Cocoon - Tomcat - APEX for FOP PDF printing

I'm trying to setup Cocoon & Tomcat with APEX 4.1 for doing PDF printing of some reports.
I'm using Linux 64bit, Tomcat 7.0.22, Cocoon 2.1.11, and JDK (build 1.6.0_24-b07).
I followed Carl Backstrom's very helpful [blog entry|] about using cocoon and tomcat to produce PDF reports through APEX. However, I must just be missing something, because it's not working at all for me.
Does anyone have any suggestions about getting this to work? Whenever, I attempt to hit the cocoon site (localhost:8080/cocoon/), I receive the following error:
"org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: No pipeline matched request: index.html"
Whenever I attempt to download a PDF report, I receive this error:
"Adobe reader cannot open 'reportname.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged."
If you have this configuration (cocoon, tomcat, APEX, PDF printing) working, I'd greatly appreciate it if you shared any URLs or tips you have in getting this setup. I understand why folks fork out the big $ for BI Publisher, but that's not an option for me.
Many thanks,

In the Tomcat Manager app, it shows that cocoon is deployed and running.
I was able to reload it as well:
"OK - Reloaded application at context path /cocoon"
I see this in the Tomcat log:
"SEVERE: The web application [cocoon] appears to have started a thread named [HSQLDB Timer @6b033450] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak."

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    Apex with XE10g/Tomcat 6.0.13 PDF Print with Apex fop.war/apex_fop.jsp
    Excuse me bad english.
    I have a problem with Oracle XE and Printing from Reports over Tomcat 6.0.13.
    I have update Oracle XE with Apex 3.1 and it works fine.
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    18.03.2007 18:12 546.765 xml.jar
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    18.03.2007 18:14 1.238.899 xmlparserv2.jar
    10.06.2007 22:59 674.005 xquery.jar
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    18.03.2007 18:14 194.691 xsu12.jar
    10.11.2005 13:13 7.043.169 tools.jar
    .... and preinstalled files
    type Exception report
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    org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: getOutputStream() has already been called for this response
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    at the end of the apex_fop.jsp put the follow code just before the; line:
    out = pageContext.pushBody();
    and explanation of why this works is here:

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    We have Oracle Application Server (Apache + J2ee) installation in our environment. I configured Apache FOP for Apex 4.1 running on Oracle database using" Section 5 - Installing and Configuring Apache FOP - document". I am getting "500 Internal Server Error
    Servlet error: An exception occurred. The current application deployment descriptors do not allow for including it in this response. Please consult the application log for details."
    Do I need to configure Apache FOP only using Standalone OC4J containers as mentioned in the document instead of using j2ee containers installed as part of OAS install? If so, any idea why this restriction?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Thanks Hussein for your response.
    Do you have proper entry in the hosts file?I do have the correct entries in both host and guest OS. As I mentioned, I'm able to ping in command prompt both linux guest (DNS) name and ip address. It is just the login page load. It could be not just R12...may be any other web page as well...
    I don;t know how these DNS Server name is resolved and so on..this networking stuff in windows may be irrelevant to this forum...but chancing my luck if someone had this issue in the past.
    I believe the main issue with the ping, so once this is fixed you should be able to access the application (assuming it is up and you can access from other machine -- If I understand you correctly, I believe you did from XP).Yes..the same config works fine in XP.

  • FOP PDF Printing and size limit?

    I am using FOP for PDF printing in Apex 3.1.
    If I run a simple query:
    select object_name, object_type
    form obj;
    I can print the result to PDF if I limit the rows to 2750 just fine. As soon as I increase it to 2800, the Adobe document has an error and can't be opened.
    The OC4J container doesn't receive a memory heap error. I have set the memory values quite high.
    It lists in the log lines like:
    08/10/16 00:12:01 [INFO] [1]
    08/10/16 00:12:52 [INFO] [95]
    and then hangs.
    No other text appears.
    However, on successful completion, the following message appears: Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer
    Any thoughts are welcome.

