Click to activate does not work after update

Click to activate plugin does not work after updating to version 23.0.1

hello Kamullia, if you have set click-to-play to true in about:config you can now go to the ''addons-manager > plugins'' section and set the permissions individually for each plugin type.

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  • Print size in Photoshop CC does not work after updating

    Print size in Photoshop CC does not work after updating, it was working fine before but now when I click to go to print size either from the menu of right chicking when the hand tool is selected, the image just zooms right out until it is a tiny little box in the centre of the screen, no good what so ever, as I say it was working fine before the update.
    I am using window 7 with 8 gb of ram and an I7 with a 1GB graphics card.
    Can anyone help please?

    Check the Image>Image Size and see what the print size is supposed to to be for the open document.
    Also, resetting the photoshop cc preferences might fix it.

  • HT1688 My Hot Spot does not work after update to 6.0.1.  Service is with ATT.  Apple says problem is with ATT, ATT says problem is with Apple.  Anyone else having this problem?

    My Hot Spot does not work after update to 6.0.1.  Any suggestions?

    Ok, I had the same issue, my phone is unlocked(iphone 5 with 6.1.3). So I went to the apple store and had it replaced. it worked good for a day and started doing the same thing. When the apple tech replaced my phone, he transfered my screen protector to the new one.
    so I thought it was my sim card, I put in my sisters sim card from a different carrier and it did the same, so then I was like let me take off the screen protector, and that was it.
    so guys, if you have a screen protector on your phone and it's doing "low signal", "No Service", "Searching", "Full bars cycle" then take off the screen protector. so far my phone is working normal.

  • WiFi iPhone 4S does not work after update iOS 6.0

    WiFi iPhone 4S does not work after update iOS 6.0

    This sounds more like a hardware issue.
    Have you checked that the dock connector port is not dirty?

  • Card slot does not work after update (14/10/2011)

    Card slot does not work after yesterday update (14/10/2011)! It works with my SD card month ago, but now it dosn't!!!
    MacBook Pro 13 OS ver. 10.6.8

    Thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded OnyX and ran the cleaning function. After restarting, I opened Help and once again the first screen appeared fine. But again most of the links did not work, though those under the "What's New" heading did work. I might add that I had previously tried a variety of suggestions posted in another thread, which included deleting from the caches folder in Home>Library several files such as and help.plist in the Preferences folder. (As noted in my previous post this evening, I also created another user but that also did not have any effect.) Any other ideas? Thanks

  • Apple av adapter does not work after updating ios 5,01

    apple av adapter does not work after ios 5,01. no video on vga monitor. sound goes out on iphone 4 also.

    Thank you for your interest. Last night i tried again. It worked. there is still problem, so i could find out it that monitor is going to power saving mode then voice goes out and no view on monitor. I changed the power saving settings. And worked well. Thnx again.

  • Home sharing does not work after update to snow leopard 10.6.4 and iTunes 9

    I am using home sharing since about a year without any problems. After updating to snow leopard 10.6.4 and iTunes 9.2 it suddenly does not work anymore.
    On my iMac and my Mac Book Pro I get error code 3259 and it tells me to check my firewall and to enable Port 3689.
    I did not change anything in the firewall settings, itunes on both allows data traffic in both directions. I also do not find any option to activate a port ( also wondering why this is suddenly now necessary)
    I deactivated home sharing on both machines and enabled it again. It still does not work.
    On both machines iTunes displays the the library on the left side but like said it is not accessable
    With Finder I can access the other computer from both machines without any problem.
    Any help to solve this would be very much appreciated

    first of all, if you are behind a router firewall, and have your network secured (WPA2 and a long, non-dictionary password made up of letters and numbers), you don't need the software firewall on your Mac(s).
    @ least turned if off for troubleshooting purposes.
    turn home sharing off on both computers, and make sure
    (a) both Macs have access to the internet
    (b) iTunes on both machines is authorized for the same iTunes account.
    turn home sharing back on on both Macs.
    does it work ?

  • Personal Hotspot does not work after update to 10.10.2

    Good morning!
    After my update to 10.10.2 on my MBP (15" mid 2010) my connection to the internet via personal hotspot (iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.3) does not work.
    The MBP connect to the hotspot, but there is no connection to the internet. My iPad (Retina, iOS 8.1.3) works fine simultaniously with good bandwidth.
    Rebooting Mac, rebooting iPhone etc does not work.
    Anyone else has this problem?
    Any suggestions?

