Coding audio streams to Airport Express?

Not even sure where to post this question, so my apologies if this is too far off topic.
I'm very curious about the audio coding that happens when streaming music from iTunes to an Airport Express, or, a 2nd gen AppleTV? Is there any additional code-decode going on when streaming? Playing a 44.1 kHz .wav file, uncompressed, and capture that waveform at the electrical out of Airport Express... will it be identical to the original .wav file (ignoring some minor D/A artifacts)??
Many thanks in advance.

Can you reference a link or 2 where I can read a bit further?
I'll see what I can find as Apple has provided very few details on this. The links I had to some material I had reviewed earlier, unfortunately, are no longer valid.
For example, what happens with an uncompressed .wav file that is an 11kHz sample rate? Does the AX have a D/A that supports all of the supported sample rates? Or, is that part of the compression "on the fly" into Apple Lossless that everything is coded / converted into a single sample rate (44.1 kHz??).
Great question!
The AX works only with iTunes v4.6+ and is limited to music files that iTunes can read; ie, 16-bit data only. (An exception is you can use a third-party product like Rogue Amoeba's AirFoil to stream other non-iTunes sources.) These data, though, can be in any file format that iTunes recognizes, from lossy MP3s at the low-quality end of the spectrum to Apple Lossless and lossless AIFF or WAV files at the high end. To more directly answer your questions, the AX functions only at a 44.1kHz sample rate. When you play, for example: 11kHz, 32kHz or 48kHz data, iTunes sample-rate-converts the data in real time before sending it to the AX. As you figured this is a limitation of the QuickTime Codec that is the heart of iTunes.
One operational glitch, that primarily affects the analog side, is the fact that the AX doesn't have a local clock circuit. When the incoming data is interrupted, as it is when you change songs in iTunes, there is no longer a digital output to feed the DAC, which loses lock as a result. Provided you can live with its limitations the combination of iTunes and an AX provides an easy way to pipe CD-quality music around your home.
FYI. For the 802.11b/g version of the AX, the analog audio is handled by a Texas Instruments PCM2705 digital-to-analog converter. I don't know if they used the same DAC for the newer 802.11n model. Some audiophiles use an external DAC in an attempt to overcome any of the AX's shortcomings.

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    Hello ehende2. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Sorry, but you won't be able to do this as this is a limitation of iTunes/AirTunes.
    (ref: iTunes: Movie sound does not play through AirTunes)

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    I purchased an airport express and have been able to successfully stream my itunes to the device. However streaming from front row seems to be a problem. Does front row support audio streaming? I would love to be able to use my apple remote to control my music using the television screen. The remote seems to be useless with itunes.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Front Row under Leopard doesn't support Airtunes streaming:
    Send 'em some Feedback:

  • IMac (on Ethernet) Can No Longer Stream to Airport Express (on WiFi)

    After years of reliable service, all of a sudden I cannot stream music from iTunes on my iMac, via my Airport Express, to my stereo system.
    First, a bit about my configuration:
       * iMac connected via Ethernet to a wireless router (D-Link DIR-655).
       * iMac Airport (WiFi) is turned off.
       * D-Link sets up a wireless network, and Airport Express joins the network.
       * Airport Express does not set up its own network, it's simply a client of the existing D-Link wireless network.
       * iTunes "sees" the Airport Express, and can stream audio via AirPlay.
       * iPad also joins the wireless network, and also can stream to the Airport Express via AirPlay.
       * iMac running 10.6.8, with all software updates applied.
       * Airport Express running latest firmware (7.6.1).
    Well, that was a few days ago, when "it just worked". But for some unknown reason iTunes could no longer "see" the Airport Express.
    So I took my Airport Express to the Apple Store and they did a Factory Reset, but it did not solve the problem. I figured my rather old Airport Express was failing, so today I bought a new one. The symptoms have changed a bit, but even after spending an hour on the phone with AppleCare, it doesn't work properly.
    Now, the only way the iMac can stream to the Airport Express is if the iMac also joins the wireless network. In fact, now with Airport turned OFF on the iMac, the Airport Utility cannot see the Airport Express. But here's another weird thing: when I use the IP address of the Airport Express, the Airport Utility CAN connect with and manage the Airport Express, even with Airport turned OFF on the iMac!
    I should also mention, the iPad has no issues whatsoever connecting to the D-Link's wireless network and streaming music to the Airport Express.
    This all seems like something might have changed on the D-Link wireless router. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out what setting(s) on the router might allow the iMac - over Ethernet - to stream audio to the Airport Express.
    Another thing. When I have Airport turned on on the iMac, it can "see" and stream to the Airport Express, but the music has very frequent drop-outs. Could this be related to the fact that the iMac has two IP addresses (one on Ethernet, one on WiFi)?
    My goal is to get things "back to normal", where I can turn off Airport on the iMac, and all LAN and WAN traffic from the iMac goes over Ethernet. I have a few questions (for now :-)
       * Since my iMac has two connections to my LAN using two IP addresses (Ethernet & WiFi), is that likely to cause any issues?
       * When two computers join the same wireless LAN, can they effectively talk directly to one another, or does the wireless router need to be involved every time one computer sends a TCP or UDP packet to the other?
       * Do routers (or the DIR-655 in particular) tend to have any firewalls or policies that control connections on the LAN between Ethernet and WiFi clients?
       * Since AirPlay uses TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353, would the DIR-655 need any special configuration to "open these ports" so an Ethernet client can connect with a WiFi client?
    So, any help would be most appreciated!