    We have the PDF printing working with the increased memory sizes but we noticed something odd that we continue to test. Using the OC4J OEM console, we can see the memory usage as we run the reports. It "seems" like the APACHE FOP keeps taking new chunks of memory for each report without releasing the older ones.
    For example, I run report A and it grabs a chunk of memory. I view the PDF then close the window. As I go to another screen and invoke a different report, another chunk of memory is taken without the first one being released. You can watch the memory usage go up and up each time you invoke a report.
    We want to do some more testing to see what the test cases are (like if I log off APEX - will the memory then be released?) but I have read other Net postings about memory problems with APACHE FOP.
    Just wanted to pass this observation along. Once we have some definitive test cases, I will post them here.

  • Access Windows Registry for Silent PDF Printing

    Hi All,
    I am trying to print a form (created in Livecycle Designer ES2) silently to PDF upon the click of (javascript) button on the form. I have Win XP and Acrobat 9 Pro. I feel close to achieving the goal however after some time and effort I am not sure the approach I am leaning toward is possible. So far I have the following:
    1. By following the Acrobat SDK / JS for Acrobat API reference I have been able to use the PrintParams object to set print properties including the page(s) to print and printer selection, however the code only works if, for the fileName property, I specify file type as postscript (.ps), when .pdf is used it does not work. JS used on click_event of my form button:
    var myDoc =;
    var pp = myDoc.getPrintParams();
    pp.interactive = pp.constants.handling.none;
    pp.fileName = "/C/";    
    pp.printerName = "Adobe PDF";
    pp.firstPage = 2;
    This works however I really want the filename to be something like "/C/Test.pdf" which does not work
    2. I have since learned that the windows registry...Acrobat Distiller\PrinterJobControl can be manually modified so Adobe knows where to send the output file:
    Registry folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Distiller\PrinterJobControl
    I created new string under above folder with properties below:
         String value name: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acorbat 9.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe
         String value data: C:\Test.pdf
    The approach in 2. works in combination with the code in 1. (without the pp.filename property being specified) but the registry string would need to be manually created each time before printing which is not practical.
    Is anyone able to advise whether or not it is possible to create a new registry string using Javascript (looks like there are quite a few VBA examples of this for use with MSAccess) from acrobat? or maybe another way to print to a specified file to PDF using JS from Acrobat?
    Any help or advice is much appreciated,
    Kind regards,

    So many security issues for the general public.
    You path name is not considered a "Safe Path", as it is a root directory and since many systems have system control files in the root directory, Adobe has blocked the access to this directory for security reasons.
    "Silent Printing" is possible to printer over the Internet and is considered a security risk, but you can write a special application level JavaScript function that could provide this on a single system.
    "Save as .."  is also considered a security risk and blocked except when a special application user written function is used.
    See the Acrobat JavaScript API Reference for more information about safe paths and silent printing and saving along with other restricted actions.

  • FOP PDF Printing error

    I just started working with APEX last week, but I noticed that if I try to print a PDF SQL report that contains a SQL function ie. COUNT() or with a variable, I receive the "not a supported file type" error. Basic SQL reports print to PDF just fine. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Edited by: user4974317 on Jan 22, 2009 5:55 AM

    I was able to figure out what was causing the error. The column aliases in the SQL needed to be specified, the pdf generator didn't use the custom headings in the report attributes.

  • Looking for a PDF printing macro

    I'm looking to make adobe automatically print a file then shut itself off when ever a pdf is opened. has anyone ever scripted a macro like this?

    We're trying to automate this. a event registration program we're using insists on opening a pdf of nametags before printing them requiring someone to hang out by the machine to hit print. We're hoping we can get adobe to just print the pdf of the nametag with out requiring someone to tell it to.

