem (but not everyone) but have not yet found a solution. 
Surely someone has found a fix for this issue.

Make sure that the contact has "Mobile" as the field for her number and not "iPhone".
Note that the iPad cannot send SMS messages.

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    my /etc/group:

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    As your one computer is working fine then there is no problem with the router so far...
    The computer which is not working...check the IP Address on that...
    Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt...A black box will appear(Command Prompt)...In the Command Prompt window type ipconfig and press 'Enter'...Look for Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection IP Address , Subnet Mask and Default Gateway...
    IP Address should be 192.168.1.x, Subnet Mask :, Default Gateway : (assuming your router is
    If you get the above mentioned IP Address, Subnet and Gateway Address then you should ping the Gateway, type ping and press Enter...If it gives you request timed out then disable any firewalls, security softwares on the computer...
    If you get 4 replies then type ping and press Enter, if you get request timed out, then you need to upgrade your router's firmware...If you get 4 replies then type ping and press Enter...If you get replies for Yahoo then you should get the Internet after adjusting the browser settings...
    Adjusting Browser Settings : Open an IE, click Tools >> Internet Options, then delete all files, cookies, history, forms...Goto "Connections", make sure Never Dial a Connection is checked, click on LAN Settings and make sure all the options are unchecked...Once you are done click on O.k...Close the IE and re-open it...
    If yahoo times out then provide static DNS on your LAN Connection...
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  • "No connectivity with the server" error for one document but not the other, in the same document library

    We have a number of users all of a sudden getting "No connectivity with the server.  The file 'xxx' can't be opened because the server couldn't be contacted." errors trying to open MS Office docs (Word, Excel, etc.) in SharePoint with IE,
    just by clicking the link and selecting the "Read Only" option.  If they select the "Check Out and Edit" option, they can open the document no problem.  One of my customers gets the error on one document but not the other, in
    the same document library!  The older document (a weekly report) was copied and renamed as per standard procedure.  She can read the older document, but not the new one.
    It is definitely a profile issue, as other people have logged onto the machines of the users with problems and do not get the error.  We have also renamed people's c:\user profile folders and the corresponding Profilelist registry entry and the newly
    created profile does not experience the error for these people.  Renaming the profile back restores all their personal settings but the error reappears.  When we copied the old profile's folder structure into the new profile, many of the user settings
    were restored (but not all, like Dreamweaver settings) but the error did not appear.  We think that the system folders files (like AppData) weren't totally copied over so we're going to run another test using xcopy.  We are rebooting between
    logons to make sure all files are unlocked.
    The laptops and computers are mainly 32bit, Win7 Enterprise running IE9 and Office 2010 Professional Plus, but there's a few 64bit machines as well. The SharePoint farm has 1 WFE, 1 App Server running search and CA, and a shared database server running SQL
    2005 SP4.  SharePoint is 64bit MOSS 2007 with the latest CU.
    We've checked the logs on the client as well as on the server and there aren't any helpful entries.  We've also run Process Monitor, also with no helpful entries.  We're planning to run something like Fiddler next.
    It's not everyone, because there are many people are accessing the SharePoint system and the same files.  It is also not a permission thing, as we've tested by giving the users elevated permissions with no changes.  One person experiencing
    the errors is a Site Collection Admin.  That same person ran a test where I coped a simple Excel file into a Document Library which contained a problem file.  They were able to open it Read Only no problems that day, but the next day, the same
    file gave them an error.   In their case, they usually get a "xxx is not checked out" error and only occasionally get the "No connectivity with the server" error.
    We've tried lots of things including:
    Deleting IE cache
    Deleting SharePoint Drafts and webcache folder contents
    Running IE without add-ons
    Upgrading and Downgrading IE
    Uninstalling and re-installing IE
    Reinstalling our SSL certs
    Repairing Office
    Removing and then adding back in the Microsoft Office "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support" Office Tool 
    Deleting all HKLM and HKLU Office registry settings
    Toggling IE Compatibility Settings
    Toggling the IE Automatic Logon option
    Toggling the location of checked out files
    Adding the site in the trusted sites list
    Adding the site to the WebClient\Parameters registry locations
    Making sure the WebClient service is started
    Rebooting the machine (lol :)
    This is becoming a serious issue, not just because of the inconvenience for the users having to check out every document they want to read, but we have some files with macros that open up other documents to run which are now failing.  There aren't
    "check out" workarounds for some of those macros.
    We're planning to open a ticket with Microsoft, but I'm throwing it out here first in case someone has run into this before, or may have some suggestions on what to try next.  Thanks!
    PS  I think this needs to be in the "General" forum instead?

