Cloudroom error when trying to import a video that causes Premiere to crash

I'm getting this cloudroom error when trying to import a video that causes Premiere to crash

Hi K Hayes,
Kyle Hayes wrote:
I'm getting this cloudroom error when trying to import a video that causes Premiere to crash...
It is difficult to see the entire message of the warning dialog box, but I suspect it is the following: c:\cloudroom\releases\2014.09\shared\adobe\mediacore\mediafoundation\api\inc\Keyframe/Key frame.h-146
If so, see this post by one of our engineers: Re: Premiere pro cc 2014.2 crashes when opening a project
Removing any imported or third party presets might help the issue.
I'm really sorry for this issue. We are currently investigating the cause.

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    Okay so I've searched around most of this forum and as much of Google as I could find - I have found similar problems, but nothing exactly the same; and none of the solutions I've found have worked for me. I've seen a lot of people having trouble connecting to the DL server on the file-selection window, but I don't even get that far - an error message just pops up in the middle of my screen - and my error doesn't mention a server, just that it can't connect to AE DL.
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    My team consistently gets an error when trying to play a video in SharePoint 2013. I can upload it, pick a thumbnail and save it.  When anyone else goes to the intranet site and tries to play the video, they get a media failed to load error.
    I have tried mp4 and wmv formats. I at first thought it had to do with the codec used in Camtasia to create the video, so I encoded it in Microsoft Encoder to a wmv and it still fails. All of the videos I upload fail for other users. If someone else uploads
    a video, I get the error and cannot play the video.  If I look at the library in Explorer, the video file is missing but the subdirectories for additional content and thumbnails are present. For the videos I upload and can play but everyone else
    gets the error, I see those subdirectories as well as the video file itself.

    private,max-age=0; Expires: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 21:58:26 GMT
    GET /submissions/Compiled%20Videos/AutoCAD%20-%20Multiple%20Profile%20Icons/AutoCAD%20-%20Multiple%20Profile%20Icons.wmv HTTP/1.1
    Accept: */*
    Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
    User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.2; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; Zune 4.7; AskTbAD2/
    If-Modified-Since: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 19:07:33 GMT
    If-None-Match: "{8A07B719-341D-4BEE-BD61-F364394C3E98},2"
    DNT: 1
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    Cookie: databaseBtnText=0; databaseBtnDesc=0; stsSyncAppName=Outlook; stsSyncIconPath=%2F%5Flayouts%2F15%2Fimages%2Fmenuoutl%2Egif; __utma=95027589.2092965952.1364844931.1393356332.1393429315.524; __utmz=95027589.1393268194.522.68.utmcsr=SilverpopMailing|utmccn=TE%20-%20St.%20Louis%20MCAD%20(12)|utmcmd=email;
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    optimizelyEndUserId=oeu1379624626946r0.0872463653920379; optimizelyBuckets=%7B%7D; __utmc=95027589; StorefrontCookie=cmen-US=en-US&bm=US; WSS_FullScreenMode=false; Ribbon.Read=1920886|-1|0|-687423497; Ribbon.DocLibListForm.Edit=682788|-1|0|1882364446;
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    Authorization: Negotiate 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
    HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND
    Cache-Control: private,max-age=0
    Content-Length: 13
    Expires: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 21:58:26 GMT
    Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
    X-SharePointHealthScore: 0
    SPRequestGuid: 1826789c-0589-80e7-31cd-3c1038ea29f6
    request-id: 1826789c-0589-80e7-31cd-3c1038ea29f6
    SPRequestDuration: 1132
    SPIisLatency: 1
    WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate oYGyMIGvoAMKAQChCwYJKoZIgvcSAQICooGaBIGXYIGUBgkqhkiG9xIBAgICAG+BhDCBgaADAgEFoQMCAQ+idTBzoAMCAReibARqhLWFbGbcecrn5kQ/ScMjrsqhag2XcrWQQ7g0Mb6ilZ+kFIPC6XJsH7+ldzTk3eQF/4C1f2nzJxENlP2M+75fOiRZGU/r0nvjgX5MdswmrBQkRg8iqKwcwJeE/3/P7nLWVitRs21hnB19oQ==
    Persistent-Auth: false
    X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
    X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
    X-MS-InvokeApp: 1; RequireReadOnly
    Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 21:58:25 GMT

  • I've started getting an error when trying to transfer purchased videos to iPhone.