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    Hi all,
    I am not able to customize page size in Adobe PDF printer when I logged in with Domain user login. But I am able to Customize PDF printer in admin Login.
    I need a solution to allow Domain users to customize page size for Adobe PDF printer.
    Looking for a solution ASAP

    Oops, I misread your question, so I edited my response.

  • Acrobat 6.0 and Windows 7 - is there a PDF printer driver available?

    I have been using Acrobat 6.0 with Windows XP fine. However, I just got a new computer that has Windows 7.
    I installed Acrobat 6.0 but cannot now convert any documents to PDF on this new computer. I get this error--
    "The PDF maker cannot find the Adobe PDF printer driver and to reinstall Adobe Acrobat 6.0"
    However, reinstalling Acrobat 6.0 does not help, nor does the repair feature.
    Is There a patch for this product? Can I download a driver for the PDF printer so that it is compatible with Windows 7?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    I have Acrobat 6 as well and just upgraded to windows 7. Can't afford Acrobat Version 9 either. From what I understand, only Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL, ULTIMATE or ENTERPRISE editions can you run most Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode(separate download). At least that's what I read here wonder if that will help you. I unfortunately only have STARTER edition.
    *The following text is copied and pasted from
    Windows 7 Feature has a Windows XP Mode
    It's the best of both worlds: The new Windows XP Mode lets you run older Windows XP business software right on your Windows 7 desktop.
    Designed primarily with small- and medium-sized businesses in mind, Windows XP Mode comes as a separate download and works only with Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise. Windows XPMode also requires virtualization software such as WindowsVirtual PC. Both are available free on the Microsoft website.
    To download Windows XP Mode or learn about its system requirements, visit the Windows Virtual PCwebsite.
    Windows XP Mode, available for the Professional and Ultimate editions of Windows 7, helps prevent older business programs from becoming obsolete.
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  • What is the Acrobat 7 Adobe PDF printer driver name?

    I can no longer print to my "Adobe PDF" printer.
    I have Acrobat 7.1.0 (as part of Creative Suite 2) on my small travel laptop system running Windows XP Professional, SP3. 
    Recently, if I try to print to a PDF file from Firefox, I get:
          "an unexpected error has occurred" or "an unknown error has occurred while printing".
    I went to the Adobe PDF printer itself and if I try to choose the properties, I get "The Adobe PDF Converter' is not installed on this computer. Then it asks me if I want to install the driver now.  If I say yes, it wants the driver name, which I don't know and don't see obvious candidates.   If I say no, and I see the properties for the PDF printer, it says the driver is "Adobe PDF Converter", but I guess the underlying driver file is missing.
    I found a posting for how to manually reinstall the printer on Acrobat 10, but my directory structure is different and I don't have a file called pdf.inf, so I suspect the driver name is different in Acrobat 7. 
    I can still launch Acrobat 7 just fine, and have tried doing the repair from the help menu twice, and rebooted afterward.  No luck.
    I didn't delete the Adobe PDF printer before the repair.  I was afraid to.
    I could go back to the original CS2 disks, but then I'll lose all the updates I've downloaded and installed over the years.  I don't know if Adobe even has the updates for CS2 online anymore.
    I suspect if I knew the name of the PDF printer driver in Acrobat 7, I may be able to fix it. Even if the file got deleted, I likely have it on an old backup.
    Does anyone know the name of the ".inf" driver file for the Adobe PDF printer in Acrobat7 (CS2)?
    If not, is there something else I can run from the setup files that will reinstall the PDF converter?

    I cannot confirm, but feel confident that Adobe has the updates available for CS2.
    Reinstall from the disks.
    I just looked through my XP system running CS2; I cannot see an easy way to reinstall the Adobe PDF Printer, but it is already installed there.

  • PDF Printer not in Printer Menue

    The XI that came with my new dell E6540 , when I am in a program and chouse the print menue I do not have a PDF printer in the menu , is this just a tril ver. or is there
    somthing I should do to get the drivers for it

    The PDF printer is a component of Acrobat Professional, which, unless I'm sorely mistaken, DOES NOT come pre-installed on an OEM PC.