    It took three days of dedicated troubleshooting, but I have found the cause of the errors, and a couple of fixes.  It helped tremendously that my own machine was throwing the error.  I have scheduled a couple of users to work with me to test the
    various fixes, to see which one works best, so the story isn't over yet.
    I had backed up my c:\users profile folder and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList registry key so I could restore my profile after I was done.  I made a copy of the profile folder and was using that for awhile,
    but then made another copy where I had deleted a lot of content out of it so that the copies would go faster.  Since a newly created profile did not have errors, I was trying to copy back as much of the profile as possible to make it easier for our users
    to get back to work.  Instead of blowing away their profile and starting from scratch (which we know worked) I wanted to narrow down what was causing the error and just skip that from the restore.  The concept was to keep as much as the users profile
    in tact (application settings, etc.) not just restoring their desktop and My Documents folders.
    When we first tested a few weeks ago, simply copying the folder contents didn't reproduce the error.  I then tried xcopy, but got the "can't read file" error.  Then I tried robocopy, and ran into the "junction" problem. 
    I went back to xcopy, and found that placing the excludes.txt file in the windows/system32 folder eliminated the error.
    So the process went as follows: 
    Reboot and log into the machine as another user
    Delete the profile and associated registry key
    Reboot and log into the machine as the affected user, creating a new profile, and there is no error
    Reboot and log in as the other user
    xcopy the contents of the skinned-down backed-up profile to the newly created profile
    Reboot and log in as the affected user, and the error occurs
    Repeat the above, but add items in the excludes.txt file to see what, when eliminated, causes the error not to appear in the last step
    I eventually found that skipping the c:\users\<profile folder>\appdata\local\Microsoft\office\14.0 folder allowed the entire profile to be copied over without the error occurring.  That was strange, because we've cleaned out the cache folders
    before which didn't fix the issue. 
    So I went about it the opposite way, and tried to delete the 14.0 folder from the restored profile, and after reboot, the error still occurred.
    What eventually worked was deleting the 14.0 folder and copying over a 14.0 folder from a newly created profile!
    One way to do this was to:
    Reboot and log in as another user
    Rename the c:\users profile folder
    Rename the appropriate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList] registry key
    Reboot and log in as the affected user, confirm that there is no error
    Reboot and log in as the other user
    Copy the C:\Users\<profile folder>\AppData\Local\microsoft\Office\14.0 folder to the other user's desktop
    Delete new profile folder, and rename the backup to be the production folder
    Delete the C:\Users\<profile folder>\AppData\Local\microsoft\Office\14.0 folder and then paste the 14.0 copy from the desktop
    Reboot and log in as the affected user, confirm that there is no error
    We've tried this on a couple machines and it works.  I had to run Windows Explorer as Administrator to access the other profile's folders.
    We've also successfully copied a 14.0 folder created by one profile on one affected computer over another profile's folder on another computer, eliminating the error, so we're trying that first, as that is fewer steps.
    We may attempt to script this, but the self-help instructions are only 5 lines long:
    Reboot and log into the affected computer with another account
    Go to <link to location of 14.0 folder on network> and copy the 14.0 folder
    Run Windows Explorer as Administrator
    Go to c:\users\<profile folder>\appdata\local\microsoft\office and delete the 14.0 folder, and paste the copied 14.0 folder (trying to overwrite it makes Win7 want to merge the folders)
    Reboot and log into your normal account, and confirm the error is gone
    I'll come back and report after we go into the field with this fix, but after the few tests, I am cautiously optimistic that this is it.

  • IPhone 5 wifi works in one room but not the other.

    I have an iPhone 5 and the wifi is unreliable. It works in the room with the router but when I walk down the hall it doesn't work. I'm talking 20 feet away. So frustrating because the phone is almost worthless. Why would it connect but only in such close range? No other devices have this problem. Yes, I've turned the wifi on and off. Yes, I've restarted the router. Yes, I've checked the WEP. It just makes no sense that it would work in one room but not the next room. Help!