    I've started getting an error when trying to transfer purchased videos to my iPhone.
    I get an error saying that selected videos will not play on the iPhone. They were purchased from iTunes and have been played on the phone previously.
    So far I've only noticed it on SD/HD videos, but not all SD/HD videos. Not had an issue yet with the judt SD files.
    Anyone else encountered this?

    YAY!!! Saved it in my Mac's Firefox Bookmarks for easy future access!
    Hope you are having a lovely afternoon today! I'm about ready to go bobo....I have an early meeting, and I don't want to oversleep! The nice part is that I work remotely, so I only have to wake up 15 minutes or so before the meeting.... I don't even use an alarm clock anymore (really, my iPhone alarm, which is much more pleasant), unless I have to get up at 6:30 or something....

  • Error when trying to view YouTube videos

    I get the following error when trying to view YouTube videos in some wireless hotspots; "The server is not correctly configured".  It used to work fine at these locations.

    Maybe not as many people reply as you think should because this site doesn't freaking work either!
    Took me ten minutes to log in! Kept getting stupid error messages telling me this site is undergoing maintenance. Whatever.
    Same exact problem here, but Chrome DOES NOT work. Changing DNS servers DOES NOT work either. It doesn't work for a lot of people.!topic/youtube/axsb7XPieK0
    WTF this site is more broken than youtube! Constant errors and constantly unresponsive with "greyed out" buttons!
    Is there any competent people left on the planet to fix this crap!?

  • ORA-01552 Error when trying to import data

    I get the following error when trying to import data into my database. My version is as follows:
    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE Production
    TNS for Solaris: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    and I get the following error:
    ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Also when I upgraded my database I received the following error message but continued without fixing:
    Warnings Ignored: Your database is using US7ASCII as the NCHAR type. In Oracle9i, the NCHAR datatypes (NCHAR, NVARCHAR2, and NCLOB) are limited to the Unicode character set encoding (UTF8 AND AL16UTF16) only. Refer to the Oracle 9i Database Upgrade Guide to change NCHAR columns in user tables to one of the supported types.
    Can I fix this via an sql statement or what?

    Hi, i think that the problem is around the rollback segments.The solution is bring other rollback segments ONLINE state, if not exist others rollbackup,then you need create the other rollback segments and bring online state.
    If you need more information, you will must see the next DOC-ID on Metalink site,
    Have a good day.

  • It generates an error when trying to import a version apex 4.0 production.

    It generates an error when trying to import a version 4 application to production. The copy was made as an apex 4 EA 2, (I have backups of different times in July). The error:
    ORA-20001: GET_BLOCK Error. ORA-20001: Execution of the statement was unsuccessful. ORA-06550: line 4, column 1: PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'CREATE_PAGE_ITEM' ORA-06550: line 4, column 1: PL/SQL: Statement ignored <pre>declare h varchar2(32767) := null; begin wwv_flow_api.create_page_item( p_id=>298101103038895115 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset, p_flow_id=> wwv_flow.g_flow_id, p_flow_step_id=> 45, p_name=>'P45_PRODUCTBACKLOG'

    This is the response that sends the team apex.
    Production is very different than our EA versions. On our EA site, we explicitly stated that an export from there may not work against 4.0. From your error, it looks as if the create_page_item procedure changed between EA2 and production. The only recommendation is to take an export from production and compare the statements used for create_page_item. If you can update your EA export to match the new format, you might be able to import but again, that action is unsupported.
    -- APEX Support Team

  • I get an error that says that LR5 encounterd a preview cach error when trying to start LR5 and that it will try to fix it the next time it starts. What can I do to fix this error?

    I get an error that says that LR5 encountered a preview cache error when trying to start LR5 and that it will try to fix it the next time it starts. What can I do to fix this error?

    Go to the folder with you Lightroom Catalog (usually in Pictures) and delete the folder ending in .lrpreviews
    This contains the previews for the files Lightroom has linked to. They will need to be rebuilt which can be done while working or selecting an amount you want to rebuild and accessing the rebuild command in the Library Dropdown menu...