  • Free pdf printer driver

    Apologies, I expect this question has been asked loads of times!
    I am new to Macs and looking for a pdf printer driver so I can create pdf documents by printing from any application. I have an excellent free driver I use for the PC, but cannot seem to find anything for the Mac?
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    It's included in your system. Look at this link for instructions.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Automatic pdf print from a servlet?

    Hi..I have a one servlet that displays a pdf file in the browser (IE). Under normal circumstance, the user would print the pdf from the Acrobat Reader toolbar displayed within the browser. Well now, the user wants to have the pdf file printed automatically, because it is "too confusing" to choose between the browser print button and Reader's! My idea is to have the servlet contain a method for handling pdf print. Any ideas on an existing API or if this can even be done? Thanks!!

    I ran into a similar situation recently and found one cheap (smells a bit like a hack) option to give the illusion of direct printing. If you embed Acrobat Reader as an object in your page then you can give it a width and height of 0, effectively hiding it. Then use the print() function to make it print from your own button in the page. Something like this:
    <OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:CA8A9780-280D-11CF-A24D-444553540000" WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0 ID=MYPDF>
    <PARAM NAME="SRC" VALUE="/servlet/MyServlet">
    Then a button on the same page can make the pdf print.
    <BUTTON name='printButton' onClick='MYPDF.print()'>Print</BUTTON>
    Your confused users still have to choose that button however -- I don't think you can override the behaviour of the browser's print button.
    I've heard of some plug-in called ActivePDF that might also help you but I don't know much about it (do a search).

  • File printed to pdf printer and physical printer

    as the title says, my application prints files and they are printed to a pdf file and sent by an email or printed by a physically printer letter and sent as letter to the customer
    my application is a nightly batchjob in vb6 which has worked really well for some months but now the customer said, that some of the files have been printed to a pdf and sent by an email and also printed by a physicaly printer so i checked the logfiles and realized that there is only one printing mentiond of the files which have been printed twice (pdf and physically) so now i'm wondering
    the process looks like this:
    i read the data from the database, and if the customer has an email address i change the default printer to the adobe pdf printer, then i set value in the registry which is a parameter for the pdf printer, what the name of the file shall be after this i reset the default printer to the physically one
    in the logfile aren't any exceptions so the set of the default printer had to work, and also the set of the parameter for the pdf printer, and the files also had been sent by mail so i'm wondering if it's possible that windows or adobe has also sent the file to the physically printer, the OS is windows 2003 server
    hope you can help me
    if anything is fuzzy im ready to provide more informations
    thanks a lot
    greetings peter

    >nightly batchjob in vb6
    I think you need the Acrobat SDK Developer Forum

  • Adobe PDF Printer - Adobe Recommended?

    I have a vague memory of reading on these forums that Adobe recommends using the Adobe PDF virtual print driver when generating PDFs from FrameMaker. If I remember correctly, using a physical print driver was not recommended. I've tried searching the forums, but the search functionality seems to be broken at the moment. Can anybody point me to somewhere where Adobe says to use the Adobe PDF Printer?

    I've tried searching the forums, but the search functionality seems to be broken at the moment.
    Use an external engine.
    Search for "framemaker pdf printer driver"
    Restrict search to site or domain:
    Numerous result hits.
    ... using a physical print driver was not recommended.
    The PostScript generated is limited by the constraints that the printer declares about itself via the PPD.
    Historically, this might arise as: why did my color document PDF as B&W?
    Ans: because you were printing to .ps via the HP LaserJet II PostScript driver.

Maybe you are looking for

  • A space is sometimes added before hyphenation when creating a pdf

    In using Acrobat 9.5 I have found that sometimes when a pdf is created from Quark 8, the new pdf has a space right before the soft hyphen at the end of a line of text that was not there in the original file. This space does not get inserted before al

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