Clubbing two Pl Order to one prod Order

In MTO scenario we have two Sales orders from two different customers for the same FG and two pl orders are generated after MRP now we want to have a single prod Order for these two as production people does not bother about customers while producing and after conformation of this single Prod order we need to allocate to the customers according to their sales order qty.
How to map this in sap, as we want to use Individual u201C02u201D indicator in MRP views against availability check.
Please suggestu2026u2026u2026u2026u2026u2026..

Dear ,
As you have mentioned that two planned order generated  from different sales order , it means finsihed good will be in two individual Sales Order Stock once the production gets complete and subsequently , invoice n delivery will be done .
Now , in that case why two planned Order should be clubbed in PO and how will you do the cost analysis in individual level as its MTO order .
I think  you can achieve this if you follow MTS busniess process with Planning Stratgey 20 or Gross Requirement Palnnig -11(Mixed MRP) .In that case , you need to Sale the FG as traded item (TAN Item categoery ) and stok will be lying in Unrestricted stock .
Just analysis and revert us if you need farther help

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  • Two deliveries required for one sales order

    Hello Friends,
    I have a quirey , I have two types of goods in one sales order, one is dangerous goods and other one is normal. How ever we are thinking to make two seperate deliveries even they are in one sales order. How can two diff deliveries gets created.
    We are planning to create new shipping point with new loading group for the dangerous goods .
    Will the above decision works or is there any simplest way to create two auto deliverys for one sales order.

    Hi all,
    I have yet another proposal - using copy control and adding there dangerous goods profile LIPS-PROFL as split criterial. This field is populated originally from material master MARA-PROFL field.  You can check for example routine FV50C201. Split criteria are defined in likp-zukrl field.
    I think that is better solution then introducing new shipping point. Because there are some determinations and dependencies related to shipping points. So the more shipping points you have, the more additional config you have. If it is needed by business to have separate shipping points - then fine. But if the goods are shipped from the same place, then I would rather modify copy control instead of multiplying config and master data. I say duplicated effort in master data - because with 2 shippiong points you would need to maintain DG profile field and additionally loading group.
    Kind regards
    Witek Prawecki.

  • FM which get component and order status & return prod. orders

    Hi all
    does any one know a FM which get component and order status & return prod. orders?

    see the transcation COOIS , i think it will be the details required by you
    in the selection at component level block
    enter the material no(component) , if required plant and storage location and then execute
    hope it will solve ur purpose
    so u can suggest for this TCode still u need a custom program u can submit these details from your z program
    and get the output
    table i am not sure see all these tables AUFK,AFKO,AFPO
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  • Two Transaction Variants to one sales order type

    I want to assign two different transaction variants to one sales order type.
    Scenerio is this that i want to show billing block filed for order type "cr" for user SD1 in display mode and same filed for order type "cr" in changeable mode for usr SD_manager
    thanks in advance

    Instead of going with Transaction variants go with Authorization check , so that your requirement can be fulfilled , say if document type CR is in display mode then give authorization to release the billing block. But if the document type CR is in change mode then give the authorization change mode . Then your requirement can be fulfilled.

  • Two  outbound Delivery for one sales order

    Hi Experts
    I am an Abaper and i have to find the root couse of this problem
    problem is  two outbound delivery getting generated for one sales order with same no of quantity
    Now i am unable to find the approch what can be root cause of this problem , I checked the details of these deliveries these are created by some job , but even in job history any positive solution comeout,
    please suggest me what are other ways or causes of this problem

    Hi there,
    Delivery split will be there is the header data in shipping is different.
    For eg of shipping points, delivery dates, ship-to etc are different.
    Apart from this in the copy control routines at the headerlevel from OR to LF in VTLA, there might be some customized code written to split the deliveries. Possible conditions could be items from different warehouses / storage locs or if the quantity is more, then a delivery split.
    Pls check if there is any customised code written in copy control routines in VOFM.

  • Collective conversion of planned order to one production order

    Dear all,
    1. I have N number of pld ord for same material so i need to convert as production order with cumulative quantity.
    Because to reduce  Issing and confirming and receiving of number of production orders.
    2. I need to create Number of production order with diffferent material numbers  in one screen with different production order number.
    Because per day i need to create more number of production order with different material number. If i create one by one it will consume more time as well as its not practical possible for our business scenario.
    Pls let me know any standards are available in SAP.

    Dear Suresh,
    You can convert Planned Orders into Production order collectively as a mass maintanance in CO41 Tcode.
    Revert if any doubt in case using above tcode.
    Further if you wish to have one production order against multiple planned orders it is not possible as per Standard SAP.
    You can convert to each planned order into individual production order not to single production order.
    If you wish clubbed production order then better you use Individual / Collective Indicator  as
    2     Collective requirements only
    Then you will get cumulative planned orders only against each material and you can convert all of them cumulatively to production orders in CO41 as a mass maintanance.
    Hope your problem resolves.

  • Multiple purchase orders for one sales order: ME59

    I have issue with converting sales order into a purchase order.
    A standard third party sales order (type TAS) with multiple line items is being converted to a single purchase order.
    In case of a free of charge sales order (type FD) with multiple line items, each line item is being converted to an individual PO.
    The difference between TAS and FD is the item catecory and schedule line category.
    In both the above cases only one purchase requisition is being created per sales order. The issue is when this PR is being converted to a PO. (ME59 is used to convert the PR).
    Is there any setting/config which is driving the multiple PO creation based on either schedule line category or the account assignment category setup in the schedule line category?
    Please advice...

    Any ideas?