    Hello Gnpco,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Potential sources of wireless interference
    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    Be sure you're in range of your Wi-Fi router (access point).
    Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off and on. If your W-Fi setting is dimmed, follow these steps.
    Restart your iOS device.
    Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and locate the Wi-Fi network to which you're connected.
    Tap and Forget this Network.
    Try to connect to your desired Wi-Fi network.
    Note: You may need to enter your Wi-Fi password again if your network requires one.
    Turn your Wi-Fi router off and on2. If your ISP also provides cable or phone service, check with them before attempting this step to avoid interruption of service.
    Update your device to the latest version of software.
    Update your Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware2. For AirPort Base Stations, install updates using the AirPort Utility.
    Best of luck,

  • Magic Mouse One-Finger Swipe Works for one user but not the other

    For the main account on my iMac, I can use a single finger swipe to move back and forward within Chrome. However the second user (also an administrator) cannot use this setting and must instead use the two finger swipe in settings. Both settings are identical but the Chrome browser wont recognize the single finger swipe for the second user. The gesture works fine in Safari, but not Chrome. Any suggestions?

    my /etc/group:

  • GarageBand - Controller's Foot Pedal (in AUSampler) works for one track but not for another

    I am learning how to use AUSampler in GarageBand. I am using a MIDI controller (Alesis Q88) with a foot pedal for the sustain.
    The sustain works with the default sound in AUSampler (Sine 440), but not for a sound that I imported. Also, my imported sound plays longer the lower the keys played, and the higher up the keys the faster it plays. Either way, it doesn't allow sustain, but yet the default sound does.
    I know where the Controller / Sustain Pedal area is within the Piano Roll but that doesn't fix my dilemma.
    I presume my problem is related to the viola sound I imported (wav format), or the way I need to set something up; I hope the latter.
    Any clues?
    Many thanks in advance.

    HI Bob,
    You can test your settings by clicking the big "Test My DNS" button at <>. If you see "Poor" on any of the tests, don't use that domain name server! Remove it from Apple Menu => System Preferences =>Network =>DNS Servers or similar location in your router if you've got a 'home network'. If all you have is "poor" DNS servers in your list, call your ISP and insist that they give you the address of a name server which is protected against the recently exposed DNS cache-poisoning threat.
    Also, open System Preferences/Network. Click the DNS tab. Add these numbers in the DNS Servers box.
    See if that helps.

  • Report visible for one user but not for other user

    Hi all,
    We have a situation where a report is visible to one user but not to some other user. What could be the possible explanation for this? Please let me know.
    I need quick responses.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Sananda,
    Just assign the saem roles as the other user who can view ..
    You can inform the Auth/basis team and they shud be able to do this..
    The T Code is RSECADMIN>user  Tab>Assignment>user.Display and BView the roles here..
    or goto SU01 and check for the Roles Tab.....
    The New user must have the same roles as that of the other..
    Edited by: svu123 on Sep 22, 2010 7:14 AM

  • Ipod works on one computer but not the other?

    Can someone please help me? My ipod works on my laptop but not the desktop. When I plug the Ipod into the desktop it sometimes shows up in Itunes but says it's corrupt. Which it obviously isn't because it works fine on it's own when not plugged into a computer and it works fine when I plug it into the laptop. Also when I looked in my computer the Ipod would show up as drive j and it would flash on and off. Well, I tried plugging the Ipod into a different port and that worked as far as drive j stopped flashing on and off. I tried changing the drive name and it wouldn't let me because it always went back to drive j even after I changed it to drive z. Itunes is playing music and is up to date. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Please help.

    Well start with these articles and see if that gets you anywhere...
    iPod is not recognized properly by computer when USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date
    iTunes for Windows: iTunes 7 doesn't recognize iPod
    iPod missing in "My Computer" or in iTunes for Windows
    Also you might try forcing the iPod into disk mode first, then connecting it to your computer and see if that makes it show up in iTunes...
    Putting iPod into Disk Mode
    Windows confuses iPod with network drive or hard drive and may keep iPod from mounting or songs may seem to disappear

  • Enterprise Mgr works with one db but not the other

    We have two Oracle 10g databases installed. Enterprise Manager works with the second, but not the first. I believe the problem started when we migrated the host server to another network domain. Everything else works fine, but I'm getting a page load failure when attempting to access enterprise mgr.
    The second db was installed after the migration and EM works fine.
    Can anyone tell me how to reconfigure this?
    Thank you

    by any change hostname or ip was changed during migration
    also can u paste the emoms.trc ?