    I am having a very similar issue.  I use my Airport Express (AX) to stream music from the computers on my network to my stereo via Airplay.  I have AX set up to wirelessly join my existing wireless network, which uses a D-Link DIR-655 router hooked to a Time Warner cable modem.  I can succesfully connect all of my wireless devices via Airplay, through iTunes to my AX, including two laptops and an iPhone.  However, my primary desktop PC, which does not have a wireless card is linked directly via ethernet cable to my D-Link router, and it is not able to see my AX.  Similar to your case, I can see the Airport Express from my PC through my Airport Utility by directly typing in the IP address.  Note that the  AX set-up option to allow Ethernet clients is checked.  I also noticed that my laptops will stop detecting AX if I directly connect them to my D-Link router via Ethernet and turn off their wireless cards.  They will resume detecting AX when I turn their wireless connections back on.  I have tried every conceivable setting of my D-Link router to no avail. 

  • Play DVD with audio sound via Airport Express speakers

    Is it possible to play my DVD with audio sound via my Airport Express speakers?
    I can play music with iTunes trough these speakers, it would be nice if I can hear my DVDs aswell.
    iMac intel core duo   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Not using Front Row.
    The real issue here is that audio and video stream at different speeds and it is hard to maintain sync. You know how when you hit play within iTunes it takes a while for the song to start through the speakers? It's the same with the DVD. So you'd need to work an offset into the audio when playing a DVD and it's not an exact science.
    You can download VLC player and mess around with the offset, then you'll also need a program like Airfoil to be able to force audio through the airport express.
    Good luck!

  • Can I strem audio to my airport express? but not only iTunes

    Can I stream audio to my airport express? but not only iTunes. where can I suggest to Apple make some about it?

    Hello keer. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Can I stream audio to my airport express? but not only iTunes.
    Yes. To stream audio, other than from an iTunes source, to an AirPort Express Base Station (AX) you will need a third-party product, like Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil.
    where can I suggest to Apple make some about it?
    You can submit suggestions to Apple at the following link: Apple Product Feedback

  • Is it possible to stream a video to an appletv and it's audio to an airport express?

    i have a hi-def tv with an apple tv connected to it. i also have an old (but good) receiver with 2 big speakers, they are connected to an airport express and i stream my music to them. does anybody know if i can use them as the speakers for the apple tv over airplay? or maybe, can a mac stream a video to apple tv but the audio to airport express?

    Nickonor wrote:
    i have a hi-def tv with an apple tv connected to it. i also have an old (but good) receiver with 2 big speakers, they are connected to an airport express and i stream my music to them. does anybody know if i can use them as the speakers for the apple tv over airplay?
    If you had an AppleTV 1 this function was available - you could play a movie or music and send the audio to any available Airport 'speaker'.
    AppleTV2 lost this useful function.

  • Is it Possible to stream video off of my macbook pro to my apple tv2 but stream the audio to my airport express?

    I know you can play music over multiple speakers but is it possible to play video on an apple tv and the audio that goes with that video on an airport express  at the same time? It would be nice to have some better sound then my tv speakers while watching movies.

    i haven't used Airfoil (or Airfoil Video Player for that matter) to stream movies but it ought to work with TV - at least that's what the developers claim. and you are able to select multiple remote speakers so the audio can be sent to TV and AX simultaneously (mute TV to have sound via AX only).
    the only problem is content from the iTS:
    Because it is impossible to control playback of DRMed iTunes Store videos, they can't be played with Airfoil Video Player
    anyways, there is a (albeit limited) trial version available so it won't hurt giving the app a go.

  • AppleTV2 can't stream audio to my airport express

    Dear Apple Support,
    I just bought a brand new AppleTV2 (2nd generation) today and wanted to get my Apple setup just perfect - but AppleTV2 second generation dissapointed REALLY! You should definitely stick with AppleTV 1st generation.
    AppleTV2 can't stream audio wirelessly from to for example you hifi-system. This is REALLY a downgrade!
    I really hope that Apple's amazing development team will fix this as soon as possible via a software update.
    The baseline of this comment is:
    AppleTV 1st Generation can stream wireless audio to Airport Express.
    AppleTV 2nd Generation can not stream wireless audio to Airport Express - which is a MAJOR DOWNGRADE!
    Best regards,
    Poul Rói Mohr

    poulroi wrote:
    This is REALLY a downgrade!
    some would think so, but it is what it is

  • Fix streaming audio dropouts with Airport Express (811g)?