    Just saw same problem with a client's computer.
    MacBook Pro
    WAS 10.5.1.
    Installed 10.5.2, booted up. Fire up ichat, get your buddy list. Double click a name, says "Cannot Chat" in bold then says "Add at least one person to this chat before sending the first messsage." with an OK button.

  • Photoshop does not work after update

    Was on phone to help for 77 minutes - did not solve problem
    PC - Windows 8.1
    Did most recent update of Photoshop 2014
    Relaunched PS got this message
      3.  Clicked OK got
    4. Clicked Check online . . . 
    5.  Window closed nothing happened
    6.  Uninstalled and reinstalled PS
    7.  Went to Adobe and read what I should download and where to place. Did it - no change
    8.  Called Amazon after 25 min wait ended up talking to a woman for 77 minutes and she took over my computer did a lot of changes.  Nothing worked
    9.  She then uninstalled program  and had me reboot.  I informed her when I rebooted it would disconnect my phone and she said she would call back.  She did but before the reboot. So will have to start from the beginning on the phone another 2 hrs wasted.
    10.  I re-installed the program and nothing has changed.

    @ Talha1997,
    Please follow the below mentioned steps let me know if they work:
    1. Uninstall current Ps CC app, If there are any issues with CC uninstall then run the Cleaner tool to remove Ps CC : .
    2. Restart your system
    2. Install Ps CC app from Creative Cloud
    3. Do not launch Ps
    4. Update to 14.1.2 via the Creative Cloud desktop application
    5. Once the updates are successfully applied, Launch Ps CC to verify.
    If it does not work please let me know, I would try to resolve it over a connect session.

  • Scrolling in Preview does not work after update?

    Hi everyone,
    I have recently updated my MacBook Pro (bought in 2011) to Maverix OS X 10.9.1 and ever since had problems with the Preview app.
    Whenever I open a PDF no matter what size with Preview I cannot use the trackpad to scroll down.
    It's not a fault in the trackpad since I can move the mouse and scroll in the sidebar and any other apps, simply not when I move the mouse over the PDF and want to scroll down.
    <edit> This is all the time! I have read dicussions where people had a problem with the trackpad not scrolling for 1-2seconds and then it's working again. Mine just does not work period. It never has unfortunately. <edit>
    I have enabled 'Continuous Scroll' in preferences and tried several other solutions I could find in this community (e.g. System Preferences -> Trackpad -> Change setting to 'with inertia'; that option was not available in my preferences) and I just don't seem to be able to solve this problem.
    I have also tried to set the preferences for 'Show Scrollbar' to 'always' (which had been suggested by one user). The scrollbar dows show up and I can click and drag the bar und thus the pages but it did not change my problem with the two-finger-touch-scroll on the trackpad.
    It's really bugging me since the only way I can scroll down is using the down-arrow constantly which is incredibly annoying.
    Anyone got any ideas? The same problem? A solution even?
    Thanks for your help!!!

    There's a few possibilities then.
    1) Startup to your Leopard installation disk. Don't reinstall the OS, just choose Disk Utility from the menu bar when you can. Once Disk Utility is running, choose your hard drive and click on Repair Disk. If any errors are indicated, keep running Repair Disk until it says everything is okay. If you can't repair the errors (if any) after a few tries, you'll need something much better suited to the task. Most people rely on Disk Warrior.
    2) If the drive has no errors, remain booted to the Leopard installation disk. Without leaving Disk Utility, on the same hard drive, run Repair Permissions.
    You can do both of these steps from an external hard drive if you have Leopard installed on it. Boot to the external drive and run the same two first steps. DO NOT use Tiger or Panther. Running Repair Permissions from the wrong level of OS X will cause a lot of headaches.
    3) If you still can't change file associations, then try dumping the Launch Services Database. This is the file which controls what file types are tied to which applications. OnyX is one such utility that can delete the database for you. Be careful with this utility. It can do a lot of different things, so only do what you need to at this point. Also make sure to download the version for Leopard. Once you have Onyx, launch the app and type in your admin password. Click on the Maintenance heading. Turn on the check box at the top for "LaunchServices". Make sure all other check boxes are off and click the "Execute" button. Onyx should tell you to restart. Do not skip restarting".
    Now try changing any file associations. If it still doesn't work, the OS may be damaged. It's not uncommon for a damaged system to appear okay until after you install a large package like CS4. If that's the case, then perform an Archive and Install from the Leopard installation disks. Make sure to choose the option to preserve your settings.