  • WiFi on my MacBook Pro works in one room but not in others

    If I bring my MacBook Pro next to an iMac in one room it will connect (albeit slowly) to the internet. When I walk 2 metres into my own bedroom it simply disconnects and stops working, while my phone stays connected and at a similar speed.
    The MacBook will recognise my WiFi, and will ask me for the password, even though it's been entered dozens of times. When  I enter this password it says it's incorrect. If I then walk back into the other room WiFi rrconnects.
    What's wrong here?
    My MacBook Pro is a late 2011 13" model.

    Wireless interference, probably, but Apple's Wireless Diagnostics may supply some additional helpful information.
    To use it, hold an option key while you click your Mac's Wi-Fi icon, and choose Open Wireless Diagnostics...
    The following authentication dialog will appear:
    Authenticate with your Admin password, then click the Continue button in the following:
    The network analysis and diagnostic tests will take several minutes to complete:
    When it completes, if your wireless network is functioning properly the following will result:
    If something is amiss, supposedly the results will be different and you will be presented with helpful information.
    Assuming your connection is "working as expected" select Continue to summary and click Continue:
    Ignore the pre-populated text field, which is provided as a place for you to type in additional information should Apple ask for it in the course of obtaining technical assistance from them. Apple has no way of knowing where your router is located in your home, and certainly doesn't know if you even have an upstairs bedroom closet.
    Click Continue.
    The next step will also take a few minutes:
    When it finishes, you will be presented with a summary that may or may not be useful to you:
    The above result is uninteresting, but if there are additional actions for you to consider they would be included in the screenshot above.
    The WirelessDiagnostics-xxx.tar.gz file deposited on your Desktop can be dragged to the Trash, or you may wish to expand it and examine its contents. It's up to you.

  • Font works in one Document but not the other

    OK so we have been having trouble with this one font for a while now. For some strange reason it will download onto my bosses computer but it won't load onto mine. I have had some help to try to download it on my computer, which we thought was successful. We have one document that will open in InDesign correctly with out me needing to change the font so it will work. But I tried to create a new document with it today but it can't find it. I have tried to making paragraph styles for each one and then adding them to the library I use, but that did not work.
    I am running a Mac with OS 10.8.3 and I am using CS6. Also this font file kept telling me there was serious problems with them when I try to install them into Font Book.

    InDesign has a feature called Document Installed Fonts which allows a file to use fonts not installed on your system if they are contained in a folder named Document Fonts appearing in the same folder as the .indd file. That might explain why you can open an older file, but not use the font in a new file.
    What is the name, and type, of the font?

  • Smart form PRINT PREVIEW working on one box but not on other box

    Hi Guys,
    I have one program which works on DV1 box but is not working on DV2 box. It is NOT giving short dump. In this program there is PRINT PREVIEW button. This print preview button is work in DV1 but not in DV2. DV1 & DV2 are ECC 6 and we installed SAP service pack.
    I will really appreciate if somebody can give me some direction.

    Program is save in both the boxes. DV2 has SAP service pack, but DV1 not. I think this problem is related to FONTS not being supported by service pack.
    How can I fix this?

  • Office 2008 Setup Assistant Loop for one user, but not for another

    I just upgraded my MacBook Pro to a MacBook Air and migrated everything across using Migration Assistant via WiFi.
    Seems to have gone fine but found that my wife can't get any Office 2008 apps to start up. Word, Excel, etc start up in my account without a hitch but when we try to start any Office app in wife's account the Setup Assistant pops up, asks if we'd like to participate in feedback, then asks to choose to register or learn more. No matter what we choose the Microsoft Updater pops up and prompts to check for updates after this the app closes. We are forever in this loop of trying to open an Office app, checking for updates and then the app closing down. And the app closes even if I quit Setup Assistant and/or Microsoft Updater.
    I've tried dumping various plists but not luck.
    Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated.

    Another copy of this question turned up a couple of weeks later and has been answered. Basically, you have to reinstall Office 2008 from the original media.

  • ICal Subscription Works On One Computer But Not The Other

    I subscribed to a web based iCal subscription. The subscription refreshes on my Mac Mini but not on my desktop, which is connected to my iPhone. The iPhone therefore doesn't get the subscription contents either. I've tried deleting and resubscribing but nothing works.

    Hey Valenz0711,
    That definitely sounds frustrating. There are a few different reasons it may not be working on the iMac (iTunes is not up-to-date, Firewall Settings). The following article may provide more information on a resolution:
    Troubleshooting Home Sharing
    Matt M.

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