    Every time I try playing streaming audio with just an external audio system connected via Airport Express (811g) I get frequent dropouts no matter what kbps setting of the source. Looks like it is not being buffered properly. However, if I choose Multiple Speakers and include Computer, everything is fine. Actually, if I choose Multiple Speakers, include Computer and let it run this way for 5-10 minutes, I can then turn off Computer and everything is fine. Obviously I have a work-around, but is there a better solution?

    I experience a similar drop - only w/streaming audio URLs I've opened in the "Advanced" option of iTunes' Menu; I don't experience drops when audio is streamed from iTunes Radio listings. Just want to thank you for the work-around info: it works and until reading your post if I wanted streaming audio sound from remote speakersI had to disconnect the mac w/my music from Airport and connect it directly to modem!
    Thanks (sorry don't have insight for dismissing "work-around")!

  • Outputing Raw Stream via airport express

    What is the output of the airport express optical port? Is a raw stream of the original audio file?  thx

    For the AirPort Express (AX), audio input is primarily provided by iTunes. Of course, it can also get input from other sources like Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil.
    iTunes does most of the work. When iTunes plays back standard audio content (AAC, MP3, audiobooks, Internet music streams, etc., it decompresses those file formats and creates what's essentially a raw, uncompressed audio stream. That stream is compressed using Apple's Lossless Compression (via a QuickTime codec), encrypted, and then, streamed (via AirTunes/AirPlay) to the AX. The AX decrypts the stream, decodes it, and outputs it in either analog format or as a digital PCM stream.
    If iTunes is playing back a digital multichannel file format like AC3 (Dolby Digital) or DTS, those bitstreams (like the lossy formats) are wrapped in Apple's Lossless compression, encrypted, and then, streamed to the AX. In these cases, the AX would first decode the stream, and then, output the raw AC3 or DTS stream via its optical digital audio port.

  • Apple TV sync disrupts AirTunes streaming to airport express

    Whenever my Apple TV is syncing with iTunes it disrupts my AirTunes stream to my airport express - the audio just stops playing.
    Is there a way to fix this? Perhaps slow down the Apple TV sync so it doesn't suck up all the bandwidth so my airtunes stream keeps playing? Not sure if that's really the problem though.
    Thanks for the help.

    Yes, they ditched this useful feature with AppleTV2.
    Send feedback:

  • ITunes doesn't stream to airport express remote speakers

    Since I updated iTunes (v8.0) I can't stream audio to my remote speakers via airport express.
    The remote speakers are visible in iTunes, I can select them but airtunes can't connect. I don't get an error message, after a few seconds iTunes plays the music with my PC speakers. I did a firmware update for AX and had the latest version of the airport utility. I did a hardware reset and reconfigured the AX. I disabled the firewall. Nothing helps... Any suggestions?

    The next time you are in iTunes, click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen. You should be able to see your remote speakers and your computer speaker. Click so that both are on. Can you connect?

  • Problem having ATV (1G) audio play to Airport Express connected speakers

    I've had some difficulties trying to have my ATV (1st Gen) act as a jukebox and play its audio on speakers connected to an Airport Express. When I select the remote speakers on the ATV it attempts to connect to them, spins for a while, and then gives up. The same speakers work fine if I remotely connect to them from a Mac running iTunes instead. I'd really like to use this feature with the ATV since it is always on and I can control it from anywhere on my network using my iPhone.
    Anyone else having any success using the ATV to play to remote speakers?

    You are mistaken. The Apple TV (1st Gen) can stream music to an Airport Express over AirTunes. It is selectable in the ATV settings display, and in the Apple Remote iPhone application, and I've successfully done it before. However, it does not always connect to the speakers properly, whereas a Mac running iTunes has no problem.

  • Enough bandwith to usa a NAS server for itune & stream via Airport Express?

    i posted this question in the itunes forum, but got zero feedback. i was hoping someone here could possibly answer my question :
    I was thinking of getting a ByteCC LANDisk NAS to use as an itunes music 'jukebox' server for 2 macs (a G5 and a macbook). I have a Airport Express that i'd like to use to stream music to my living room stereo via itunes,
    My question is is there enough bandwith to stream from the NAS server to the macs, and then to also stream the audio to the living room stereo via the airport express at the same time?
    I'm sure someone must've atempted this set up
    Any help or info is apreciated!

    This works. I have a WD Netcenter (320G) which I store my main iTunes library on (holding down the command key when starting iTunes allows you to chose which library you want to use). I'm not using an Airport base (D-Link and now a Zyxel) and I can stream music AND video no problem - all my movies are on there too and they play fine through Front Row.
    Oh and I usually mount it as nfs rather then smb - handy little apple script for this which I run as an app (when are Apple going to bring out a proper location manager that automounts networked drives etc based on where you are?!!!).
    Have fun.

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