  • I get an error when trying to import MP3 files in iTunes?

    When I try to import mp3 files into iTunes (version 6), I get an error message of:
    The file "song file name" can not be imported An unknown error has occurred (-50).
    I have already imported these files into iTnes on my old computer, but run into this problem with my new laptop. I downloaded a new version of iTunes just like I installed all my new programs on this new laptop.
    For some reason, I run into this problem when trying to import any mp3 files (as mentioned, even mp3 files that I successfully imported into iTunes previously).
    (I've tried a complete removal and re-install, but that didn't help)
    Anyone know why I'm getting this error message and how to correct things?
    Thanks in advance for any help !!!

    those are the files that are sent as an error report... i dont know what the problem is! this is starting to get me mad! I need my music! some1 help plz.
    I cant load that one folder, what could be the problem? I've loaded another folder similar to this one but it was alot smaller and everything worked out fine, but for my big one its messing up.

  • Run time error when trying to import bookmarks from firefox

    When trying to import bookmarks from Firefox to Safari I get the following error message: "Run Time Error. This application has requested the Runtime  to terminate it in an unusual way." Safari does not function anymore and I have to close it. Can somebody help me? I am using a PC with Windows 7.

    In the Bookmarks Manager (Library) there is a toolbar with the Back and Forward button and three other buttons (Organize, Views, Import & Backup).
    * The first (gear) button is the Organize button with basic edit menu items for bookmarks
    * The second button is the Views button that allows to change the sort order for viewing purposes (doesn't sort permanently).
    * The third (star) button is the Import & Backup button that allows to backup and restore a JSON backup and import and export an HTML backup and import bookmarks from other browsers.
    Hover each button to see the tooltip or click each of them to see what they do.

  • Error when trying to Import a CD

    I am getting the following error: unknown error (-48) when trying to import CD's on my new ITunes account. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Nevermind, I just downloaded iTunes 7.0.1 or whatever that just came out, and it's all good now.

  • Internal unkown error when trying to import a web service

    I need help to achive the possiblity to select methods from a web service, I get following errors:
    NET Web Service Proxy Tool Report for Web Service:
    Monday, May 14, 2007 10:53:44 AM
    Web Service URL:
    The following errors/warnings occurred when generating the local proxy dll and VI wrappers for this web service.
    Internal Unknown Error.
    Please contact National Instruments for help.
    C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.2\user.lib\WebService\chassie\.dll
    In addition, when opning Labview software I get a message that I do not have permission to read dll file located in directory of webservice.
    Hope for quick response.
    Best regards A

    I did make a try with http post (see attachment) with the aim to send a soap xml in the http post.
    I do get an error when trying to parse the soap message (see message below).
    Do you have suggestions for improvement of this VI???
    All advice will be appresiated.
    HTTP/1.0 200 OK
    Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 13:24:20 GMT
    Server: Boa/0.94.13
    Connection: close
    Content-type: text/xml
    Cache-Control: no-store
    Expires: -1
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="​">
            <env:Text xml:lang="en">Failed to parse SOAP message</env:Text>
    Soap_post ‏31 KB

  • Error when trying to run an application that worked when built with 8.6

    I have a simple program that I wrote in version 8.6 that I never had a problem building and running applications built with it in 8.6.  Two weeks ago I got 2009 in the mail because we had very recently purchased 8.6 and I am getting errors when trying to run an application built with the same code using 2009.  The error has to do with the  It claims it cannot find it.  The error I get reads as follows:
    An error occurred loading VI ''.  LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel.  I don't need access to this vi's front panel, so I am wondering if it is a problem with the runtime engine and not my code.  Please respond as soon as possible as this will quickly start to impact my testing schedule.  Thank You.
    Go to Solution.

    The same problem ???
    I discussed it with my local NI technical support team. The application works without any problems now.
    Basic rule: when creating an installer be sure that option "Run Time Engine xxxx"  in "Additional Installers" category is checked in spite of the fact that Run Time Engine is already installed.
    Best regards.
    ADDINST.png ‏13 KB

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