  • Help viewer does not work after update to 10.4.4

    Since updating to 10.4.4 my Help viewer does not work, and all of the troubleshooting fixes suggested in other threads have not had any success in resolving this. I've noted that when I go to Users>Library>Documentation>Help there is no file - can someone tell me if that means that I've lost the file altogether and need to reinstall it? I get to the first screen of the viewer, but the links from there don't work. Thanks for any help that you can provide!

    Thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded OnyX and ran the cleaning function. After restarting, I opened Help and once again the first screen appeared fine. But again most of the links did not work, though those under the "What's New" heading did work. I might add that I had previously tried a variety of suggestions posted in another thread, which included deleting from the caches folder in Home>Library several files such as and help.plist in the Preferences folder. (As noted in my previous post this evening, I also created another user but that also did not have any effect.) Any other ideas? Thanks

  • Audi Bluetooth does NOT Work After Update 8.02 and neither my car charger

    aAfter Update iOS 8.02 Bluetooth. Audi does NOT Work - Connection is ok bit cant talk with Connection
    and also The car charter does NOT work

    Hi Lars - I had the same issue - found the help on - link: nect-to-mmi.227675/
    see page 2 of the postings under veeeight's suggestion (7 steps).  Pasted from the forum.
    1. Rename your new iPhone
    2. Delete all Bluetooth phone pairings from the Audi MMI
    3. Reset All Settings
    4. Reset Network Settings
    5. Reset Network Settings again
    6. Connect to WiFi on your phone (optional)
    7. Do the pairing with the car again.
    I was able to resolve this on my 2011 A4 with MMI.  That's after I have updated my iPhone 6 with 8.0.2
    Hope this helps you and anyone else having the same issues.

  • Solved rEFInd does not work after update

    Today, I updated rEFInd with yaourt.
    After the update, I copied the new files in /boot/efi.
    I rebooted and now rEFInd does not work.
    The only message I got is:
    rEFInd - Initializing
    After 2-3 minutes, the computer reboots and I got the same error message.
    To boot, I had to use the UEFI shell.
    First of all, is there a log file for rEFInd?
    It is not easy at all to debug it when we don't have any error messages.
    After that, I did the procedure to install rEFInd in /boot/efi twice without any success.
    Do you know what to do to solve my problem?
    Thanks for your help.
    Last edited by antoyo (2012-11-07 23:29:55)

    @antoyo: The old one is compiled using gnu-efi-libs, the new one is compiled using Tianocore UDK2010.
    Full package: … pkg.tar.xz
    Src package: … src.tar.gz (will compile only in x86_64 system)

  • ITunes does not work after update

    After I update 10.5, my Itunes doe not work.

    What specifically does not work?  Any errors?
    If you want/need help, provide specifics of the issue.  We are not mind readers.

  • Firefox does not work after update to 3.6.6 (and all later revisions)

    (EDIT: I found the exact revision from which the Firefox is not starting, it is 3.6.6 so I changed them throughout this post, previous revision value was 3.6.8)
    I am using Windows 7 x64
    After Firefox recently updated to 3.6.6 it does not work any more. The application is listed in task manager but it does not do anything. There is no user interface or anything. Only way to interact with it is "End process". Starting in safe mode or starting Profile manager is not possible.
    I tried all possible and suggested solutions in mozilla KB, this and other forums but without success (windows safe mode, firefox safe mode, renaming firefox, waiting, checking for firewall or malware/virus issues, deleting profile, uninstall, clean reinstall and every possible combination of those that I could think of). Always the same result, no error message, firefox shown in task manager and that's it.
    When I do clean install of all later firefox revisions starting from 3.6.6 the problem remains, including latest Firefox 4 beta6.
    I have no issues with any firefox versions on my Vista laptop, so I would guess that something in my windows environment is not suitable for newer versions of firefox.
    As I cannot find official older 3.6.x revision of Firefox, I am currently using 3.5.13 and it works flawlessly.
    Any help is appreciated, I ran out of ideas.

    You can try a direct connection and select No Proxy in the connection settings.
    You can find the connection settings in "Tools > Options > Advanced : Network : Connection"
    Also do a malware check with a few malware scan programs.<br />
    You need to use all programs because each detects different malware.<br />
    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of the database before doing a scan.
    * - Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
    * - SuperAntispyware
    * - Spybot Search & Destroy
    * - Ad-Aware Free
    * - Windows Defender: Home Page
    See also "Spyware on Windows": and [[Searches are redirected to another site]]

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    Is it possible to keep the local country but have it display in my language? For example I live in Sweden but am English so would like to have the local setting still for Sweden but all text displayed as English.