  • Sales order based on prod order

    There is a sales order based on production order (one item).
    I just want to know what happens in CO once sales orde is posted?
    How many doc are created and of which record type?
    What kind of changes happens after the settlement of the order?

    no answer

  • Multiple Sales Order in one Delivery Order

    Is it possible to create a delivery order with multiple sales order in it ? Does it need any additional configuration or the basic SD Module in SAP can support this kind of transaction?
    Anyone can advise me on this issue as my experience in SAP SD Module is not more than a year. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Hi Heng,
      The sales orders can be combined in one delivery if the following parameters are same for those orders:
    1) Delivery date for the materials( schedule line tab)
    2) Ship to party is same for them
    3) Shipping point is same for all of them.
    If all the above parameters are same then you can goto transaction VL10A and can put your aboce 3 parameters and execute the transaction.
    All the orders will have one delivery order in that case.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • MTO material - Combine three planned orders into one process order

    Hi Gurus,
    Does anyone know if and how I can convert three planned orders of the same material into one process order?
    Sales order 1 (material X) --> generates Planned order 1
    Sales order 2 (material X) --> generates Planned order 2
    Sales order 3 (material X) --> generates Planned order 3
    Process orders 1,2,3 (material X) --> Process order 1
    Process order 1 --> reserved sales order stock for sales orders 1,2 and 3

    One process order cannot create Sales Order Stock for three different sales order items.  A single process order can produce Sales order stock for AT MOST 1 sales order/item.
    This scenario can be achieved under a Make to Stock environment, where the production order creates 'generic' stock (not sales order specific).
    Best Regards,

  • Amending order qty in prod order

    Hi, We need to amend the prod order qty incase of any rejections or scrap during manufacturing. How toimplement the same.

    You can amend the order quantity whenever required, untill it has following statuses, either DLFL, TECO, LKD, CLSD.
    You can change the order quantity in the order change mode i.e. CO02.
    As soon as the order quantity increases the corresponding component quantity will be effective for the order.
    Also the operation will be needed to be confirmed for this extra quantity.
    Another option is of rework order.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Clubbing of down Payment under one Purchase Order for a customer

    We have a client requirement in which the client wants to view all the down payments entered under one PO for a particular customer to together so that it helps in preparing invoice.How do we do it ans is there any standard SAP report available for it?
    Subir Didwania

    I had faced the same problem a few days back. The client in my case entered the customer 's PO Number in the reference field while posting the down payment. There is a standard SAP report FBL5N for customer. You need to go to change layout button (Cntrl+F8). A pop up will appear which will show the displayed fields on the left hand side and the hidden fields on the right hand side. select the reference number field on the right hand side (From the hidden fields) and add so that it appears in the displayed fields list. Click on the copy button. The new layout will appear for the data selected. Next click on the filter button (Contrl +F11). Again a pop up will appear. Select the ref number field on the right hand side and add to left column. then click on the right button. The system will then apply the filter and ask you for the reference number in which you can enter the PO number for which you want to display the details
    Hope this meets your requirement. assign points if the information is useful to you
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Creation of multiple orders under one main order

    Dear  Ajay ,
    Sir, I want to create a main AUC order suppose as 10004,  How to  create Sub-AUC orders under the Main AUC (10004) as below,
    order:100041: Bldg. and construction exp
    order:100042:Mfg. machineries cost
    order:100043:Galvinizing machinery cost
    order:100044:Consulting and studies fees
    order:100045: Non cash operating exp
    order:100046:Pre operating exp
    order:100047: Land cost,
    Afterwords all these cost will be settled in the Main AUC order no:10004, How this possible and kindly give me some configuration tips or How to link all those costs in one order

    Dear Ajay,
    Many many thanks for the reply.  Yes we want to use for Project purpose, In that case how to configure the system,
    Report S_ALR_87012993 is showing Group order, Is there any any standard report in SAP which will serve the purpose?

  • Sale order BOM and Prod order BOM

    pl. let me know the procedure to extract trough the BOM for a given Sale order.
    Similarly also pl. let me know the procedure to extract PRodn order BOM.
    In both the above cases i do not mean the BOM that we have in std BOM. (CS03)

    For order BOM you have to create thru CS61 with refernce to sales order and display by CS63 moreover if you want it to create thru CS01 the selet the usage 5 for Sales and distribution
    For other information use these tables to get more info
    STPO          BOM Item Details
    STPU          BOM Sub Items (designators)
    STKO         BOM Header Details
    MAST         BOM Group to Material
      Hope it will help u
    Anupam Sharma

  • One sales order and two invoces -  Invoice split

    We have a order that is being split into two invoices. There are two plants involved in one sales order... part is shipping from US  and labor is performed in  Korea. The invoice split analysis reveals that the tax departure countries of the line items are different. The plants are in different countries.invoice based on different tax departure countries.
    The problem is we have a user that is requesting to have both of these items on the same invoice.
    I have two questions:
    1) Is it possible to have these items on the same invoice?
    2) Even if we could put these items on the same invoice, is it a good idea? What are the negative consequences of doing this, etc.?
    I was thinking to acheve this through copy control. ?

    To my knowledge, it is not advisable to combine the line items that are being serviced from different countries .
    As you would be aware that all sellers would be submitting their statutory sales tax statements to their local sales tax authorities periodically where they need to give invoice wise tax break up.  Here in the above case, if you club different tax structure in one billing document, it is not possible to show invoice wise break up.  Moreover, at a later date, in case of returns also, this will have an issue from tax point of view.
    So in all the probabilities, it is possible to force the system in such a way to combine into one invoice, but it is not adviceable to do so.
    G. Lakshmipathi

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